Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Yarn Party

Yesterday my knitting buddy Cathy and I made the trek over to Tampa to visit Knit n' Knibble, a very lovely yarn store.  They were having their Birthday celebration sale.  A yarn sale is not to be ignored that is for sure.  I have mentioned this store before, the owner and the people working there are really lovely.  We went last year for the first time and we were frankly amazed.  Not at the sale but at the celebration.  Every year the owner rents out the empty store next door and sets up tables and lovely women of all ages sit, and knit, and crochet together, they have door prizes, pizza and drink,s and a fashion show.

 Look at everyone having a great time.  People who work with yarn are so happy, put a bunch of them together in one room and you have such fantastic energy.

 We did not get there until after 12:30, so much of the fun had already taken place, but we still got to experience it.  The joke is everything was 10% off, with yarns ranging up to 70% off.  Everything I purchased, you can guess was only 10% off, but 10% is at least something.
 I wore my new Cardi Shrug.  Now I don't know if the knitters were just overcome by the yarn fumes in the room, but I got lots of compliments.  When I told everyone it was a free pattern on Ravelry they were thrilled.  The lovely woman sitting next to me even downloaded the pattern on her iPhone right away, and headed next door to buy more yarn to make it.  Lots of people had on gorgeous knitted and crocheted items.  One lovely woman I had to go up and talk to was making the Japanese Flowered Shawl, in Lucy's of Attic 24's colors, in lovely Debbie Bliss yarn.  It was so gorgeous you would not believe it.  I told her about the two I made, one was in cotton and  the other alpaca.  My flowers were much bigger than hers which really changes how the shawl looks.
 I went with a purpose.  To buy yarn to make the Nevis Cardigan, from Knit Scene Special Issue - Winter 2011.
 Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but I think the purple yarn above will do nicely.  It is Filigran lace weight, 100% Merino superwash. 
 And because I am loving this Cardi Shrug so much I thought I would make a couple more.    The colors above do not do this yarn justice.  I will try to take another picture on a sunny day.  This is Elizabeth Lavold, Silky Wool.  The green in more apple green, and very bright, and the red is more of a raspberry in color.
 They also had door prizes and I got one!!!!!  Hooray!!!!!  Lovely Cascade Kid Seta with a crochet shawl pattern I will not ever use.  Not that I don't love crochet, you know I do the pattern is just not for me.  I could definitely see another Nevis Cardigan made from this combination. 
 Before any swatching could be done I promised I would finish Monster # 4.  She is into all kinds of mischief as you can see.  She flew off my double pointed needles and climbed in my plant.
 She tried to make some calls on my cell phone.
 And drink my water.
 Here are all four monsters having a snuggle.
The reason for my very shoddy picture taking is this.....the weather is very wet out, dark and GLOOMY.  We have Tropical Storm Debby out in the Gulf of Mexico dumping lots, and lots of water on us.  It is heading off to Texas so we won't get a ton of wind, mostly rain, rain and more rain.  Perfect day to stay inside and play with some yarn don't you think?

How is your weekend going?


Jane said...

What a lovely photo of you in your cardi shrug! I'd love to make more of these too - they're so practical and pretty, aren't they? I especially love that raspberry coloured yarn too.
And I really like the look of the long cardy you're going to make too. What a great trip!
Jane x

WildflowerWool said...

The birthday party at the yarn shop looked like a lot of fun. Your shrug looks amazing on you, new yarn and a door prize, what a great way to spend the day!

Kris said...

I love your cardi! And how nice to see a photo of YOU!!! I can see the resemblance now between you and your sister! You are both beautiful ladies! I would have loved to go on your yarn store trek with you. Such a fun day! And I would have to agree, ladies with yarn are happy souls. And I find the same is true of quilters. We quilters always have a great time too. Maybe it is just creative gals? Hmmm, not sure. But it sounded like a great day. You got some pretty new yarn too.
Enjoy the day inside with your new goodies!
XO Kris

moonstruckcreations said...

Sounds like just the weather to be warm and snug indoors with the lovely yarn you bought!

Your day out sounds absolutely wonderful. I love your cardi-shrug, I tend to never make anything for me to wear - I just dont have the patience I guess!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend, Helenxx

Denise Taraschi said...

The yarn party was a smash again this year and I was amazed at the talent of these women. Thank you for mentioning my Japanese Flower Shawl and I will be sure to have it done for next year's party to show. Thanks for the lead on your site; I am really enjoying your blog. Enjoy the rest of our rainy weekend. Denise

Teresa said...

That yarn party looked like so much fun! I am so glad that you were able to go! I bet it was a mind relaxer for you. You look great in your shrug! I would imagine that there were ALOT of comments. Now I bet you have so many ideas floating around your head you don't know what direction to go. Just kidding! Monster #4 is so cute. Even if she is naughty. She was having fun and that is what counts. I can't wait to see what you do next.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Ok, I am green with envy right now. Wow, that looked like so much fun.

Your Cardi Shrug is awesome. I love the yarn and it looks just perfect on you!

The purple yarn is lovely. I can't wait to see it all knitted up.

Awww that is the cutest little monster. Is that one from the Danger monser book? I want to make this little guy now. Please let me know where I can locate the pattern. I do have the Danger Monster book, not sure in what stack, but it's here somewhere.

So glad you are getting out and having some fun!

Blessings always

by Teresa said...

