Thursday, November 26, 2020


Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating today. There is still so much to be thankful for even with a year like we have had.  2020, frankly you can't be over with soon enough!  Still today is a day to spread gratitude for all that we have, for all the love, family and friendship, a roof over my head, clean clothes and food to eat.  My children are healthy, I am lucky to be able to work, move, think and speak.  I am lucky to be able to clean my house top to bottom today and get ready to decorate for Christmas tomorrow.  I have a beautiful little boy, who is a pistol but fills my heart up everyday.  He is a work in progress, but aren't we all?  I am blessed my older sons have been moving on into adulthood, just as they should be.  I am blessed for beautiful friendships, and that includes all of you!  

For those of you who have suffered so much loss this year my thoughts and prayers are with you.  I am keeping you close to my heart. 

If you would like to learn the true origin of Thanksgiving please read this wonderful piece by Heather Cox Richardson, which hopefully you can find here. I read her email every morning.  She is a historian teaching out of Boston College and she is just amazing in her knowledge and views.

Stay safe and enjoy your day!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Not much to say, which might be a good thing.........................


Hi!  How are you?  Hope you are staying safe during these troubling times.  This photo of Little Buddy is for my sister who loves it when he has bed head.  She loves his hair sticking up every which way, so today was a photo worthy bed head image just for her.  By the way it was her birthday yesterday and I'd love if you popped over for a quick birthday wish.  She is the best and can be found here at Mockingbird Hill Cottage.  I am blessed to have her in my life.  

I continue to work on the second blanket for Christmas, this one is for Mr. 23 and Ms. L.  This blanket is taking some time because frankly I have very little time to work on it. I now take it in my car on work days so I can work on it if a patient cancels.  I have been working a lot, cleaning, and pressure washing all last weekend and this weekend.  Not a fun chore at all.  I think I can still feel the vibration of the machine in my hand even though I am done.  Florida is so full of mold and mildew, it is actually quite disgusting if you really think about it.  But for now my driveway, front walkway, screened in pool area, and outside by my fireplace are all clean.  Well they will be for about two days when it all starts back up again.  Living in the tropics definitely has its drawbacks.

I know the seasons are shifting when I see this one tree behind my house turn yellow.  I am not even sure what kind of a tree it is but it brings me joy.  I can pretend I am up north in cool and chilly temperatures, with leaves crunching under my feet, while inhaling that amazing Autumn air, when I look at this tree from my very air conditioned house. We are in the 80's during the day which is a huge improvement from our typical low-mid 90's all summer long.  Last week I had to wear a light sweater while driving to work at 6:30 in the morning because it was coolish out.  I'll take it!

Luna has spent and extended weekend with us as Mr. 23 studies for his last final before break.  This girl can be a pistol as you very well know, but we all love her and her funny antics.  The boys adore her.  She jumps right on Little Buddy's bed with the other two fur boys to wake him up in the morning.  That is a lot of puppy love for one little boy.  Lots of licks and nudges and maybe a wee slight nip from Luna on his ears.  I think she feels Little Buddy is a puppy just like the rest of them.

This image makes me laugh.  Usually on Sunday both boys are home for dinner with or without girlfriends depending our their work schedules.  We usually make a dinner for them to take home and heat up over the week.  It helps me feel like they are eating right and they have something fast to heat up on a busy night.  But not this week.  Nope they are getting toilet paper instead.  Toilet paper is fast becoming hard to find here.  Once again there is a shortage and I am having a bit of a freak out.  I am a toilet paper hoarder on a good day, but throw in a pandemic and toilet paper shortages and I get all kinds of anxiety.  I found this one and only bundle of 12 rolls at the grocery store yesterday and I grabbed it.  I split it up for each of them to take 6 rolls home because now I am worried about their ability to buy it, too.  They are young people, are they even that aware of shortages in paper products?  I should be able to sleep better tonight knowing they have a bit of a stash.  I am also going to buy them more and wrap it up for Christmas because really what is more precious than bare necessities? 

I am steering clear of politics this week with the exception of these facts.  Over a thousand people a day continue to die in the United States, we are up over 255,000 dead from this pandemic.  Our current president golfed yesterday for the 298 time since he became president, costing us tax payers over 144 million dollars just for his golf outings.  Think how many children that could feed?  Think how much that could go to improve schools, provide for people who are hungry or who can't pay their rent,  provide PPE to healthcare workers, or just to go to those in need who have lost their jobs due to this pandemic.  I wonder how many people lost a loved one during those 18 holes?

Stay safe!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A wee little catch up as I wait for Etta..................

