Saturday, September 5, 2020

Thoughts on a Saturday in as few words as possible........

This has been a very long week in every way imaginable so I am taking today to regroup.  My husband flew to Wisconsin to drive a friend down so Little Buddy and I are going to have a slow and easy day.  My mind and body are spent, sorry if I sound dramatic but I feel I am nearing a bit of a breakdown so I am going to relax today and regroup.

In special news this little boy can now eat corn right off the cob.  This might not seem like a big deal but for a boy with Cerebral Palsy and jaw instability it is a huge milestone.  I sent this photo to Ms Renee, Little Buddy's speech therapist and she almost cried.  He has come so far. 

My Grand dog Luna is here for the weekend.  She is a pistol and while liking her new apartment has caused a bit of trouble this week and her parents needed a break.  How about tearing up your Dad's law book while he is in the bathroom.  Now my son did leave it on his bed, and she likes paper, so it was really his fault, but you can see why he needed a break.

Little Buddy and I have had a go at growing an avocado tree.  This one finally took off.  I planted it in a pot today and am hoping for the best.  Our next seed is still on the window sill with no signs of life at this point.

This is what I hope to be doing much of the day.  Sitting on my behind and playing with yarn.  It is exactly what I need to do to calm my weary mind and body.

We did have a quick trip outside this morning to ride the jeep.  It has been months since we did this, Little Boy gets very nervous about it.  But he wanted to do it last night so we charged it up and he had success.  I am so proud of him when he faces his fears and feels good about his accomplishments. 

And this is just because I saw these new ferns growing on my camphor tree this morning and thought they were beautiful in the sunlight.

I will leave you with these two looking for Luna after she left on Wednesday.  Ms L brings her along when she is with Little Buddy on Monday and Wednesdays.  It is a win win for everyone.  Little Buddy has an excellent nanny that I trust and he loves.  The boys get to play with Luna.  Everyone is happy.

Stay safe my friends.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Finding the positives during a brutal news week...........

With all the horrific news out there this week I am trying to find something positive to think about.  Not the lies and the ridiculous statements by the presenters at the Republican Convention, boy there were some massive ones weren't there?  The blatant disrespect of using federal property for campaign purposes.  The 180,000 people dead of Coronavirus in this country alone, although the real number is more likely 60,000 more but our government is just pretending that it isn't really happening anymore. More horrific police shootings, a vigilante Trump follower that killed two people and maimed another.  Fires in California, a hurricane that caused so much damage including loss of life, protests that turn into riots, well it has been a lot.  So today I am going to try and think about some nice things that have happened.

This little Boy has had a very good first week of third grade.  These were the photos of him before his first day of school.  He is adapting, keeping his mask on, and really trying to pay attention and do what is asked of him.  There are currently 16 children in his class, there will be more when the Coronavirus stops impacting so many.  There are already many confirmed cases of students in my county, I expect that number to rise the next few weeks.  Still he has almost made it though the school week and I am proud of him.

My wonderful blogging friend Sue Perez of Mr Micawber's Recipe for Happiness has a new book out.  My, oh my, I have been waiting for this book.  Sue is a brilliant designer and has been featured in many magazines.  She has brilliant tutorials on her blog and makes the most interesting projects.  I have made many of her designs but my all time favorite is the Olive Twist Shawl which you can find on this link.  As soon as I saw that Sue's book was completed I immediately ordered it from Amazon.  It arrived yesterday and I can't wait to sit down with a cup of tea and really look it over.  Congratulations to Sue for an amazing accomplishment!  I am in awe of your amazing achievement, talent and persistence. 

These boys were not happy with me today as they had to get shots and Hank had to get that heavy duty ear medication again.  While this isn't super positive it did make me laugh.  These boys are petrified of car rides.  They would not let the vet attendant walk them into the office unless I was right next to them and then I had to shut the door behind them and walk back to my car.  They were thrilled to make it back into the dreaded car for the ride home, and ran all over once they got here.  You would have thought they had been gone for days.  They make me laugh these boys of mine.

Some new yarn might have found its way into my home these past few weeks.  Malabrigo for a sweater and Berroco Corsica for a shawl.  Mind you I have not even had a second to crochet a stitch in the past two weeks, yet I have visions of a new sweater, shawl and am thinking about making my boys and their partners new blankets for their apartments.  Where I will find the time for these projects I have no idea.   I better get more yarn to make these wild dreams come true.  I am thinking giant cream and gray granny squares................. What do you think?

I will leave you with this big third grader who thought he looked pretty cute in his mask today.  He is having trouble because the masks made of material slip down his cute freckled nose and the paper ones fog up his glasses.  We will find one that works eventually.

