Friday, August 28, 2015

Thanks, new yarn and a special present from Carol.........

There is much to be thankful for in my life right now and just getting to the end of this week is one very big thing I am thankful for.  Starting off with Monday's Little Buddy scare, and then my sister leaving on Tuesday, plus a big whopping migraine on Wednesday, well let me just say that this week has been a tough one.  I'll tell you right now I am TIRED!  I am tired and oh so happy this week is over. I even had to work today to make up for two little ones I missed because of Little Buddy and my head.  I feel like I can finally breathe, I know you all know how that feels.

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts on my little boy.  We may never know what went on with him but you can be sure I will keep my eye on him.  He is back to school and having a great time.  Apparently his teacher thinks he is a bit of an instigator and that he is very smart.  I told her that he will keep her on her toes.  I think she is fascinated with how independent he is and how much he can do.  Everyday I have picked him up he is just coming from the playground, he is sweaty, covered with sand and mulch, and has a big smile on his face.  A perfect way to start the school year I would say.

Here he is on his first day of school, you can tell by this picture he is a bit of mischief maker.

Let me start the yarn confession right now.  I went 8 whole months without a yarn purchase.  8 Months!!!  I know that is like a lifetime in yarn years and I am so glad I made it that long.  But there is a new baby coming in our family in five short months, and I need to whip up a blanket because every new baby in the family gets one whether their parents want it or not.  I am not sure of the gender of this new little one so I decided a soft cream and gray would be perfect.  I am thinking a crochet ripple in large colored sections, what do you think?

 And this gorgeous yarn, oh my goodness it is so soft and beautiful I can hardly stand it.

I am planning on making this garter stitch sweater from the book, Essentially Feminine Knits by Lene Holme Samsoe.  You can find the link for this sweater on Ravelry here.  I made the Bella sweater from the same book several years ago, and I love it.  It was a hard sweater for me to master so I am hoping this one is a bit easier.  All the yarn above was purchased at Criativity in Largo Florida which just happens to be near one of my patients.

When I dragged Claudia to do a little yarn shopping this past Saturday we went to Raspberries, a small yarn store in the heart of old downtown Dunedin.  It has a lovely assortment of yarn  and I had two things in mind when I went to visit.  I wanted to make another Zick Zack Scarf/Shawl, actually one for myself this time.  This Cascade Yarn Tangier, is very soft and yummy.  I am very excited about this future project.

They also had this gorgeous yarn, actually I already have a skein of it that I bought last year while visiting my son in Ohio.  There just wasn't enough yardage to make something with it, so I decided to buy some more knowing the dye lots won't be the same but I don't think that will matter.  So that is it for the yarn shopping for me for a while.  I am still trying to shop from my stash first, and only buy yarn if I have a specific project in mind that I do not have the appropriate yarn for already.  I think those are good rules to stick to.  Of course if I ever get the chance to go on vacation, vacation yarn does not count against a purchase, it is a souvenir after all we all know that.

My lovely reader and blog friend Carol made this amazing blanket for Little Buddy.  Carol sent me a text asking me if I would be interested in a superhero blanket like the ones she had been making for her great-grandsons.  Are you kidding me of course I am interested!  This beauty arrived about a week later and it is fabulous.  It is a giant spiderweb in what my husband likes to refer to as Kansas Jayhawk colors, he is a Jayhawk after all.  It is the perfect size and Little Buddy just loves it.  Carol you are the best, just the best ever to think of  Little Buddy and send this to him.

Little Buddy is calling you all to say thanks for your positive thoughts and prayers.  Have a great weekend.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beach, Boys, Blog and Blessed

Can I just start by saying my sister Claudia left early this morning and I just want to cry.  Wah, wah, wah as I say to Little Buddy when I pretend to be a baby.  In reality I really do want to cry.  I. Miss. Her. So. Much. Already!!!!!  We had such a good time and it makes me realize just how much I wish she was near, I always wish she was near but you know what I mean.  She was a really big help with everything from my Dad to Little Buddy, more about that in a bit.

We made a quick trip to Honeymoon Island Sate Park in Dunedin, FL on Sunday.  Oh it has been so, so long since I smelled the sea air and planted my feet in the warm salty water.  Little Buddy has been here for a year and a half which means my visits to the beach have been drastically cut.  He is not ready for the beach yet but he will be soon.  We walked around looking for shells and breathing the salty air.  We could not stay long as it was really hot out, and the sun was very intense, but the hour we were there was well worth it.