Ohhh.. you are gorgeous! You look like a model in your beautiful shrug! What a fun party that looks like! I sure wish I could find some yarny activities like that! I adore your monster collection! I have to finish Teddy #5 and 6 - and then I want to make one for me in alpaca, I think. We're expecting our 2 little grandsons to visit for a few hours in just a few minutes. Our son and DIL have to help her parents with some packing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Meredith! I had a good laugh about wanting your husband to be "chopped". HA! You look great in your very own handmade cardi shrug. And what a fun yarn celebration! I enjoyed the meetings I was able to attend last year with like-minded crafty folks, but then scheduling conflicts meant a lot of them were cancelled and people lost interest. Your little monsters look like crocheted monster cacti all grouped together like that. :) Cute! We had dust roll in today so it became very dreary and drab and bleh.

It's good your son has swimming to give him some direction. My son is still floundering. He figures since everyone has to take the basics in the first years of college, that he won't much worry about what he is really gonna do with his life until it is absolutely necessary. That's my boy!

Hope that storm does just pass ya'll by and that the rain isn't so bad.

Take care! Tammy

Dee said...

My weekend is going about the same as yours minus the yarn sale. LOL Looks like you got some good buys.

Little monster is adorable, but don't let her make any overseas calls. They get EXPENSIVE!

Catherine said...

Hi I've just found my way to your blog and started following, came via irishEyesKnitters. I won Kathy's yarn giveaway on her blog there and it is great fun to win a prize, I've blogged about it here so I hope you visit. You live in a lovely tropical place, we are having a damp summer here, very green but at a price! Lovely knitting too and I love the shrug. I am LismoreLady on Ravelry.
All the best, Catherine. (Not all my posts are knitting as my blog is general but there's a lot of them).

vicki said...

Oh Meredith- this is so wonderful-- what a great way to spend a rainy weekend! You look beautiful in your new knitted shrug-- love the colors! You bought some gorgeous yarns for your next project!! It looks like it was just a fabulous day!

I love yarn-- sigh----

Dee said...

In response to your comment: I'm not sure how much rain we have had. It's been a pretty steady rain all day.

So far, we haven't had to empty out the pool, but I'm sure we will before the night is over.

Dee said...

Weather man just said about 2-1/2".

MaryMargaret said...

How fun to be able to get together with other knitters/crocheters for lunch and yarn goodness! The cardigan looks great on you- the colors are just perfect. Enjoy the new additions to your stash!

minaandme said...

What a fun event! It sounds like it would have been lovely to attend. Your new yarn does indeed look silky. I hope you enjoy your new project. Also, your series of monster pictures is precious :)

Rose Red said...

Well you look great in your new cardi shrug, I'm not surprised you received lots of compliments.

What a great yarn party! You picked up some great yarn, and a prize too, how fantastic!

Babajeza said...

Good Morning Meredith

You look good in your shrug cardigan! And what a lovely pictures with the monsters having a snuggle. It made me smile.

My weekend has been super busy as I am at a crafts fair (everything rosy) in Bischofszell. Actually, I'm in the store right now again.

Have a wonderful Monday


kathy b said... are so beautiful!! Love you and the Cardi!!!!! My shrug is about 3 inches along.....but Im on stay cation so Look out! its going to really get moving now.
Purple Rain, that 's all I can think of with your yarn that's purple and Trop Storm Debby.!!!

Yarn prizes are the best eh???? My weekend was great. I only had to work saturday night shift...then my vacation began!! Our weather is glorious today: 70s sunny!
wishing you some

Red said...

That looks like so much fun. I've always wanted to sit around with other crocheters/knitters and just pass the time. I have yet to find a shop that does this. Hmmm, perhaps I could start hosting my own? Something to think about...

The monster is too cute!! :) Loved that!!!

delia hornbook said...

aahh it looks like you all had an amazing day ;-) you look lovely in your handmade cardigan i love the colours. And your new yarn is gorgeous such beautiful shades look forward to seeing what you make with it. dee x

knitnknibble said...


I'm so glad you were able to come over to celebrate our birthday at Knit 'n Knibble! It's such a fun event for us to host - it's wonderful to hear that you had a great time. Thanks for sharing your experience at Knit 'n Knibble!

Susanne said...

You look so nice in your cardi, and if you have doubts then rest assured, those women would not have even wanted the pattern if they had not thought so too. I love yarn shops. One of my best friends use to have one and I loved it from day 1 till she sold out and closed it. I wish I would have bought it from her, could kick myself in the butt for not thinking to do that back in the day. Yes (sigh) hind sight is 20/20.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Seems as though it's raining pretty much everywhere!

What fabulous yarn bargains. I'm regretting my stash diet already !!

Grayseasailor said...

So glad you got to attend your yarn gathering, Meredith! I love to be creative with others: scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting, spinning, quilting have all been treats and I have met wonderfully talented and interesting women!
Your shrug IS just right in color and style for you. Inspiring!
I'm sending some hugs for you and your *Merry* Monsters :)
Gracie <3

Cari said...

Oh my gosh are just too darn cute!! Love your cardi shrug !! Your work is amazing!! I'm staying high and dry this week stitching and knitting away!! This has been some crazy weather hasn't it? Hugs to you and thanks for visiting my blog too.


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

That is such a good pic of you wearing your darling shrug! How fun to go to that party! As you can see I am a little behind in my blog reading. It has been a chaotic summer so far. ~Hugs, Patti