Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hi everyone, hope your week is going well.  I was a little curious about your thoughts on blogging.  I love blogging and love reading about all of your lives.  I love your creativity and I love being included in all that you share with us.  I love to leave comments on blogs and I love to have comments left on my blog.

So I was wondering a few things.  Do you look at blogs everyday?  Do you leave comments on every blog on your list, your favorites, or no blogs at all?  Do you comment on blogs that never comment back or only on ones you feel you have a relationship with?  How many posts do you do a week?  About how much time do you spend reading blogs a day?  Do you notice a new blog due to it's name, theme, or previous comment listed on a blog you love?  Do you often visit blogs and never post a comment because there are soooooo many comments already posted?  Does it matter to you how many followers you have or that the followers are blogging friends that you care about?  Anything else you would like to share about blogging I would love to hear about.

Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to read your thoughts.


Julia said...

I love blogging. I read blogs most days, but not every day. I don't read every blog on my list because that's all I'd ever do if I did! I usually leave a comment if I read a blog, but then again, not always. I LOVE getting comments, and I find that I comment mostly to those who leave comments for me. I have developed what I consider very close friendships with a select few who leave comments and with whom I have an email relationship, as well. There are a few with whom I have poured out my soul and who have done the same with me. I sometimes check out a new blog because the name catches my attention or their comments to others catch my eye, or because of the content of their blog, which is usually sewing in my case. I am not concerned with how many followers I have, but am always excited to find out I have a new one. I always check them out and almost always become one of their followers.
There are weeks that I post several times and other weeks when I don't post at all. I usually only post about my sewing projects and I don't always have anything new to show. I do post about other things sometimes, so it just varies!
I find that writing about "stuff" sometimes makes me feel better about life in general.
Blogging has given me an eye to the WORLD that I didn't know existed. Well, I did know but I had never been in direct contact with say someone from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, European countries, etc....... and now I am. I have found some bloggers who live fairly close to me, as well, and even though we haven't actually met in person, we know we could, and we have lots in common. I love to find that I have lots in common with people all over the US and the whole globe, too!

MaryMargaret said...

Such great questions! I've lurked on lots of blogs for years, but never found the need to join or comment until recently. I started my blog as an outlet for things going on in my life, and intended it as much a journal as anything else, so I blog when I have something to say. I am so new, that I don't have a pattern yet. My goal isn't to gain 100 followers, and I don't cry when no one comments on my posts- in a lot of ways, it's just for me.

I find new blogs through the blogs I already follow, and comment when I feel that I have something relevant to say or ask. I will admit that 40 previous comments might make me slightly less likely to comment, especially when the blogger hasn't responded to questions asked previously in the comment section. Huge pet peeve of mine! I'm also more likely to comment on blogs that are written by friends, or people I do have a relationship with.

I hope this helps, though my opinion should be taken as an outsider's, since I am such a newbie! Happy Blogging!

Emily said...

Woah, blog-a-rama! I spend WAY too much time looking at other blogs - I look at them every day - my husband calls himself a blogging widower! I try to do a post every three days or more and I comment on posts that strike a particular cord with me. I love, love, love getting comments and definitely feel that I have blogging buddies. I couldn't get my posts to update properly a few days ago and it put me in SUCH a bad mood - I felt like I'd lost a limb...(uh-oh, I think I'm addicted!)
Emily x

by Teresa said...

Do you look at blogs everyday? == Yes, I always read the new posts of my favorite blogs in my blog list on my page. I have it set up that new posts go to the top of my list, which is very helpful to know when a new post is up.

Do you leave comments on every blog on your list, your favorites, or no blogs at all? == I leave comments when I'm moved to do so, especially for those who leave comments on my blog.

Do you comment on blogs that never comment back or only on ones you feel you have a relationship with? == I do comment on blogs that don't comment back, but I get grumpy about that and wish they'd reciprocate. Sometimes if I persist in leaving a comment on theirs, they'll eventually come visit mine. :-)

How many posts do you do a week? == I totally do it when I feel like it and have something to say. I do not want it to become a "chore". :-)

About how much time do you spend reading blogs a day? == It totally depends on how busy I am.. but I do spend a fair bit of time on it. It makes me happy.

Do you notice a new blog due to it's name, theme, or previous comment listed on a blog you love? == I find new blogs via my favorite blog lists.

Do you often visit blogs and never post a comment because there are soooooo many comments already posted? == I totally don't bother leaving a comment when it looks like there is no way they can really read them all. Like on Pioneer Woman.. she gets like hundreds of comments.

