Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Little Buddy says thanks.......

Little Buddy and I would like to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful birthday wishes.  I know he feels all of your love out there in blogland, I know I sure do.

We went to the beach early on Saturday to celebrate his adoption day anniversary.  It is a bit of a trick getting Little Buddy, a chair and beach bag to the beach all by myself but I can still manage.  There are no walkers that work on the beach so I have to carry him and as long as he does not gain a lot more weight I can do it by myself for a while longer.  We had a grand time and just in case your forgot the last photo tells you exactly how old he is.

Hope you are having a great week.
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Friday, June 24, 2016

Little Buddy is FIVE!

Little Buddy is five!  Can you believe it?  He is so excited it is his birthday today.  He told me when he got up it was his birthday and he could open his Christmas presents today.  Ah to be five, you do what you want, when you want and have so much fun learning and playing.

He has been wearing his birthday crown all day.  His medical foster mother made him this amazing shirt, just to let everyone know he is five!  He wanted a, "Real birthday cake."  So that is exactly what he got.  He ate cake and opened presents early this afternoon because Mr. 19 is going on a trip and is now flying off to see his girlfriend we wanted him here for the big event.  

Little Buddy and I had a chat about being five, it isn't all fun and games, you have to learn to stand up all by yourself for longer that a couple of minutes, you have to learn to write your name and read, and well there is still that potty issue.  And maybe we can learn to take more than one step without our canes or walker.  Still even with all that responsibility five is pretty special.

Tomorrow is another big day in our lives, it is the anniversary of our adopting Little Buddy, when it all became legal and he really became ours.  You can read about his/our story here.  This post about Little Buddy is my all time most viewed post as it should be.  

Happy Birthday to my sweet, funny, smart and challenging little one.  He is the light of my life.

Also a big Happy Birthday to Uncle Don over at my sister Claudia's blog.  Uncle Don and Little Buddy share a wonderful day together, how fun is that?

Hope you are all well and have a great weekend.  Joining with Amy for Five on Friday because a little one is actually five on Friday.
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Finally a finish the Betty Shrug that turned into a sweatar.......

First of all I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your kind words and thoughts on my last post.  I think many, many of you feel the way I do and I appreciate you taking the time to let me know your thoughts and feelings.

I finally have a finish, feels like it has been weeks and weeks since I have been able to say that.  Here is the  Betty Shrug which is obviously not a shrug based on the pictures above.  I think I got a bit carried away don't you think?  This is an amazing design by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes from the book Vintage Crochet by Susan Cropper of Loop.  

I made this version of the shrug/sweater in Shi Bui baby alpaca dk in the color mineral.  I believe I bought this some time ago online from Eat Sleep Knit.  This is a beautiful yarn to work with and as you can see once I got going I could not stop, thus this shrug turned into a sweater.  I used a size J hook to get gauge which somehow was very difficult for me to achieve.  

I really liked the pattern but played around with it a lot, not just in the length but also in how I joined the rounds.  I needed something less fiddly and what I did worked well for me.  I joined as I went, as suggested, which made this pattern so fast.  I ended up adding 16 extra diamonds or squares to the project to make it a lot longer.  I also added 14 triangles as I did not want pointed sleeves or points at the bottom of the sweater, for me I like a cleaner finish, more symmetrical.  I had the yarn so I went for it.  I might not be able to design a thing but I can sure fiddle around to make something more my style.

In total I used 950 yards of yarn for this project out of my stash.  Watch out Linda I am going to enter this in your next Stash Buster's Party.

Hope you are all enjoying you week.  Little Buddy and I are off to the splash park this afternoon to meet one of the little boys I used to work with, who was adopted by two amazing women.   I haven't seen him in ages and I can't wait to see how big he is.  We have two very special days coming up for Little Buddy, I will check back in soon to let you know all about them.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

A week with so much to say but few words to say it..................

