Sunday, February 21, 2021

Another week goes by.......


And yet another week has gone by, so much like the weeks before yet so filled with pain and sorrow for those suffering in bad weather, cold, with no water or electricity.  Worried about their children, parents, and worried for their health.  All anyone can do is send love and prayers if you aren't close to the areas hit by the monster winter weather.  Well, I guess you could always fly to Cancun and then blame your daughters for the trip, but that is a whole other post don't you agree?

This Little guy had a better week, not great, but better.  And I am setting the bar pretty low, he did not ram any friends with his walker so that is a start.  How can that completely innocent face do anything wrong?  How could this little sweet boy actually tell me that I am the worst!   I ask for patience everyday of my life and have yet to have found all that I need, but I keep trying.

On Thursday this lovely box of scrumptious yarn arrived at my house.  I ordered it from Lion Brand when they had a 30% off sale.  It is so beautiful, the colors are a feast for the eyes, and holding the silk in your hands is like Heaven.  I actually am knitting!  I know can you believe it?  I found the perfect pattern, the Harebell sweater.  I will wear this everywhere if it works out.  Silk yarn is a bit fussy.  You have to knit with it with a little bit larger needles to get the drape you want.  There is also an abundance of fuzz when working with it, fuzz gets everywhere, but it will be worth it if the sweater turns out.  I am already off gauge, I know, warning, warning, warning.  But like any seasoned knitter I am going for it without a thought to if it will work out or not.  I am making the smallest size, which will not be all that small if my math calculations are correct.  So I am basically winging it yet again, and I wonder why nothing I makes fits!!!!!

I forgot about how soothing knitting can be.  There is a rhythm to working with two needles.  It is quite different than using a crochet hook, not that there isn't a rhythm to crochet, it is just different.  But I forgot that knitting hurts my hands.  How I hold the right needle with my ring finger curved always causes pain, so I have this sort of finger splint I have to wear to keep it straight.  And I know I will have to wear a wrist splint to bed at night, the wear and tear on your wrists can be very painful,.  Still I will give it a go and hopefully, fingers crossed, I will get a beautiful sweater out of this gorgeous yarn that was a big treat for myself.  I have not bought really, really, nice yarn for a while so it was a splurge just for me!

Friday Little Buddy and I got caught in the cool rain as I got him into the car at school.  We were soaked so we got home, got in our pj's and spent the rest of the day all cozy.  He thought is was funny to be in pajamas so early.  However, he did not think it was funny to have to finish science.  He informed me in a quite stern voice that there was no homework on Friday's, ever!  I would just love for him to understand that work needs to be done during school time so we would not have to do it at home.  Still we got it done and that is what is important.  He is currently learning the difference between flowering and non-flowering plants.   

And last but not least I can't finish a post without including these two.  Stay safe my friends.  Stay dry and warm, be happy if you have heat, clean water and electricity, we take them for granted until we don't have them anymore.  Have a great week.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

On Valentine's Day....................

 Happy Valentines Day for those of you in the mood to celebrate a bit.  With so much still going on in the world it seems a bit silly to celebrate something that feels a bit frivolous this year.  With so many ill, so many losing loved ones, so many worried about people they love that are hurting or ill.  With the continued ridiculous politics here in the US and the spineless hypocrites who have done even more damage to our country by not voting to impeach our former president, not that we expected anything less, well life seems a bit overwhelming doesn't it?  

Still it is nice to take a deep breath and to just pause and think of something nice, even for a few minutes.   So here is a little love from one very special boy who finished a project on Neil Armstrong and a book report this weekend, that is something to be grateful for! And yes his shirt says, "My Mom is my hero."  Wonder who got that for him?

After a very tough week at school for Little Buddy including two long emails from his teachers about his behavior and lack of work, four extra hours of work on Wednesday because he did not work in school, and a record five apology notes written, two to friends for ramming them with his walker and three to teachers for not listening, well this was the exact card I needed to see.  I bet he wanted to write, "My Mom is mean," because he tells me that a lot, but his teachers would never allow it.  He also tells me I am not going to be part of the  family anymore if I am not nice!  Oh Lord, give me strength. I love the last sentence the best, apparently I must say, "no" a lot! And I do have to question the, "cutie" thing, one thing I am not is a cutie.