 While I wait for Etta to head my way I thought I would do a brief catch up.  There is no way I can even remember what has happened these past few weeks while I have been away, it is strange once you take a break it is hard to get back in the blogging groove.  When I was at work this morning we got a notice school was being dismissed at 11:00 because of the storm.  I had to make a quick decision to pack things up and head back up towards my house to pick up Little Buddy.  I managed a quick trip to the grocery store and to the pet store for food.  I already had batteries and water, flash lights and candles ready just in case.  In Florida you have to be prepared.  This storm took me by surprise.  Last I looked it was headed up to the panhandle of Florida, I really did not give it a thought.  But now we are home anticipating some rain and some wind, nothing really crazy but it will be an interesting night.  Mr. 23 and Ms. L arrived with Luna this afternoon.  They live in a low lying area of St Petersburg and it is just safer for them here.  Plus we are fully stocked with food which is important to a 23 year old young man.  Mr. 27 (his birthday was on Halloween) and Ms. B headed up to Dayton, Ohio to visit her family today.  They got out before any bad weather started.  It was nice to spend some unexpected time with Little Buddy this afternoon although most of it has been completing work from school.  Thank goodness Ms. L is here to help, writing a comparative essay about Canadian Geese and Monarch butterflies and migration might have put me in the looney bin.  Yes, he is in third grade and apparently that is what they write about now.  I was ready to throw it all away and let him get a bad grade before she patiently stepped in to help.  Tomorrow is a hurricane day, the weather should be breaking but some of our county floods so it is not safe for kids, parents or busses to be out.  We have lots more work to do for school, but for now that little nine year old brain needs a break and so do I.

Hank and Bear have had a much needed haircut but I don't seem to have a photo of it.  Bear must have had his hair pulled while the groomer was brushing him because he literally almost chewed a hole in his leg after his appointment.  He has had a cone on for almost two weeks because he won't leave it alone.  Again no photos because along with no blogging I apparently can't take a picture either.  He is healing up although a big patch of fur is off his leg.  He doesn't even seem to mind the cone anymore, that is how long it has been on.

We are waiting the final copy on some educational testing for this cute boy.   His school is not understanding him.  Teachers are amazing and dedicated but they just don't understand the way his brain works.  It is frustrating for me to see assignments and tests returned with bad grades because of specific wording of the questions or because he did not complete the busy work on time.  

This is one of those examples.  The vocabulary word is compile.

Please compile a list of two items you would like on your ice cream.

LB:  Mom I don't like anything on my ice cream, I like vanilla ice cream and that is it.

Me: Okay, please compile a list of two items Mom would like on her ice cream.

LB: Mom you can't eat sugar, you don't eat ice cream.

Me: Okay, please compile a list of two items Dad would like on his ice cream.

LB: Oh, Dad likes Oreos on his ice cream, do you think he would like skittles?

Do you see the issues?  His brain just does not work like everyone else.  He would have been stuck on this problem and not been able to finish the assignment if he had not been at home and the problem was reworded.  He is unique and wonderful but not a neurotypical child and frankly the public school system does not do well with a non-neurotypical child in a regular classroom.  I am still searching out options for him for the rest of the year and frankly until he graduates from high school.

Just because I post this photo every year I had to post it again even though we are well past Halloween.  Little Buddy was a Minecraft Zombie but for some reason those photos did not download on my computer.  Imagine a 100% polyester zombie body with a big square mask that looks like a green cube and there you have it.  We were the only ones trick or treating in my neighborhood.  Most people had a bowl of candy on their porch or had their lights off.  Still my little boy thought it was fun to walk around in the dark and ring peoples door bells. 

I do have a finish to show you.  A gift for Mr. 27 and Ms. B for Christmas.  It is based on the Equinox Square with a few modifications.  I added many rows to each square to make it larger and joined as I went along.  Made with We Are Knitter's pima cotton in a beautiful soft gray although it looks green in the photos.  It is a big throw, size 51 by 65 inches and it is really soft.  I used a size J hook and I believe 2,600 yards of yarn.  After joining the squares I added a 4 1/2 inch border with a variation of double crochet and treble crochet clusters.  That is about all I remember because I appear to have not made many notes about this project.  I am on blanket number two for Mr. 23 and Ms. L.  It is made with smaller squares and I am really enjoying it.  I wish I could be working on it right now but since they are at my house that is not going to happen.

Okay time to go make tacos for all the family staying here tonight.  Hope you are all well. Hope you are recovering from all the election stress.  And here is a bit of a reminder, you may not agree with me or my beliefs but I am who I am and have never, nor will I ever shy away from my deep beliefs about voting for the greater good of all people, not just me.  If you do not like what I have to say I wish you well and good-bye.  If you leave me a nutty anonymous comment lacking facts I am going to ignore you and delete it.  Just saying.  

Saturday, November 7, 2020

A New Day
















The darkness is fading, let the light shine for all of us.  

Congratulations to our President Elect and to the first female Vice President of our nation.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

A quick October hello.................


