Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

 I have to admit that I scoff at putting up a tree for Christmas.  I know it is most un-holiday like of me but I still feel that way every year, that is until it is up.  Last night we put up our tree with two grumbling boys that would rather be doing there own thing.  But as we put up the ornaments it became a trip down memory lane.
 The first ornament to go on the tree is the oldest one we have.  It comes from my husbands grandparents.  It is so fragile I only let him handle it. 
 I love the ornaments that remind me of the special stages of my kids lives.  My youngest was in love with Laa-Laa the Teletubby.  He was even dressed as her for Halloween one year.  She was his best friend for years and was like another family member of ours.
 As you know my oldest son swims and so this is a special ornament.  When he is older an puts it on his own tree it will be a reminder of a sport that he excelled at and that was such a big part of his life.
 The most precious ornaments are those that my boys have made.  Here is my oldest in kindergarten. A cupcake paper, a picture and glitter how simple but it means so much.
My youngest in his kindergarten ornament in his favorite Packer outfit and stickers of all of the things he liked, which were apparently trucks.
This ornament was in my fathers family.  It was the first one we put on the tree when I was young.  I keep it in a special china cabinet as it was damaged when I inherited it, and it has never hung on my own tree.  It is so special thinking of all the Christmas' it has seen.  All the past family members that have celebrated around the tree where this was hanging.  Christmas is a  wonderful season and I will take my old, worn out ornaments any day to a fancy theme tree will all the flash and glitz of modern life.


Claudia said...

I remember the Packers outfit! And La La. And our grandparents' ornament. Do you remember the little woodcutter that was theirs? I so wish I had it. It was always my favorite ornament when I was a kid. Such memories.


Rizzi said...


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

I love all your special ornaments! The kid ones are the best keepsake aways. And Family ornaments are extra special for the decades of celebrations they have had. Just would love them all to tell us a story of their past!! Wouldn't that be awesome. Happy Merry day to you, xoRobin❤

Kate stubenvoll said...

You know I'm digging that swimmer one. It' not the putting up, it's the taking down that my sore spot.

Grateful4Crochet said...

These are all so beautiful!!!
I love decorations with history and meaning, and yours have both in abundance!!
We lost our Christmas decorations last year, we had possums get into the shed where they were stored, and destroy them :(
So we had to start again this year, but nothing replaces the history ones that the kids made at kindy etc

Rose Red said...

I feel the same way about the tree! I grumble about it, but I love it when it is up!

Susan H. said...

Neat ornaments! I did not feel like putting up my tree either. When I was in Buffalo I helped my parents put their tree up and found some of my old favorite ornaments. It is always neat to remember the old ones and the ones of photos when we were little.
xo Susan

Pradeepa said...

Your Christmas ornaments are so sweet. They should be cherished forever. Oh... and that cactus. My goodness, I have never seen anything like that. What lovely flowers.

Kris said...

Ah..I feel the same way EVERY year! What a nice collection of memories for your tree! Thank you for joining my site, and I have in return joined yours. Such a lot in common, we have!
Be back again soon!

Susanne said...

Oh you sound so much like me when it comes to the tree. I mentioned in a post that I was not putting up a tree this year. It might sound a bit like Scrooge, but both of my daughters have their trees up and we will go there to celebrate. I prefer to have it that way with all the extra things that I have to deal with and rather than run myself into the ground I will survive this holiday just fine. Even in the back of my mind I feel like Christmas just isn't the same since the girls have left and now have homes of their own. It is almost like the magic is gone. That is why this new baby (coming in March) means so much. We too have ornaments that some might think are silly, but they are precious none the less. My oldest brought home her kindergarten little aluminum pie tin with it's snipped edges and her picture glued to the center. My youngest brought me a salt clay green and red candy cane that she had sculpted herself. Every year that thing looks like it will fall apart yet survives. They both made angels for on top of the tree and had to take turns sharing the spot every other year. I wouldn't trade these ornaments for all the fancy store bought trappings they sell. There is no way any of these things can be replaced. I use to make ornaments to sell at my craft shows. I use to buy ornaments other people had made, but I always bought 3 of that item because I knew one day my girls would have their own trees. When they left home they also took their shoe boxes of ornaments. One day they will divide up my ornaments and I hope they cherish them. I love your post. Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

This was a great post. I love looking at other people's trees and ornaments and hearing the stories behind them.

The ornaments my kids made are my favorites, too.

Floortje said...

It's so precious...every ornament having it's special meaning. Love your post! Wishing you happy holidays! X Floortje

Teresa said...

Oh gosh, I love that Teletubby ornament!!! It takes me back to the time my son was a little kid and was crazy about the Teletubbies :) I do have a few older ornaments (and religiously save the ones my son made in pre-school) but every year there are a couple of ornaments that are added to it... just because. Have a wonderful Christmas, Meredith, full of love and joy.

kathy b said...

The images are just lovely. Amazing. Happy Christmas

Marjo said...

Merry Christmas !!