This giant grey blob is the Greyscale Poncho by Jess Compton.  It really kind of is a big blob but it is a big blob you want to wear when it is chilly out.  Or at least I think I will because it is currently pretty warm and humid out here in Florida.  Made with about 930 yards of Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca in the color Oxford Grey.  I used a size M hook to make this, and believe me I seemed to have trouble with this super basic pattern because I had to start it over several times.  I think my brain is just on super overload right now and can't handle even the simplest project.  In big news I just ordered yarn to knit a sweater, yup, I actually said the word knit.  This is Mereknits after all even though Mere rarely knits these days. 

The boys had a Valentines bath today out by my pool this morning.  They are currently looking all forlorn outside my window.  They never seem to understand they need to be out there a while to dry.

And if you made it this far this is your laugh for the week.  When Little Buddy wore his 100 day of school shirt his teacher took photos of the kids and put a filter on it to make them look 100 years old.  He looks so funny!

Stay safe and have a wonderful week.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Random bits.................


I feel like I have nothing to say but I am sure I will go on and on.  Why is that? You feel like nothing has happened and yet your life is so busy.  This guy surprised us all in the best way this week.  He got an incredible report card after the first one of the year was so completely dismal.  Lots has gone on to get these grades including medication changes, special testing, hours of review, lots of love, and lots and lots of homework.  Still he did it and I am just as pleased as can be. Third grade is ridiculous!  This week  he has a test on the Scientific Method, with questions, independent variables, dependent variables, data collection, bar graphs, conclusions, procedures, real world application, well I don't even think I could pass the test and believe me I have been studying! Notice the wee little baby peeking out of Little B's side?  This was my oldest sons baby when he was little.  I kept it and when Little B was little he wanted a baby so I let him borrow it. For some reason he got it out yesterday and it has been by his side since then.  It is so sweet!

Ms. Crazy Pants, Luna, spent the weekend with us last weekend.  She just makes me laugh. She is such a pistol and tired my boys out in no time.  They try to be good uncles and play but boy she never seems to get enough!

Although Bear has been much more involved with playing with her as of late he still tends to be dramatic about her playing with Hank.  He gets loads of attention from his drama so I guess it works for him.  Do you see the stripe on Bear's leg?  That is where he licked off his hair after his grooming in October.  It has grown back the color of an Irish Setter and it is straight!!!  It is so odd to see, he also has a patch on his hip.  It should go back to normal as it keeps growing but still it is amazing to see those Irish Setter genetics coming out!

And just because, here is my darling Hank.

So here is my random stuff:

The Super Bowl is in town.  My oldest literally is stuck at his apartment because all the news crews and their trailers and tents that are parked near his apartment.  He said it is a mad house down there in Tampa. Two random couples tried to walk into his building after him the other day, and when he asked what they were doing they told him they just wanted to sit by the pool!  No they do not live there and yes they were here for the game.  They told him he was rude because he would not let them in. If he can make it out tomorrow morning he might come here and spend the night and work from here on Monday. To be honest I hope Tampa loses, not nice of me I know, but Tom Brady has been a big trump fan in the past and for that I don't want him to win another game.  Plus they beat the Packers, so they must not be forgiven.  

Groundhog Day was this week and frankly I did not even notice it because every day of my life feels a bit like the movie, it is all the same, work, work, work, driving, homework with Little B, cleaning up, getting ready for work, reading with Little B, sleeping and starting over. 

No pictures of my current project because I can't seem to count rows or stitches. And I have ripped it out so many times it is ridiculous.   

Little B wore his 100th day of school shirt yesterday and he looked adorable.  No pictures though because apparently I can't count or think these days.

