Thursday, June 9, 2011

Done !!!!!!

 Done!  I am finished!!!  I have finally completed the knitted dress.  And boy did it take a while.  Due to several placements in time out, and a major mishap, this baby is finally finished. 

On Monday and Tuesday I tried to finish this dress.  I only had a few more inches and the final pattern to go, how hard could this be?  Well I may be able to knit, but sometimes I really think I am missing a few brain cells because I kept holding the dress up to me and thinking I only had a few more inches and I would be ready to cast off.  As you know I am 5'9 3/4.  And I would say that my legs are pretty long, so I automatically added 3 inches to the pattern thinking this would be sufficient.  I held it up, looked down and thought I was in a terrific position.  The problem with holding up a dress and looking down is you are not getting an accurate idea of just how long the dress is. So I casted off making sure I left lots of room in my stitches so the cast off edge would be nice and roomy.  Yeah!!!!!  Total excitement, I stripped off my clothes, put on the dress and what do you think I saw?  I saw a dress that was just long enough to cover my thighs, but way, way, way too short to cover my 46 year old legs. 
 Here is a picture of the bodice and the lovely i-cord bow.  The i-cord slips in and out of these little holes and helps a great deal to keep the chest together, especially my chest as I really don't have one.
Back to the story.  Okay massive depression was about to set in, but I held it back and thought about what I could do. Hmmmm.....maybe leave it and make it a tunic top?  Nah, throw it in the corner and put it back in time out forever, no I spent too much money on this yarn.  I guess my only option was to put the dress back on the needles by slowly taking apart the cast off edge, that is 270 stitches back on the needles.  I thought about ripping apart the bottom pattern, but that would have entailed frogging the stitches and making sure I got 270 back on without dropping any, what a mess that would be.  So I decided to make a second pattern at the bottom, which added another 3 inches and here is the final project.  Sorry the picture above is fussy, it was the best I could get.  You can see the cast off row I picked up in the middle of the pattern.  The stitches are a bit longer almost looking like a wrap stitch.  I decided to leave this and just work from where I was at. 

Am I in love with this dress, not at all.  I feel it is like climbing a mountain and finally getting to the top and realizing the view wasn't worth the work.  I still think it is a tiny bit short.  That is even after adding 6 inches to the pattern.  And I am not at all happy with how the sleeves look where I sewed them onto the dress.  Actually I tried to do this 4 times before I got something that looked right.   But I think I will wear it and see if it grows on me.  And if it doesn't I already have a plan B....I will take off the sleeves and wear it as a skirt.  I actually think that might be the best.

This dress was designed by Jana Pihota for the book Stitch'N Bitch Superstar Knitting.  The pattern was easy to understand and really easy to knit.  When I look at the picture of the dress in the book I can honestly say that I still think it is beautiful.  The yarn you will remember I am not in love with at all.  South West Trading Company Amaizing 100% corn fiber yarn.  The texture is interesting but as you remember I had so many breaks and knots in each ball I wanted to shoot myself.  Knitting in the round is sooooo smooth, so constantly having to start new yarn is such a hassle.  And I always think new yarn should be started at the beginning of the row so you never see even a hint of a pucker, knitting in the round does not allow you to do this.

So at least I can say  project number 28 of the year is finished, and the dress may grow on me.  I just think I have to put it back in time out again for a bit, first.


Marjo said... lovely,nice,amazing work ...make it not throw it in the corner ...I'm jalous of your beautiful work of knitting !!!!!


Sara said...


Karen said...

Oh Meredith, I LOVE the detail in this dress! That bow is just precious. How nice that you can knit your own dresses. I am tall, too, (6'!) and love knitted things. But it isn't easy to find things that are long enough.

Rizzi said...


Rose Red said...

I think it's so fab! I wish I could wear a knitted dress! And you are lucky you can change it into a skirt if you so decide, it would look fab either way.

Beth said...

Meredith, I think the dress looks great!! Though I understand that feeling of finishing a project and it not turning out as you had envisioned. It is frustrating. That's where you become a process knitter instead of a project knitter ;-) No matter how long we've been knitting, there's still something to learn with every project. That's good and bad - ha! I'm sure you will enjoy wearing it once it comes out of time out. The color is just beautiful!!
Have a great weekend,

lovestitch said...

Oh Meredith, your dress looks fabulous! It's what I'm dreaming about! And I love the color, very hot! Your knitting talent is adorable! Such a wonderful work!!!!
Great day to you!

by Teresa said...

Dear Meredith, I sure wish you would model this for us! I'm sure you're more critical than anyone. It's a beautiful garment.. I hope you end up loving it - such a huge amount of work!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

"Petunia Pill" said...

Your are amazing! What a gorgeous piece of work. I have a dress in my attic that was made by my grandmother (knitted). I was able to wear it when I was younger and much thinner. I will never part with it as it has become a part of her legacy! Your dress will be that someday too! The detail in it is exquisite! And with regard to dogs not talking back...a resounding "AMEN" to that! And they don't roll their eyes either! LOL x&o, Annette

"Petunia Pill" said...

*You are amazing...not "your"...sorry!

Claudia said...

Meredith, it turned out beautifully! You get major points for sticking with this. I would have thrown in the towel long before it was finished. It will look great with your tan. And quite frankly, you can get away with a shorter dress. Me? No.


4 Lil' Girls said...

Oh my that is such a beautiful dress, the stiching, the colour, the shape its just lovely
Karen :)

vicki said...

Meredith - I am blown away by this incredible dress! You have created a masterpiece - I love it - the color is pure perfection! WOW!!!

Where in Florida do you live?


Sara said...

Amazing! I love it... Maybe time to pick up some needles and learn to knit. I want one. :)

Amanda Putri said...

OMG!! Its so pretty. I wish i could knit something like that :)