Does it matter to you how many followers you have or that the followers are blogging friends that you care about? == OK, it's embarrasing, but I do want more followers, it's kind of like the "prize" in blogging. ::blush::

Anything else you would like to share about blogging I would love to hear about. == My pet peeve is when I have someone's blog in my favorites and they don't reciprocate. I've finally gotten peeved and removed them. One of the people I'm referring to was even a winner in my giveaway and I sent them $35 worth of stuff and they never even added my blog to their favorites. HMPH!! Hope that doesn't mmake me look mean :-)

Annaboo said...

I spend far too much time reading and commenting on blogs- well look at me here- I'm cooking the dinner whilst doing so. It's a wonder the Mister ever gets fed.
I tend to comment on any post I read as I usually can think of something I'd like to say - and I know how truly amazing it is to have someone comment on mine- it really does make my day to know that some other soul has read what I have written and has taken the time to give me feedback.

moleymakes said...

Oooh blogs .... I love them. I have them all in my Google Reader so I log in first thing in the morning with my cup of tea and then usually again in the evening.

I don't always comment, as I tend not to comment just for the sake of it. Sometimes if there's been lots of comments I feel that everything has probably been said so I tend not to leave a comment.

I tend to find other blogs from the blogrolls of those I follow or if the writer has made a blog recommendation.

As for my own blog, I do try and post at least once a week and I always appreciate any comments that are left.

I'm not hung up on how many followers I have. I blog as an outlet for me, my crafts and other interests. I know that there are many like minded people out there and it is nice to share our accomplishments with people who appreciate the time, love and skill that has gone into our craft projects.

I have made some acquaintances through blogs and other social media over the years which has been really great. A few of them have gone on to become quite good friends even though we may be miles or continents apart.

Ruby x

Suz said...

Hi..great post
Too many favourites to post on everyone every day but l try to get round quite a few doing two or three per day
I certainly answer questions if any are asked of me and l do have a few that l read regularly and comment on too..people who l've got close too all be it in cyber space
Plus a couple that are actual friends
l also lurk a bit too all far too much time spent on the laptop on my bum..not good at all lol
Always say it is good to meet people from all around the world but a shame sometimes that we aren't all closer and could share a crafty cuppa or two
I've learnt a lot for fellow bloggers and hope l've passed on a few tips
Blogland is certainly a caring and friendly place to be once in a while
Hugs x

honeycat said...

As a newbie to blogging i get very excited when someone leaves me a comment or becomes a new follower. It really makes my day. Sadly i dont get much time for blogging new posts as my life is so busy at the moment but i do love to catch up on all the new posts from blogs that i follow. I always try and leave a comment because i know how good it feels to get comments and also i find the blogs that i follow so inspiring. One thing that really stands out for me is the kindness and caring attitude of fellow bloggers.
Melanie x

Grateful4Crochet said...

I look at blogs very day, I get up really early and read them with a coffee, before my morning walk, and often after work at night, I will often sneakily read them on my phone, whilst doing other things. I find I tend to comment more on the ones I read in the morning, and less so on the ones I read at night, purely because it's harder commenting on the phone reader. (and the kids always have the computers at night!!)
I don't always comment, I mainly will comment on my absolute favourite blogs, or if I've been interested/intrigued by the blog.
I blog about once a week, more if I'm feeling inspired/have the extra time. I generally comment back via email, but I don't always, I try to.
I comment on blogs that don't comment back, but am so much less likely to leave a comment on a blog that has lots of comments

The Garden Bell said...

Ok, so I'm somewhere between Suz and Teresa. I try to get around as much as I can. I use to post every day, but then it became too much of a "job". Plus, my "tales" kept getting longer and it does take a while for me to write them. I do try to treat myself to a day off without guilt every so often of all and clear my head. I try to comment when I can and when I feel like I have something to say. I do love comments and do get a little pissie when I don't get many back from the "queens", but then who does know the two across the pond that I may be speaking off. But, I still go there and still adore and still leave a word or two.

Rose Red said...

So many questions! I read blogs every day, I have quite a long list of them in goof dreaded. There are some I never comment on some I rarely comment on, some I mostly but not always comment on, and some I always comment on. Whether I comment or not depends on how well I know the blogger (some are real life friends as well as blog friends), the subject matter of the post, the amount of time I have (less now that I have a little person) and whether the person visits and/or comments on my blog. I used to blog more regularly but now I am lucky to post twice a week.

When I first started blogging (over 5 years ago) I joined blogrings and made an effort to seek out new blogs, either from comments or from other blogger's links. Now, I don't tend to read many new blogs, just because I guess I feel pretty established, already have lots of blogs, and don't have much time to read even more blogs!

I have been amazed at the friendships and connections I've made through the blogging medium. I never envisaged it before I started! Not to mention the knitting and crafting inspiration.

I do like to know that people read my blog, and I love getting comments, but I don't obsess about the number of followers I have, and I don't track who visits my blog and when. Some bloggers do, and that's fine too!

tina said...

