Sunday, August 18, 2019

The first day of school, a quick post.................

This is a fast post my friends because migraine number 5 hit yesterday and my eyes are still having trouble with the computer screen.  I just had to show you these photos because they make me laugh out loud when I see them.  This is Little Buddy on his first day of second grade. He looks so big and ready for the day.  He was very, very excited to start, "sencond" grade which is how he says it.  I don't correct him as he says everything almost perfectly this is a rare mispronounced word. 

And the after photo........................
This is after I told him he had a word search to do with the names of the kids in his class.  Apparently it was a long day!

Hoping to get back with you all in a few days.
Have a great week.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

A Luna visit and a wee break........

Luna my grand-dog has been visiting the past few days.  At first the boys did not know what to make of her.  She was a moving, growling toy.  But soon she felt comfortable and has been running and playing, jumping the gates, squirming through wee little places with Little Buddy's toys in her mouth.  She is a whirlwind of energy and fun.  The fur boys can't get enough of her.  As for Grandma, who let the tired parents go to the movies so they could get a break, well Grandma is tired, too.  Gate jumping 12 pound dogs is not what I am used to!  Still we have had a wonderful visit and I am sure the boys will miss her.  Hopefully she can come back and visit soon.

As for me I am taking a wee break from blogging.  After four migraines this week my eyes just can't handle the computer screen.  I have paperwork to do for work so all screen time will be directed that way.

I hope you are all well.  I miss you!  I will catch up with you as soon as my head and eyes allow.  Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my last post.  I will never judge what others blog about, and I sincerely hope I am not judged here.  It is just that last week knocked all of our socks off didn't it? It was just a terribly violent week in the history of our country, really with no end in site unless we make significant changes in mental health care, gun laws and general respect in how we treat each other starting at the very top of our government. 

See you all soon.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

While I want to talk about................

While I want to talk about my new grand-dog Luna, a rescue that Mr. 22 and his girlfriend have adopted there are other things on my mind.  Although I have to say Luna is short for lunatic, but don't tell them I said that. 

While I want to tell you that Little Buddy and I traveled to Kissimmee to meet a wonderful blogger from years past and her precious family on Friday, they were just as lovely as I had hoped.  We spent two hours with them and I was so touched they wanted to meet up, traveling from way across the pond they included us in their adventures and I felt so blessed.  We then traveled to meet Luna and squeeze Mr 22 and Luna's Mom, it was a long but wonderful day.

While I want to tell you that Little Buddy received a very special shirt from a very, very special friend and her heart is just so, so big to think of him so much and send him such wonderful gifts all the time, again other things are weighing on me.

While I want to talk about the frustrations I have had trying to make a different sleeve for my Ete Cardigan, because the one in the pattern is to wide for me at the wrist, I am not that much of a trend setter.  I feel it is so unimportant today.

While my boys got a bath yesterday and are as fluffy and soft as can be, these photos were pre-bath, they look so much better now, I just need to be still.

I had a migraine just after waking this morning, before I had heard the news of yet another shooting here in America, on top of the one in Texas.  This one in Dayton, Ohio a place my son has spent many, many days.  He used to have a very serious girlfriend whose family lives there.  And now he has a new friend, again from this area.  

I scanned blogs today and I was a bit taken back that there were no mention of these horrible atrocities. Have we stopped noticing, are we numb to all that is happening right under our watch? I am a firm believer that those poor people who have died, who have been injured and whose family and friends lives are now destroyed have been prayed for today.  In churches across the land, in homes where people are quietly sending their love, but will it change anything, no it won't.  

The only thing that will change gun laws and therefore limit these senseless acts is to vote out those who will not take a stand.  Those who write senseless tweets, Instagram posts and use pointless words to justify their stance on gun ownership.  They need to be gone, all of them, because that could have been my son at that venue, it was someones son, someones daughter, grandchild,sibling, cousin, niece, nephew, parent and friend.  Those people mattered, they mattered..........

So today no blog reading, no talking about flowers, crochet, cute boys and what books I am reading.  Today I will reflect and call my government officials, I will call them out on their voting record and frankly I will pray that this will change.  I will pray that those who who value the life of an embryo, a barely formed group of cells would value the life of  those alive just as much.

I'm sure I will lose some of you, it certainly won't be the first time I have spoken up.  I have to be who I am and that person has to say something.  It might not be perfect but it is all I have today.  

