Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Just wanted to say a very special Happy Mother's Day to everyone. I have to admit that I am not that fond of this day. I have a wonderful Mother, so I am blessed. I love being a Mother, well at least most days I do. I just feel bad for those who are not traditionally thought of as Mothers but need to get as much credit as those of us who have our own kids. These wonderful women (and some men, too), mother their nieces and nephews, cousins, siblings, and neighbors. There are those gifted people who mother animals of all shapes and sizes, they all have a special place in my heart. There are those people who mother their friends. There are those taking a special interest in a child and helping that child have a better life. There are those missing their Mother's and grieving for the Mother they never had. As I have said a thousand times, Motherhood is the hardest job out there. So I send love to all of you who mother in some form or another. Have a wonderful Day.


Beth said...

What a sweet sentiment! Thanks Meredith. Hope you are enjoying your day too!!

Claudia said...

Beautifully said, my sister! You are a great Mom. Happy Mother's Day!


Sara said...

Great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I feel better about my flop project now :-)