Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic Update #2

Here at the Morgan house the Knitting Olympics is in full swing. I have 24 inches completed on the back of the Noro sweater/coat which is somewhere around 260 plus yards. I have 6 more inches before I begin to cast off for the neck and shoulder seams. The only problem is I am now on the seed stitch part of the pattern. If you know anything about seed stitch it takes an eternity to do. I do not knit European style which is when you hold the yarn in your left hand. It is much faster then the Continental style which is the only way I can knit.

I understand that I have many more days to go, but next weekend my youngest son is in the Florida Jr. Olympics Swim Meet. He has qualified in seven events but can only swim 6. The wonderful thing is that it is at our home pool. The horrible thing is that it is at our home pool, which means I have to work all seven sessions of the meet. That cuts down my knitting time drastically as I will only be home a short time between prelims and finals. Didn't he think about my knitting needs while he has been training so hard? I better get back to knitting so I can put a big dent into this project before work, kids, school, and swim meets get into the way.

Note to self: Be sure and stretch every once in a while, all athletes can get injured if they are not careful, including knitting athletes. Second note to self: Knitting burns 80 calories an hour so I almost feel like I am exercising at the same time I am knitting.

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Toni said...

Oh my! Hope you're feeling better soon! Can you knit during the meets? :)