 We made a trip to Rainbows End Quilt Shoppe also in Dunedin, FL.  Oh my goodness all you quilters out there you have to visit this shop, it is amazing.  I have been there several times before, the fabrics are so beautiful, one even better than the next.  Everywhere we turned we we saying, look at this, oh my look at this!  I could have spent hundreds of dollars here and I don't even quilt.  It was a very fun adventure for us.

We also made a quick trip to the pier so we could see the water and smell the air.  It was lovely.  I made Claudia return to Dunedin on Saturday to visit a small yarn shop called Raspberries, I needed a yarn fix after a long visit with my Dad.  He is doing well but is a character even on a good day.  Yes I am officially off my yarn diet, but only for a short time.  I will do a yarn post soon.

There were snuggles with Little Boys, this little one made his Aunt laugh and laugh.

There were snuggles with big boys as well.  Mr. 18 got his fair share of hugs from his aunt and his Mother!  Well he always gets them from me whether he wants them or not. He is a sweet soul my boy.  And as you can tell he is a good sport getting his picture taken while his Aunt steals a smooch.

This little one gave us quite a scare yesterday.  On what was supposed to be his first day of school he ended up getting very ill, even warranting a big trip to All Children's Hospital emergency room near us for most of the day.  He scared me to death.  He was vomiting in the morning and became progressively worse.  The vomiting in itself was not much, but his listless and lethargic body was a huge concern, especially because he had no fever.  I went directly from his Doctor's office to the emergency room of the hospital, with his Aunt Claudia in hot pursuit.  He had a few tests and all is fine.  He perked up when we got there and actually had a grand time in his room riding on the bed and calling it the, "black train".  He rode on the, "black wheelchair train" to get an MRI and X-rays.  He had fun, his Aunt and Mother not so much!  Even his Medical Foster Mother Jeannette came to visit him, she was just as concerned as we were.  When she walked in the room he asked her what color her van was, I knew he was feeling better when I heard that!  We are so blessed this special boy of ours is doing better, and today he is back to his bossy self instructing the whole household in what they should be doing.

Did you notice the new look here at Mereknits?  Thanks to my very blog savvy sister, Mereknits is now looking more updated.  I was wanting a bit of a change and gray seemed the perfect theme for me.  It is my favorite color and seems to work perfectly here on this little blog of mine.  Thank you a million times Claudia for taking your entire Friday afternoon to work on this blog, you are so good at it and make me a bit jealous of your computer/blog knowledge.  And thank you Claudia for visiting us and helping so much when Little Buddy was ill, you saved my sanity as I was about ready to freak out in a big way while trying to get him to the hospital.  We love you, we love Uncle Don and Scout, and we want you to live right next door to us!  Want to move to sunny, hot and humid Florida?

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Sisters, Aunts, Brothers and Thanks...............

I have a big surprise.  Guess who came to visit?  My sister Claudia is here in hot and humid Florida to meet Little Buddy, well also to see all of us to of course.  There is nothing quite as wonderful as hugging your loving sister.  The sibling that fits perfectly into your embrace and hugs you even harder back.  As you know I have one missing sister who chooses not to be a part of the family, so that makes my dear Claudia even more special.  

 Even though Little Buddy did not feel well yesterday, and did not show us his best side, he met his Aunt Claudie and they are now pretty inseparable.   He adores her, and well we know the feeling is definitely mutual.

Not to be outdone, Max reminded Aunt Claudie that she was his Aunt first.  He LOVES her and always has.  He cried and cried when she came down the stairs yesterday morning.  Claudia arrived late on Wednesday and Max was already asleep.  She has two boys vying for her attention.

We will have more photos later, but these were pretty good considering Little Buddy felt awful yesterday and just could not tell us what was wrong.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and concern about Mr. 21.  He healed up beautifully physically and by the time he returned to Ohio it just looked like he had not slept well in a few days, sort of like he had dark circles under his eyes but they were really bruises that were still trying to disappear.  The swelling went down quickly and frankly I think he enjoyed telling the story to all of his buddies, boys are strange that way.  He seems okay mentally and emotionally about the situation so I am keeping my fingers crossed he stays that way.  Funny how many people he has heard about that the same thing has happened to them.  It is a crazy world out there.

Claudia and I are off for an adventure, see you soon.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Falling behind, a very scary story, and much to be thankful for................................

Once again I find myself behind in the world of blogging and life in general.  Lots of things taking up the space in my brain, and the time in my day.  I am not even done with my work week like I usually am, having to work tomorrow to make up for an unexpected day off on Monday isn't helping.