Stay safe my friends.  In a week like we have had the best thing we can do is not believe lies, not fall for fear tactics that are not even true, follow the facts, wear masks, be kind and stay safe. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

A whole lot to say about nothing.......................

This week has been so busy with work and my oldest moving out on Friday, which took up a whole day.  Well that and drive thru meet the teacher day, boy things are going to be different this year at school.  

This little boy is very nervous about starting school tomorrow.  It will look so much different than he is used to.  Masks, desks far apart, nothing extra in a class, no working together, no sharing anything.  He will adapt because there is no other choice but still I worry about his safety and his ability to interact socially, something he is already delayed with.  

Friday was spent cleaning my house and moving my son.  Yesterday was a day that I went a bit crazy.  I decided to wash the boys which you can see did not make them happy.  Then it was off to work on the bathrooms upstairs that the boys had been using.  While I know they have wiped things down they really haven't had a super solid clean in a while.  Let me just say that nothing makes the sadness you are feeling over your boys moving out go away like cleaning their bathrooms.  After two hours I was not sad at all they were not here, actually they were lucky they were not here!  I'll get sad again but it might be a while to get over the mess.  Funny, they think they have moved out but literally all that is missing is their clothes and shoes.  I mean how many products do you have to have under your sink for years and years?   My garbage is filled with all the stuff they probably never even used.

As sad as Hank and Bear look after their bath they were really happy.  They love to get wet and then run all around the pool area.  What they don't like is being trapped outside until they dry off.  Their serious faces made me laugh.

Now they are so fluffy and smell divine.

When I work really hard I always have a hard time sleeping that night.  I think my mind is just tumbling around with all I have done and all I have yet to do.  Yesterday besides the dreaded bathrooms was washing linens from the beds upstairs, washing the fur boys, making cookies with an oven that was not heating up, weeding, running errands, brushing the fur boys, and doing a bit of paperwork.  Oh yeah and there was a little boy to keep entertained.  Today I was up at 4:30 and as much as I tried to get back to sleep I couldn't.  So I got up and got busy.  I cleaned out the entire closet that is up in our playroom/my son's office.  These boys of mine don't want to get rid of anything.  So now their entire closet is in my dining room ready for them to look over or already in my garage ready to donate.  They will not be happy with me when they come for dinner tonight.  I also emptied out our guest room closet which is where we store everything.  I went through loads of papers from my parents estate, and all the other stuff we had in there and moved it into the playroom closet.  Including boxes with Christmas decorations and Christmas Santa's that can't be stored up in our garage attic due to the heat and humidity.  Once again the shelves are filled but the guest room closet is empty!  Hooray!

I moved an antique washstand from our guest room into my office and eliminated one white shelf I had in there.  It is a bit tight in here but it is an actual working space and where I see private patients when there is not a pandemic, so I have to work with the space I have.  I was done with everything by 8 AM and I was ready for a nap.  It does feel good to get things moving along and out of my house.  I have way more to go but once again it is a start.

And just because I love this photo here is Mr 23, Hank and Luna.  Mr 23 has completed one week of law school.  He has classes Sunday through Friday because they are trying to keep classes small with social distancing.  He said it is so weird with everyone with a mask on, not easy to get to know fellow students that way.  He will survive.

Thinking of all of you affected by this pandemic and thinking of all of you in California with the threat and destruction of all of those fires.  Stay safe my friends. 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

The winds of change.........


I am not someone who ever responds well to change.  I wish I could have locked in my older kids at about the ages of 9 and 6 and just lived our lives on in that exact moment.  But if that were to have happened I would not have a little boy right now that is soon to be starting third grade.  This year will determine so much for him and for us as far as schooling.  Will he be able to keep up with the rapid pace of information flying at him?  How will he deal with a classroom in which everyone is so far apart and wearing masks?  Will he get exposed quickly to Covid 19?  Will his school have to shut down?  Worries flood through my mind all day long.  It was a bit easier when I was just worried about him standing up, or eating to gain a bit of weight.  By the way watch out for sharks in your pool my friends.

Mr 23 and Ms L have been moving into their new apartment all weekend.  It is a really lovely place in St Petersburg, they will be safe and happy.  But of course I am not loving the change.  It was so nice to have them here this month.  I am thrilled they will be near by and that Ms L will be watching Little Buddy twice a week, but still I would love us all to live in some contained compound where I can keep an eye on everybody.  Not realistic I know, but the Mom in me likes to know all her chicks are accounted for.  Hank will be so sad once Luna leaves later today.  Bear might need a bit of a break to be honest, he is well done with her stealing toys and running around barking like a crazy girl.