I am obsessed with leggings or yoga pants. I know I am very late to this trend.  I felt that at 56 I am not in the shape to wear them even if my behind is covered up, which I assure you it is.  But then a few weeks ago I was taking an antibiotic that really upset my stomach and regular pants felt really uncomfortable so I put on my one and only pair of leggings to wear.   It was bliss!  I am on the floor working with kids all day long.  I am lifting, crouching, bending, squatting and crawling and the leggings did all of this with me and not against me!  So now I have many pairs, lots of shirts to cover my 56 year old spreading behind and I am happy as can be!

Thank you for your tremendous response to my last post and I just want to thank you all for your donations to Pine Ridge Reservation.  It made me cry when I read some of you were preparing donations to send, thank you.

My dear friend Sue Perez has another gorgeous crochet pattern out. It is the Milflores Shawl, if you grab the link you can get it on sale.  You can find Sue's wonderful blog here at Mr. Micaber's Recipe for Happiness.  Well done Sue, once again you have amazed me with your creativity and incredible design skills.

Can you all say a little prayer for a little girl I evaluated yesterday?  I can't tell you her name but she is one of the most involved children I have ever seen.  She is 17 months old and can't move, her spine is already curved, and she is possibly blind. It is heartbreaking.  I will be working on my day off to see her until I can get her solidly on my schedule.  She needs help so much but I have hope, I always have hope!

Since I have been on this computer for two days straight working on paperwork it is time for me to get off.  For someone who did not have much to say I sure took up a lot of space. 

Stay safe.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Feeling chatty on a Saturday................


It has been a quiet morning here, just like I like it.  I was blasted with a really horrible headache most of the week so I really just needed to get things done here at home at my own pace.  Little Buddy wrote out his Valentine's to his classmates while I did a bunch of not very fun yardwork, mostly getting dead leaves off of the plants in front of my house.  It doesn't even look like I did a thing even though two giant trash bags of dead debris are now in my garage.  It is beautiful out today, 65 degrees and sunny, don't hate me my friends I know some of you would give anything for a warm day and yard work.  But I think a cold day full of snow sounds fun, it forces you to stay in and do things inside all nice and cozy and warm.  

Kathy B at Compassionknit has recently talked about donating squares to the Pine Ridge Reservation.  That got me thinking.  After my parents passed away I was looking through some of their things and found a few boxes of shawls I had made for my Mom that she had never used.  I also had some I had made my MIL, so I boxed them up and sent them to Pine Ridge Reservation in hopes they would keep someone warm.  So instead of sending squares I went through my shawls and boxed up a whole bunch of them.  I won't even miss them and it will give me an excuse to make even more.  I also added yarn I am not using, and children's masks.  I had a whole box of them I don't need.  We can easily get more.   If you want to send supplies the address is:

First Families Now

2904 BIA 27

Porcupine, SD 57772-3027

They also need masks, children's' books, craft supplies and baby items.  You can find their website here at Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation.  There are lots of ways you can donate.  Thank you Kathy B for reminding me of this very important place that needs all of our help

Hank and Bear continued with stomach issues all last weekend and into Monday.  To give you all a little too much information Bear was not pooping at all and Hank was throwing up and pooping too much.  All has been regulated by some miracle and everyone is happy again.  They are so serious in front of the camera, they make me laugh.  Well not when they aren't pooping or pooping too much!

I started a new project.  It is the Greyscale Poncho.  I saw it and fell in love.  I even ordered the yarn used specifically for it instead of trying to work with what I had.  It is not expensive yarn, and I find although I am a yarn snob that sometimes really reliable yarn is the way to go.  It is washable and durable and frankly if you create a disaster instead of something wonderful it isn't a big loss.  You would think this is a super easy pattern, and it is, yet I have started it over three times because I can't seem to count and increase, and the first time I attempted it I was half way done with the front before I realized my gauge was way too tight..  I am determined to make it work this time. 

So now that my chores are done, cleaning up my plants, laundry, a bit of vacuuming and chatting with all of you, I am going to get busy on this poncho.  Pretty soon it will be too warm to wear it!

