Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Few Super Things

It is Super Bowl Sunday here in the US.  My Green Bay Packer's are out of contention so I do not really give a hoot who wins.  Watching the game is a great excuse to sit in front of the TV with some crochet, so that is  exactly what I will be doing.  As I don't care about the game, I thought I would write about a few things I think are Super.

 * My azalea's are in bloom already because it is sooooo warm out.  They are a little splash of color in all the brown and green of my landscaping.

* Max's foot is finally better, we may be able to take a short walk today.  He has been so bored waiting for it to heal.

*  Beautiful lilies in a simple vase on my kitchen table. They smell gorgeous.

* Most, and I repeat most, of my paperwork done for the weekend so I can really enjoy my day.

 * Soft pink tulips on my coffee table.  Sorry for the fuzzy picture but they are beautiful and such a pretty color.

* Waking up on my own today even if it was early, I love it when I do not have to set my alarm.

 * A basket of crochet just waiting for me to pick it up.  I was crocheting of Friday and quickly realized I did not have enough yarn to finish this project.  A quick trip to Tampa and the  yarn store had more skeins in my die lot, I swooped up four of them so now I can breath a little easier.

* I have started to do some yoga from a DVD I play at home, I have found out how inflexible I am, well in almost every area in my life, but it is getting a teensy bit easier, so I am thrilled.

 * Time to get caught up on my reading list.  I hate it when I am too busy to read my favorite blogs, but this weekend I feel like I have connected with most of you.

*  When both my boys are home on a Saturday night.  They may not be in the room with me but I know they are home safe and sound.  I can also go to bed earlier because I don't have to wait up for anyone, boy am I getting old
 * Another shawl is almost ready to be taken off the loom.  If all goes as planned, I might have time to do it today.

* Reading the Sunday paper with a cup of tea and no rush.  I love a slow morning.

 * Sparkles in the yarn for the shawl.  Can you see the sequins hiding?

* The most unbelievably great pizza at a new restaurant (at least for us) last night.  My mouth is still in heaven.

* Reading an interesting series that has appalled me and hooked me all at the same time.  I question if it is appropriate for teenagers/kids.  So many people have read these books and have been mesmerized.  I guess I have been too as I am on book three, they are just a bit shocking in the magnitude of violence.  When discussing them with my sister-in-law, she said they are no different from all the violent video games kids play and she has a point.  It is the violence with kids against kids that took my breath away. Anyway I am close to finishing and will be happy when I am done.

* Wishing you all a wonderful Super Sunday.



I too will be crocheting in fron of the TV. Not much of a sports fan!


Claudia said...

Have a great day, sister.


brsmaryland said...

I will be making a pot of chili today and knitting as I watch my Giants tonight in the Super Bowl. Oh yeah, and watching the commercials too!
The sequins in the shawl look amazing in the pix and must be even more sparkly in person.
Have a super Sunday,
hugs, Beth

Grateful4Crochet said...

Your day sounds lovely!!
Funnily enough whilst was on holidays, I too started using my yoga DVD!!!!
And feeling soooo much better for it!!!
I hope the day is as super relaxing and fun as it sounds!!!
You deserve lovely things!

Babajeza said...

Hi Meredith

I think there is a big difference between violent films or video games and books. If you read you make your own pictures, the kind you can bear. I've read many books I would never, never watch the movie.
Besides, reading is an active process and watching is just consuming.

I hope your weekend has been wonderful!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, Great post. I am on book 2 of the Hunger Games series and I agree with you. I have a love/hate relationship with these but can't put them down. BTW my book was called Her Sister's shadow, darn!
Of course being from NE, We are cheering for the PATS. Friends, BIg screen and food will be our evening. Have a great Sunday, xoRobin

T's Daily Treasures said...

My husband is a Steelers fan, but all of my boys would watch the Super Bowl if it didn't come on here at 2 am. :/ Sounds like your day is off to a great start. I enjoyed our 3-day weekend but it was back to school/work today. My 13 year old has told me about books he has read and the content seems so inappropriate. I don't like to watch or read anything that is scary or violent. Enjoy the rest of your day. Tammy

The Garden Bell - Kate said...

So, first the Bears are out, than the Packers, then the Bronco, so I'm with you there. I don't give a hoot either tonight. But, about that series of books, I agree 100% and have yet to pick them up. Ok, I'm still in OH, Jamie and Claire ville, but Scott has started them due to the hype, so we shall see if they make it to my side of the nightstand.

Anywho, good pizza in Tampa... that one blows my mind. I have yet to find a good one while there, do tell, more...

Susanne said...