Mr 26 and Ms B have been putting together furniture and doing a bit of packing for their move next weekend. Again in one weeks time almost all my chicks will be out of my nest.  Seriously he is only moving to Tampa, and well he should be on his own but my heart is still sad.  Even if I only get my eyes on them for 30 seconds a day I like to see them.  He tells me he might have to work from home still even a few days a week and because his apartment is so small he will come here.  That might be just what I need to wean myself a bit.  He will miss the fur boys most of all, and maybe a little boy as well.  Mom and Dad not so much!

Other changes include throwing out my In the Forest of the Night cardigan.  Yup, I threw it out.  I messed up the back and really was so frustrated with myself for not being able to follow a simple pattern I balled it up and threw it out.  I had already literally made it twice, the yarn was not going to make it on a third attempt so out it went. It felt a bit freeing not having to tangle with the pattern.  I will make it again, actually I have the yarn to do so right now.  I know the modifications I need to make but just needed a break.   So now I am attempting to make Provence by Berroco.  I am not making an promises that this will actually get completed, my mind is just too tired to get to much done.  But you are all my witness I did get gauge based on the photo above so I am keeping my fingers crossed I can actually make this.

This just made me laugh.  I must be a bit slow because Luna once again got my yarn and made a mad dash all over the family room.  When will I learn that this girl gets into everything?

I am starting to adapt to the changes on Blogger.  Seems like it is behaving a bit better than last week.  Still I don't know why it has to load your pictures in reverse order.  I just love this photo so much.  Mr 26 snuggling one cute dark nosed Bear.  Can you see his eye peeking?  

Changes to this years voting system is driving me mad.  Please check with your state on the best way to vote.  Please do not rely on getting your mail in vote counted, send it in very early or drop it off at your local county election site.  That will assure your vote will count.  I can see the change in the postal system already.  I have been waiting for my check from work for 6 days, I get paid once a month.  But at least I am not waiting for medication needed to save my life.  Be smart.  Vote early if you can.  Vote in person if you are able.  Vote early by mail or drop off your ballot.  Cheating to try to win an election by dismantling the postal system is beyond reprehensible.  VOTE my friends and make it count.

Lets hope big change is coming November 3. 

Saturday, August 8, 2020

A memorable morning.......

This morning was very special.  Very early this morning as the sun popped up over the horizon we all celebrated one of my oldest son's best friends.  As you recall he was killed in a car accident in California on February 13, of this year.  It has been a terrible blow for the family and friends left behind.  He was one of this special group of boys, the four of them did everything together through high school.  Although they went to different colleges and swam for different teams they were closer than close.  

Today, after many, many delays due to the current pandemic the ceremony was finally performed.  While some of us waited on the beach (Mr 23 came with me to honor a young man he grew up with at our house all the time), many people paddled out to the water, each holding a rose.  They gradually got into a circle and after a moment of silence, Thomas' Dad said some words, then they threw their roses into the center of the circle.  As his ashes were placed in the water everyone splashed and splashed.  It was really beautiful and very touching.  And coincidentally, after all the many delays the ceremony ended up being on Thomas' birthday.  This was the other half to the ash ceremony that was in California right after he passed.  This was also attended by Mr 26 and his two friends who flew out after just a few days of even getting used to this.  They spent over 36 hours traveling just to be there to honor their friend.

After the ceremony this morning there was a one mile swim in honor of Thomas.  The three boys, while excellent swimmers had not swum for a long time.  Still they made it and actually did very well.  They were all pretty tired afterward, the water temps are very warm and so is the air.  It was beautiful for us standing on the beach but maybe not so much for those swimming.  There will be a yearly swim in February to honor Thomas.  

We saw people we have not seen in years, young people coming to honor their friend.  People like me who were not able to make it to California for the other end of this service.  It really was a beautiful tribute to a really wonderful young man who will be sorely missed the rest of our lives.

I am blessed Mr 26 has been close by to offer support to this wonderful family.  He has gone to workout with the father a few times, helped move things in the garage, painted, picked up a shed they needed from the store.  Whatever the reason he has connected with these wonderful parents who need to see a young man that reminds them of their son.  Someone they can hug and hold onto even if it is only for a brief moment.

And as much as this contact helps them it helps my son.  To know he is there for this family is a way to honor the wonderful friendship he had with Thomas and will always have in his heart.

Hugs your kids my friends, things change fast.  Stay safe.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

A lot of pain, not so much gain.............