Stay safe my friends.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

All Little Buddy...............

 Here is a post totally dedicated to one special little boy I know.  Here he is yesterday after making his bed all by himself.  This is a new task for him.  This time he did it in just over 3 minutes, a world record!  He is quite proud of himself.

I hate to say this to all you teachers out there but I really don't like at home school projects.  I always groan when I see that we have to do one.  This is for the 100 th day of school which is on February 5th.  We had to make a shirt with 100 things on it.  It is for a math grade so this is not something we can't do.  Off to the craft store I went yesterday to look around for something to make it with.  I had the shirt already so I bought fabric glue, little puff balls and iron on numbers.  Little B and I went right to work, I hate to have anything hanging over my head.  What if we are sick next weekend?  What if I have a bad headache, it is best to get things done right away.  Little B counted out piles of puffs while I tried to measure out dots in increments of 10 with reasonable accuracy.  I placed the glue on the dots as he followed up with puff placement.  It is done and he will have fun wearing it on the 5th.

Little Buddy's blanket is done!  Hooray.  I had a crochet hook in my hand all day of the Inauguration and all day yesterday.  I just wanted it finished!  Made with 10 skeins of Cloudborn Pima Cotton in the color Granny Smith, totaling 2,300 yards.  I used a size H hook.  This is an adaptation of the Traveling Afghan Square #3 by Wilma Westenberg.  I added a chain 3 in every corner to make the square more square.  I did not make puff stitches, rather used 3dctog, or 3 double crochet together for you non crocheters.  Puff stitches take up a huge amount of yarn and they will catch in dog paws that are constantly walking around on one little boy's bed. I made 10 rounds rather than the 8 in the pattern and I joined the squares as I went along on the V-stitch row.  I was looking for a denser pattern, see dog paws above, one that was durable and warm and not too frilly.  I love the look and Little Buddy seemed pleased.  He told me that the blanket was perfect for his bed and would be nice to snuggle in when he played his iPad because sometimes you just need something on you. I could not agree more. 

So there is my first project of the year completed.  My goals this year for creating are simple.  Make what I want.  Do not worry about yarn purchases, buy what I need with no regrets.  Only count yarn used, not yarn coming in.  Try to knit something because the name of this blog is Mereknits after all, but no pressure.  Playing with yarn in any form is enough.  

Stay safe my friends.

Friday, January 22, 2021

A beautiful walk.........


Last Monday I had the honor of going on a walk with one of the little friends I work with, around a small lake in St Petersburg, Fl.  He had just gotten a new camera so we put it to the test.  I encouraged him to look up and he encouraged me to look closer.  We had the best time and his Mom got a bit of a break. The day was beautiful, the temperature just perfect.  I had the best time and as we walked toward his house I felt his little hand in mine and felt so blessed.  Blessed that he was there with me after all he has been through in his short life.  Blessed that I have about the best job in the world.  Blessed our country was soon to be on the right path again, blessed to have a wonderful family and that includes one special boy who I found out later that day had a very tough time at school because they did not have white milk, or regular milk as he calls it, and they actually tried to give him chocolate milk!  Oh, the horror!  I mean how much can one third grader take! I am also feeling blessed that I had a small medical procedure done on Wednesday and was able to rest and recover while watching the amazing Inauguration.  Every moment of it was just so stunning.  The whole day was amazing including the wonderful program in the evening hosted by Tom Hanks.  It has been a spectacular week.  Loads to do still, many things to take care of, but at least they are now actually being taken care of.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, stay safe.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

 I will say it all again.  A return to: 
















The darkness is fading, let the light shine for all of us.  

Congratulations to our new President Joe Biden and to our first female Vice President Kamala Harris.  Your jobs won't be easy after the mess of these past four years but I am rooting for you.  It was a moving day to watch as history unfolded into a new era. Blessings go with you both and your new administration as you try to fix all that has gone drastically wrong these past four years.