Saturday, April 16, 2011

This and That

 Happy Saturday everyone!  I wanted to show you a picture of my early Mother's Day and Birthday present.  A new bike.  I just love it.  It is a big, heavy, three speed. 
 It has this very fun basket I can carry all my knitting and crocheting in.  I filled it with knitting magazines and delivered them to my friend Cathy's house on my first ride.
 And look at this, it has a bell!!!!  My oldest son thinks I look a, "bit like a loser" on it, but I just think he is jealous.  Because it is purple, cute and it moves slowly.  When I ride it time slows down, and that is something I love.  I had forgotten how much you notice when you are on a bike just riding for the fun of riding, not racing or exercising, just riding.  Yesterday, I saw a blue heron catch a fish, a hawk on a lamp post, and an older man pull his car over to rescue a turtle.  I saw the beautiful green leaves against a brilliant blue sky, and two squirrels running around playing with each other.  I plan to get in some nice  rides before it gets way too hot and humid here.

I just finished the most wonderful book and I would like to recommend it to all of you.  It is called A Gift of an Ordinary Day, by Katrina Kenison.  It is available through Amazon.  This is a true story of a wonderful woman with two teenage boys, (this I can relate to), transitioning into her midlife.  Watching these boys getting ready to leave her, and questioning who she is now that they are growing up.  This isn't a book for  mothers only, we all are transitioning through the stages of our lives.  Change is happening all the time, and I think that Katrina Kenison helps to find the beauty, peace and gratitude in the every day aspects of our lives.  For some reason this book is staying with me even after I have finished it several days ago.  That tells me that it really hits home, so read it if you can, you won't be disappointed.  See what not knitting or crocheting is doing to me, it is making me read and now write up a little book recommendation.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts on my oldest son, and on my wrists.   He has decided to join the swim team where his high school coach is.  She is a wonderful woman and frankly kicked his butt in practice last week.  He is sore, tired, and happy that the decision has been made.  He seems lighter, if that is possible for a brooding 17 year old.  We won't be spending 3 hours in the car a day to get to Sarasota, so that is a huge relief to me.  I know this sounds bad and I don't mean it to, but I think a woman will help to heal him.  Men, bless them, just don't get it most of the time.  A woman does, and she will try to help heal him on every level, then he can move on, and believe in himself again.  As for my wrists we are making progress.  No tingling today, but also no knitting or crochet.  I am giving it a few more days before I start back slowly.  Surgery is not an option yet.  I need my hands to work with the babies I have, they need help more than I do.

My oldest also let me pick up his very lovely girlfriend and bring her to a swim meet this morning.  This must be serious as I had to be in the car with her for 45 minutes, alone.  She is adorable, and they are just so sweet looking at each other, chatting, and laughing.  He is in Heaven, and it appears she might be, too.
And look what I found today in my garden.  The first gardenia of the year.  I promise I won't go all gardenia crazy on you this year.  But remember they are my favorite flower, and I have 6 bushes of them, and I look forward to this time of year when they bloom, and my house is filled with their beautiful scent.  So I might go a little crazy.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Rose said...

I read her book awhile ago; it's great isn't it? Thanks for your comments on my blog. Glad your son is settled on his choice and hope your hands continue to heal.

Rose Red said...

That is one sweet ride! If I didn't live in such a hilly area, I'd love one (in red!)

I love gardenias too, and the house we bought has 4 huge bushes, which are glorious when in flower.

Glad to hear your son is doing well with his new (old) coach, and girlfriend!

Cari said...

I LOVE YOUR BIKE..COLOR, BASKET AND BELL! Oh my gosh...that is one sweet ride. Enjoy your biking travels and books while the wrists rest! Hugs and you have a good weekend too!!

The Garden Bell said...

That my sweet friend is the absolute cutest bike I have ever seen. I want one sooooooooo bad. I'm thinking it needs to go on my list.

You are correct. Florida has taken very good care of me this year. This weather here could not have been more perfect. One happy camper.

But, I'm ready to get back home to my garden. And I'm going to check out this book. Finished "The Help" and I'm looking for a good one.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful state with me,

Sara said...

Great color! Great basket! Great bell!

Karen said...

Such a beautiful post! I LOVE your bike! And just cracked up at your son's comment. I wish I had a bell on my bike;) Your ride sounds perfectly lovely.

I'm writing down your book suggestion. You're right, it would be perfect for the 'season' I'm in right now.

And please post as many gardenia pictures as your heart desires! I wish we had "scratch and sniff" on our blogs. Gardenias are one of my favorite scents.

by Teresa said...

Jungle Gardenia was one of the first scents I bought for myself. Love it! And what a pretty bike! You're going to have fun with that! I hope that your hands get better fast.. and glad your son is in a better place with that new coach.. agree on the woman thing. :-)

Hugs, T

Susan H. said...

LOVE the new bike!!! and especially love the sort of "like a loser" comment, haha. I planted my first gardenia plant last year and we had one bloom come and go three weeks ago, but the rest of getting ready to open soon. I think I am going to plant more, they smell so nice.
xoxo Susan

Lena said...

I was just thinking of gardenias the other day, and about how much I love their scent. They are perfect little button hole flowers too!

I love your bike, and especially the basket. I want a basket for my bike. I've been talking about getting it out to ride everyday again. I used to love to do that. Mine is an old Motobecan ten speed, that my husband bought for me when we were first married. It is a beautiful icy blue color, and I've always loved the look of it. It's a racing bike, but I put fenders on it, so I think it'll look ok with a basket. I saw on Ravelry, a crocheted bike seat cover. You should look for it, when you're feeling truly healed.

I'm so glad things are feeling more optimistic for your son. I've been thinking about him.

I enjoy having my son's girlfriend around too. For us mom's with just boys, it's sort of nice, I think, to have someone to share girl things with.

I'll check into this book. Thanks Meredith!


Suz said...

Great Bike...lucky you
Made me want to get mine out now...a bike ride on the list of things 'to do'
Hugs Suz x

vanessa said...

I think your bike is absolutely beautiful, it has personality! Love your flower shawl, it's a real beauty. Love Vanessa xxx

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Love your bike. So nice to enjoy nature instead of just speeding by. Good for you. I also bought that book......sounded good to me as I browsed the book store one day. I will comment after I'm finished reading. Reading Jodi Picoult's new book now, Sing You Home. xoRobin❤

Rizzi said...


A. Warped, knitter said...

Great bike. And I'm glad to read that your son has decided to work with a new coach. Sounds like things are looking up at your house this spring.

vicki said...

Wow- what a wonderful Mother's Day gift! Love the color- and the basket- and the bell!! I am new to your blog- doing a little blog surfing this afternoon- and fate brought me here. So wonderful(!) to meet another knitter- someone who understands and appreciates the love of fibers and textures.

Happy Easter- I hope you took this awsome bike for a little ride!

Sara said...

Hi Meredith. So glad to hear your wrist are improving! Hope you are back doing all the things you love very soon. I loved your book review today. Sounds like one we all should read and reflect on.