Monday, November 8, 2010

A Good Yarn

This past Saturday I was attending my oldest son's Regional High School swim meet. It was freezing out for a swim meet in Florida in November. The wind was relentless and the swimmers shivered on the blocks. Between prelims and finals we were driving to Panera, and what did I happen to see? A yarn shop called, A Good Yarn. As I was lunching with a fellow knitter we decided to stop by and have a look. It just happened to be the one year anniversary of the store. The place was packed with very lovely fiber people. The store owner was so nice and her husband, sister in law and everyone working at the store were lovely and gracious. As we left they gave us a little present, a little case to hold all your knitting trinkets.

I could have bought and absolute ton of yarn. The store was so open and wonderful, the selection was amazing. When I go to a new store I try to find something unique, something not easily found online, or at my local store. The items above are for my knitting group Christmas exchange. A pad of paper that says, "I'll show you my stash if you show me yours." A beautiful shawl closure and a little container with a pad of paper and post it notes to keep in your knitting bag. Do you think the members of my group will mind if I take my own present?
This beautiful yarn above is call Gulf of Mexico. The owner has several yarns specially died in certain colorway,s from under water pictures taken by a family member. The yarn above is very vibrant, and so soft. A dollar from each skein is donated to help clean up the oil spill in the gulf. This yarn came out a few days before the spill so the donations were a result of that. The person who dyes the yarn is also donating a dollar per skein.

This amazing yarn is.....well, amazing. It is wool, very chunky, from Pagewood Farms, called U-Knitted Nations. It is 50 yards, with these little scraps tied on. They look like flowers. I couldn't resist. I am making a scarf and having a great time. Really anything is fun to knit after I finished the Big Red Monster (my sons blanket). Pictures of that baby will follow in another post.
I think swim meets in Sarasota will be a lot more fun knowing I can stop by this wonderful store. If you are in the area, give yourself some time to stop by. By the way my boy qualified for the State Meet next Saturday. We will be off to Orlando very early for the day. Send him positive swimming thoughts if you don't mind.


Sara said...

Omigosh! THe Gulf of Mexico is GORGEOUS!!!

Claudia said...

Oooh, a new knitting shop! How far is Sarasota from your home? It's about time you found a shop that you like! The yarns are beautiful.

You know I love the Gulf of Mexico - that color is beautiful.


A. Warped, knitter said...

Sounds like a successful day for both you and your son. Hope that he continues to do well.

Carol at Serendipity said...

I am a follower of Claudia's. I live about 5 minutes from this shop. It is wonderful and the knitters there are wonderful!