Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rain and 32

 It is raining like crazy out this morning so what is there to do?  Hmmmm... I could be cleaning, or doing laundry, but no I am trying to take pictures of a vest I have not blocked, in a dark home, for my own entertainment.  We know this is not going to go well, as my photography skills are challenged even in the best light.  I think I should scrap this post right now, yet I keep going.
 This is the Crochet Circle Vest Shrug found on Lazy T Crochet.  It is one of the very few patterns I have purchased, but once I saw it I had to have it.  It is all over the Pinterest Universe, so I am sure you have seen it.  Believe me the designers photos are beautiful, her vest is blocked and gorgeous.  Mine is hanging out, whacky and not even centered on the hanger.  Can I say it looks better on, and will you believe me?

 Note to self, block all projects before posting in the future so you do not embarrass yourself.  Regardless, I am bored, so here you go.  I used Plymouth Yarn, Encore for this project.  It took almost all of the 3 skeins I bought, 200 yards each.  In the lovely color, 0389, why it is a number and not an actual name, I have never figured out.  The pattern calls for Vanna's Choice yarn, I might have to compile my Joann's coupons and buy a few skeins to see the difference this yarn might make.  I had to adapt this pattern quite a bit.  And that is really not the easiest thing for me.  I went up two sizes in crochet hooks to get gauge, but could not come close to getting the gauge lengthwise.  I ended up adding 8 rows of double crochet to the back to make it the required length.

 I started out making the small size, as I am thin and have absolutely no chest, this usually works for me, but due to the restricted length issues I was having, I added on the extra stitches at the arm hole that would make this a large.  I followed the large pattern after that and it ended up fitting.  You are not going to see me in it as I am still in my jammies, and it just might look a bit better once blocked.

One of my knitter friends tried it on at my knitting group on Friday, she of the lovely shape and perfect bust size looked really good in it, hopefully I will too!  I learned the very fun Foundationless Crochet technique to start this project off.  There are lots of YouTube videos for this.  It took me a few tries but then it was easy.  I still think I like your basic chain foundation, but a new technique is fun to learn.  Completed project number 32 for the year for me.  Can you count it if it isn't blocked yet?

This is going to be a strange day I can feel it.  I woke up out of a deep sleep at 5:37 AM, jumping out of bed as I thought I had overslept.  It is SUNDAY! I could not go back to sleep even though it is dark, rainy and thundering out, a perfect morning to sleep in.  I think this might be a long day!  Maybe I can take a nap.

Hope your Sunday is wonderful.



Oh, it`s really cute! Let`s see it on YOU.

Enjoy the rain!


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I am sure it is going to look perfect on you. I am envious that you can even do something like that. I didn't know it was raining down sister did mention last night that she thought she seen storm clouds. Beautiful, crisp and sparkling Ohio morning here!~Hugs, Patti

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith,
Love finished project #32. It will look fab on you!!! We have just had rain yesterday and today is so sunny and lovely, it will be hard to do my inside things. I will have to sneak out!
Congratulations on another beautiful article of
clothing : )
Yes, a nap may be in order especially if it keeps raining, xoRobin❤

Petunia Pill said...

#32? You amaze me. It's Beautiful..and I, too, want to see it on you! Even though I definitely believe you when you tell us that it looks adorable on! I just wanna see a pic of you wearing it! We had rain and thunder yesterday afternoon and this is fall like. Woooooopeeeee! My favorite time of year. Hugs, Annette

Dee said...

Cute vest.

Raining here too. I was hoping to get out for a walk today, but it looks like it's going to rain all day.

I guess I just knit and watch it come down.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh, this is going to be so cute on you! :) And yes, it counts even if it's not blocked! :)

As for the Vanna yarn, they are having it on sale at Hobby Lobby next week, so if you have one near by it might be worth looking into. I only know this because I get their e-mails and coupons (if you sign up you get a 40% coupon every week that you can print up). And I was checking their sale..not that I was looking to buy yarn, of course. :)

Hmmmm that yummy rain is also good weather to curl up and knit/crochet, too. :)

Hugs to you and my pal Max, too. :)

Kris said...

I love everything you make Meredith. I hope to venture into some more difficult things to knit this year. I am quite good at dishcloths and slippers. But it is time to challenge myself!!!
Have a great day!!
XO Kris

Grayseasailor said...

Good for you, Meredith! I like what you have done. I just printed off a free shrug pattern I want to crochet. Now to focus time on all I want to do :). Gracie xx

by Teresa said...

That is gorgeous and I'm with the others, let's see it on you! We have clouds here but no rain.. we've had like 50 days without rain here in Oregon.. must be a record. But it's definitely fall. We have a lovely unscheduled day ahead of us.. and a blog post to do. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Babajeza said...

Hi Meredith

This is a lovely vest! It turned out great.

You made me laugh. It's amazing how the time runs if you want to take a decent photograph when the light is bad or the sun too bright or ... I know all about not using the suggested yarn, adding a row here and there and some stitches.

Hopwfully, you will show as a picture of you wearing the vest.

As we had a family gathering today, I had to jump out of my pyjamas this morning unfortunatelly.

Have a nice Sunday evening.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I LOVE IT! Don't see why it needs to be blocked. Looks to me like it is supposed to hang rather loose and wavy. I've never attempted anything like this. A triangular shawl is the most I've done that is wearable other than scarves. I bet the vest shrug will look fabulous on you. :) Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

lovestitch said...

Your vest came out stunning! Even though the light and the photos didn't treat it well, it's still very beautiful! Will you take a photo of you wearing it to share all of us? :) I believe it will look great on you!
Hugs to you,

kathy b said...

Wishing you a wonderful nap. I took one today!!!
I love your vest. I bet it looks amazing when on.

32 projects this year....wowza.

I love the color you choose for the vest VEry versatile and very classic.

Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

Really cool pattern. I have avoided the temptation of Pinterest, so it's all new to me, and you did a great job, even unblocked. Hope the sun is out today!

Shari said...

You do amazing work Meredith...I can not make anything to fit me. Would love to see it on you! Shari!

Mrs. Micawber said...

32 projects is fantastic! Nice work tweaking the vest to fit - it looks great. It will be stunning when blocked.

P.S. I wondered what the "32" in the title was for, and then when you said you had "no chest" I thought it might perhaps be an oblique reference to a certain measurement.... boy did I get that wrong! :)

Susanne said...

I haven't blocked anything in ages, but then again I do not make clothing for myself because I would have to buy enough to make the large or x-large size. I prefer to make wearables for people who resemble the picture of the model wearing it, lol. Do not fret over showing us a preview of this lovely vest. I have enjoyed all the photos, even the rainy ones. Our night is suppose to be down in the 40's, a far cry from all those sweltering days and nights a couple weeks ago. What a relief!
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

gaia said...

Hi Meredith,
The vest is lovely; the colour is perfect. I wish it rains in this part of the world too; it is so hot and humid, not the best weather to knit or crochet!
Have a lovely day....GAia.

Caroline said...

Love the shrug! I think that color is great too.

millefeuilles said...

I think it's beautiful!


steph said...

i think the vest looks great!!! I think there is a similar one that is knit that I've had in my queue for awhile. I need to get it on the needles soon---I'm inspired!