Sunday, April 18, 2010


The prayer shawl for my next door neighbor is complete. It turned out very beautiful even if it was not the easiest project to complete. It was very hard for me to stay positive knitting this beauty, as the yarn pulled apart again, and again. As I said before, my struggle with knitting does not even compare with fighting cancer. As this is undyed raw silk it also emits silk flumes that stick to your clothes. I told her to wear white with it and she is good to go.

I love talking to her about what she is thinking and feeling as she fights this huge battle. There is something about cancer that takes your breath away. You can't truly tell your spouse how scared you are. Because you are mostly scared for your family, not yourself. As a Mother and Wife your job is to protect your family. You can't talk to your parents because they are risking losing a child, a horrific thought for a parent of any age. If you are lucky like me you can
talk to your wonderful sister, but she too is at the risk of losing a close sibling and friend. Talking to a friend who has been through cancer seems like the best bet. Yesterday my neighbor made me promise I will be in her kids lives, their whole life, if something happens to her. Of course I will and if it gives her peace to know that, that is a good thing. I will make sure they are okay, but as I told her it is way to early to think these thoughts. Her fight has just begun, and her blood seems to be responding to the treatment. I am keeping my loving thoughts on her everyday. I am sure you are keeping your loving thoughts on those in your life that need them, too. If you have room in your day please send some her way.


Rose said...

Hi Mere, I saw your name in the comments on Knitting Iris and had to visit. My oldest daughter is named Meredith, so that's what caught my eye. Best wishes to your neighbor; the prayer shawl is a wonderful gift.

Beth said...

What a beautiful shawl and even more beautiful gift. I know you knit love and healing into every stitch. Your neighbor is fortunate to have you as a friend. She is going through one of those journeys that isn't easy to traverse alone. Just from your post, I know you are providing her comfort and hope. What a gift.

Claudia said...

Hello my sister,

The prayer shawl is just beautiful and I know your neighbor will find peace and comfort wearing it. You know she is in my thoughts and prayers. You are a good friend to her and I know she can talk to you about this as she can't to her family because you understand it. You've been there.

Please give her my best.


Geek Knitter said...

Such a beautiful shawl, and the kindness behind it is marvelous.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, and for your goog words about it.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my, Meredith, this is so beautiful!

It takes a lot of support to get a person through cancer treatments, but my experience is, that it is an honor too, to help a person through such times.

There is always hope with cancer. I know, as I've known a great many people to fight the battle and win.

Love and peace to you and to your friend.