Monday, November 21, 2011


Today is my sisters birthday.  I want everyone to pop over to Claudia's blog and wish her the best.  You see I am blessed to have Claudia in my life.  She takes her job as my big sister very seriously.  She is always there for me through all the crazy ups and downs of my life.  These past few months have been a very stressful time for me in so many ways.  I am blessed to have someone who is always there to listen.

When I was little Claudia shared a room with my other sister and me.  She was the oldest girl in my family and was always there to tuck us in at night or calm us down when we were scared.  She has had to help through middle school traumas, high school dramas and college craziness.  She has always been the calm in my storm.  She has always been wiser than me and there to give her advice when needed or just to be there to listen.  She loves my boys fiercely and loves me even more.

I have another sister that is three years older than me.  She is, well how can I say this nicely, estranged from the entire family with the exception of my parents.  We were very close growing up, almost like twins in that we shared almost everything.  When that started to change I am not sure, but now I haven't talked to her in years and she has not seen my parents in 10 years.  She will talk to them occasionally on the phone, but ten years????  Really that is inexcusable.  I am here taking care of my parents for the most part, but Claudia is a mere phone call away.  She will visit when she can,  and she does so much for my Dad talking to him everyday, or several times a day really helps to take the load off me.  Knowing I have her ear at anytime day or night is such a blessing.

So I have the both the good and bad of having sisters.  Because of this I realize how fortunate I am to have a sister that cares and that I am close to even if we are miles apart.  Sisters are a blessing, well those that care are.  So if you have a wonderful sister in your life tell her you love her today.  And please pop onto Claudia's blog and give her a special Happy Birthday for me.


Babajeza said...

Yes, yes, I have one sister (three brothers). She is two years younger than me. My sister is a wonderful person. I shared a room with her until I moved out when I was 21 years old. 10 years ago I lived with her for about three months. She is a very reasonable, not at all judgemental and doesn't take sides. She doesn't have her own family, but is wonderful aunt and loves my boys (and the boys love her).
As we say here, she would give her last shirt to anyone in the family.

The Garden Bell said...

Yes, I will pop over. As you know, I know the Clauds. She and you are both the best. Enjoyed hearing about the rest of the fam here today too. The little things we learn and can post about are always good for the soul.

Claudia said...

Thank you, my dear sister, for this wonderful post. You brought tears to my eyes. I am also blessed in having you for my sister. You are there for me, as well.

Love you always,

Susan H. said...

I will stop by to wish her a happy day! Glad you have such a great sister :)
xo Susan

Karen said...

You and Claudia are so blessed to have each other. I don't have a sister, but if I did I would want a relationship like yours.

I'm off to Claudia's to wish her happy birthday!

Grateful4Crochet said...

This is such a lovely post. I popped over to wish Claudia a happy birthday. You are such a kind and lovely sister.
I agree, sisters are so important- I love mine to pieces, and I love to see my girls growing up with the same bond my sis and I have. There are 13 years between me and my sis ( I am the older bossy, overprotective one!!) and 12 years between my girls.
I hope one day things change for the better with your other sister

by Teresa said...

I will pop over and give her a birthday wish. I'm so glad you have her. I can't imagine a sister who would estrange herself from the family like the other one did. I have my ups and downs with one sis, but no matter what, I love her and we do things together. My younger sis is the best friend in the world to me. I can't imagine being without both of them.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Susanne said...

I always remember this line..."If you want to know the value of a sister, just ask someone who doesn't have one." I always remember that line because I am that "someone". I was fortunate enough to have 5 younger brothers. They have all grown up to be fine men, (not perfect, but still fine). Not all relationships between sisters are perfect either. I cite my 80 year old mom and her 77 year old sister. These 2 women managed to survive World War II, walking down the streets of Berlin Germany with their mother, having nothing but the clothes on their back while the buildings of Berlin were ablaze. Their father died in a Russian concentration camp. You would think these 2 women would be so dang close wouldn't you? Well guess again, we have here 2 strong and stubborn old German women who drive each other nuts. My aunt drove herself all the way from Kansas to Ohio and stayed with my mom for 5 days. She claimed she wanted to stay 7 days but just couldn't take it anymore. My mother ended up with hives and had to be taken to the doctor. They hold grudges over crap that happened back when they were kids...evidently my aunt had a little white mouse and my mom made sure the cat was in very close quarters to that mouse....I think you can get the picture of what happened. The sad thing is they are not getting any younger and they are so much alike it is laughable. I just roll my eyes and shake my head.
{{{HUGS}}} Susanne :)

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, Loved your post. I don't have a sister, but I do have sister-in-laws and they are great. I visited your sister and wished her a happy bday. She seems lovely and funny too. Hope you are well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. xoRobin❤

Rizzi said...