Saturday, May 28, 2016

This weekend.......

This weekend there will be a lot more swimming, Little Buddy is making loads of progress in the pool.

This weekend there just might be some crocheting, knitting too of course!  I can't help myself I need to start this new sweater now.

This weekend there will be flowers to water and a garden to weed.

This weekend I am staying near and keeping a close eye on Max.  He has taken a drastic turn this past week and can barely move on his hind legs.  The vet has put him on steroids and pain pills, I am praying for a miracle but fear the worse is near.

This weekend I am taking it easy, I fear the medication I have been taking for my head has given me an ulcer.  I have a lot pain in my upper abdomen but no other signs of anything.   I read up on the side effects of the medication and ULCER was there in big capitols!  I am nursing myself and taking things to make it heal up, and of course stopping the medication.  Nothing they give me works to help my headaches, on one medication I was so spaced out I should not have been driving, my face has swelled on another, and now this.  I am waiting approval for shots, but I had to go through all of this before they could be approved.  So frustrating!

This weekend I plan on being with my furry boy and little boy, while my oldest is in Ohio and Mr. 19 does his own thing here at home.

I am working on Monday, a shortened day but a work day none the less.  Very involved babies can't take a day off, if I can work them in I try my hardest.

What are your plans for this weekend?

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Just popping in to say a quick hello.  

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

A few yarny things.....Five on Friday

This is the week to start new projects.  Yes another Hitchhiker is on the needles.  I am on number three for presents for Christmas for Little Buddy's therapists.  I think I will have one more to finish after this one.  This is now my car project and got a lot of work completed on it today when I was getting my car serviced.  I am trying hard to be ahead of the game this year as far as holiday creating goes.

I am not a newbie knitter, actually I have been actively knitting for almost 30 years yet this new sweater of mine had to be completely ripped out and started again.  I twisted my stitches before joining even though I checked that out about ten times before the actual join.  I was not to far into it so it wasn't a devastating mistake.  The great thing about knitting is that there are few mistakes you can't redo.   This is Jessie's Girl, a really simple pattern if you indeed don't twist your stitches.  I am using yarn I had left over from a baby ripple blanket I made last year for a new great niece of mine.  I think I will make it in super large stripes of gray and cream, or maybe gray on the bottom and cream on the top, I haven't decided yet.

Two new books have found their way to me in the mail this week.  I am trying not to buy as many books, rarely do I make enough of the projects in them to warrant the price, but they really are lovely to look at.  Jo, my knitting/crocheting/sewing idol made a fabulous tunic from this book.  I fell in love with it and now I want one, too.  It is a bit down on my list of things to make but I'll get to it eventually.  This is just a gorgeous book and I feel calmer just looking through the beautiful pages.

I also got this great book by Kristen Omdahl a fellow Floridian.  Kristen and I do not run in the same yarn circles but I feel I want to support her design genius.  Lots of lovely projects in here that is for sure.

And hot off the press is the beautiful Beth Shawl from our very own Five on Friday host Amy.  I can't wait to get busy on this beautiful shawl based on the book Little Woman. You all know I adore Amy, hop on over and buy this pattern for yourself.  It is a beauty.

So those are the yarny things happening at my house this week.  Thank you for hosting Five on Friday Amy, you are the best.

Wishing you all a great weekend and special thanks for all of your positive comments on my Mama Lovey Lamb.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Meet Mama Lovey Lamb......

Meet Mama Lovey Lamb.  She was finished just a short while ago.

Mama Lovey Lamb has been so patient, she was started way back in March.  She was worked on here and there then thrown in my car to be worked on when there was a few moments between patients.

Finally yesterday she had had enough, she demanded to be brought in the house and worked on in a proper way, not in a hot car while I gobbled down my lunch and got crumbs all over her.

I did as she asked and you know what, bringing her in the house was a sure way to get her done.  Her bottom and stuffing was finished today during someones nap.  She is so happy to finally be here.

