Monday, September 1, 2014

A Great Weekend

We returned last night from our whirlwind trip to Minnesota for my husband's nephew's wedding.  Ah young love, isn't it so special?

The gorgeous couple, dancing their first dance as husband and wife.  They are gorgeous inside and out.  We adore them both so much.  I promised myself I would not cry, but when the groom saw his wife to be he wiped a few tears from his eyes, boy that got us all started.

  The morning after the big event the lovely couple made themselves available at the hotel to talk to everyone before they left.  They are rock, solid young people.....oh I could cry just looking at them.   They spent a lot of time with Little Buddy, and that just warms my heart.

Little Buddy had the time of his life.  At the hotel they had automatic doors!!!!!  Oh my goodness he walked through these doors and back again about 50,000 times on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning before our flight back home.  He was in HEAVEN!!!!!!  Who needs an amusement park when you have automatic doors?  I hope you can see this video as it is the first one I have ever loaded on my blog.  Shot with my phone, actually all these pictures were.

He went swimming in the hotel pool with his Aunt Barb on Saturday morning.  We tried to tire him out so he would get a good nap in before the wedding.

He walked in and out of those doors  a hundred times with his Aunt Deanna, they had a great time together.

At the wedding he walked all over the beautiful golf club where the service and reception were held.  When I asked him what he liked to do at the wedding he replied, " a walk a walker outside on the grass." And he did that a lot.  But I actually think the best was dancing, this boy loves music.  He dances in the car in his car seat and he can really move those arms while I hold him on my hip.  His face started to crumble after each song was over.  Finally later into the evening we had a slow song or two, he held on tight, put his head on my shoulder and almost fell asleep.  Then he reached for his Dad and stayed there until we left.  He was the life of the party.  I had better watch out when he is ready to go to college...........

Our flight was long, and delayed for quite a while at the airport, but he did manage 45 minutes of napping on my lap, isn't that the cutest picture ever?

Thank you Minneapolis for beautiful weather, cooler temps, gorgeous flowers, and fun with family.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Sorry that video isn't going to work, but you can get an idea of Little Buddy walking through those doors just from the bit it shows.
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random thoughts on a Thursday

Another busy week has almost sucked me under.  I am feeling a bit disorganized, a bit disheveled and disoriented.  Are you sick of me being like this lately?  It might help if I can get a bit of this randomness off my mind.  Do you mind if I do?

I walked around outside for a bit today, searching for a flower to take a picture of.   My garden is tired, tired of the heat, tired of the humidity and tired of the lack of rain.  It is green, or just plain dead, so no pictures of my garden today.  I am frankly also tired of the heat and humidity, but we are weeks away from a change in the weather here.  Lucky for me we are off for a quick 48 hour trip to Minnesota tomorrow, for a nephews wedding.  Please let it be cooler there than it is here!

This boy is going to be very upset when he sees those suitcases come out.  He is staying home with my Teenager, the two of them will  keep each other company.  My Teenager is thrilled to have about 48 hours at home all by himself.  I would be, too!

Busy weeks lead to very little knitting time.  Three of these fun dishcloths have been finished with about a thousand more to go.  They are easy, peasy.  You can find the pattern for it here.

As I knit these up I wonder what would happen if you just kept knitting, and knitting, and knitting.  I bet you would have a beautiful, ruffled scarf in the end.  You could make it a bit narrower so it would not be so wide.  Maybe I will try it after I finish all the cloths I need for presents.

A pretty basket full of yarn, what could be nicer?

I have been thinking for sometime that I need to fix my blog list on the left side of my blog.  Seems to me many blogs I love to read are not on it.  I forget what is on it and what isn't.  I have occasionally put blogs on the list and the just seem to disappear. If you would like to be featured on my blog list and you are not already, please let me know with a comment.  I will pop you on as soon as I can.  I know lots of blogs are streamlined now, less clutter and all of that.  Many of them have dropped their blog list and I just think that is a shame.  I am honored when I am reading a blog and see my little ole blog listed on their reading list.  I hope you will be honored to be on mine, too.  Blog lists are also a great way to find new blogs that might be of interest. 