This week has been a lot about pain, not so much about gain.  Just after I posted last week about how far I was on my sweater, I crocheted both front panels then went to start on the back and oh no, it was wrong.  I had missed one leaf increase several rows down on the back that threw the whole thing off.  I had to rip out everything, back, back and back.  It was a mess but now I am near the finish line.  I am not going to boast or sure enough the crochet gods will be laughing at me again.  I have literally made this sweater twice and it isn't even done yet.

Not that you want to see a photo of my very un-manicured feet, but this is about pain and so here it is.  Fire Ant bites numbers 13, 14 and 15 for the summer are now on my left foot.  I got 10 bites on my right foot and leg from stepping in my mulch and landing on an ant pile that was hidden.  Number 11 was from the middle of my grass, and 12 was from an ant that crawled on my sandal while I was vacuuming out my car and proceeded to bite me while I was driving.  These new bites occurred while also stepping on the edge of my grass trying to get Little Buddy into my car.  Again, no visible ant mound, they were hidden in the grass.  I had no time to treat them as we were on the way to an appointment.  I scratched all the way there. Now my foot is swollen all the way to my ankle, lots of pain and for no gain if you ask me.  Pardon my feet, there is no way I am going to get a pedicure any time soon with Coronavirus still so rampant in Florida.  But just so you know our commander in chief was about 15 miles from my house this weekend and he thinks Florida is doing GREAT!  Over 480,000 positive cases, over 7,021 deaths, (remember we don't count those deaths in prison or if you actually died of pneumonia due to Covid-19) with over 437 deaths in my county alone.  Yup, we are doing GREAT!

These two hibiscus trees were outside the screened in area around my pool.  They are new and after I had planted them had been eaten by deer almost to the top so I raised the pots on unused pavers and that was that.  Yesterday I was admiring the new and beautiful foliage while one little boy was in the pool.  Just a few hours after that I saw two gorgeous bucks roaming my backyard, proudly displaying their wonderful antlers.  After I admired them and watched them walk into the woods I looked at my trees and saw this!  Now the trees have been moved inside where they will remain and hopefully recuperate quickly.  Lots of pain for these trees but not so much for the deer, they had a delicious treat.

This freckle boy had his Botox shots on Friday.  Lets just say it was a real pain for both of us.  I had had a really bad headache all week, and a boy who is coming off strong medication he needs for the shots is not a joy to be around.  I completely understand what is happening to him but a two hour tantrum about a special toy I bought him does not make motherhood easy.  My head was throbbing, especially after having to carry him into the house, he weighs a LOT!   Two more major tantrums during the day and mom was exhausted.  The shots are necessary, and they are painful thus the need for a lot of medication to make them more tolerable.  He gets 11 shots in his hip adductors and right hamstring to help reduces the spastic muscle tone in these areas.  Without the shots it is much more likely the increased tone will eventually pull his right hip out of socket so he would then need surgery.  So while these are a real pain, they actually are for great gain in the long run.  When the Botox is working full strength in a few weeks Little Buddy will have a much better gait pattern with his right leg. 

After just a few little incidents yesterday we are back on track today.  I am pain free except for that darned foot.  Little Buddy is back smiling and happy.  I might be called a, "mean girl" again today but that is okay because I just might be a mean girl sometimes.  This mom only has so much patience. 

We are on track to start school the 24th.  I am still very upset with the options available but at least I know Little Buddy will be watched closely.  My babysitter of 6 1/2 years told me she is very uncomfortable with him starting school and the potential exposure he will have. She only has one kidney so she has to be super cautious.  I had a big discussion with her about how I need to work, so my only option is to send him.  I am not sure why she won't just wear a mask in my house if she is concerned but that apparently was not an option.  So for a few minutes after she left I was sort of in a daze wondering what I was going to do, but then Ms. L, Mr. 23's girlfriend walked in and said she would take care of Little Buddy.  She would drive up from St Pete, pick him up at school and bring him home, working with him on homework, putting him in the pool, whatever he needed.  I told her he can be a real pistol and she shrugged her shoulders.  I told her I might be really late every night, she shrugged them again.  I told her school might be canceled just a few weeks in and she would have long days, she did not seem to care.  So as of August 24th she will now be helping out and I could not be happier.  I can pay her, which she needs.  She can do classwork online while he is home playing or watching a movie.  If he is home due to school closures she can help him with online learning a lot easier than I can.  And she can build elevators in Minecraft which of course I have no idea how to do.  I can't even tell you what Minecraft is besides a guy walking around and there are sheep that look like they are made out of squares.  So a brief amount of pain but loads and loads of gain.

Have a safe week my friends with very little pain and all the gain you need.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Mulling over many things on a Saturday.................

