Friday, January 27, 2012

Six and Some Random Thoughts

 Finished project of the year number six is hot off the loom.  Actually it is hot off the loom and in the mail ready to be shipped to my sister.  It is made of soft baby alpaca and silk, and is so yummy and gorgeous to touch.  I am all about grey so this shawl is perfect.  Something about the softness of grey, it is so versatile and neutral all at the same time.  Grey can be so beautiful don't you think?
I have had a busy week so I am going to be rather random here.  I find the floor of my oldest son's room to be sort of like an archaeological site.  Clothes and wet towels from three days ago are at the bottom of the pile with today's clothes on top.  I can tell what he wore everyday depending on where it lays in the pile.

I feel that way about his clean laundry pile, also.  I just keep cleaning the clothes and folding them up, layer after layer until he finally, after much prodding takes them up to his room.  Here they occasionally get put away, but more often than not they merge with the clothes on the floor.  My boy will have a rude awakening next year when he is off to school.  He already knows how to do laundry, but when he actually has to do it, while keeping up with swim practice and school.....this will be interesting to see.

I can not believe it is the end of January already.  Where is the time going?

I talk about my Max all the time.  He is the sweetest, most sensitive dog.  When my kids were young, if one of them had an ear infection than sure enough Max would get one, too.  My oldest son sprained his right ankle pretty badly last Thursday.  Wouldn't you know Max hurt his right front paw on Monday chasing after a ball.  I took him to the vet today just to make sure it wasn't serious.  He is getting better but still hobbling a bit.  It told her about my son's ankle and she told me she sees this all the time with Golden Retrievers.  I think that is amazing. 

This has been an odd year weather wise has it not?  Lack of snowfall for many, blizzards for others.  Here in Florida it has been exceptionally warm.  I know I shouldn't complain, but it is so hot here most of the year we like a bit of a change so we can wear sweaters and scarves.

Speaking of scarves, I have had them all stacked of a shelf.  Some get pushed to the back where you never see them.  Walking thought Target the other day I noticed a shoe organizer that hangs from your closet shelf like a clothes hanger.  There are ten single compartments for shoes.  I bought it and now have a perfect place to store my scarves.  They are neatly folded and I can see each one.  Perfect.

How is that for random?


Tina said...

I love gray too....... just about the perfect color! What a lucky sister you have! I see that you're off to an uber creative start to the year, no doubt 2012 will have a sky high pile of finished goodies from your hands! Good on ya!

Grateful4Crochet said...

Thats a great idea for holding scarves- I would never have thought of that!!!
I have the exact same experience with my son's room!!! So frustrating!!!!
That grey scarf is so beautiful!!!
And that is so sweet about Max!!

Annaboo said...

I love random posts- you can see where someone's thought processes are taking them!
I also have a thing for grey- it kind of goes with every other colour in the universe, I think.
And what a good idea for organizing scarves- mine are all shoved in a box and I forget what I have!
Have a lovely weekend.

by Teresa said...

Another gorgeous scarf/shawl, my friend. I love your scarf organizer idea. Mine are here and there and many are hung on the coat rack in our room. Sweet Max, empathizing with his boys. I can see your boy coming home to visit with a huge bag of dirty clothes for Mom to do for him. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

patchworkandlace said...

Hi ,thankyou for popping over to my blog and for your comments,your post made me smile as my son is very tidy but my daughter is unbelievably messy ,i go into her room and think how can she have it like this ,its total chaos,its funny how they are so different xx

kathy b said...

I enjoyed Random.. Your golden dog sounds like my Huck. Hope he is really feeling great again.
As for laundry, well college son 's home visits result in similar piles in his room.....but I try not to go in THERE
Grey is so versatile. I LOVE the scarf Mere!!

Cozy Little House said...

My dear friend Nola in Texas said yesterday she wished those scarves would get put out before it gets hot in Texas. (Which is much of the time.) She wants to get one.

Liz said...

I love grey. Obviously by all of the grey things I've crocheted here lately. About Max, I've always wanted a golden retriever. We had an American Eskimo and Pugs and our last two passed away a few months ago. I keep bugging the other decision maker in the house to get a golden retriever, but he keeps saying no more dogs! (Taking care of elderly dogs is so, so hard physically and emotionally) But I think eventually I'll change his mind.

MaryMargaret said...

Grey is the perfect color- so warm and cozy. You sister is very lucky! Poor Max- how strange that his injury followed your son's! Goldens are such perfect family dogs.

Leah said...

I too love grey - it seems so cosy and comforting and always goes with what you're wearing! I love your shawl - it's just lovely. Lucky sister! Have a fab weekend hon. Hope Max is on the mend!!

Monica said...

Oooh poor Max! Hope he's well soon. And hope you can soon wear all of those wondersul woolen things you make, even if I am (my neck is ;)) a bit envious of your neverending warm weather. Should I come to live in Florida? ;))
Thanks for your sweet and friendly (and kind) comments, it's fantastic to have my cheerleaders across the pond! So grateful for you!! I am blessed to be able to share my given talents and spread some cheer and inspiration!

moonstruckcreations said...

Hope the boys are feeling better. Love the weaving - how do you get them finished so quickly?

Sorry to have not commented for a while, blogger has been playing up and it wouldnt let me access the comment box on your blog.


Eileen said...

Love the Shawl. Gray is so perfect for shawls. I loved your random thoughts, the dog story is fascinating. Dogs are amazing! Have a great weekend.

Karen said...

I like your idea for organizing scarves. How smart is that.

And your son's room sounds just like my son's room. I keep telling him that when he gets married, his wife is going to hate me for not teaching him better.

I love random posts like this. Have a good weekend, Meredith!

Susanne said...

I remember when my kids would come home from college, they always gifted me with a bag full of laundry. Yes, your son will realize how much he misses mom when he is standing in front of a washer and dryer and trying to study for a test or two. It is good though that you have taught your boys how to fend a bit for themselves, less worry for you. Your gray shawl is perfect, I'm sure your sister will love it for it's softness and color, but most of all because it is from you. Oh what a faithful pet! Imagine that, he doesn't allow your son to suffer alone, amazing! Thank you for coming to visit me. You always brighten my days.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Jane said...

Your sister is very lucky, Meredith! I love that shade of grey.
Jane x

Dee said...

I was never a big fan of grey until this year. I usually wear black and then I added some grey. Grey can be just as versatile.

The shawl you made is lovely.

lovestitch said...

The shawl looks amazing, Meredith, I'm also not a fan of grey, but yours gave me such a great inspiration! Your sister will be thrilled for sure!
Hope your days are always gorgeous!
Love and hugs,
LS xoxoxo