Saturday, November 28, 2015

This resting at home is going to kill me......

Okay you all know me by now, I cannot sit still and rest.  Unless I am down for the count with the flu I can't rest.  I am trying to be a good girl with my back but it isn't working.  I actually think I need to be in excruciating pain in order to sit my behind down and rest.  See those steroids I am taking are giving me a false sense of what I can do, and well to be honest I am paying for it today.  In my defense I never, ever, get two or three days off in a row where I am home and I can get some things done.  You know how one thing leads to another.....  I will take Little Buddy outside and sit and knit while he walks around puttering with his walker.  Ooops I see these things in the garage that need to be thrown out before the garbage gets collected.  Soon I am organizing the shelves and tossing out things right and left.  Hey, maybe I need a little shelf to put my work bags on now that I have cleaned a little area in the garage, I can get them off the middle of the floor.......  Maybe Little Buddy and I should run to Target to find one, it is only a short trip, and I should try to see how I feel driving......

There has been a LOT of that going on here and I need to behave!

There has been decorating, no tree up yet but other Christmas themed decorations are up.  I have decided that less is more this year.  As you know this is not my favorite Holiday, I decorated my big mantle with lights and my Santa collection.  I have a few other decorations up but that is it, the rest is staying up in the attic this year.  I figure the less I put up the less I have to clean up come December 31.  I am a scrooge through and through.  Plus I just don't feel in the spirit this year, it has been a busy and emotional year for me,  I think that I can go easy and no one will even notice but me!

Watering plants led to pruning and sweeping up all sorts leaves and dirt.  How does this mess pop up so fast?  

While at Target for the shelves for the garage another little sheep jumped in my basket, How cute is this little one up in my wreath?    She is peering down at me while I type with a cute smile on her face.  

After my ridiculously busy morning I did manage to sit and work on my Hitchhiker with a heating pack on my back.  I am thrilled that Teresa decided to make this scarf and invited us all along for the fun.  It is a little confusing in the beginning but after that it is a very fast knit.  Come and join the fun.  

There has been blog reading while drinking loads of tea.  This is a treasure for me as my busy and crazy life does not allow me with as much time to do this on a regular basis.  Yes that heat pack was strapped to my back all the while I was reading away, catching up on all of your happenings. 

There is a bit of worry about this boy of mine, he has been awfully quiet lately.  I started him on glucosamine  tablets to help his bad hip. I wonder if that is upsetting his very fragile system.  I will keep my eye on him that is for sure.

There has been playing with this little one who never, ever stops chatting.  I remember when we were thrilled when he put three words together in a row.  Now it is chat, chat and more chatting.  He is very excited about the Christmas decorations, and he is going to ask Santa for a big boy red bike!  I hope Santa is listening!!!!!  While I was working with Little Buddy on Thursday, (no taking the Holiday off in our house), he stood up for 8 seconds all by himself.  A world record for him!  Before that we had only got to 4!  I hope to make it to 10 soon and then maybe taking a step or two in my direction without a walker or canes.  I think he deserves a big boy red bike don't you?

Today I am determined to be a bit more restful.  No sweeping outside, no organizing the garage, climbing into the attic or on a ladder for decorating. or suddenly thinking I had to fix Little Buddy's hair which led to a hair cut and a floor to clean.  I am going to be a good girl and get some Christmas decorations made.  More glitter and glue, and you know what a mess that is so there just might be some vacuuming to do, but I will take it easy.  There will be sitting with a heat pack on and playing with glitter.  Oh and I hope there is a Christmas photo opportunity for Little Buddy in the schedule too.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. 

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving................

Happy Thanksgiving from my little pilgrim and me!   There is so much to be thankful for this year even though it has been a tough one.  I will be missing my Dad and my oldest son who is spending the holiday in Ohio.  It will be quiet with just two aunts here celebrating with us and a football game to watch.  But quiet is exactly what I need today.  I need to rest, rest, rest.  Rest my back, I am thankful for steroid shots and medication that are helping to make it better.  Rest my emotions and and rest my busy racing brain.  It is good to step back and be grateful for all that I have, and I have so much.