And she is more than happy to look after Little Totoro, or Lovely Lamb.  Mama was made with Lion Brand Wool Ease, two skeins of 099 Fisherman and one of 151 Grey Heather.  I used almost all of the cream and about half of the grey, approximately 450 yards of yarn.  A size H hook kept the stitches close enough that the stuffing stayed in place.   She has LOTS of stuffing in her, almost a bag and a half, her middle is expanding just like mine, what a coincidence!  Apparently menopause is not treating her well either.  I am a bit jealous of her sweet smile, seems like she does not let things like an expanding waist line bother her a bit.

This is a bit blurry but it shows Little Buddy happy as he can be with a, "Mama Totoro".  She is half as big as he is!

You can find the Lovey Lamb pattern at Posie Gets Cozy.

Now that Mama Lovey Lamb is finished I can get back to serious business.  Look what I am going to make!

Hope you are all having a good week and thank you all for your wonderful and touching comments about my work situation, I felt like you were all helping me during the weekend when I was feeling rather sad.
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Saturday, May 14, 2016

A week to catch up on...........

Sometimes I feel like a broken record with my work has been crazy, I am tired, it has been a tough week routine, again and again.  You all must be getting so tired of me, but the one thing I am is truthful and real, so here it goes again.  Work has been crazy, I am tired and that about sums up my week.  I have had a particularity difficult work week with a new very, very complex patient, and a patient I have had  for over two years being pulled from her wonderful adoptive home to be because her older brother is a harm to himself and his younger sisters.  The family did not want the older child in their home so they are pulling all the kids.  I don't agree and tried to make my thoughts known, but they fell on deaf ears.  This is all to keep the siblings together even though they have never been together until two weeks ago.  One child's psychological needs should not come before another child's stability, but what do I know.  This has been weighing on my mind all week and making me feel very sick to my stomach.  As of tomorrow this little girl will be placed in yet another foster home and I might not get to see her anymore. So there you go, tired and crazy.

There has been a finish here, not one I am in love with but a finish all the same.  

This is the V-Stitch Poncho by Helena LB.  I tried this with my silk yarn if you recall and it was a disaster.  Maybe I should have let it go but I became a bit obsessed with making it.  You know me I have to make the pattern work out even if I will never wear the finished item.  

I used a size J hook and chained 104 stitches to make the neckline rather than the 88 as per the pattern.  I have no idea how Helena, the designer, had a wide enough neckline with 88 stitches, I had to tweak the stitch count all along, and for some reason I had a tough time making my stitch markers divide the project into four equal portions.  That was entirely my fault, not the patterns, apparently I have lost the ability to count evenly. 

The original pattern was made with 100% acrylic yarn.  I am not a fan of acrylic yarn and I apologize to all of you who are.  Since it did not work well with the silk I decided to make a trip to Michael's for some acrylic yarn with a long color repeat.  This Red Heart Unforgettable fit the bill so I purchased 3 skeins with a coupon.  I think the colors of the yarn work well but I am not happy with the feel of the yarn.  It feels a bit softer after a quick steam blocking, yup I even use steam with acrylic, but I would not advise any one to do the same, your hard work might just melt.   I think this might be a nice item to throw on during winter when the mornings are chilly, but now it is 90 degrees out so I will just let Caroline my dress form wear it for a while.  She doesn't care if it is hot or cold out.

I love preschool.  The teachers are so creative.  How about this Mother's Day present from Little Buddy.  It makes me smile.  It came with a dried up little dead plant in it, I had to laugh at that one.  Here you go Mom, a dead plant for Mother's Day!  The paper flowers make me smile and look at that face!  I could eat him up!

Speaking of flowers, I had surprise mums blossoming from a plant I thought I had pulled out.  It is not mum season, they usually grow in the Fall so it was fun to see this bit of white catching my eye when I went out with Max this morning.

My little irises are blooming, too.  They are tiny but so pretty when you get up close to them.  Flowers are so amazing in their beauty, when you look close there are all sorts of colors and designs you can't see from far away, each one is just a little bit different.  

