Wednesday, July 18, 2018

North Carolina we miss you........


We are back from North Carolina a day early but home safely.  Hope you did not mind the photo overload my friends.  I can get a bit camera happy when it comes to Little Buddy and our adventures.  

We had such a fun time.  There was a wonderful street fair on Saturday with firetrucks and face painting.  There was also a very quick visit to Silver Threads & Golden Needles yarn shop, but only for a quick purchase. 

Little Buddy made cupcakes and frosted them with Vanilla frosting.  Vanilla is his favorite flavor.  We had a visit to the park and breakfast with a friend.  Little Buddy was not that thrilled with whipped cream on his pancakes.  

My dear friend Lynda spoiled us.  Her next door neighbor on one side has a Harley Davidson motorcycle and brought it over so Little Buddy could see it up close.  It had to be turned off, my little one does not like loud sounds.  And her other neighbor is a sheriff!  He brought over his patrol car for Little Buddy to explore.  Sheriff Bryant got a real kick out of seeing Little Buddy in the back seat with bars on the windows. 

We came home a day early because by yesterday Little One had had two tantrums with lots of crying and snotting by 8:00 AM, and he had only been up a half hour.  I decided right then to pack up and head home.  He was very quiet on the way home, even fell asleep for an hour.  Now that we are home he is still sensitive and not eating a whole lot.  I'll keep my eye on him to make sure he does not have to see the doctor.  Overall he was an excellent traveler which makes it easy to head back up to NC again.

It was a wonderful trip and I already miss the beautiful mountains and just sitting with my dear friend and chatting.  Now it is back to reality, those relaxing days go by in a flash don't they?  Today is all about laundry and getting my house organized again before I head back to work tomorrow.  The biggest boys tried to keep it all in check but you know how it is, there is so much you do that they have no idea needs to get done.  

How have all of you been?  Any news?

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Lady sheep and a some travel plans........

Meet the Ladies.  They were a birthday gift from my dear friend Lynda.  Yes, last week I had a birthday, although I have to say I worked all day and barely noticed it was my birthday at all.  The big 54!  I am not one to think getting a year older is a big deal.  After a cancer scare at the age of 35 I'll take every year I can get.  I'll take my wrinkles and grey hair, too!  But to be honest I'd like to give my expanding waist and butt away.

Back to the sheep, aren't they adorable?  I am in love with them.  They look so busy and fashionable, maybe runway model sheep.  They will be put somewhere very safe as two of my other felted sheep are now in the waste bin because of two furry boys I know.  Really nothing is safe in my house at all anymore.  

If you just have to have these lovely ladies here is the link, you can find them at Signals catalog, and they still have them in stock!

This guy and I are planning a road trip next week.  As you know I am a bit of a workaholic.  I take my job seriously and because of Little Buddy appointments, children being in the hospital, having appointments or being ill, I often have a shortened work week.  So I really try to work when I can.  As I was looking at my schedule for July I realized 7 of my kids were going to be gone at the same time.  That is 14 out of my regular 32 treatments a week missing.  I looked it all over and called my friend Lynda (yes the giver of sheep above) in North Carolina and asked if she was free.  As the answer was yes, Little Buddy and I are planning our first road trip.  It should take about 11 hours by car to get there, very doable for both of us I hope.  We are leaving at the end of the week and will be gone 5-6 days depending on how things go.  I'll be working the last two days of the week because I want to see the kids that are here at least once, see workaholic above.  

In preparation for the trip I got new tires on my car, and an oil change.  I have been packing some food items, books and new cars for Little B to play with on the drive.  I've been making lists of items to take and trying to get ready as much as I can.  This knitting is on the list to take.  I really need to get going on this sweater but to be honest this year has been about my busiest year ever with work.  It seems by the time I get home, spend a little time with my seven year old, get him to bed and get a shower, well I am ready for bed myself.  I'm not sure a whole lot of yardage will be used this year out of my stash, but that's okay there will be time to knit sometime in my future when I retire, although that is a long way away.

I am already upset about leaving these two.  I swear I just adore them so much, but not enough to take them along at this stage of their very busy puppy lives.  That would be insane.

