Thursday, September 15, 2011


I have so many little things to chat about today that you are in for a mish-mash of a post.  Is mish-mash even a word?  Well if it isn't I now declare it to be one!

First on the list is a big thank you for all of your kind thoughts for my son.  Leave it to blogger friends to always make you feel better.  He LOVED Ohio State.  If there was a bigger word to use than love, I think that is how he felt.  The  Head Coach was, "the nicest man I have ever met." A direct quote I heard twice and was texted to me once.  The swimmers were really a great group of guys.  There is no hazing, which I like and apparently they act like a family, there for each other all the time.  He loved the campus, the football game, the weather, (we'll see about that during the winter months).  Well he just loved everything.  So lets hope they loved him, too.
 On the knitting/crochet front there is not a lot of news.  I have been crunched for time, finding that many days I do not even have time to knit or crochet a row.  How sad is that?  Above you will see my second attempt at the Rustic Autumn Shawl from Knit Purl Girl.  The KAL is over but the pattern remains a beauty.  I am making this out of Red Heart Yarn Boutique Treasure.  Made from 70% Acrylic and 30% Wool.  Purchased at JoAnn's Fabric and Crafts.    The yarn is very lovely and a lot lighter than the pictures portray.  These were taken early this morning with a limited amount of available light.
 This one is a little better but still not prefect.  I am about a third of the way completed.  I think I will make this for my son's swim coach for Christmas.  What do you think?
As for my youngest we have stalled on the blanket at about 22 inches.  I have pretty much stalled on everything yarn wise so it is not the blankets fault.  I am on my eighth skein of yarn, I am sure this blanket is a bit of a black hole as far as yarn goes.  It just keeps sucking up the yarn, without making a big dent in the length.  I just keep thinking ,"coupons" and I can take a deep breath.

We are about to start a kitchen renovation that I just found out last night will be put off until October 4.  Okay this is the second delay and I am getting a bit mad.  I took today off work to help pack things up.  I know a free day sounds glorious, but now it will be filled with paperwork and a little packing.

If you are into reading do I have the book for you.  Roses by Leila Meacham.   Very engrossing, epic tale of a family in Texas.  I am hooked and I have to say I haven't been hooked on a book since The Help.  I am scheming ways to get a bit of reading time.  I downloaded the Nook app on my new phone so I have been reading on my phone while waiting for my son in his Doctor and Orthodontic appointments.  Very fun.  If I could be reading it right now while typing this post I would. 

My Mom is still not doing well, and it is taking its toll on all of us in the family, well most of us but that is for another post.  Once again I have to say that this is such a tough time of life.  My kids are in the throws of puberty, I am a menopausal mess, my Mom and Dad are failing, each in their own way, and frankly my husband is trying to figure all this wackiness out. 

Hope you all are having a great day and you didn't mind my mish-mash post.


Teresa said...

Maybe September is mish-mash month. I'm a bit mish-mashed too! Torn between being happy to go back to work and scared about it (do I even know the way back?!), excited about having "girls" (my age) around again to chat with, worried about the back to school and new/old routines, 2 teenagers and a hyperactive child around and this odd weather that drains all the remaining energy from me--a lot like your Forida weather, hot and humid... oh and not to mention the darn hot flashes!
Thank goodness for yarny comfort! :) and reading!
Stay well, Meredith... keep smiling, my dear!

by Teresa said...

Dear Meredith, you can post anything you want and I will be there for you. I've lived through raising 3 kids and the M word too - and we buried all 4 of our parents in the last 9 years. So, any questions you have, I can try to answer them. Just enjoy the kids now.. someday they'll be married and gone and maybe move 2000 miles away with your grandkids. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Grateful4Crochet said...

HI Meredith, so happy to hear the good news about your son- theta's fantastic! You must be so relived. And your shawl is beautiful!!!
I'm sorry to hear your Mum's not doing so well, I will be continuing to send good thoughts and hope your family gets through this.
I read through my phone too, it's so handy for if you're unexpectedly stuck somewhere or have to wait, you always have a book handy!!
Take care, look after yourself as well as everyone else, and be kind to yourself!!!
And this too will pass

Grateful4Crochet said...

also, sorry about the typos

Rose Red said...

