Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

 I have been busy.  Actually, I have been very busy, you just can't tell from these photos.  The Japanese Flower Shawl is coming along slowly.  It takes me a bit a of time to complete one of these flowers, so the fact I have 11 completed is frankly amazing.  I would have had 12, but I apparently can't count to 12.  On the brown, beige and red flower I have 13 petals.  Well that wasn't a tragedy as I can keep it on the outside and no one will know.  But unfortunately I did it again in the middle, with the light green flower, and I had to rip it apart.  Maybe I need to go back to preschool and work on counting to 12.
 I really like some of the color combinations and others I am not too crazy about.  I plan on repeating many of the flowers, as I am assuming I will be making about  49 of these before I am done.  For some reason I am having a more difficult time with the color combinations than I thought I would.  Hopefully it will get easier as I go along.
 I thought I would send you some photos of my garden.  It is starting to fill in a bit and not look so newly planted.  We have had unseasonably warm weather for the Spring.  It is lovely after a chilly winter.  But on the other hand, summer is so hot and humid here that I am not ready to jump into it so quickly.  A lovely day like today with the high of 72 degrees and low humidity is perfect.

 My geranium is in full, beautiful bloom.  She sits right outside of my kitchen window.  I love to see her beautiful color when I am sitting at my table in the morning drinking some tea.
And finally, number 15 is complete.  I forced myself to sew this hexagon bag together on Sunday.  It was a bit boring and tedious, especially as there were crochet flowers tempting me every time I turned around.  I felted it that very day and put it outside to dry.  Note to self:  Remember to bring drying felted item inside before it rains.  Yes, it got all wet again and must have absorbed a gallon of rain water.  It has taken til today to get some what dry.  And unfortunately it smelled musty so I put it in the dryer for a quick spin with a dryer sheet.  It is looking much better now.  I attached the handles with a piece of felt and buttons just like in my previous bag.  I should have taken a closer picture to show you.  Hope you like the final product.

Have a wonderful week and find some time to do the things you really love.


tina said...

Love Love LOVE! and flowers too? Some things are just unfair!:) Send some of your creative "oomph" my way...... along with some of that weather please!

Louise said...

Love, love, love the flowers!

Kelly said...

Your flowers are beautiful, great colors! ♥

Claudia said...

I miss you. When I get home next week, we'll catch up on the phone. Your flowers are beautiful. I will have to give them a try when I settle down.

Love you, Sister.


by Teresa said...

Meredith, wow, I love your color combos on your flowers. Mine are rather crazy, but I'm going to keep going anyway. That's why I like using repeating patterns as trying to keep the colors from being together makes me crazy. :-) Hugs from Oregon

Monica@The White Bench said...

OMG Meredith- geraniums in full bloom! I wish I lived there ;)) Your handmade flowers are just amazing, and the color combos you chose, really lovely!
Big hugs,
Monica xo

Sara said...

Lovely lovely flowers! Those pretty little petal flowers will go along perfectly with your current flower obsession. Have a lovely weekend. :)

Clara said...

The flowers look so pretty and who cares about the extra petal? I think we all say that to ourselves about little mistakes but have you ever seen anyone really inspecting a piece of work you've completed? I haven't! The hex bag is beautiful! I've found a new trick with the ends/joining when it becomes a chore...I simply listen to the radio or music and I forget about all of the hassle and it's done in no time!

Solstitches said...

Beautiful flowers and the bag you made is gorgeous.
The jewel colours are stunning.
Can you give some information about where you found the bag pattern please?

Angella Fernando said...

Lover the Japanese crochet flower motif. ☺ I too have done some shawls in the same design. Please tell me what you think at