Hank is so adorable but very camera shy.  He is so beautiful but I can never seem to get a good picture of him.  His eyes are a beautiful hazel, his nose a milk chocolate brown.  He loves to look right at you unless you have a phone or camera in front of you, then he always looks away.  He is weighing in at 45 pounds now, with lots of growth left.  He is a big baby and sits on my lap every night for a snuggle and belly rub.  He thinks my oldest son is a big puppy and he gently nibbles his ears if he is sitting on the sofa.

Bear is always right next to me.  He waits at the gate we have installed to keep them out of much of the house, until I return.  He is always next to me on the sofa, or near me in my office.  He stares deep into my eyes and I wonder what he is thinking, good thoughts I hope.  His eyes are the deepest brown and his nose black as the night.  He only weighs 35 pounds but is as fast as lightning.  He can jump onto the back of the sofa from the floor and poor Hank can't keep up with him when running outside, he has to take a short cut to catch this fast boy.  Bear loves Hank and can't stand to be apart from him even for a second.  He cries and cries if Hank goes outside without him. 

This is the site that greets me every time I leave the family room/kitchen area.  Aren't they adorable?

So I will be off the blogging radar this week and next.  Wishing you all a wonderful week or two.  Wish me luck with my adventure with Little Buddy on Friday.  He has never been in the car near that long.  We'll see how it all goes.  See you soon.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th of July...............

Happy 4th of July if you are celebrating. Enjoy our day wherever you are.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Popping in on a Tuesday......

Just popping in quickly as I am home early from work today.  Four of my patients are out today, which means instead of getting home after 7 I got home after 2.  So I am catching up on a little blog reading before swimming with my seven year old buddy.  Thank you for all the birthday wishes.  He enjoyed his day so much.  There is nothing like being seven and getting presents and cake, it was all so exciting!

The furry boys are 8 months old today.  They are still growing but not at the same speed.  You might see a difference in their size after a few days rather than after just a nap.  They continue to be so much fun, well fun until you catch them doing something naughty.  Still, it would be fun to have the enthusiasm of a puppy wouldn't it?  Every time you walk in the room it is like you have been gone for years.  They are just so happy to see you.

I had seen these bracelets online and then dear, dear Teresa mentioned she had bought some.  They are from 4Ocean.  With each bracelet purchased they will pull 1 pound of plastic from the ocean.  It really is a great cause, pop on over and get this green one in the month of June, it is specifically for sea turtles.  Now that I am looking at this picture the bracelets look pretty good with my cheap Target watch! 

Have a great week.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


Happy Birthday to my darling Little Buddy.  "Seven!  I can't believe it."  Were the first words out of his mouth this morning.

Seven comes with more responsibilities.  He really has to get this potty situation nailed down.  There is more work to do in school, more expected of him academically and socially.  He has to write more sentences on a line, not a job he is fond of.   Focus more in school, also not his strength.  Answer questions when asked, and maybe not get upset so easily.  There is more to do in therapy using his right hand and getting those crazy legs to work better.  That is a lot to ask for a little boy, but you know, I think he is up to the task.

Thank you for blessing us with this wonderful life of yours Little One.  We are so, so blessed to be on this journey with you.  We have watched you grow and develop into such a fine little boy. You work so hard, make us laugh, and also a bit crazy if I am honest.  Yet you bring so much light into our lives.

Here is hoping SEVEN is the perfect year for you!

Oh, and by the way my friends, this little one can now swim the length of my pool all by himself, lifting his head up to breath and uses those arms and legs to propel himself pretty effortlessly through the water.  That is a huge goal, absolutely huge!  

We are so, so proud of all you have done my little boy and can't wait to see what you do next.
Happy Birthday today and Happy Adoption Day tomorrow.  
We love you so much!

And a special Happy Birthday to Uncle Don, there is no one better to share this special day with.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Splash park fun..................

This afternoon Little Buddy and I made our first trip to the splash park this summer.  I'll tell you it is exactly what I needed.  Just to see the joy on his little freckled face was the tonic this weary heart needed today.  I have had a very busy two weeks at work, lots of patient visits and lots of progress notes to write.  Notes is  not the correct word to use, really they are progress novels!  I have to keep my fingers crossed the kids I see will continue to get the services they need, cuts are being made everywhere.