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Random thoughts on a quiet weekend.............

This week has been a bit strange.  I have worked much less than I wanted to, so many kids I work with are on vacation or sick.  Several have left my care to move back in with a parent or to move to a new forever home.  I am so thrilled for these little ones yet that is leaving a hole in my schedule that I need to fill.  I am trying to go with the flow and not panic which is my go to reaction.  I am always one to worry about everything even those things out of my control.

This was Little Buddy's last week of summer camp.  He is very sad it is over as it has been so much fun for him.  He has made progress in socializing with his peers, and although he is the oldest child there he still has more progress to make.  I am blessed there is a safe place for him to go where he is loved and I don't have to worry about him.  So there is one worry off my checklist!

He did indeed have a stomach bug last weekend, one that traveled my way on Tuesday.  I had to stay home from work for a whole day, another thing I am not used to.  I work with several little ones who have had heart transplants, you can not be even a tiny bit ill around them.  It was nice to have a day to myself.  Well if you can call snuggling with two fur boys all day being all by myself.  They kept me company as I watched the series Outlander and tried to crochet.  If I am honest I am trying to like this series but I am struggling with it.  I read most of the first book and stopped reading because of all the sex and torture.  I am no prude but really enough is enough.  I am finding the same thing with the show.  Do we really need to see that much?  I am now fast forwarding through all the prison/torture scenes and frankly whenever the two main characters are together.  I just want to see how the story progresses without all of that. I never watch murder shows, any police dramas and the like, I just don't want all that in my brain even if it takes place in a fictional series 200 years ago in Scotland.

I did not have  any time to feel lonely the one day I was home, I mean look at Hank's face, he is so adorable.  And Bear is constantly showing his belly for unlimited belly rubs and falling asleep with one leg way up in the air.  These two are so full of joy.  It is hard to be in a bad mood when they are  playing or asking for attention.  They spent some time snuggling on my bed again on Thursday after my round of Botox shots for my headaches and neck pain.  This weekend has been about adjusting after the shots, I am always a bit sensitive, queasy and head-achy for a few days after I get them. 

 School starts back in less than a month.  I feel the summer is screeching past me at a rapid speed.  I still have not been to the beach, the zoo or even the splash park again with Little Buddy.  With private patients on weekend mornings there is just not enough time.  By the time I am done with them it is way to hot out to go on an outside adventure.  See, worrying again about things out of my control.  Still Little Buddy has had a fun summer and there are still days left we can go on an adventure or two.  So I am taking a deep breath, relaxing before my busy week starts, trying to be grateful for all I have, for all of my boys with fur and with skin, for time with a friend yesterday and time to myself this afternoon. Life has a way of balancing out if you let it.  

Have a great week my friends.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

A crabby boy and a bit of new yarn....or a LOT of new yarn!

This has been a tough weekend for one little boy.  He had to get the dreaded Botox shots in his legs on Friday and while he made it through easier than in the past, the weekend after the shots has been really tough.  He gets Valium and pain medication before the procedure, plus I put pain numbing lotion on his legs and wrap them in plastic wrap.  He did great during the shots, fussing and crying but not screaming as he did in the past.  After the shots we went to visit his medical foster family.  They live ten minutes from the doctors office, they still love him as much as they did the day he came to live with me.  This boy, who had enough medication in him to make an adult slur their words and fall asleep, walked around talking to everyone and did not even lose his balance.  He did not miss a beat.

I still work in this lovely home with children in need three times a week so they hear all the funny Little Buddy stories I have.  Here are Todd and Jeannette with their brand new baby granddaughter.  She is the baby I recently made the light grey and pink crochet baby blanket for.  When we left, Little B cried half way home until he fell asleep.  He slept on after we got home and I thought he would feel better, but as he says he was just not right.

Saturday continued with a highly sensitive boy.  He was upset about everything!  I was hoping the medication would be out of his system but apparently not.  We had a PJ day, trying to have no expectations but as you know even the most patient Mom (which I am not but hope to be at some point) can lose her temper a bit.  I sent this boy to his room to have some quiet time and look what I found, Little B asleep on the floor.  I covered him up and let him be.  The next time I checked he was in the rocking chair sleeping so I scooped him up and rocked him for an hour until he woke up.  We still have a sensitive boy today, I am so hoping we are over all of this by tomorrow.