I talked to Mr 20 today as he walked home from class and I was in the grocery store.  Gosh I miss that boy.  I love to hear his voice even if he is telling me he lost his credit card........

I am off to public preschool, open house tonight for Little Buddy.  What are your bets I am the oldest Mom there?  Last week while dropping him off I ran into a young man dropping off his son, he had tattoos all over his arms, spreaders in his earlobes, pants hanging off his behind and a hat on all crooked.  I am not judging him at all, I just feel we might be of significantly different generations, don't you?  I had to have a chuckle about it all.  I believe many people might just think we are Little Buddies grandparents.  Oh well he does not seem to notice we are older..........yet.

Remember to check out Vicki's post about her charitable program in Africa.

My Max deserves one last look don't you think?  He doesn't know his parent are older either!

Have a great weekend.
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

A great cause and some attention problems with yarn

You all know the wonderful Vicki from 2 Bags Full, she is the kind and generous blogger of Grow Your Blog fame.  Vicki is always giving of herself and her creativity to wonderful causes and now she has found another one.  Please pay her a visit, but be prepared to have a tissue ready to dab your eyes.  I know I needed one.  I stopped reading this post and got busy right away gathering a few things together I already had to send.  I will be visiting Walmart on Tuesday to get a gift card then will be shipping this off.  I love a good cause that I can help with.  I hope you might feel inclined to help, too.

I had busy plans for my yarn life in the next few weeks.  Plans to make Berroco Nijo after my first attempt had to be frogged.  I had every intention of making another Olive Twist Shawl, well actually about ten more of them but I got sidetracked.  You see I have complex attention problems when it comes to playing with yarn.  Sometimes I can pull myself together and stay on task, but lately that is not the case.  I think as my life has been a bit crazier than usual lately, my desire to start brand new projects is at an all time high.

My lovely friend Tanna recently made some wonderful crochet baskets with a pattern from Liz of Crochet in Color.  I made a few of these a year or so ago, let me just say my joins every round were quite hideous.  I had to cover the seam with a flower or two.  Suddenly after seeing Tanna's I had to make another one.  I had the yarn already so gave it a go.  Just as I started this new basket Tammy of T's Daily Treasures made a few baskets, too.  The basket craze is now in full swing again.

If you have wrist issues I suggest you pass this pattern right on by, but if you give your wrists a bit of rest and a stretch, then you might just be fine.  Three sugar and cream yarns held together and there you have it.  I should have used the suggested size L hook, but of course went up a hook size so my basket is a bit wobbly.  A great way to use 360 yards of cotton I would say.  I made mine extra large so it can hold a lot!

Then the lovely Rose of Sand In My Yarn posted a photo of the beautiful dishcloths she has been making this summer.  My head started spinning, you see these might make great teacher/therapist gifts for Little Buddy's people for Christmas.  The pattern is called The Almost Lost Washcloth and boy is it fun to make.  Of course I had already bought some yarn to make scarves for these hard working people, but that would be 8 scarves for just the people at school.  How about two or three of these with a very fun bar of soap?  It sounds more reasonable to me time-wise.  I can keep that scarf yarn for other projects and other people.

I did have to go to Joann's for a few skeins of Sugar n' Cream yarn.  I may have a huge yarn stash but this type of cotton yarn is not in it.  It was on sale so I purchased quite a few.  These might make nice little friendship gifts. too.  I do like to make a little something for my friends at Christmas.  Do you remember the 21 cups and cup cozies I made last year?  This pattern is very easy, not much thought involved at all, which fits perfectly into my life right now.