I include you all in that, I am grateful for your visits, your friendship, the lovely way you are sharing my journey with me and  also allowing me to share in your journey.  This blogland of ours is a pretty special place to be.

For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving today I wish you the best.  For those of you carrying on and having a regular ole Thursday, know I am thankful for you everyday, and I also wish you the best.  

I am thankful in advance of all the money I will need to correct that crooked smile above!  It is pretty cute but is going to wreak havoc on his teeth and jaw!
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

More Bits and Bobs.......................

Two new little ones have joined our flock.  Sophie and Sarah the sisters, have suddenly adopted two new little sheep, I believe they came from Target, but how they jumped in my cart and made it home with me I have no idea. 

What is it with the sheep in my house always trying to get into trouble?  I think Sophie and Sarah are going to have their hands full with these two little ones.

Speaking of trouble..........  keep your eyes on this little guy and see what he does!  He looks pretty innocent doesn't he?  Just keep your eyes on this space,.....................

My dear friend Teresa has started making the wonderful Hitchhiker Scarf by Martina Behm and wanted to know if any of us wanted to join her.  I have to say I tried to resist but I couldn't.  All that gray yarn and ribbing of the Flaum sweater was making my already hurting head hurt more.  I think I needed to start something new and a bit easier.  The Flaum just doesn't seem to grow no matter how much I knit on it.  I am using stash yarn from who knows where for this scarf.  It must have been on sale because it is sock yarn and I do not knit socks.  The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Co. Happy Feet DK in superwash wool and I am using size 7 needles.  I hope the yarn gets softer with a good soaking because it is a tad scratchy.

Look at the innocence on that face, he looks like he is just trying to hold himself up at the door while I was outside taking photos of my new project.  But when I tried to get back in the house I was locked out!  A new skill I wish he hadn't figured out, while there are so many I wish he would figure out like potty training!  I walked back to the front of the house in the rain and came inside to give chase to a little one who was laughing and running away from me.

Can you trust this little monster?  I think not!
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Tid Bits on Friday....

My Dad was a painter, a very talented artist although he only painted as a hobby.  He was very intricate in his younger days and went with a more impressionistic approach later on.  We found this canvas in his closet at his condo and I swooped it up.  It is 8 x 10, and I love it.  It reminds me of Autumn in Michigan, near the Pigeon River where we camped as kids.  I am still sorting and making phone call after phone call about his affairs, I am trying to do a little bit everyday so I am not overwhelmed. 

Last weekend I stopped by Home Goods, not sure if you all have one near by but it is a great store.  I don't visit very often but this visit was a great one.  I found all sorts of really great Melissa & Doug wooden toy vehicles for someone I know for Christmas.  They are the best toys and at Home Goods they had the best prices I have seen anywhere.  These are sturdy toys with no batteries, sounds, lights or anything technical, just basic, lovely, wooden toys that lead you to use your own imagination.  I also found this pitcher and I am in love with it.  Can anything for $7.50 make me happier than this?  A special treat for me and for my table.

Last week I also found out there is yet another new little one entering our family sometime in May.  You know what that means, another baby blanket is going to be made for that little one whether the parents want it or not.  This has to be a gender neutral blanket as we are not going to find out the sex until she/he is born.  I love that!  It is the best surprise in the world.  So as I was working near the yarn store in Largo, FL on Tuesday I stopped in and found this yarn.  I think I am going for another crochet ripple, alternating colors just like the cream/gray blanket I recently finished. I am aiming for an after Christmas start on this project.

Today after about three hours of Christmas shopping after dropping off Little Buddy at school, I took a walk around outside.  It is still pretty warm and humid here, not at all what it should be like for November.  I noticed that the wee little Christmas cactus I rescued from my parents porch is starting to thrive.  It was a dried up mess when I brought it home.  I re-potted it, watered it and I think it is starting to feel happy again.  

