Thursday, July 19, 2012

Variation on a Cardi Shrug Theme

First let me tell you that Max was touched by all your kind comments.  He is very happy that little fluff ball is home where he belongs.  Now he can rest out by the pool without worrying about being sniffed.

 Do you remember the second Cardi Shrug?  Well here it is  all nice and , well for lack of a better word, blocked.  I love the color and I think it will be very fun to wear when it is not 93 degrees with 90% humidity.

 As you know I become obsessed with one pattern and knit or crochet it many, many times.  Maybe I do have a bit of obsessive compulsiveness in me, and it comes out when I play with yarn. 

 So I made Cardi Shrug number three.  But as I was knitting away, minding my own business the Crochet Fairy popped by and simply said, "Hey, what about me?  We have not spent much time together lately!"  I tried to remind her of the crochet ripple washcloth madness, the two major vest projects, but apparently it wasn't enough.

 So I decided to add a bit of granny fun to the Cardi to break up the knitting.  I love how it looks.  Don't ask me how I did it, I don't know.  Don't ask me about the math, or the planning, I winged it all.  But you can ask me about these pathetic pictures that do not do the Shrug justice.  It is so humid outside today that I could not wipe the lens off fast enough to take the picture before it clouded up again.

Remember you can find this free pattern on Ravelry, it is the Cardi Shrug by Jennifer L. Jones.  It is very easy to adapt.  Add more stitches to the arms and back until you have the right number for you.  I have added about 10 stitches to each arm and the back to make the right fit for me.  Easy Peasy.
Have a great day.


Claudia said...

They look beautiful. I love the added touch of some crochet to the second shrug.

Love you sister,

Red said...

Max looks much happier now that the neighbor is back home where he belongs. Love the shrug with the granny squares!! Oh my gosh - it really adds that extra something to it. You did beautiful work for winging it!!

Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

Great idea to add the little granny squares. You must be a fast knitter -- I can't even get a second sock done these days! Stay cool!

Shari said...

You do beautiful work Meredith....I am really loving the green and I am so happy to see Max is back to his normal self...such a pretty dog!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Isn't it great when an idea actually works itself out? I love the granny bit added to this shrug. Gives it a nice character. So glad Max is able to relax now. :) have a great day. Tammy


Love them both!


Sentimentally Me said...

Ha * Glad Mr Max is back to his ol' self! Good gosh, they are set in their ways, these dawgies, aren't they??? Ours sure are!

THE CARDI SHRUG - O- RAMA is fabulous! Great idea to add those grannies!! I'm gonna investigate the pattern for sure!

Have a great upcoming weekend,Meredith!

xo P

Annaboo said...

These are both so lovely, Meredith!
My fav has got to be the one with the grannies- very clever of you!
Have a super week.

Elizabeth said...

I am your newest follower, I just could not stop reading your blog, it is like a book that you just can't put down!

minaandme said...

How very clever of you! The crochet bit added in looks perfect. I can't believe you just winged it! You're very brave. I hope the weather cools down soon for you so you'll have a chance to wear your fun new cardis :)

Dee said...

Well, how CUTE is that granny square addition!!!!

I agree with Max. I HATE being sniffed while I'm chillaxin' by the pool. ;-)

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Those both look really lovely. Glad to hear Max has regained his equilibrium. And how do you survive in that humidity?

by Teresa said...

I'm so glad Max is recovering from the attack of the fluff ball! I love both your shrugs, but the one with the granny flowers across the middle is my fave, I love the detail of it! Hope you model them for us. .. and I'm glad I make you laugh! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Kris said...

Yea for Max. Love the cardi's. I love the grannies on the green one! So nice to be able to wing it like that. I am not that talented!!!!

Faeryfay said...

I love the shrug!:-)

Pammy Sue said...

Hi Meredith! Thank you so much for your sweet comment and well wishes after my surgery. I'm feeling better today than yesterday, and I expect that to be the trend. Thanks for thinking of me!

Cache-Mire said...

Love the shrug! Will have to look for the pattern. Thanks for sharing where it came from. I know what you mean about the knitting OCD. As you can see from my scarf collection I seem to suffer from the same problem :-)
~ Terri

Leah said...

You are so clever! I love the addition of the crochet squares - just perfect. Now you just need some cooler weather to wear them .... you need to be here in NZ. Brrrrr.

Have a fabulous week hon.

kathy b said...


BOTH of the new cardi shrugs are amazing. i need to make another and add stitches so it will fit me . YOUR granny is amazing.
THANKS FOr a great knit pattern tip, I would not have found it without you!


Shari said...

Hi again...I have left a little something for you on my blog...check it out if you have a minute.
Love Shari!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I love the Cardi Shrugs...but number three with the crochet is awesome. How clever you are! :)

Awww Max is so sweet. He's adorable!

Blessings always

Amanda said...

Hello Mere
Pop into my blog when you can as I have left something there for you on my latest post :-)


Mrs. Micawber said...

Love that pop of red (or pink) on the green cardi! Crochet makes most things better. :)

I have project OCD as well.