Wednesday, January 5, 2011


First let me thank you all for your lovely comments on my woven shawl. If you could only see it in person you would see that pictures do not do it justice. Of course that could be because I am really not the best at taking pictures.

Project number two is completed. This is a baby blanket for my newest great niece or nephew, who should be arriving in late February. As we do not know the sex of this one, I thought a unisex blanket would be appropriate. My husbands niece and her husband have decided to wait and find out the sex of their little one at the time of his/her delivery. I just love that. I am a firm believer of waiting to find out. I think there are so few really great surprises in life, and this one is the best surprise of all. I didn't know the sex of either of my boys until they popped out. It was a fantastic experience finding out who they were when they entered this world. Hopefully, he/she will find this to be a favorite blanket.

I crocheted this with Lion Brand Yarn, Nature's Choice, Organic Cotton. I love the feel of this blanket and the colors remind me of ice cream. A lovely milk chocolate with strawberry and vanilla, and a pinch of mint chocolate chip and pistachio on the side. Really, I could just eat this up. The dyes are organic, too. I used a J crochet hook and a basic granny pattern.

This was a very quick blanket and I loved this yarn so much I have decided to make another baby blanket for my new great niece Beatrice who is arriving some time in May. My nephew and his wife are expecting their first. They apparently don't want a surprise so we are waiting for Beatrice to arrive, hopefully on time and very healthy. So many babies and so little time. I love the thought of a new little person wrapped up in a blanket made by someone who loves them. It is so wonderful to see your nieces and nephews become parents. I am so proud of all of them, the way they have grown up and become such great adults. And now they are becoming parents, and such great ones. I am looking forward to grandchildren sometime in the future, but as I have a 17 year old I hope it is way off in the future. I can only imagine how much fun it is to knit or crochet for your grandchild. Try out this yarn I know you'll love it. I purchased it at Joann's Fabrics but I am sure it is available everywhere. Have a wonderful day.


Claudia said...

Looks beautiful, Mer!


Beth said...

Great afghan! I love the colors and the fact that it isn't 'traditional' baby colors. I think it makes the afghan so much more interesting. I recently picked up a crochet hook and tried my hand at granny squares. I thought I got it but I'm getting confused on rounds 3, 4, etc. when the chain 3 becomes one of the double crochets in the corner. I seem to be missing one. I'll email you separately and maybe you can talk me through it!!

Lena said...

Oh, I thought of chocolate and strawberries right away!

I relate so much to this post, as first, I love the colors that you used. I'm learning to crochet, and this seems like a project I could accomplish, and I've been thinking about how much I wish I was a crocheter when my son was small, as he would have had some lovely little crocheted things. Maybe one day, hopefully a few years down the road, I'll be crocheting for my grandbaby too. I do have a baby shower coming up for a 2nd cousin though. Maybe I could make a little something for that baby, who is a boy.

I love new babies in a family. There is so much hope and happiness surrounding them. Just think, we all came into the world, little babies. I always try to remember that, when I'm feeling tried by a person. I really do! It helps!

You are so talented Meredith!