Speaking of Christmas Cactus, Princess here is wanting to be called a Thanksgiving Cactus this year.  She is blooming a little early this year, probably trying to show up her older sibling, Her  Highness.  These two plants of mine are huge, I think the wee little cactus  might be a bit intimidated with these huge, but lovely ladies around.  Don't worry little one, there is plenty of love for you here, too.

I also checked on the lettuce and tomatoes I planted last weekend in my Earth Boxes.  Yes I am trying again in hopes that the supposedly cooler weather of Autumn and Winter here in Florida will be kinder to my plants.  I know you all think it is crazy that I can be planting right now but remember I live in the tropics.  Keep your fingers crossed the fungus, cutworms and mites from my last trial stay away from these plants and I can have a wonderful harvest.

Not many berries are showing up on my Holly tree this year.  Does that mean it is supposed to be a gentle Winter?   I hear we are due for a lot more rain than usual.

This weekend I have a date with this project.  The lovely Flaum and I have not been spending a whole lot of time together recently.  I have tried to work on her because she is really quite beautiful, but by the time I can sit down I am sort of falling asleep.  And then I rudely awaken when I try to move because I hurt my back a couple weeks ago while lifting plants and boxes at my Dad's.  Let me just say it is not easy to work on the floor with little ones when you can't move your back!  I am taking this weekend to really doctor myself up with loads of warm showers, Tiger Balm (my favorite muscle rub) and knitting of course.  I am sure Little Buddy will have other plans in mind, mostly me running after him like a crazy woman.  We are going to our first birthday party for a classmate tomorrow at a near by park.  I hope he isn't a pistol!

As for Birthday's, just to let you know my sister Claudia is celebrating one tomorrow.  It is a tough one coming so close after my Dad's death, won't you go over and visit her and wish her a happy day?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
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Friday, November 13, 2015

Grumpy Friday...................

I have had a very long week that has left me really, really grumpy.  My low back hurts, my head hurts, and my heart is still hurting.  I have had a particularly long week at work which has added to my brain hurting, too!
I am nothing if not grumpy today, I mean really, really grumpy.  

Today I take my Mother's ashes into the Neptune Society so they can be joined with my Dad's.  I will pick up his death certificates, drop off some of their clothes to be donated to the rehab facility they were both at so many times.  A lot of those lovely residents have no family and nothing new to wear.  I will do more paper work for him, write more checks and call on some medical bills that don't seem quite right.  This is a part time job in itself.  Thank goodness his caregiver Stacey is packing up his place, I have no time or energy for that.  Then there is the constant worry of  his two cats to place, one is so gorgeous and sweet, the other is a pit bull.  My son is allergic to them so having them here is not an option.  Then we have school drop off and pick up, two different therapies and some time outside for my little one before dinner, a bath and bed.  The pictures above aren't even recent, they were taken at the farm over a month ago.

I find myself in these crazy days feeling such a deep exhaustion that I never seem to recover from.  I know that sounds dramatic and I don't mean it to, it just is a constant with me these days.  I feel I am not the best therapist, or mother for that fact, and don't even get me started on being a nice wife, I am not. 

And for my friends here in blogland I feel very disconnected to you as I have not read a blog in what feels like a month, well actually it might be a month.   How are you?  What have you been up to?  Any news?

So I take things day by day, and some days this past week I took them hour by hour.  I am just hoping to sit down and knit at the end of the day today, not much to ask I think.  But the last few weeks that has rarely happened.  So sorry for my grumpy mood, that is just the state of things right now, I am nothing if not honest.

I hope to see you all soon, maybe that can be a goal for me this weekend, just read a few blogs and get back in the swing of things.  Wishing you all the best.
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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Easing back in........

  My Father and his Father during WWII.

I am trying to ease back into time on this blog of mine.  It has not been easy to find the time I need to be here.  I have been so busy sorting my parents things with my sister Claudia when I have not been working, there has been little time for anything else.  Thank God for my sister, she has been a blessing for me in every sense of the word.  She stayed five extra days because, well to be honest I was losing it.  She needed to be here for me, but also for herself.  We needed to be together as we sorted through years and years of papers, photos, cards and items that meant so much to my parents.  The thing is you can't keep everything that meant something to them, you have to throw things out, or send them onto a new home.

