Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flower and Max

 This is my grumpy boy, waiting by the pool this morning. Max has been thrilled that we have been sick.  He has gone for little walks, car rides and had someone to pet him at all times of the day.  He has taken extra naps with me, and just enjoyed everyone being at home.  He is grumpy in this picture because he doesn't like the camera.  He was smiling at me until I pulled the camera from behind my back.  Poor Max.  He has had such a hard and stressful life that is is almost all grey in the face, at the ripe old age of 6 1/2.  He tries to tell everyone who visits that he gets absolutely no attention living in this house.  Poor baby!!!!
This my friends is the only work I have done with yarn in the last couple of days.  This beautiful flower, from the Japanese Flowered Shawl pattern that is currently all the rage.  I love the pattern, and can't wait to be able to crochet some more flowers.  I still have 8 hexagons to make before I have the allotted 28 for the felted bag.  As you can see the flower finally won.  The yarn for this shawl has been staring at me since Saturday.  I am only so strong, finally last night I gave in.  So today I am going to force myself to complete two hexagons before I can even look at the shawl yarn basket.  I am crocheting the shawl with Berroco Pure Prima 100% cotton.  I love the feel of this yarn, so soft and silky.  I am a bit concerned that the cotton may stretch too much.  Cotton has a way of doing that.  I know many people are making theirs with an alpaca and silk bled.  This type of yarn will hold  its structure much better than cotton.  I know I am taking a risk, but I really wanted to buy yarn on Saturday, and the yarn store closest to my house was my only option with my son being ill.  Well, slightly stretched out flowers will still be beautiful.  And if you know me at all this will only be my first shawl with this pattern as I tend to be a bit obsessed with projects.

I guess the good thing about being off work is that I get to blog more.  I get to read more blogs and see all the wonderful creations people are making.  Thanks ever so much for your wonderful comments in my last post.  We are all healing.  Both of my sons are back to school today.  My youngest isn't completely well, but he still had to go.  I am home as I work with some medically challenged children who could end up hospitalized if they get the flu.  As I have said before I am an Occupational Therapist, I work with children delayed in their development due mostly to drug and alcohol abuse in utero.  I am lucky enough to only work four mornings a week.  It doesn't seem like much but some weeks it is a lot.  I have enjoyed having a few days off even if I was not feeling well and was nursing my own very dramatic, sick kids.

Hope you are all healthy and seeing signs of Spring in the air.  Hope you find time to do something you really love today.


by Teresa said...

Dear Meredith, love the pictures of your dog even though you didn't catch him smiling.. you're so lucky to have a pool! I got a kick out of seeing that you just HAD to do a flower.. that's what happened to me too. LOL

Glad the kids are better and that you're on the mend. Hugs, Teresa

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, so happy you are feeling better. Love your flower....I want to make one or ones after the cocoons!!!! Take care and continue to feel better, xoRobin❤

tina said...

Happy you're on the mend!!!! HOWLING (no pun intended) at Max's photo!!!!! My dogs totally get that!!! Be good to you...... heal well!

Regula said...

Good morning

I'm doing the same pattern right now. It seems the pattern is all over the world. :-)

Clara said...

Cute, cute Max! My dream is to have my own pool someday. Your flowers are lovely.