There just might be a LOT of yarn added to my stash lately.

Before my trip We Are Knitters just happened to be having a 30% off sale.  I ordered some yarn in the cranberry color above and khaki color below, and it arrived while I was on my trip to NC.  Don't be fooled by the three balls of cranberry, I made a mistake and ordered 8.  Five of them are in my project basket to make another Ete Cardigan, this one for myself.  I appreciate all your lovely comments about my finished sweater.  I gave it to the young woman I have been working on for years today, she seemed so happy, and it fit her perfectly!

Back to the new yarn, I was really drawn to the khaki color yarn, a color I am not used to making things with.  Maybe I'll make another Ete Cardigan or something else, who knows?

The sale was still on when I returned from NC.  Believe me I kept getting notices about it all the time.  I decided to jump in and order yarn for another baby blanket, for a new great nephew who should be born in about 5 months. The yarn is grey and cream although the grey has a bit of a beige tint to it.

Of course this pink jumped into that virtual shopping cart as well.  It is a bit more salmon colored than I was hoping but I still think it is beautiful.  As for a project for this?  I don't have one in mind but I have enough yarn to make something.  I have told myself in the past not to buy sale yarn because it is on sale but apparently forgot all about that rule when buying all of this.  I don't even want to tell you the yarn total at my house, adding over 5,000 yards of yarn to my stash did not help it.  Still I have been really good battling down the stash the last few years, I deserve a yarn treat don't you think?  Even if it is a big one!

A basket of beautiful cotton yarn, hooray for me!

Do not let these innocent faces fool you.  These two have been extra naughty since my return.  They are chomping on Little Buddy's toys whenever they can.  I even caught one of them with a plastic cup in his mouth, Hank, well I shouldn't be naming names on social media now should I?   I am not sure if we have lost months of training or they are just trying to exert more independence.  Mom was away for a whole week, which in dog years is like forever.

I just looked in on Little B, napping yet again on the floor.  I covered him up with a blanket and hope he feels rested when he gets up.  Maybe he is growing or has a bug, it can't still be all the medication.  All the males in my house are falling apart.  Hank has a bad ear infection, Bear a bad belly no doubt from eating something he shouldn't eat.  My husband has a bad ankle and has been hobbling around for weeks.  My oldest a bad back and Mr. 22 a bad shoulder from working out on a rowing machine.  Lord give me strength, one male with a problem is bad enough but all of them!  See this is why I need  lots and lots of new yarn!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Ete Cardigan, a finish...........

My first Ete Cardigan is done my friends.  Notice I said first, I just love it.  Do you know how you start to make something for yourself, your favorite color yarn, a pattern you are obsessed with and suddenly it morphs into a project for someone else?  Well that is exactly what happened here.

Instead of this being for me it is now for a darling young woman I have worked on for years.  She is very tall and rail thin.  She is much taller than me and I am 5' 10 ".  She is beautiful inside and out and I mean beautiful like model materiel beautiful.   She will be traveling a lot in the future and I thought this would just help her to feel loved while she is away.  

I finished this while on my trip to NC.  And then I actually got caught with nothing to work on after I finished it.  I went to the wonderful yarn store in the area, a favorite of mine, and did not get the feel for any yarn they had there.  I had my heart set on a soft pink cotton to make this sweater for myself, but they were out of it.  So I left with nothing, I mean no vacation yarn at all.  But when I got home I rectified that as We Are Knitters was having a 30% off sale and boy did I jump on it.  I mean I jumped off the cliff as far as yarn purchases.  All that cotton goodness will arrive tomorrow and I am thrilled.  I may have two Ete Cardigans in my future in different colors, plus yarn to make a baby blanket.  Another baby is due in my extended family this year.

I had a bit of a hard time making gauge with this sweater and went all the way up to a J hook to get it.  Then I realized that the back and the sides were not really wide enough, so I dc'ed along the side edges of both to create more width and to have a better seam to sew the pieces together.  I thought it would also add some stability to the structure of the piece.

I used 4 1/2 skeins of We Are Knitters, The Cotton yarn in the color light grey.  About 1,050 yards of yarn went into this sweater.  I really hope this incredible young woman likes it.  I hope to give it to her this weekend.