My dinning room table has been overloaded day after day with new items to go through.  Now the essential paperwork has dwindled down to this pile.  We have mailed off packages of photos to my brother's children of when they were little, and many of their Dad as a baby or little boy.  Paintings that my Dad did in later years to a cousin and those same nieces and nephews.  We even shipped a painting and photos to my sister, who doesn't deserve a thing, but her children do.  Claudia and I are trying to rise above all that she has done, or rather did not do to help my parents.  Her children deserve something their Grandfather made even if one of them has never met him and my sister has not even seen her parents in 14 years.

There were plants on my parents screened in porch that have been neglected for years.  They are finding a new home at my house with new pots and soil.  

We found things I had made for my Mother still in the boxes I used to wrap them.  I think I will be gathering this shawl and the one I made my MIL, with other scarves, and donating them to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where they are in desperate need of any item to keep warm.  It would be a nice tribute to two very important women in my life.

This sleepy little boy was watching me replant plants early this morning.  He is missing his Aunt Claudie who left late yesterday.  Who else is going to  be there at his beck and call to play?

Someone else is missing her too (besides me that is)!  Isn't this the most pathetic face you have ever seen?  Maxie was at the bottom of the stairs waiting for her to come down this morning.  

There is still much to do to pack up my parents place, so my visits here and to see all of you will be limited for a while longer.  I hate that, but it is the reality of my life as I try to add all these other tasks to my already overloaded schedule.  Thank God for Claudia's help or I would never be as far along as I am, she was amazing.
I wanted to thank you all for your kindness, your prayers, your loving comments, your cards and your emails.  Every single thought, prayer and word has meant so much to me.  I can't reply back, I just can't because I kind of get a little overwhelmed and start to tear up.  Please know I am so, so grateful for all of you.  For taking the time to write those kind words and for thinking of me and my whole family during this tough time.  You are the best.  I hope to be back in full force soon.

Take care.
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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sorrow and Joy

For those of you who do not know already from reading my sister's blog, my Father passed away on Thursday after going into the ER Monday night with complications related to his blood thinner.  I spent almost every waking moment with him those last days, and they were a gift to me.  My dear sister Claudia arrived early Wednesday evening and was able to spend some really nice time with my Dad, and me of course, before he took a turn for the worse early Thursday afternoon.  He passed away with two of his daughters and his wonderful helper Stacey surrounding him with love.  It was humbling to be allowed to be present through his transition.  Humbling, amazing, sad and beautiful.  I am so glad he allowed us the opportunity to be by his bedside those last few days, taking care of him on a very basic level and giving us the chance to say how much we love him, share memories and tell him what a great Dad he was.  I hope that I am that lucky, to be surrounded by love because at the end of our lives that is all that matters.  It has been an exhausting week, thank God for my sister's presence here, I could not have done this on my own,   She is my rock.

In the midst of our pain and sorrow we had a little one to get ready for Halloween.  He had a big class celebration on Friday, so after we said our goodbyes to my Father we had to come home and decorate a walker for a very special pirate.  My dear friend Lynda in North Carolina prepared all of the walker decorations and sent them down.  We put it all together and it was very therapeutic.  Because even if you are sad and have just gone through a very profound experience, life keeps moving forward.  I have found that this precious little boy of mine, who spreads his magic everywhere, has made me smile, laugh and even get a little cross at his antics, but he is moving me forward.   He is helping my sister, too.  How can you not laugh when you are playing pirate?

For all of you who have sent me personal messages, I thank you so much.  I will get back with you soon I promise.  I have stayed off my blog, stayed off my email for the most part and just tried to stay present with what is going on.  There is so much to do to get his place packed up, his estate settled, but we can take that day by day.  For now Claudia and I will do what we can in the short time she is here, we will laugh at this little magic boy and enjoy our time together before she returns home tomorrow.

Hugs to you all.

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