Fingers crossed for your son and Ohio State. I really hope he gets in.

I love the blues and greens in that shawl, lovely colours.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, Loved reading your real life post. Yes, the age we are in is so full of stresses and trials. Failing parents, kids, semi-adult kids, lady stuff and husbands too. If it helps to know, you are not alone. I'm off to visit my 84 year old mom this coming Monday, I really can't wait to see her but at the same time it is my obligation to. Kids, they go off but you never stop worrying. I guess I don't have the answers, I just have faith and keep going!! Take care and I love your shawl. Oh, I almost forgot so excited about the book you mentioned because "The Help" was my favorite book soooo this must be a good one!!

"Petunia Pill" said...

I was just telling my daughter yesterday that burying our parents takes a terrible toll on us. Not the actual burial, but the process that goes on for months and years that leads up to it. And, if we're blessed to have them for a long while, it seems that there is a crescendo in our lives that includes teenagers and their drama, menopause and failing parents...all at the same time! And when you get to the other side, you're a different person. And you're more tired, more fragile and feeling your age like you've never felt it before. At lease, that's how it's been for me! It's a hard time - and if understanding helps at all, I understand. Sending you BIGGGG hugs and thanking you for the book recommendation. And I, too, love the colors in that shawl you're working on! Annette

"Petunia Pill" said...

oops, typo..."at least" was what I meant to type!

Susanne said...

Girl, your life sounds a bit like mine right now, so many thoughts that they are falling out of my ears, and trying to keep one's sanity in the process. Ohio State...I live in Ohio, hope they continue to treat your son right and he adjusts to college life and all goes well. So sorry to hear that your folks are doing poorly. Sometimes we feel so helpless and it is so sad to know what time and age does to people who use to be so active and independent. Watching them decline is not easy. We do what we can and hope for a good outcome. There are good and bad days. Your shawl is coming right along and you are one fast knitter. I did my own thing with that doll sweater pattern that I wrote you about and I have yet to do the sleeves. I am back working on that AF blanket and my daughter stopped by this evening and she loves it. She says her boyfriend's mom will love it when she gets it. I want to be done with it so I can do something new. I love to read too, will have to check into that book. Thanks for the head's up on it. Sometimes those posts that have a mix of thoughts are the best and most interesting. Thanks for sharing :)

Susan H. said...

So glad to hear he lived The Ohio State! Sorry to hear your mom is not doing so well, I will keep her in my prayers. Your shawl looks so lovely. I may have to try that yarn, it looks delightful.
Thanks for the book recommendation, I've been looking for another one that is hard to put down.
Have a great weekend!
xo Susan

Annemarie said...

Hi! What a lovely blog and what a handsome son you have :-)! I would like to invite you to the link party that's going on on my crochet blog right now. I hope you like to join! Have a lovely day!

Annaboo said...

A mish mash post is fine by me- a good, cathartic process, methinks.
Love the shawl- beautiful colours and a perfect, thoughtful present.
Much love and prayers to you and your family through these hard times.

Monica said...

I'm so so sorry for your parents, Meredith... Big hugs and prayers from here.
Monica xo

The Garden Bell said...

Ms. Mereknits.... I need you to pop by and see your surprise and send me your mailing address, please...

Tina said...

Sounds to me my friend that you need a cup of tea a nice walk, a fresh new magazine, a smile from a loved one, a glass of wine and some time doing absolutely NOTHING. I send hugs!

Suz said...

Hi..sorry to hear you Mom isn't well and your Kitchen has been delayed again
Life has a way of throwing 'stuff at us all in one strong you will get through it all and come out the other side
"You never see the bad days in a photo album but it’s those days that get us from one happy snapshot to the next."
Hugs Suz x

kathy b said...

Hang in there......
Keep knitting
Stay away from sad music and sad stories....
When life is difficult
You don't always need imaginary or fictitious
Drama too