My boys are all home at the same time.  Mr.21 arrived for a week on Tuesday afternoon after a day delay due to poor weather in Ohio.  I was so, so glad to see him, especially after I found out what happened to him in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  He had been to a wedding with his girlfriend and her family and they all went out to celebrate at a bar very close to their hotel in Columbus, Ohio after all the wedding festivities.  My son was walking to the hotel alone from the bar and got, "Jumped" by three men who beat up his face, kicked him in the ribs and hit him several more times in the face before leaving.  His girlfriends sister, who was also walking home, found him half sitting up on the side of the street and brought him the remaining 100 yards back to the hotel.  He is fine, he was very shaken up, but he is fine.  His beautiful face is bruised, especially around his eyes, his ribs are too, but he is up, walking, breathing and alive, and now he is home where I can fuss over him a bit.  In true Mom style I got mad at him Sunday after he told me what happened, he was walking home alone and I thought he knew better, but I hear the hotel was very close to where they all were as a group.  I was so scared when he told me my reaction was not the best, and it wasn't a whole lot better later in the day when I talked to him again all I could do was cry, my baby had been treated so badly for no reason at all.  Nothing happens good to a person walking alone a night.  This is his town, where he goes to school and has been living for the past three years, so I think he felt very safe.  And I guess this is a type of sport for some deranged people, they gang up on someone, beat them up for fun and leave them there, taking nothing, not a wallet or even a phone.  I think the world we live in is pretty sick, but there are also bright spots, and I have to remember that.  I also have to remember he is fine and will recover very nicely, he looks better already, and I am so, so, so thankful he wasn't hurt worse.  He isn't dead, in a coma, or now a quadriplegic, he has his memory, he did not have a bad concussion, although I bet he had a mild one.  He didn't break his ribs or puncture a lung, he can eat, talk, and walk.  I am thankful that it wasn't much, much worse.  I am thankful he is here.

I have been worried, I have been very busy with work and I have been fussing over him a bit since he has been home.  I have had a bad headache for days, I am sure it has to do with what happened, even though I was not there, the stress of him being hurt and not being able to see him right away took a bit of a toll on me.

Thank you so much for all of your comments recently.  I am so far behind in replying, I am usually much, much better at it than I have been the past two weeks.  I have decided I am wiping my email clean and I am going to start from fresh, I hope you don't mind.  Thank you for all your kind comments about Little Buddy and of course my birthday boy Max, you are all so special to me.

Have a good weekend and hug your people, things can happen so fast to change your world.  And things can also happen to remind you to be grateful and thankful, and I am.
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Sunday, August 9, 2015

A birthday boy and a present, but not for the same person.....................

This gorgeous boy of mine had a birthday yesterday.  My beautiful Max is now 11, he spent much of the day on pain medication due to his bad hip, but still managed lots of smiles when I sang Happy Birthday to him.  He loves to be sung to.  Happy Birthday my sweet boy.

Little Buddy got a very special surprise treat in the mail from the amazing Kathy B.  She made these wonderful finger puppets for Little Buddy.  A monster, a princess and a bunny, check out her post for July 29 and you will see them on her blog.  Kathy B and Little Buddy have a bit of a love affair going on between the two of them.  She made him a beautiful knitted vest just after he arrived.  She sends him photos of trains, squirrels and a swimming cat, that we have to look at several times a day.  He calls the train the, "elevator train" and we have to pretend we are sitting on it all the time.  And now she has sent him these fabulous puppets.  As you can see he is having a grand time with them.

Thank you Kathy B you made Little Buddy's day!  You are so generous and thoughtful and I think Little Buddy has a bit of a crush on you!  By the way my little guy has grown a whole inch since April!  Woo Hoo we are getting there!

Have a great day.
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Friday, August 7, 2015

This week...............

This week has gone by so fast, yet so slow at the same time.  Do you have weeks like that where time seems to speed up and then slow down to a snails pace?

There has been flooding from all the rain.................

These photos are of my backyard where the swamp waters were at an almost all time high.  I hear our area was all over the national news this past week.  I almost flooded my car twice on Monday going through large puddles of water.  A few guys were paddling kayaks down the streets near me.  Why they would think that was fun to do in water moccasin/alligator/and who knows what else infested waters is beyond me.

We got 15 inches of rain in 10 days, and we are now 18 inches over normal for this time of year, the ground is saturated.  The water has now receded back a few feet and we were lucky that it was not close to our home.  People in surrounding areas had to be evacuated, and their homes were flooded.  In Florida the mold and mildew will take over those homes in a minute and they will lose everything.  Mother Nature always has the last say doesn't she?