Good questions---- things I think about as well. I read blogs sporadically------ but I try to read at least every other day. Since I work in front of my computer you'd think I'd be better at it but sometimes the Bear Gets Me. I've recently whacked through my blog read list---- some I grew away from, some I wasn't "fed" by.... some just stopped being as intriguing. I added some new ones. Basically the list is shorter but most of all it more closely mirrors where I am now and what piques my interest. Some blogs (like yours my friend) will always be on the read list b/c I have a PLACE there, it fits me, there is a relationship. Mostly I love the times when I can disconnect----- be not as into the tech of life and wish I could do that more. When I disconnect blogs are part of the deal.

Long comment to say that I love the blogginess of life and need to maintain a hard edit of what I read. I don't always leave comments and I believe most people don't. Maybe because their list of things to read is too long, I don't know!

Stay cool!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, Yesterday I had responded to all your questions and then somehow it all got deleted........was so upset and mad that I couldn't type again! Sorry!!!!! xoRobin❤ Maybe later......

The Garden Bell said...

HEDGE HOG trick.... I added the fuzz on to the face yard and did it double. The fuzz is too hard to hook with by it's self and it looks just fine

Lena said...

LOL! Well, Beth and I often make jokes about the word "Followers". We think it sounds like folks have joined a cult or something, so I guess that says a lot about how I feel about that. I think that whole thing reminds me of high school, and cliques, or popularity contests, so I don't have anything to do with that part of blogging. There really shouldn't be any reason for showing others how many readers you have, and I keep trying to figure out how to remove that from my profile. I think I have three, because I let others know that I don't care for that sort of thing. I really hate when people try to bribe people into becoming followers with giveaways and such. That says a lot about so many people really think about their followers. You're just another number. I once had a lot of readers, but after I made it clear that I couldn't keep up with answering every comment and tons of email, and didn't do tit for tat commenting, a lot of people quit reading. I guess that says a lot too. I really appreciate my readers, and I love their comments, but sometimes, it's nice to just share a post "because", without a sense of obligation on anyone's part. Sometimes I just want to read and enjoy, so I like to take away that sense of obligation, by closing my comments sometimes.

I think a blog should be written because you yourself enjoy doing so, first of all. If you have folks who visit you on a regular basis, they will become your friends because they truly want to be. Friendship takes time. If you have a great many readers, it will be impossible to be real friends with them all in the truest sense, but it is still nice to visit with them too. It just won't be quite the same. Back when my blog was poplular, it would overwhelm me sometimes, and a few times it hurt my feelings to know that some folks were just using it to become "known". That made me very sad, and I completely changed my attitude towards it all after that. I read some blogs now, and never comment. Some I comment on almost everyday, and others now and then. It all depends on how much energy I feel. Sometimes my life is full of sad things. Sick relatives and the like. I don't always have the energy for a lot, left over. What I do have, I use to try to create a nice blog to visit. Back in the day, I used to comment a lot. Then, when I couldn't do that any longer, because of illness ect., comments on my blog went away. That sort of said a lot to me about what is real, and what isn't.

I enjoy much about blogging, or I wouldn't be involved in it. There are so many kind and generous people in the blog world. I like sincere people, who don't ask for a lot in return. They're blogging without an agenda beyond sharing.

All that being said, there is a lot that I've learned over 5 1/2 years. Number one is blog for yourself first, because you'll never be able to make everyone happy. Give freely. Some folks are simply tit for tat in life. I'm not going to play those games. If you're blogging for popularity then I don't think you'll ever truly be happy with blogging. People will come and go, so accept what comes your way and appreciate the moments.

Leah said...

I am fairly new to blogging and I can see how it could easily gobble up lots of my time looking at so many gorgeous blogs out there! So as a beginner I think it's quite possible I'm not doing things properly. One of the comments above mentioned questions not being answered. I think I'm guilty of this as I go to that persons blog to answer as I've not worked out how to reply to a comment on my own blog! Does that make sense? I never used to leave comments as a newbie but now I will always leave a wee note if I've loved a post. Like now! Have a fab week. See you again soon.

Knit Geek said...

I also love blogging and I love reading other people's blogs. I don't often leave comments but that's not because I have nothing to say. I usually go a couple weeks without reading (I'm awfully busy), then try to go back and catch up. By the time I've read a post, it's often so old that comments seem sort of unwarranted.

As for getting comments, I don't get many and it doesn't really bother me. I tend to think of my blog as a sort of newsletter to the people closest to me and they all comment in other ways (in person, on the phone, via email) so I do get feedback. Just not feedback that the rest of the world can see. But when I get a comment from a reader that I only know through the Internet, I get a special little SQUEE of joy that someone took time out of THEIR day to make MY day a little better and brighter.

Thanks for making me think and unlurk! Big positive thoughts for your boy. I know it's tough and I definitely feel your pain.