Drat if the lovely and talented Kristen from Cozy Things didn't just finish this beautiful sweater called Lady Kina.  I have had this one in my Ravelry library for sometime now but after seeing Kristen's I thought it might be the perfect sweater to make right now.  I had a look around my stash and found the perfect yarn, Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo.  I made a little project basket and have it sitting in my family room enticing me to get started.  This sweater looks fairly simple and straight forward, something I need right now as I said before.

This Olive Twist Shawl in a gorgeous Merlot sock yarn has been put aside for a few days.  

And this table runner for my SIL has not left my craft room in a few weeks.  I will also get back to this soon.

Right now I am thinking projects that are easier and simple, not too much thought, which means attempt number two on this Berroco sweater has been frogged, everything put away for another day.

Are you needing simple in your life right now or is it just me?
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Where has the week gone?

I'll tell you what, my head is spinning trying to get our new schedule underway.  Little Buddy needs to be dropped off at school by 8:40, but the car line is so atrocious that you have to leave just after 8 to drive what should only take 10 minutes.  It is ghastly, and believe me Mother's and Father's are not the politest people when it comes to dropping off their children.  I still am working on the perfect time to leave, do I leave really early and sit and wait, do I leave later and get stuck?  I think next week I will try both and see what is less stressful.  He gets picked up everyday at 12:30 for the therapies he has in the afternoon.  That trip is a breeze as I am the only Mom picking up at that time.  The first day I picked him up he cried bloody murder when he saw me.  Day two he was ill so did not attend school.  By the second day we only had a 50% attendance rate!  Day three, again big tears and crying when he saw me.  So we had a chat.  To add to our rules about school, no bumping children or the teacher with the walker, no leaving the classroom without the teacher, and now no crying when Mom picks you up from school.  Yesterday and today he deserves a star, no crying at all.  I am glad he loves school so much that he does not want to leave, but I hate for him to carry on like his life at home is so horrible to return to.  

I am working Monday and Wednesday afternoons and evenings, and Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  A new schedule for me.  Organizing that, school for both my boys living at home, and extra appointments for both of them has left me feeling like I am going a bit crazy.

The good news is my Teenager got and excellent report from his ENT.  His throat is healing up beautifully and all that stuff I still see in there is normal.  He had to have a schedule change at school, which took multiple emails and phone calls from me, but it all got sorted out and now he is happy, well as happy as he can be going back to school.  Mr. 20 returned to Ohio.  I promised myself I would not cry at the airport, but I just cannot help myself.  He has been gone two years and I still cry when he leaves.  I secretly think he likes it because it makes him feel loved.  I really miss him, but I am happy he is on his own journey.  Now if he will just behave.

And Little Buddy got his brand new braces.  He loves them!!!  These braces are a whole other level for him.  They have a hinge for his ankle so now he can bend his foot forward while taking a step but cannot extend it.  Of course Little Buddy mastered them in no time at all.   And of course brand new braces means brand new shoes.  Throw that into an already busy week and we have yet another thing we have had to attend to.  I was so lucky to find some shoes that fit him, not an easy task when it comes to fitting shoes over braces.  I have had to special order them in the past.  Here they are.  

His favorite are these red Mickey Mouse Crocs, he adores them and cries when I take them off. 

He has to have wide shoes that lace up for his external rotation straps, these white ones were found at the discount shoe store at the mall.  And they fit! While at the Crocs store I found the Mickey Mouse Crocs and these boat shoes, they fit, too!  Since it was buy one, get one 50% off, I had to get them.  We are now all set in the shoe department and I am thrilled because these three together were less then the special order ones I had to buy previously.

It is also time for new PJ's.  Little Buddy is growing and I am thrilled.  He is now rounding out at size 3 Toddler for PJ's and is almost in that size for shirts.  Now don't ask me about shorts, those little legs and waist of his are still teeny tiny.

I think he likes his new PJ's don't you?