Just popping in for a quick hello.  Hope you are all having a wonderful October.  My fur boys will be three tomorrow, I can't believe they are that old already!  Little Buddy has been very, very busy with school.  Lots of online work on the weekends really has prevented me from blogging.  By the time we are done I need to be away from my desk for a bit.  Work is crazy busy, and so is figuring out what to do with a very challenging boy that our current public school system continues to have a very difficult time with.  We have some advanced testing to do this week which will help to determine where he needs to be and that very well might be at home learning for this grade.  I hope you can bear with me a bit longer until I get things sorted in my brain and in life.  Many things to determine with lots of extra specialist visits this month and next for one cute third grader.  I am also trying to stay sane in this very crazy political cycle we are in.  You all know where I stand.  I wish you all a wonderful rest of the month.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Briefly popping in.....................


There is tons going on here lately but I am going to keep it short.  There is just way too much on my mind these days but I did want to pop in.  Mr. 26 had to get a new car last weekend.  His old Nissan Exterra final gave up its last breath.  So here he is, very excited I might add, with his new wheels.  Little Buddy was so excited about the new car, but even more excited that his biggest brother had to rent a car for a few days and it was a van!!!!!  For some reason those photos did not upload so you will just have to imagine his glee.

I have started anew project without finishing my crochet top.  That can wait because I had the urge to make blankets for the big boys and their girlfriends for their new apartments.  I am thinking a Christmas present although there is no way I will get two completed by then.  This is the Equinox Square by Rachele Carmona.  I made a few modifications to make it much larger.  Each square I am making is 14 inches across.  I drew up a chart because I have the attention span of a flea and can't keep up with written directions right now.  The last row is supposed to be a square shape, so much for my drawing skills.  Still it is easier for me to glance at and know where I am.  The whole blanket will be in this soft light grey color.  The yarn is We Are Knitter's The Cotton Yarn, they are having a 30% off birthday sale right now if you are interested. 

Little Buddy and I have been doing a ton of school work this weekend.  He is not thriving in third grade.  Actually he is having a very, very hard time.  I have a meeting with his teachers and therapists on Friday to see where we are at and what we need to do to make this a successful experience for both him and them.  The answer might be to homeschool him.  I am looking at all options.  The last thing I want him to do is feel bad about learning, or bad about the way he needs to learn.  So much to think about that is keeping my mind very busy. So that is why I am vacant from this space and visiting all of you.  Besides work and just taking care of this house I am a bit overwhelmed with this new task.

And just because I think everyone needs to see these two here they are.  

I am thinking of all of you affected by fires, hurricanes, Coronavirus, or our pathetic leader.  I am sending you all love that we make it though these dark times.  As for the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there are no words to describe this loss to all of us.  Rest in power, rest in peace.  Thank you for all you have done throughout your career to fight for all of our rights.  We are a better nation and a better people because of your service.  

Stay safe my friends.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Thoughts on a Saturday in as few words as possible........

This has been a very long week in every way imaginable so I am taking today to regroup.  My husband flew to Wisconsin to drive a friend down so Little Buddy and I are going to have a slow and easy day.  My mind and body are spent, sorry if I sound dramatic but I feel I am nearing a bit of a breakdown so I am going to relax today and regroup.

In special news this little boy can now eat corn right off the cob.  This might not seem like a big deal but for a boy with Cerebral Palsy and jaw instability it is a huge milestone.  I sent this photo to Ms Renee, Little Buddy's speech therapist and she almost cried.  He has come so far. 

My Grand dog Luna is here for the weekend.  She is a pistol and while liking her new apartment has caused a bit of trouble this week and her parents needed a break.  How about tearing up your Dad's law book while he is in the bathroom.  Now my son did leave it on his bed, and she likes paper, so it was really his fault, but you can see why he needed a break.

Little Buddy and I have had a go at growing an avocado tree.  This one finally took off.  I planted it in a pot today and am hoping for the best.  Our next seed is still on the window sill with no signs of life at this point.

This is what I hope to be doing much of the day.  Sitting on my behind and playing with yarn.  It is exactly what I need to do to calm my weary mind and body.

We did have a quick trip outside this morning to ride the jeep.  It has been months since we did this, Little Boy gets very nervous about it.  But he wanted to do it last night so we charged it up and he had success.  I am so proud of him when he faces his fears and feels good about his accomplishments. 

And this is just because I saw these new ferns growing on my camphor tree this morning and thought they were beautiful in the sunlight.

I will leave you with these two looking for Luna after she left on Wednesday.  Ms L brings her along when she is with Little Buddy on Monday and Wednesdays.  It is a win win for everyone.  Little Buddy has an excellent nanny that I trust and he loves.  The boys get to play with Luna.  Everyone is happy.

Stay safe my friends.