Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reality Shot Thursday

My sister Claudia over at the famous, well at least famous to me blog Mockingbird Hill Cottage has created a very fun thing to do with your blog on Thursdays.  It is called Reality Shot Thursday and I just love the idea.  Blogs everywhere show us amazing pictures, but they don't always show us reality.  I mean don't we always try to put our best foot forward to our blogging friends?  I have to admit I love an honest blog.  I love when people write about what is really happening in their lives, not just cheery posts that make me feel I am crazy because so much is going on in my life, that my head is spinning.  So with that idea my sister has taken it a step further with pictures.  Every Thursday you submit a reality shot of something in your home, life, etc.  Jump on her blog and take a look, I think you will find it liberating.

So today's reality shot for me is my kitchen, or lack of kitchen.  Here it is, the cabinets are gone and as of today so is the tile.  There is a massive cloud of dust hanging in the air so I am glad I took these photos yesterday.  I hope you like my reality shot of the day, visit Claudia's blog and join in the fun.


Claudia said...

Thanks for joining, Mer! Wow. I know that kitchen and to see it so empty is shocking! Even though I know that's what's happening at your place, it still seems strange. Does your voice echo??

But soon, you'll have a whole new kitchen. Is that refrigerator new?

Come visit me - we have a kitchen. Just not a working dishwasher.


Grateful4Crochet said...

Love this idea- it's great!!
Travelling now o check out your sisters blog.... If it's anywhere near as great as yours I'm sure I will love it!

Rose Red said...

I love your fridge! I am envious of your almost new kitchen! But not sure I am brave enough to show off my mess at home, heh!

by Teresa said...

I can't wait to see what your new kitchen will look like. I don't know what I'd take a photo of today, except my right foot, which is red and swollen and painful.. just called the doctor, will probably go in tomorrow. I think I have plantar fascitis and maybe even gout in my big toe! Wahh... ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

"Petunia Pill" said...

Ha ha ha! That Claudia is a funny girl! I LOVE it! It's too late for me to join the fun for this week, but I might just have to hop on the reality train for next Thursday! I wonder if I can capture the tumbleweeds of dog hair that roll around on my hardwood floors? No matter how much I brush and comb my sweet Dudley, he still loses a small animals' worth of fur daily. THAT is my reality! Fur, fur, fur...everywhere! I tell my hubby that I used to turn out the light to go to sleep and spend 20 seconds fluffing my pillow and getting comfy. NOW that time is spent pulling dog fur out of the vaseline I keep on my lips! I never used to be able to tolerate the idea of a dog in my bedroom, but sweet Doodles (our nickname for him) has caused me to recant on my rigid rules...but there is a price to pay for those relaxed rules. Hugs to you, my friend. And, yes, even before you mentioned a giveaway of a snowman, I was contemplating doing one. I think I'll do it the start of November so the winner receives it around Thanksgiving. You gotta win, Meredith!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Oh dear, your kitchen photo gives me a headache! Just keep thinking of the end product. . . Love, Linda

A Vintage Green said...

Did you stack everything in the living room with just paths to move around? That's what happened when we gutted our kitchen. Left the stove attached and boxed up most stuff and just used the basics. Thanksgiving on plywood floors with the stove and a small counter in place. I was so happy to have the job completed.
- Joy

Susanne said...

What a great idea...I am sure I can find some dust bunnies or a swinging cobweb, how appropriate too, with Halloween right around the corner I could let everyone see just how I decorate naturally in my home, ugh...maybe a "pig pen" award could be posted on who has the bestest posting, lol.....this could definitely be fun! Gotta check out your sista's blog :)

lovestitch said...

Thanks for your introduction, such a great idea! I'm checking your sister's blog right now! Can't wait to see how your kitchen turns out, but it must be fabulous for sure!
Hope your weekend is wonderful!!!
Much love,
LS, xoxo

debi said...

Oh, the joys of home remodeling. But, when it's finished, I'll bet it's beautiful!

Regula said...

Hi Meredith

I will check on your sister's blog. I think it is a fabulous idea. However, I don't know yet what picture I should take. I am an honest person so my blog is honest too. But although life is hard sometimes, there are always good things happening too. It's a matter of perspective. Anyway, I'll take a picture of my central heating because there has been a drop of temperature last night. Finally, fall has arrived.

Maggie said...

As soon as I heard about Claudia's new Reality Thursdays I jumped right in.
I don't mind showing my ironing pile to the world!
Keeping it real in Normandy!

Mary said...

I love your sister, I've been hanging out with her in blogland for so long now..............can I share her because I don't have one of my very own!!!!?

Hey, I would kill for a kitchen mess like yours - nothing to clean up after slaving over a hot stove, and probably going out to eat all the time! I love your tile, can't believe it's now gone - it looks very European, similar to my brother's 200 y.o. terracotta kitchen floor in France! Can't wait to see just what will replace it!

Welcome to Reality Thursday - Claudia started a good one here!

Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air