On the docket for this weekend, rest, paperwork and hopefully some time with yarn.  I have been all over the place with that, too.  Seems my life is a bit too chaotic right now, it shows in my knitting, my weaving and my crochet.  Or maybe I should say my lack of knitting, weaving and crochet.
What are your plans for the weekend?
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Preschool and biggest brother

This post is all about Little Buddy.  Today he started our public school preschool.  We went to meet the teacher day last Friday and he had so much fun, he was running into the classroom furniture and all the parents and their kids with his walker.  He was so excited and the classroom space is a bit tight, he had difficulty navigating in that space with all the extra people there.  I feel Little Buddy and I might have a detention in our future.  He sort of doesn't mean to run over peoples toes, they just get in his way.  So all weekend long we talked about being nice with our walker, no hurting other children or the teacher, and absolutely no going out of the room unless a teacher is with you.  Lots of rules to remember when you are three. We are fortunate to be in a school system that makes sure kids with special needs get a good head start.  He will get school related therapies while there, and  time with kids his own age.  There are 12 kids in the classroom, a teacher and two assistants.  Six of the kids have some sort of special needs, six do not.  Little Buddy is the only one needing a walker, so at least there will not be two walkers crashing into each other.

Drop off was a breeze, Little Buddy did not even blink when I left him.  In fact he cried big, fat tears when I picked him up right after lunch.  He can stay until 2:30 when the school day is over, but  he has so many therapies that have to be fit in so he will get picked up early every day.  I think 8:30 to 12:30 is enough don't you?

Once he gets used to the schedule he will be fine.  We got home today and he had speech therapy and is now resting after his busy day.  He is going to LOVE preschool.

Mr 20, the biggest brother, leaves tomorrow to return to Ohio.  I can not tell you who is going to be sadder Little Buddy or me.   We have loved having him here for three whole weeks, the longest he has been home since he left two years ago.  He is ready to go and get busy with his life, but we will miss him desperately. Biggest Brother takes you swimming and helps you walk the wall with your hands.

He throws you up in the air so you can squeal at the top of your lungs , and then does it again and again when you say, "more!"

He takes you for rides on the alligator across the pool.

And makes the alligator go round, and round, and round.

He pretends you are a pillow and takes a nap on you.

He also gives great hugs.

He loves to play and makes a big deal of this little boy while he is here.  The love is mutual I'd say.

I don't want you to think I am neglecting my Teenager.  He was able to start school today, right on time.  He is still in a tiny bit of pain, we see the ENT tomorrow and I think there just might be a antibiotic in this ones future.  He loves Little Buddy too, he is just very, very quiet and very shy.  Mr. 20 is a wild ride at the amusement park, the Teenager is slow and steady.  They both have their own unique relationship with this little three year old, isn't he a lucky little one.
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

I am so predictable.....

I know you are all not surprised to see that I made another Olive Twist Shawl, if nothing else I am very predictable.  And as you can imagine I am dreaming of making another one already, but before I find more yarn and a hook lets look at this one.

Made from Noro Shirakaba, silk, cotton and wool yarn with a size J hook.  Let me just say that while I have a love/hate relationship with Noro, this yarn just might win me over.  I am in LOVE with this yarn and now could kick myself for not buying more when the yarn store was going out of business.  I love it so much I almost feel like unraveling this whole shawl just to use this yarn again.  

I made this shawl big, I mean big for me.  This is no scarf this is a SHAWL!  Part of the reason I made it big is because I had enough yarn, and I did not want to waste any leaving a skein all on its own.  But the other reason was that in my sleep deprived, nursing state, I kept looking at the yarn band thinking each skein was 125 yards.  Well no, if I had put my reading glasses on I would have seen it was 125 meters.  I should know better, because that is a big difference in yardage, but it all ended up just fine.  Better too much yarn than not enough or so they say.  

I am dreaming of making another one because once you get the pattern down it is a very easy two row repeat.  I can always use easy.  Shall I do purple, or maybe dark gray?  A sock weight yarn or something thicker? Hmmm..... it is so fun to plan.

