Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This and That

 I am loving a very rare moment of quiet.  I have been going full speed these last few weeks.  My husband is at work.  He goes to the office two days a week and is home for 5.  That is the reverse of what most of you experience.  I love him, but it is really nice when he is busy.  My youngest started school on Monday.  The bus comes at 6:10 AM.  yes, you heard that correctly, so I have been up for hours.  After I dropped him off, I popped back home and heard, nothing, quiet.  I loved the sound of silence.
 Max is exhausted.  He has been feeling the strain of the last few weeks too.  Then the overnight stay by Wrigley was almost to much for him to take.  On Sunday my niece and her family arrived to visit for a few days.  Their main plan was too see my parents, but they added in a trip to Orlando to see the sights, too.
 Max has been very busy protecting them as they swim in the pool.  Being a lifeguard is hard work. 
They left yesterday afternoon, so I have been washing sheets, cleaning bathrooms and floors, you know how that goes.  Today is a rare day off for me.  I am taking my son to an appointment this afternoon so I had to reschedule my patients for Friday.  This is a blessing as I have the morning to myself.  Quiet, I love it so much.
My niece left me these, aren't they beautiful.  Her kids are adorable, two knitted monsters and a felted bag were delivered to them.  I hope they like their treats. 

I finally talked to Mr. 18 year old last night.  He has text me a total of 13 words since Saturday.  A good sign I think.  But boy was it lovely to hear his voice.  He is happy, making a lot of new friends, riding around campus on his bike trying to find his classes, and I am sure experiencing a bit of college life.  His classes start today.  He has had lots of athlete meetings, swim meetings and practice.  He is feeling all big and mannish.  It makes it easier when they are happy, and it makes it easier when I have cleaned his room and there are no wet towels on the floor. 

Sending my sister Claudia a big hug.  She and her husband Don lost their beloved dog Riley on Monday.  He is a beautiful, spirited, wonderful boy and he will be missed.  Love you Claudia.


Pradeepa said...

I agree that it's nice when husbands are busy :) Poor Max, he sure seems to be very tired. I feel sorry for your sis Claudia.


Yes, it truly is golden, isn`t it?


serendipity said...

Having family around is all very well, but it is lovely to have the house to yourself isn't it! Good luck to your son, hope he enjoys college.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

There he is, my pal Max! He's so cute! :)

Sending hugs and prayers for your sister Claudia and her family on the loss of their beloved Riley.

The flowers are lovely (she was so sweet to do that) and I am do glad you spoke with Mr. 18. So glad he is having fun and you are right, it's nice that he is happy. It's such a big adventure for him. :)

Blessings to you all and hugs, too.

minaandme said...

I'm glad things are settling back down for you. It really has been hectic and I can only imagine how sweet that silence was. I hope Max is feeling better as well. He seems like such a sweetie. Lots of love to you and all of your family as you all recover from your life changes.

Dee said...

Ahhh...isn't a quiet morning just wonderful.

If I could convince the yard guy next door to quit all his noise, I'd be enjoying the morning right along with you. ;-)

Kris said...

Ahhh, silence! What IS that??? I get up early to get a wee bit of it myself!!
I am glad your son is adjusting so well. Let's hope my son does too!! I feel awful for Claudia. What sadness! Most of us have been there and know. I hope she can keep busy and remember the good times. It takes a while.
What do you do? You mention patients. Are you a doctor?
Have a good day.
XO Kris

Petunia Pill said...

Poor Claudia and family! I have tears in my eyes from that! We dog lovers all understand that terrible pain!

Mr. 18 year old...I love it! Too funny! Good for him...great memories and times for him!

Silence...oh it's a golden thing. Enjoy every second of it!

Hugs, Annette

Shari said...

So happy for you that you had received a moment of relief when you talked to your son! I know that put a smile on your face! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Cozy Little House said...

Glad you're having some quiet and peace. It is essential to our well being, I believe. I too am worried about the Sparks clan. I love them as well.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Quiet time is a wonderful thing. I am not often alone around here, but cherish the time when I am. My oldest son is already anticipating leaving home next year. He already thinks he is ready. I read Claudia's post about Riley. So sad when we have to let our pets go. I had the depressing task of disposing of a kitty this morning that died from malnutrition. Just breaks my heart. These animals didn't ask to be on the streets. No one cares about them. I feed them and do what I can. It's a hard life for them. Hope you have a great rest of the week. Tammy

Susanne said...

I love quiet time too. We spent the last 2 days laying down 45 bags of mulch after I trimmed all the shrubs. I am so glad your son is adjusting to college life and you are adjusting as well. I think it takes longer for mothers to get use to the almost empty nest. Kids seem to find a new adventure around every corner where when we get older we hate change. I saw where your sister's beloved Riley passed away and was saddened when I read her post. What a lucky dog to have been found by 2 people to love him and what a lucky couple to have had him. I know he will be missed. I'm sure there is a special place in heaven for the pets we loved.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

The Garden Bell - Kate said...

Your peace and quiet is long over due. I know you must be missing some of the noise or splashing into the pool. Keep us posted on how his swimming is going at school. Thanks for your kind words and it was nice to check back in today. I have been lurking around so I kind of know what everyone is up too.... Off to cry about Riley...

Grayseasailor said...

My oldest son emailed me yesterday again. At 42 his sage advice was "Life is full of ups and downs. Be happy!" I am, but it is also important to honor loss and change in relationships with sons and husbands and dogs that help us ultimately celebrate and treasure those very relationships, isn't it. With caring thoughts for those who are missing Riley,
Gracie x
ps...glad you are enjoying family, flowers, and some peace and quiet, too :)

Rose Red said...

It has been a big emotional week for you, I hope the quiet time was restorative.

kathy b said...

Quiet is delicious. Your roses are amazing. Your 13 text words are precious. wishing you more moments of peace

Pooch said...

It's always good to hear the voice of one's child. So glad you were able to chat. It certainly is a blessing to enjoy the quiet, isn't it? It's a gift to be able to do that.


lovestitch said...

I'm so glad you had quiet time and enjoyed some peace. What a precious moment you had when talking to your son - I know how much that was warming your heart...
I'm sorry to hear about Riley, I just checked your sister's site and read her post. Such a hard time she has been going through... Hope she is getting all well.
You have a great day, with lots of love and enjoyable moment!
Hugs, LS

by Teresa said...

Hi my friend. I'm glad you had a nice quiet day to rest up from all the changes you're dealing with. I was sick today, not sure what it is, but was worried it was diverticulitis.. but not sure.. but had to stay home from volunteering at the falls.. sister's hubby volunteered with her for the first time and enjoyed it. That is neat. Sorry about Claudia's dog.. I don't know what I'll do when my lil Buddy passes. wah.
((hugs)), Teresa

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Aren't those snatched quiet times just the best, little oases of peace in a busy, even frantic life. And I always seem to waste them on the things I need to do but haven't had time for, forgetting that I might just need to slow down for a while and do nothing.

So sorry to read about Riley, Claudia's blog was next on my list to visit.

vicki said...

Meredith-- don't we all live for the quiet times?!!! Enjoy-- they are rare and wonderful!! I'm glad your son is happy at school-- don't worry about the few texts--- he knows you are there if he needs you--

Mrs. Micawber said...

I hope you enjoyed to the full your quiet day - I too love my husband dearly but it IS so nice when he's busy elsewhere. :)

So glad you heard from your son. Happy naps to Max ... and sympathy to your sister.