There has been work, paperwork for work, and frustrations from work.  Not fun when Medicaid drops children for no reason and there is a fight to get their needs met.  The Medical Foster Parents I have are amazing, they fight so hard to make sure those special children of theirs get the therapy they need, but it is so frustrating when things happen to prevent that. 

There has been a tiny bit of weaving on my smaller loom.  I am trying woven dishcloths out of the Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn I already had.  We will see if it works as well as knit or crochet dishcloths.

There has been playing with Little Buddy.  He is just so much fun.  He absolutely does not want these letters in these word puzzles.  I put them in and he takes them out, over and over again.

He is in love with babies right now.  He loves to see real babies and actually got to hold two babies I work with this past week when his Medical Foster Parents came for a visit with the two little ones now staying with them.  He did a great job holding them with a little help from Mom.  I found this old baby doll that was my oldest son's when he was a little one.  We have been feeding it, burping it and rocking it to sleep, well also just throwing it on the floor, he is not ready to babysit yet that is for sure.  Do you remember the disappearing liquid baby bottles?  Those bottles were fascinating when I was little and they still are, Little Buddy loves them.  

There have been sunny skies with high heat and humidity, but also more rain.  You know I don't mind the rain, I actually love it, I just don't like the sun to come out right after a rain shower so the whole world feels steamy.

There have been a few surprises in my over wet garden.  Some gardenia's are blooming at the hottest time of the year due to all the rain and cloudy days we have had.

My roses are thrilled with all the moisture.  My pool screens, driveway and pavers are not.  I feel like I will be pressure washing all that mold and mildew away very soon.

There has been great babysitting by my Mr.18 this week.  My regular babysitter had to have her kidney out this past Monday due to stage 0 cancer.  I did not even know there was a stage 0.  She actually had to walk through a mile of flood waters up to her knees to get to the main road, so a friend could pick her up to take her to the hospital for her surgery.  Now that is some story!  She is fine and at home recuperating now.  Mr.18 has taken over all the babysitting while I am at work and has done a great job.  When I came home from work there were toys EVERYWHERE!  I'd say that was a good indication that Little Buddy was busy.  Mr. 18 had a bit of a problem with the poopy diaper situation, but he managed.

There was a haircut for me, it was spontaneous and I just had to have three inches taken off NOW!!!!!  Do you ever feel that way?

There has been some success on the potty for Little Buddy.  And I feel there has been great success just making it to the weekend.

How was your week?

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Sunday, August 2, 2015


It has been raining everyday for 26 days in a row.  And I mean raining with big storms, crashes of thunder, and big bolts of lightening.  

These photos are from a week ago on a Saturday morning at 9 AM.  That is right, 9 in the morning, but it looks like it is well into nighttime.  These could have been taken yesterday or even this morning, the weather has been like this for days and days.

Everyone is sick of the weather but me, I absolutely love it.  Now I am not thrilled about when I am popping in and out of houses where I work with bags full of toys, but when I can stay home and hangout with the thunder booming, and the rain falling, I am so happy.  I get so much more accomplished around the house, and I seem so less stressed.  I get more time to do things I like because I feel like I can't venture out in the rain with Little Buddy where we will both get completely soaked getting in and out of his car seat.  I live in the wrong area, I should live in the Pacific Northwest where it is rainy so much of the year.  I would be in Heaven.  

So sorry for all of you vacationing in Florida right now, you are not getting the best weather to see the beach or to go to theme parks.  Hang in there, this can't last forever, and remember your raincoats.

 I wanted to show you Little Buddy sitting in a treasure of mine.  This chair was in my Grandmother's farmhouse when she was growing up.  It was in my shared bedroom when I was little, with my Mother's old Shirley Temple doll sitting in it.  I  kept it safe when my older two were little, they were a little more destructive than this little one of mine, so I only let them sit in it with direct supervision, Little Buddy is a bit easier on things.

It is finally the perfect height for this sweet one.  He loves to sit in it and rock, "all by myself."  I have no idea how old this chair is, but it warms my heart to see this precious boy of mine sitting in this family heirloom.  He is a special part of my family, and now has a history with this chair, too.

A special thanks to Kathy B for sending Little Buddy some very fun photos this week.  He loved seeing all of them and thinks you are the best!  So do I!!!!

We have had two successes on the potty the last two evenings, keep your fingers crossed we are moving in the right direction.  He is very slow in the potty department, but we will get there.

Have a great week and enjoy your weather!
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