Oh dear girl I know how it is to try and play catch-up with favorite blogs, so many are favorites for all the "right" reasons, and some days it is hard to stop looking and reading. Over the years I have dabbled in so many fun things and even if I haven't tried to make a miniature for the dollhouse (that sits silently in the spare bedroom), I still scan the pages of those talented enough to wow me with what they do. My problem is that I love too many things and want to do everything. That sequin yarn is absolutely gorgeous, so soft and yet so elegant. I hope that you are doing well selling from your sister's Etsy shop. Anyone who purchases your shawls will own a handmade treasure. Oh that silly football! My husband watches it, but he and I both agree that the owners and players are highly overpaid and it does not surprise me that the starting price for a ticket is $600....I feel the system is all messed up, especially when you have a man/woman who walks into a burning building to save a life and makes a wage that would never compare to these spoiled athletes. I do say all this with a low voice because my sil (Steelers and Michigan fan)is a high school football hero who is in their Hall of Fame for several records that still stand after 10+ years. He lives and breaths football and if they have a Trivial Pursuit game devoted to that sport he would win hands down. Peace of mind is when all family members are home and accounted for, I know how that was. I will have to make a mental note on the book you are reading. I just finished "The Help" and purchased the DVD which we enjoyed immensely. I read the book first and it made the movie more understandable, as we all know the written version of anything explains things better with more detail. Back in the day when I was trying my best to keep questionable books out of the hands of my girls, along came college and the internet. We didn't have a pc in this house till my girls were in college, amazing isn't it. Then when my oldest graduated she lent me books that she read because of her profession (social worker) and some were down right sickening, but true real life situations. I thought I had seen/heard and read it all, and got newly educated myself. She would warn me (I had somehow become the child and she the mom) about contents, but I was drawn into seedy real life dramas of abuse of children by the hands of the very folks who should have protected them. It was a far cry from those historical novels I was hooked on back in my 30's. Some books do not allow us to wear the rose colored is always good to read a book with some humor and fun, light and airy and hard to put down. Like the Thorn came to me when I was hooked into being a book club member, I received the book by mistake and too lazy to send it back. I opened the pages and said to myself, "oh Australia, this will be boring" and the first page, I couldn't put the book down. The book disappeared, I was frantic and looked all over the house, I must have laid it down somewhere???? Okay, I found it at the bottom of my laundry basket, my husband had hidden it and told me he was needing some clean clothes, lol.....I named my Meghan after the Megan in the book, ha ha ha (Heavens, I have written a Gone With the Wind novel here!) Have a great Sunday and wonderful week.
Susanne :)

Karen said...

Meredith, This is a great post!

Thank you for your kind comment. We've just begun with the homeschooling, so we'll see how it goes. Things seem to happen for a reason, and I'm glad my husband will be home for a while to help out.

I'm making chili and snacks for my family, that's the way I participate in the Super Bowl mania! My oldest son is coming over to join us, so I'll be happy just to be with the rest of them and watch commercials.

The yoga DVD sounds like a great idea. You'll have to let us know how that goes.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Hugs, Karen

by Teresa said...

That last comment is a hard act to follow.. :-)

I'm glad you're having a lazy easy day and get to crochet. You deserve it!! Awesome on the yoga. I'm swimming 3 times a week and feel good about that. Love your sequined yarn, it's going to be a lovely shawl! What are you crocheting? We're going to our son's house for the afternoon.. none of us are big sports fans so I'm not sure what will be on TV. But I'll be putting the "legs" on my 2nd Teddy Bear while there and adding the ears. Have a great day!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Emily said...

Ah, yoga - how I love it - a DVD at home sounds like a great idea, though I'd have to have the blinds closed, wouldn't want the neighbours seeing me contorting myself on the sitting room floor!
Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day
Emily x

Dee said...

My team is out too (Eagles). Only rooting for the Pats because I can't STAND the guy at our gym who is so OVER-THE-TOP a Giants fan. If they win, working out tomorrow will be pure agony.

Love the tulips. They are beautiful.

Pradeepa said...

Wow! That's really a Super Sunday! I am having a Super Monday right now. Today is my off and I am enjoying a slow morning though I had to get up quite early with the help of an alarm to pack my kid's lunch for school. I used to love reading a lot, but I don't seem to find time nowadays. Priorities have changed. I prefer to pick up the yarn and hook rather than a book.

kathy b said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE To wake up slowly and as much as it is hard to stay up all night on night shift, I only have to get up with an alarm on THURSDAY morniings when I volunteer at the animal shelter.
I see the the sequins, and i love that they are tiny

Lena said...

Meredith, your new look is really nice, and it was so kind of Claudia to lend you a hand. I love all the shawls. They are truly beautiful.

I'm happy the Giants won. I was pulling for them, for Beth and her Dad....though my Seahawks did beat them, you know! LOL!

So glad your sweet pet is feeling better.

The flowers are all so pretty. We'll have a few blooms here in my part of the world soon too.

It is sunny and so pretty here today. I hope your day has been a good one.

Take care.

Liz said...

Your Sunday sounded a lot like mine. Super Bowl, crochet, pizza. I was a great day.
I can't wait to see the shawl. I love the yarn you are using...and those lilies are so beautiful.
Hope you have a great week:D

Sue said...

Isn't there always lots of SUPER things in life when you really look.....great positive post
Good to hear the foot is on the mend and walkies on the menu

Floortje said...

What a 'super' post! I can find myself in lots of them. Such a shame we catch ourselves completely covered in 'everyday-life' a bit too often.... Then again, it makes the super moments extra super when they occur! Hugs!