On other news, my Teenager is up and about now, eating soft foods, going to the movies and having fun the last four days of his summer vacation.  He lost a total of 9 pounds during his recovery, that is a lot in one week.  Thank goodness that is all behind us.

I want to leave you with a picture of Little Buddy and his Medical Foster Parents Jeannette and Todd.  They came for a nice long visit today and Little Buddy was thrilled.  He loved seeing them and playing with them, and got a bit upset when they were leaving.  He wanted to go along, why not, they were his parent for two wonderful years.  But as they were leaving he waved good-bye, blew kisses and settled right back into his life here with us.  It is so important to me that they are a big part of his life.  That they see him when they need to and rejoice as he reaches new milestones.  Jeannette and Todd gave him the very best start possible.  They are dear friends, and frankly are probably so sick of me as I am at their house about 6 hours a week, every week for years!  Here they are, doesn't this just make you smile?  Can you see all the love shared between them?  I can.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday Chatter

I am a bit random today so please excuse my ramblings.  Did you see the super moon these past few days?  Sorry if I am posting pictures if everyone has done so already, I have not been visiting blogs due to work so I have no idea what has been posted. 

 The evening of the full moon it was quite hazy here but I did get a good shot or two.

I am fascinated by the moon and I always have been.  I find such beauty in it, whatever stage it is in.  Yesterday morning as I drove to work in the early hours before the sun was up, I saw the moon breaking through the clouds, it was so gorgeous.  As I was driving there are no pictures of it for you to see but believe me it was amazing.
This morning I slept til 7, a luxury I will not have next week when school starts for my boys.  When I took Max out this is what I saw, a gorgeous almost full moon peeking at me.  The photo above is untouched, but with a little contrast and cropping you get the photo below.

Can you see the woman's profile on the moon?  I see her best in the morning, in the evening she is upside down.  The dark area is her hair, it looks like it is tucked behind her ear and trailing over her shoulder.  There is just a hint of where her jaw and chin might be.  I think you can imagine her a bit better in the untouched photo above.

We had a visitor this weekend and Max was none to pleased.  Yes Mr. Wrigley Field came to stay for a few days.  You have all met him before and I have to say that while I love the little dog cuddles, Mr Wrigley was not all that well behaved, doing his business in my house to mark his displeasure that his family left him.  And yipping at everything, apparently he feels Max does not guard the house well enough.

Max was having nothing to do with the visitor.  This is what he did all weekend, just walk away from me as if it was my fault we were doing our neighbor's a favor.  Well it was my fault but I was just trying to be nice.  This coming after the dreaded children staying in our home and a very ill brother that Max had to visit often, but could not quite figure out why he was in my room for so long.  All this is so confusing to Max, I mean how much can this poor boy take?

And to make matters even worse Max had a birthday on Friday and it almost went unnoticed.  I was very overwhelmed and sleep deprived by my nursing duties.  Even though Max was sang to repeatedly, given blueberries on his food, given extra belly rubs and a walk where he could sniff as long as he wanted, it was not enough.  He wanted a big party for turning ten and having to put up with a new little brother running into him with his walker, a big brother that is often gone for long periods of time, and recently children staying in his home.  Max was not even allowed to bark at the pool for a few days for fear he would wake up his recovering brother. So sorry Max, we will have a big party for you next year when you turn 11.

Here is a hint of something I just finished.  Can you guess what it is?

My Teenager continues to recover.  It took him almost an hour and a half to eat a soft piece of buttered bread and two over easy eggs on Sunday.  Yesterday it was a bit more painful as the scabs are starting to come off, I know more info than you really need at this point.  Today we are weaning down the medication even more and he has been ordered to take a short walk, school starts in less than a week, I have to get him ready.  I am not ready, but I am determined he will be.

Have a great day.
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