Monday, September 5, 2011

Holiday and a Quick Fix

It is Labor Day here in the US and I am loving every minute of being home today.  I love working with my delayed children but a day off is so nice every once in a while.  Yesterday I spent a little time on a scarf.  I had gone to JoAnn's Fabric and Crafts to buy some yarn for my youngest sons blanket. (More on that later).  And I found this very fun pom pom yarn.  I had a coupon for 40% off and so I bought it on a whim.  I am really not a novelty yarn buyer but this was so much fun.
 The yarn is Red Heart Pomp a Doodle, in the color African Violet.  It is 54 yards of string and pom poms.  I used size 10 1/2 needles, cast on 11 stitches and knit for less than two hours before I had a finished scarf.  It is very soft and quite yummy. You only knit the string portion of the yarn and let the pom poms fall wherever they want. Fun, fun, fun.
 Sorry my close up is a bit foggy.  When I take pictures outside so you can see the real colors of the yarn my lens fogs up......Florida is a very humid place.
 I really went to JoAnn's to pick up more yarn for this.  My youngest son has wanted a blanket for a while.  I made his brother the Big Red Monster blanket last year and truly wanted to rip my hair out with the boredom of it.  He likes it so that is the main thing, but the thought of another blanket just wasn't all that appealing. 
But Mom can't do something for one child and not the other so I decided to take the plunge.  My son wanted brown, so it would feel like he was wrapped in chocolate.  A lovely thought I might say, so I went to a very reliable yarn that I have used for baby blankets and small purses, the famous Lion Brand Yarn Nature's Choice Organic Cotton.  I chained 129 stitches and got to work. 

There is just one small thing I forgot.  Crochet is a huge suck up of yarn.  And I mean HUGE.  I have already used 5 skeins of yarn and am at a measly 11 inches.  My son is rounding out at 5'10", with a potential of several more.  I think I may be broke before this baby is done.  There is a bright spot in this expensive story.  JoAnn's usually has a coupon in the paper every week, and I usually get one mailed to me.  They are accepting Michael's coupons too, so that means about three coupons a week at 40% off.  I envision lots and lots of trips to the store for yarn before this is done.  Any guess on how many skeins it is going to take before I am finished?

Hope you are having a lovely Monday.


Regula said...

I just came home from school. No day off for us here! ;-)

I made patchwork quilts for my sons once, hoping they would appreciate the love I was putting into the project. I'm sure they do, even if they don't express it. They are boys.

A nice and quiet evening is laying before me with lots of crocheted flowers.

Rizzi said...


Claudia said...

My mammoth throw is sucking up a lot of yarn - Yikes. Love that brown color - and being wrapped up in chocolate is a great idea. Also love the pom-pom scarf. I'm sure I'll talk to you later!


BRSMaryland said...

hi Meredith,
I think I read somewhere that crochet uses 3x more yarn than knitting. But seems like your son's blanket might use more ;-) I like that yarn a lot. I bought a brown skein too, to add to a garter shawl I'm working on. i really like the built-in texture to the yarn.
Have a happy day off!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, love your pom-pom scarf. Looks like so much fun!! Love the idea of the blanket for your son. Looking good!! Labor Day and I'm cooking up a storm, in fact that's what I'm suppose to be doing.
Tootles, xoRobin❤

Emily said...

Hi Meredith
Love the scarf and blanket! The bobbly yarn for the scarf reminds me of moss, it looks lovely.
Hope you had a good old holiday day
Emily x

Teresa said...

That idea of being wrapped in chocolate sounds... yummy and a lot less fattening than actually eating it!!! (though I'm sure your son can get away with it, like mine, without too much damage lol)
Crochet does take up a lot of yarn, that's why I chose a knit pattern for my scarf considering I only had a skein of yarn (120gr).
That pom pom yarn is just too cute!
Hope your parents are doing better, my dear!

The Garden Bell said...

Woo-Hoo... Love that pom yarn look. I've seen it in the store but have yet to try. It looks great. Now Sis is right, nothing better than being wrap in a blanket of chocolate. He will love it. And it's a really yummy brown too.

MaryMargaret said...

The Pom Pom scarf is adorable. That's a knit project I could actually finish!

Crochet is certainly a yarn suck. The chocolate blanket will be so well worth it, though. I love the pattern, and that cotton yarn has such a nice warmth and depth to it!

Susan H. said...

Hi Meredith,
Your pom pom scarf looks great! You can also print Michael's coupons from the internet. Usually on the website, also make sure you sign up for emails from Michaels because they will email you coupons too.
xo Susan

Annaboo said...

That scarf looks sooooo cosy. Love those pompoms.
And the brown blanket is simply beautiful. Save those coupons, girl!
Have a great week.

tina said...

Well bless your Mama Heart! A good egg you are! Hey, have you downloaded the JoAnn App? Stores coupons, etc..... always a good thing. LOVE seeing the pom pom yarn, I actually saw it at JA's on my last swing through when I hogged all the muslin. That is a very cute scarf---- how fun! Be good to you!!!!

Susanne said...

Those novelty yarns are fast and so much fun to work with. I have seen the pom pom yarn and it is so nice and soft. Your scarf turned out cute. I recently posted on some I made into a scarf. Fast small projects are just the right ticket to relieve the boredom from bigger works, i.e. that yummy chocolate blanket for your son. It is so true that you can't make for one child and not the other. The last thing a mom wants to be accused of is "playing favorites",, I have a small knitted project on the needle that is suppose to be a quick diversion from my crocheted AF blanket. Alas, I have the leaf yoke all done but have run into a snag, ready to pull my hair out type of snag. I have checked all my resources and don't feel like contacting the creator of the actual pattern, so who better to ask that someone who is more proficient in goes the row of instructions, and are you able to help me figure it out?

k1,p1,k1,p1,k4,m,k1,m,k10,m1,k1,m1,k9,m1,k1,m1,k10,m1,k1,m1,k4,p2tog,yo,p1,k1 (57 sts)

I suppose I did not have to write out the entire row, but maybe I needed to to give you a better idea on what I'm dealing with. Now here is where I am stumped the abbreviations chart does not include the m , I see some places it means meter.....but what kind of stitch is that? This row includes m and m1 From what I gather meter can also mean to increase? (did I read that right?) so why would it have m, which I would think would mean increase, and some places it says m1 which I would still think only meant 1 increase. I am truly stumped and hoping that you can help me out, of maybe you know someone who could. Thank you for any help :) My last resort would be to contact the person who wrote the pattern, but I don't feel like waiting for how long ? for a reply.

Susanne said...

Got your message. At the beginning of the pattern it does tell you to pm for placing a marker a few stitches into the row and again before you finish off the row. For the life of me those markers were not doing much because they were in the way more than anything and I was slipping them even though the pattern never mentioned to do that. I am actually going into the body of the little doll sweater and the sleeve stitches are on stitch holders and worked later. I did find another error several rows into the pattern and corrected it on my paper. It would not surprise me one bit if there were other errors, so you might be right about the m should be m1 throughout that row. I will try it and see. Thanks for helping me. It is the first time I have done a leaf pattern and it actually looks like the picture and leaves. Just shows ya what you can do when you set your mind to it, lol. I will post a pic on my blog in the next couple of days. Thanks again.

Susanne said...

mere, I remedied the problem with that row by just making the 'm" spots a regular knitted stitch and it worked out just fine. I am moving along now with the seed stitching on the sweater edges and the purl rows and then the knit rows. The bottom edge rows are the seed stitch that ties in with the front borders. It is looking okay and working out fine. All that will be left are the sleeves and sewing on some buttons.