This has been quite a week hasn't it?  Living in Florida has not been a ton of fun.  The murder of an up and coming beautiful and talented singer, the tragic deaths of so many young and beautiful people in a nightclub in Orlando, and yes a tragic alligator attack that took place at Disney.  Three places where young people have gone to have a wonderful time, where they should be safe and they weren't.  As for the alligator that was a tragedy that had more to do with nauture than man, but of course people did play a part.  Feeding those gators like so many people liked to do made them not fear being around people, thus tragedy happened.  Here is my advice for you, if you are coming to Florida for a visit stay away from any fresh water area, a pond or lake might look like fun but there are gators there somewhere close and they are doing what they know how to do, trying to find something to eat.   You can't blame the gator, it is nature.

I am a very, very political person, but usually not on this blog.  But the events of this week have left me horrified and without adequate words to express how terrible it all is.  Yes we watch from the sidelines, but for those living this it must be beyond horrific.  Two of these tragedies have one thing in common, guns.  Don't give that excuse that guns don't kill people, people do......  I do not believe that for one second, people who have guns kill people, of course not all of them but just a few that do can have such an unbelievable impact on the events of our lives.  I am avidly against guns, but I can almost understand a rifle needed for hunting (which I also don't understand but can almost accept).  I can even almost understand a pistol in your home if you feel that is needed to protect your family, I won't join you with this but I can almost get my head around it.  But assault riffles with bullets spewing out of them faster than the speed of sound do not have a place in our lives or in our country.  Sorry if you don't agree with me but that is the way I see it.  I wish we had a gun free society, one where only the police and armed forces were allowed to have them, just think how much safer we would all be and frankly how many lives would be saved.  As for Second Amendment rights, well those who wrote that had no idea that we would eventually have a world where high powered assault weapons could be purchased with little effort.  They did have to protect their property and families, we do not we have a police force to do that for us.

 I can't stop thinking about those poor lost lives, those beautiful, young and vibrant people who had so much to offer and so little time to do it.  Their time cut short by one man and his assault rifle.

Little Buddy has helped this week.  I look at him and try to lose myself in his Joy.  I fear for him a bit living in this world of ours.  My other boys are older, they can make decisions and think for themselves, but Little One is so pure and he will eventually be thrust out into a world where tragedies like this are happening more and more often, so much so they are losing their surprise factor.  What another shooting?  It is almost common place.   This will be his normal, how sad is that?

We went to the beach Thursday evening, and to the splash park yesterday.  We have been in the pool, read books, snuggled and laughed.   He even let a two year old little boy borrow his walker at the splash park so he could run around with it.  Little Buddy is different, will he be shot because he can't walk like everyone else, just like those who have been killed for believing something different religion-wise, because of the color of their skin or because of their sexual preference?  

I was out of sorts before this last week happened and I am even more so now.  Don't even get me started on one person running for our highest office and the hatred and horribly evil things that come out of his mouth.

My next post won't be political I promise, but to write about a beautiful flower, or my latest knitting project just seems to be so outside of my reality right now.

To those of you celebrating Father's Day today I wish you a lovely day.  This is the first without my Father, who taught me that all of us are equal, race, skin color and religion do not matter and should not divide us, that everyone should help those in need even if that puts you at odds with others, and that guns only have a place in hunting and should not be used anywhere else.  My Father was a hunter who as far as I know did not ever shoot a living thing. 

If I have lost some of you readers for my beliefs I wish you well.  I am who I am and that is just the way it is right now.  I wish you all a safe and peaceful week.
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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Zoo and Max, a little catch up...........

After a busy week Little Buddy and I ventured to the Zoo again yesterday.  We made it a good two and a half hours which is incredible in this heat and humidity.  He met a meerkat, and finally got up the nerve to ride on the ambulance ride, he was so excited but only did it once.  We watched it go round and round after that.  He talked about it the rest of the day so excited about riding it again next visit.  We  rode on the carousel but only on the bench, no animals allowed!  We saw elephants, giraffes and zebras, even a few babies.  The train wasn't running which was a huge disappointment, but the water park area was loads of fun.  I have to admit he was the only one running around with a walker and a few little toes were almost run over with his crazy driving, but all in all it was a good morning.  

