Saturday, January 7, 2012

One is Done

 My first project of 2012 is finished.  This shawl is hot off my loom.  Made from Universal Yarns Classic Shades in the colorway Reef.  It is 70% acrylic and 30% wool.  I love this yarn and have made many projects from it is the past.
Here is a up close and personal shot of the shawl.  I love the way weaving is so much different than knitting and crochet.  I am still so fascinated that just manipulating yarn in some fashion creates a fabric.  Whether you knit, crochet, weave or felt making a fabric is so amazing.  This will soon be shipped to my sister for her soon to open etsy shop.  I have one more shawl on my loom to complete before I ship everything out.

My blogging time has been extremely limited.  My youngest who has been home schooled this past semester is on the computer all morning and I work in the afternoon.  My MIL is also visiting so my time at the computer is even more scarce.  She is 93 and worth every second I can spend with her, so I promise that I will try to pop by and visit all of you this weekend when I get the chance.

I think it is time to start thinking about investing in a lap top, but I hesitate as I would much rather spend money on yarn.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the New Year so far.  We started ours off with a new water heater....hmmmm  not the way I wanted my first purchase of the New Year to go.  But you forget how much you use hot water until yours is limited.

Happy Weekend.


"Petunia Pill" said...

Good Lord! A project finished already? With all you have going on, I can't imagine how you do it! I laughed at your comment about laptop vs. more yarn. Priorities, priorities!

No need to stop by my blog...I haven't posted for a long while. The holidays derailed me. I took some photos yesterday - and may get them posted this weekend - and may not. My hook is moving...I'm just not posting it. I'm a bad contact...very, very bad!

Take care, Meredith. I'm in LOVE with the pattern created in the fabric! The colors are delish...beautiful #1 project to kick off the year!

Rizzi said...


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith,
Love the fabric you wove, it is just so gorgeous! I hope the shawl goes to a good home because it is just lovely. What a great first project for the New Year and finished!!!
Yes, I am enjoying nesting : )

Good luck to your sister with her Etsy Shop xoRobin❤

Claudia said...

Sorry about the hot water heater. We've needed one for months but we're trying to scrape by with our current one.

Say hi to Grace.


Babajeza said...

Your shawl is wonderful. The various shades of green are beautiful.

I haven't weaved in years. But as I got an old, antique even, hand loom for christmas some years ago, that dreams along in the attic, I might give weaving a go again. Surely, I have to show the loom to my readers.

Have a nice weekend

by Teresa said...

You'd love a laptop. I love the way the yarn makes a plaid pattern on that shawl.. bravo, my friend! I'm trying to recover from losing my 3 chickens to coyotes night before last. :-(

Hugs, Teresa

Grateful4Crochet said...

The shawl is simply beautiful- but then everything you make is!!
I got a laptop for Christmas, which I have to say has been incredible, as I too suffered from having to compete against teenagers to get some computer time!!

Karen said...

The shawl is so beautiful. I love the way the colors blend. Can't wait to see Claudia's etsy shop when it opens.

Have you homeschooled your son in the past? Just wondering, because I'm considering that option for my daughter, but we've never done it before and she's in high school.

Susanne said...

All I can say is, "WOW!" You are sure fast at weaving, it is amazing to say the least. I was given this huge spool of variegated crochet cotton from my mother and now I find myself back at making more dishcloths....heavens, I am like stuck in a time warp and can't seem to do anything else unless I use it all up. What on earth is wrong with me? I pulled my sewing machine out last week to quick hem 2 pair of knit pants. I put the cover over it and refuse to put it away because I plan to do some sewing...but if I don't see the end of this dishcloth thing I will be knitting till the cows come home.

minaandme said...

I love the colors of your shawl (some of my favorites)! The weave is so very pretty. I've never actually seen a working loom before and I would love to how to use one! I'm going to have to agree with you that any and all of the textile arts are truly wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

"... My MIL is also visiting so my time at the computer is even more scarce. ..."

Sorry, I've just surfed in ... was reading about your limited computer time because of your child being home schooled in the morning, you working in the afternoon, and your MIL visiting.
When you said she was 93, I figured you did not want to take unfair advantage and wrestle her for the computer keyboard. So I thought you were giving her first dibs on the computer time that was left.
Then I read the next sentence and realized you want face time with her.
(Hint: If you get a lap top you can both have a keyboard to play on - at the same time.)

Sorry, I am still smiling to myself.
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
(Change caps to symbols and lose the spaces.)

Faeryfay said...

Wow! I love the shawl made on the loom! Very clever!

The Garden Bell said...

WOW. Now I need a loom. This is fabulous and love the colors and yarn you picked. I can't wait to visit that TPA yarn shop in March. Glad to hear I was not the only one who had Holiday Fog. I'm snapping out of it finally. But, was a little scared there for a while that I wouldn't and might just walk away. But, I'm back, well, sort of....

Liz said...

I looove the shawl. I also love using Universal Yarn Classic Shades. Been wanting to get some of the Reef. Weaving sure does create a different look, still beautiful.

Marjo said...

Wowwww, amazing beautiful !


anthony said...

your shawls and sweater very nice and colorful ilike it.

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