I am wishing you all a good weekend, hope you are getting time to relax and regroup before another busy week.
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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Women's Day and a day at the beach.......

Happy Mother's Day to you my friends.  This can be a joyous day or one of sadness as we miss our Mother's that have passed.  I always think this day should be called Happy Woman's Day, because we as women, no matter our age, mother those around us.  We might have children, or animals all of whom need mothering.  We may have nieces and nephews, children living close by, friends that need taking care of, students or patients, or even aging parents we have now switched roles with and are now taking care of them. Mothering comes in many different forms, so to all of you women out there I wish you a wonderful day.  Never underestimate the care and love you have given to others, you have changed their world.  We are the glue that keeps it all together aren't we? 

So just to make you smile, which I know we all need to do, I am going to inundate you photos of Little Buddy's first trip to the beach yesterday.  We went late in the afternoon with the, "A is for Aunts" like he likes to call them.  I dare you not to smile when you see these.

There now don't you feel better?  Thank you for being here for me my friends.  And thank you for joining me in this crazy wild ride we call life.  You all lift me up and make me laugh, you inspire me in so many different ways, I appreciate each and every one of you.  
Happy Women's Day!

And not to be forgotten or over looked, my kind and gentle son is turning 19 today.  How did this sweet boy of mine get so old so fast?  Happy Birthday Mr. 19!  You are loved more than you can ever imagine.

Have a great day.
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Friday, May 6, 2016

Two projects, five different views..........Five on Friday

During a week where I felt nothing actually got done, patients on hold, paperwork on hold, Little Buddy's school meetings that left me angry and a darn sore throat, I looked back and realized two things actually got done.  

Meet my latest weaving project......  This was made on my larger Ashford Knitting Loom.  The loom and stand was sitting right in the middle of my office/studio taking up all sorts of room.  I made myself finish the shawl just to get the space back.  

I love it!  Made with Feza Alp Natural Yarn, using a total of 690 yards of yarn to complete the project.  This yarn was made up of all different types of yarn tied together so you have changes all over, some smooth places, nubby places, thin and thick places.  It was fun to see how this yarn played out over the length of the shawl.  This was part of my 50% off yarn when my LYS closed, it was a bargain at that price.  

As soon as the shawl was dry from a good soaking, which softened things up a bit, I knew this was for my SIL Heidi.  She loves blue, it just seemed to be hers and once that thought was in my mind I packed it up and shipped it to Wisconsin.  She was married to my husbands brother who passed away two short years ago.  I don't get to see her much so this is a nice way to tell her I am thinking about her. I hope she likes it.

After frogging my beautiful Oasis Icelandic 100% silk yarn a couple weeks ago, I immediately got started on another South Bay Shawlette with the same yarn.  Yup, you knew I had to make more than one!  I knew if I put this yarn away it would languish in my stash for another few years, it has already been in my stash for seven years.  This yarn is way, way too soft and beautiful to be sitting on my shelf and not be made into something wonderful.  

I used all of the remaining 600 yards of yarn I had left to make this shawl and a size H hook.  It is sooooo much better in person.  Somethings just don't look near as well in photos as they do in person, gorgeous trees, glaciers, the beach, waterfalls, Little Buddy and this yarn to name a few.   It really is amazing, 100% silk yarn will suck you in and then you don't want to work with anything else.

I wish you all could reach in here and touch it, it is divine.  I do have a confession, I ended up steam blocking it which could have been a disaster but ended up just fine.  Wet blocking just left it in a bundled mess.  I don't advise steam blocking silk, it could all go wrong very quickly, but for this piece it worked out just fine.  I guess I like living on the edge when it comes to blocking. 

Now to get started on something new.  Well that is after I get some things settled at work.  I have the whole weekend ahead of me to think about a new project, sounds like fun.

Thank you Amy for hosting Five on Friday.  Come and join the fun, you will meet lots of lovely people.  Oh and a special thanks for all of you who visit, I am so glad you are here.

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