Max is still with us and doing well considering his big scare.  He only needs help getting up on occasion.  Walking in the grass is still a challenge as it is uneven.  So far this past week we have not had to use the strap to help him up so he can bear weight on his hind legs.  He is not eating as much as he was before, we have to entice him with treats and such, but then he gets it all down eventually.  We are blessed with each and every moment we have him.

The last picture of Little Buddy is there just because it makes me laugh.  He is a shinning spot in my day.

I have been a little out of sorts this past week and so I am sorry for not posting.  No promises on the week ahead as my summer schedule starts this week and I am working a ton.

Hope you are all well.
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Sunday, June 5, 2016

My gorgeous boy has had quite a week.......

My week has been even crazier than usual.  My darling, beautiful Max has had quite a week.  He has been rapidly deteriorating the last few weeks until Monday evening when my husband and son had to take him to the emergency vet.  He was usable to stand on his hind legs at all.  She gave him a shot, changed his meds and they brought him home.  The next two days were horrible ending with Wednesday night when he had to be carried out to do his business.  He could not stand up at all and appeared to be in a lot of pain and was not eating.  We decided he should not have to live like this, Thursday morning reinforced this to us as he was suffering and couldn't move.  My husband called the vet while I was at work and we scheduled our appointment to let him go. Wouldn't you know that while we were waiting for my son to come down to go with us Max got up on his own, walked across the house, went out side and did hid business without any help and walked back into the house all by himself.  We were speechless!  We took him in anyway to see if the vet could help him and he walked into the office independently, she gave him a laser treatment and we brought him home again.  He is still unsteady but has been able to get up on his own all but one time when he required just a bit of help.  He is not eating much, but I can still get some food in him so I am not panicking yet.  I know it sounds like we were hurrying things, that was not the case, he was unable to move at all, panted all night and was in such distress.  I think we have had a miracle happen, even if it is only for a few days, weeks or months I am blessed by every extra minute I have with him.

On top of all this I had the mother of all headaches that really should have landed me in the ER, but one of us in the ER this week was enough.  

Little Buddy had his graduation for Pre-K, but it really wasn't legitimate as he is staying in that same classroom next year.  My babysitter had to go and see it as I was at orientation for UCF for Mr.19.  Apparently Little Buddy was messing with his tassel the whole time, she took a video of it which makes me laugh out loud.

A busy, busy, crazy, emotional and well crazy week.

Now for some time to rest before I hit the ground running tomorrow.

If you have a pet at home, give it an extra hug for me.

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

This weekend.......

This weekend there will be a lot more swimming, Little Buddy is making loads of progress in the pool.

This weekend there just might be some crocheting, knitting too of course!  I can't help myself I need to start this new sweater now.

This weekend there will be flowers to water and a garden to weed.

This weekend I am staying near and keeping a close eye on Max.  He has taken a drastic turn this past week and can barely move on his hind legs.  The vet has put him on steroids and pain pills, I am praying for a miracle but fear the worse is near.

This weekend I am taking it easy, I fear the medication I have been taking for my head has given me an ulcer.  I have a lot pain in my upper abdomen but no other signs of anything.   I read up on the side effects of the medication and ULCER was there in big capitols!  I am nursing myself and taking things to make it heal up, and of course stopping the medication.  Nothing they give me works to help my headaches, on one medication I was so spaced out I should not have been driving, my face has swelled on another, and now this.  I am waiting approval for shots, but I had to go through all of this before they could be approved.  So frustrating!

This weekend I plan on being with my furry boy and little boy, while my oldest is in Ohio and Mr. 19 does his own thing here at home.

I am working on Monday, a shortened day but a work day none the less.  Very involved babies can't take a day off, if I can work them in I try my hardest.

What are your plans for this weekend?

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