Saturday, December 3, 2011

Knitting Group

Today I read a study in the newspaper that said our close friends have dropped from three to two in the past decade.  That sounds so sad to me.  Friends are what keep us going in good times and bad.  I consider myself very lucky.  I have some wonderful friends.  I'd say I have three extremely close friends, and many more that I can count on.  I have friends from college that I don't talk to very often, but would fly across the country in a minute if I needed them.  What I don't think the study took into account is blogging friends.  We are there for each other, sending congratulations when necessary and prayers and positive thoughts when needed.  Friendship takes on all sorts of different forms these days, it may not be as traditional as in years past but it is just as important for our well-being.
 These lovely ladies arrived at my home yesterday for our annual Knitting Group Holiday Party.  I had them over for lunch, which I forgot to take a picture of to show all of you I really can cook, well occasionally anyway.  I really like this group of women.  We are all so different but yet have knitting or crochet in common.  My good friend Amy (peeking her head out in the middle of the picture) formed this group several years ago.  I had had a group at my house for several years and did not want the responsibility anymore so Amy picked up the slack.  We meet twice a month at each others homes.  It is just a lovely way to connect.
 We swap presents, and yes these women can be brutal swapping your present right off your lap.  I got this lovely Noro....yes my love/hate with Noro will continue for a while longer.
  As I was the hostess I received these lovely yarn ball ornaments.
And Amy gave me this very fun shawl project.  I think I will be hosting again next year to get more fun surprises.  For my present I made a Queen Anne Lace scarf and had a wonderful skein of yarn, hope that it was well liked by the recipient.

I am blessed to have wonderful women in my life.  I am including all of you in that statement.  I have grown to cherish all of my blogging friends.

So here is to all of you out there in blogging-land.  Hope you have a wonderful, safe and healthy weekend.  Hope you find time to do something you really love during this crazy time of year.


minaandme said...

Where would we be if not for our girlfriends? They make life so much happier! It's special that you have such a wonderful group of ladies you can surround yourself with. Your ornaments are darling! I hadn't considered using actual yarn balls as decorations. I like it :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

MaryMargaret said...

What a fun group- hostess gifts are the best. You are blessed to have so many close friends!

Rizzi said...


Karen said...

Meredith, you put into words exactly how I feel about my girlfriends -- and I count you among them. I always appreciate your caring and thoughtful comments. What a great idea to have a knitting club! I used to be in a sewing club with my mom and her friends. I loved listening to the stories of that generation and I learned so much. One in particular became a good friend to me and I miss her to this day. SOMEDAY I am going to learn how to knit!

The Garden Bell said...

Sweet, sweet Mere, what a fun day. I sure wish I have a fun group like that here. It looked like fun was had by all and great idea on the swapping as long as you didn't start pulling hair. You know I cherish the Noro too, just about as much as I cherish you and all my other blogger friends. Some days I feel much closer to you all than the one's down the street. But, then I don't tell them as much about my day to day as I do you.

Have a great weekend,

Grateful4Crochet said...

This is a lovely post, and made me think about the nature of friendship and my friends, and I definitely count you as one of my blog friends, which I am very happy about!

by Teresa said...

Dear Meredith.. you are definitely someone I count as my very special friend.. even though we have never met in person. You're also one of my blogging friends that Dayle thinks is very sweet. I'm glad we found each other!
*M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Liz said...

Hi Meredith,

You are one of my new blogging friends and I wanted to let you know that I gave you an award as one of my favorite blogs. The details are in my recent post. Thanks for crochet and knitting inspiration...and for being a new friend.


Faeryfay said...

What a great group! You are truly blessed!:-)

Leah said...

What an absolutely lovely post! I totally agree with you about the friendships and support we have all made/received in this quirky old blog world. It's fab to be able to meet likeminded folk even if it's never in person! I'm so jealous of your knitting group - what a fantastic thing to look forward to.

Have a lovely week hon.

Sara said...

I think your right... Blogging friends are the best! We've been having lots of fun making handmade ornaments to tie on the top of gifts. I haven't gotten any shopping done but... The reality of how close Christmas is hasn't really hit me yet. I must get started SOON! :)

Babajeza said...

I really love the yarn ball ornaments. What a lovely idea for a gift.

I'm going to make some of these for my friends who I know love knitting and crocheting. Can't wait to purchase some yarn tomorrow (shops are closed here on Sundays).

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. :-)

Susan H. said...

Meredith your knitting group sounds like a lot of fun. I hope to make a group like that here (especially now that I am knitting too!!!). Those yarn ornaments are neat, I am going to do that for the ladies I work with who are into crochet and knitting.
You are a great blog friend and I am so glad to have you as my blogland friend. :)
Hope the rest of your weekend was great.
xo Susan

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Meredith, how lucky you are to have this group of friends and all your blogging friends. It's true this is another form of friendship and I would never have imagined it would be this way. I laughed when I saw the Noro you received......well it will be pretty. xoRobin❤

Susanne said...

Aren't friends who knit/crochet and craft the best of all friends! I too use to have a group of women who I absolutely loved spending time with once a week. We met at the yarn shop and Jeanie who owned the shop loved us too (maybe cause we always bought more yarn and stuff from her, lol), but we were all ages and got along beautifully. I miss those women, I miss those days and all the fun.

Suz said...

Like minded friends are always fun. Looks like a great group too
On line friends can always guarantee a friendly face some where
Have a fun filled week x

Kristen said...

This is beautiful. Happy holidays to you, Meredith, my lovely bloggy friend. :)