Little Buddy has completed two weeks of morning summer camp.  This camp is being held with his retired pre-school teacher and several other teachers and therapists.  It is so nice to see him involved and having fun.  And the best part of all is leaving him with people I trust.  It is not easy to find a program that will take a little person with special needs.  He needs continued work on socialization skills and he can get this at camp with teachers who understand him.  After camp, speech therapy, and my private patient this afternoon I decided we needed to go to this wonderful splash park near us for a bit.  Little Buddy was thrilled and had just the best time.  I love all the little ones that walk up to him and want a turn with his walker, their parents are usually a bit horrified their children are taking his walker for a spin but I encourage it.  I always tell the parents it is a great way for their kids to see a walker and not think it is different or strange.  Boys are especially drawn to it, it must be the wheels!

You all know how very blessed I feel having this amazing miracle boy in my life.  I have to admit I have been so depressed the last few weeks with the stories of all those immigrant parents losing their children, almost 2,000 at last count.  I can't even imagine what they are feeling, what those beautiful children must be thinking.  This is a horrific thing to happen to them.  They will be scarred emotionally, psychologically and physically for life.  This is not something you get over.  I work with children in the foster care system all the time, some of which will have attachment issues their whole lives because of what they have been through, not in foster care, but the trauma they have experienced in life.  It is devastating to me that we as a country are allowing this to happen. What have we become to think that separating families is okay?

Maybe we all need a little Little Buddy to make us smile.  But even with those darling freckles that I can't get enough of, I can't forget those children who have lost their families, their childhoods, their security, and the love of their parents, who only want a better life for them, just like all of our ancestors wanted for us. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Purl Soho...........

Welcome to Purl Soho my friends.  Do you want to visit with me?  I think those of us who knit and crochet have all heard about this amazing store.  The yarn is gorgeous, the photography is beautiful, and the patterns have simple lines that create incredible garments. 

When I went to NYC I was not even thinking about visiting any yarn stores.  Actually, I have not bought yarn since last December, and that was to complete a project.  I have been really trying to use the yarn I have and not buy more until my stash was even more under control.  

But when presented with the opportunity to visit this incredible store how could I not jump at the chance to go?  Claudia, with her savvy NYC traveling skills got us to the subway, and all the way to SOHO to visit this store.  It was sooooooo hot on Saturday afternoon when we were traveling, I mean even hot for me, and I live in Florida.  It was so worth the trip, as really, when will I ever be back?

As you enter the store you see this amazing wall of Liberty of London fabrics.  Gorgeous colors, with an incredible silky texture, popping off the wall.   This might be the most beautiful fabric I have ever seen, and soooooo expensive but worth it if you are an incredible seamstress, which I am not.  Still I could not stop looking at them and touching them, which I am sure the employees did not like.

The store is long and narrow.  Everywhere you turn are beautiful yarns to stroke.  They have their own yarn of course and many other brands.  They have threads for weaving, buttons, trims, and sewing and knitting patterns everywhere.  The orange, berry and cream shawl folded up on the front table was featured in their email just the day before our visit.

I am trying to be better about yarn purchasing , trying to buy for a project rather than buying a ton of yarn just for the sake of having it like I have in the past.  I was lucky to have a Purl Soho project in mind even before I knew I was going to visit the store, but I still thought a lot about it before my purchase.  It was easy to get swept up in the moment, as you all know yarn and fabric fumes can knock you senseless until you are spending your life savings in mere seconds. 

I cold have bought yards and yards of this, just look at the amazing detail and colors in these fabrics.

There were even kits to make the famous sheep pillow.  I was tempted but already have two sheep fluffies on display at my house.

I settled on this, two skeins of Purl Soho Cattail Silk, size 3 needles because I got rid of all my extra needles a while back during a craft/yarn purge, and this wee little loom to make coasters with.  I could not resist it, believe me I tried.  The Cattail Silk is to make the Circular Yoke Summer Shirt, a project I have had my eye on, but did not have yarn in the appropriate weight in my stash.

It was well worth the hot trip down to SOHO to see this amazing store.  And frankly vacation yarn should never even count towards stash, right?

I will leave you with one last photo of my dear, dear sister Claudia and I.  This was taken right before the show started.  We were both so excited to see Don perform.  I just adore both of them so much.  They are just the kindest people I know.