I also celebrated a birthday while I was away.  I am not one to make a big fuss over my birthday, I am just thankful I am a year older every single year.  My dear friend Lynda bought me a stuffed sheep, a sheep bag for knitting or crochet supplies, sheep thank ewe notes and this planter.  As soon as I got home I bought these succulents to go in it.  Cute isn't it?

Hope you are all having a good week.  I have been off early several days as most of my kids are either sick or on vacation.  It is sort of nice not to jump back into my super crazy schedule.  
See you soon.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

We're back from North Carolina! Are you ready?

We are back from our travels to Franklin, NC and I can't even tell you what a great time we had.  Long time friends are just the best aren't they?  The friends that have seen you at your best and your worst but stick by you through everything.  Get ready for a photo heavy post my friends, and I am just going to touch on some of the basics of our trip.

Little Buddy had the best time ever, and now that he is eight was more self confident doing new things.  We met and fed donkeys.  They made fun sounds when we approached with carrots.

We went to the park where we made a new friend that made Little Buddy belly laugh at his antics.

Lynda knows Little B is obsessed with elevator buttons.  We did not go on elevators but she found a friend with an old cash register that we borrowed.  She also found a typewriter, two phones and two calculators at the second hand store.  This little boy was very busy working all the time.

We met Jack the horse who was so wonderful.  These friends of Lynda drove an hour to their old barn to get Jack just for Little B.  They just moved and their horses are still an hour away.  Jack was very curious about this little boy and walked slow and steady.  They took him back to the barn after our second ride because he was missing his two horse friends.

The first ride was a bit anxiety ridden, but Little B soon met his fears and had a wonderful time.

We went gem mining, a must in North Carolina.  This lovely man John, helped Little Buddy find all the fun stuff.  He was just adorable with my little guy.

This lovely area is at the back of Lynda's property.  A rumbling creek making its way over several logs and stones.  I went back there three times just to enjoy the quiet for a few minutes and to listen to the sound of the water cascading over the logs.

We met a canine police officer and his new dog.  This one is still in training.  He lives with the officers family and they spend just about every minute together day and night.  His last police dog recently died and the whole town stood on the side of the road as the casket with the dog drove by on its way to Asheville to be buried with other police officers and firefighters.  I hear all the police cars and fire trucks followed in a procession all the way to the cemetery.  How lovely and respectful, I can't even imagine.

Another police officer, Officer Dave let Little Buddy see the inside of his cool car.  The two officers just happened to be visiting the fire station when we went for a tour.

There were 10 different vehicles for us to see at the fire station and loads of hoses, ladders, fire fighter gear and even work out equipment.

These two firefighters were just as kind as could be opening any compartment Little B wanted to see.  They explained what each different truck is for and when they use them.  I think they were quite taken with my little one.  They both got big hugs from all of us when we left.

Ah beautiful mountains we miss you.

Little Buddy was very excited about the typewriter, not only are there buttons but they make a lot of noise.  I did get him to type out his name and a few easy words, but most of the time he was just hitting random keys to hear it go.

Lynda lives next door to a Sheriff.  Last year Little Buddy got to go in his car but this year he has a new SUV.    Sheriff Bryant was just adorable showing Little B all the things his SUV can do.   This was after a very long day at work.  

Then he raced home to get a  t-shirt for Little B.  It is an adult XL but he can still sleep in it.  I think people can be so kind.  I think Little Buddy brings out the very best in people, it is part of his magic.

We walked in a Fourth of July parade.  Anyone could walk in it and the streets of downtown were filled with people watching.  All sorts of people and their dogs were dressed up.  It was three blocks long and Little B did a great job.

I had to show you one more photo of Jack because he was just the most gentle horse I have ever seen.  As we were leaving he kissed Little B on the top of the head.

We also went to see Toy Story 4, which was Little Buddy's first movie in the movie theater.  He did great for about the first half and then quietly stood up and moved a round a lot.  About 24 hours after the movie he just randomly started laughing about Forky one of the new characters.  So while out today doing errands I saw this Forky and picked it up for him.  He has given Forky a ride, introduced him to his other little friends and even pushed him around in his shopping cart.  It might be true love!

Now it is back to reality for me.  I am getting unpacked, the house picked up, laundry done and spending time with all my boys.

Hope you had a great week my friends.