Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Late Easter Surprise

Today I received a late Easter surprise from my beloved sister Claudia. If you read her blog you know she has been sewing these beautiful Easter eggs. I have hinted enough to her on her blog, and yes,, being the fabulous sister she is she listened. They arrived a bit late but that made it even more fun. Actually they took a trip to Naples before they arrived here.

I have decided that they look perfect in my husband's Great-Grandmother's crystal bowl. I have it sitting on a beautiful antique piece I have in my living room. I think they are just perfect, what do you think?

Thanks Claudia, you are the best!


Claudie said...

OMG I just wrote you a very long comment and poof it disappeared. May I please suggest that you change your "Comment as" with a drop down list
that reads NAME/URL it's simple:

1. Go to: Settings / Comments

2. Find the following option: Who can comment?

3. Choose "Anyone - includes Anonymous User

Thanks so much. I do not use my google account.

I was saying that Claudia and I always make mistakes with our names, since they are so close in spelling.
You are one lucky sister for having Claudia as your sister. She is such a wonderful spirited soul. I love her. Treasure those fabulous eggs. I would leave them out all year long.
Happy Belated Easter
Love Claudie

Claudia said...

Hey darling sister- so glad you love the eggs! They look so pretty in the bowl. Latest update: went to the airport, flight delayed an hour and half, would have missed my connection - and there was no other flight to SD. Came back home, had an extra night with the family, and will try it all again today!
I look on it as a little gift!

Claudia said...

By the way, D changed his blog name -you can find him at It looks pretty good, I think.