Here is Little Buddy at breakfast this morning, being goofy as nine year old boys tend to be.  Tammy J did not get her Little Buddy fix last week so I am giving her loads to look at today.  Funny faces, crooked smiles, missing teeth, freckles, and the best eyelashes and eyebrows in the world.  I think we can all use a bit of Little Buddy these days to brighten our weary hearts. 

I have been pondering what to do with this Little Boy when school opens.  As typical the state of Florida and our current school administrators have left most of us working parents with little choice.  We can send our darling children back to school.  We can attend online school with their assigned teacher for nine weeks but we must be in attendance during school hours.  This is not feasible for me as I work during those hours and he won't do work on his own or with the sitter.  And the third option of virtual school for 18 weeks but we can then lose our slots in our assigned school.  A bit of a threat if you ask me.  No good answers here.  I did talk to his assistant on Sunday who told me if he went back to school she would keep him safe, so that at least eases my mind a bit.  There is no riding on a bus and thankfully she is with him the whole day, still it is a tough decision to make.  The GOP can cancel their big convention in Florida because it isn't safe to be here yet parents have to send their kids to school if they work.  I am pretty upset with the way things are going.

Here in Florida we have a total of 414,511 positive cases as of yesterday, we are up 12,444 from the day before.  Our deaths are low, 5,777 because the governor does not count people who have died of pneumonia due to Covid 19 in the death totals.  I have also read three separate articles that those in prisons in Florida are not counted for positive cases or with the Florida death totals.  It is like they are in a different country and don't exist in Florida.  Just so you know the prison system is running rampant with this virus.  See why I am worried?  The numbers do not add up to a successful and safe school year.  And frankly our numbers just don't add up at all.  I wish we could just have an accurate depiction of the cases, hospital beds available and the correct death numbers so we can all make decisions based on the truth not fixed information to make our state look better. 

I continue to work on the In the Forest of the Night  cardigan.  I am at the place I was before I had to pull the whole thing apart because it was too small and too tight.  I will be separating for the back and sides in two rows.  I am still excited about this project and am keeping my fingers crossed it all goes well and fits right. 

These two yarns have been added to my stash this week.  Five of each color, from We Are Knitters.  They were 25% off if you ordered a pack of them and you could choose any color.  I have had the intense need to add yarn to my stash lately.  I feel that I will be adding even more.  It is sort of the panic I felt about toilet paper early on in the pandemic, what if I run out of yarn????????

I am mulling over the mess in what used to be known as my dining room and the even bigger mess in my garage.  This is where we are storing Mr 23 and Ms L's things until they move into their new apartment on August 6.  I love having time with them so the mess is not a big deal.  But it will be by August 6, then I will be over it, but I will miss them both as I adore them.  At least they will be much closer than Orlando!  See Bear in the background photo bombing?

Laughing at Mr 26 and Ms B as they were jumped and walked all over by three dogs this morning right after they woke up.  They are such great young people.  I am so proud of Mr 26 who literally got into it with a non mask wearing woman in Starbucks yesterday.  This woman was demanding service from the young woman behind the counter until my son stepped in.  He told her to get a mask  on or get out of the store as the store was requesting.  She talked about her, "rights" being violated by having to wear a mask and he shut her down with actual facts about the Constitution, what exactly her rights were, and how she was endangering herself and everyone else.  He told her to move out of the way and get a mask.  She ended up going to her car where she had one available, which makes this whole episode even more ridiculous, do you think she was just trying to pick a fight?  She then came in and tried to move to the front of the line but was told to go to the back by several people who were lined up behind my son.  He got a big thank you from the manager, a smile from the poor young woman behind the counter and a free coffee to boot.  Don't argue with a history major from The Ohio State University, they know their facts my friend.  There is another photo bomber in this picture, can you see Little B eating his breakfast?

Although Bear still acts like his life is over with Luna visiting he does enjoy her.  She will lie next to him quietly several times a day, even Bear can't object to this.

Still her full time playmate is Hank. He is very, very tired by the end of the day.  It is hard to entertain a 1 year old all day long!

And just because we can never get enough Little Buddy here he is on his green machine ride on toy.  He loves this and races around my kitchen with the dogs running after him.  He pretends he is racing like in the movie Wreck it Ralph, which I believe I will be watching with him again today.  Maybe viewing 3,001?  It is his favorite and really teaches some great lessons, plus there is racing!

A big shout out to the Wall of Mom's in Portland, Seattle and now Chicago who are trying to keep protesters safe.  Never underestimate a mom! 

Stay safe my friends.