Saturday, October 6, 2012

33 and 34

Today is sunny and hot!  I wish Autumn was showing her beautiful face here in Florida.  I know so many of you are experiencing the beauty of this wonderful season. I wish I could smell the crisp air, see the glorious leaves changing color, and walk with leaves crunching under my feet.  I wouldn't even mind raking a pile of leaves together, ah Autumn.....I miss you so much.

So on to some completed projects.  

 I finished another Crochet Circle Vest Shrug by Lazy T Crochet, check out this wonderful blog for lots of crocheting inspiration.  I used Vanna's Choice yarn for this project as suggested.  I am not a fan of 100% acrylic yarn, call me a yarn snob if you wish, and even though this yarn worked well for the project I am still not a fan.  It just has this different feel to it that I am not thrilled about.

 I had the same issues with the second vest as I had with the first, my gauge lengthwise was way off.  But with crochet I think you can wing it a bit and just add a lot more rows.  Because of this I sort of ran out of yarn, so this vest is not as long or wide as they gray one I made earlier.  I still like it and coming in at under $8 for the completed vest,. I think it is a winner.  Oh those Joann Fabric and Crafts coupons are a blessing.  Save a few 40% off coupons and you have made a great vest for a very reasonable amount.

 I also had a special order scarf for my sisters Claudia's Etsy store.  You have seen this before I know, but I just had to show you again.  I just love the sequins and the soft drape that weaving creates. 

 The scarf has been wrapped up and shipped out, gosh I hope the lovely woman who ordered it likes it. Don't you always feel a bit inept when someone wants to buy something you have made?  Will they like it?  Is it the right price?  Are they going to be disappointed with the final product?  Yikes!

This weekend I am bringing a bit of Autumn into my home.  I am decorating for Halloween and putting my Autumn decorations out so even if it is hot and humid outside, I can pretend it is Autumn inside.

What are you up to this weekend?


Dee said...

Pretty vests and scarf.

I'm sitting here waiting for fall too. I put out my Halloween decorations now I just need the cool breeze. Maybe next week?


Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

I agree with you on the Vanna's Choice. My favorite acrylic is currently Loops & Threads (found at Michael's). That circle vest is great, though, and the woven scarf...Wow!

It's been awfully warm and humid here in NJ as well. Tomorrow's going to be rainy and chilly, though, so maybe we'll start getting some of that wonderful color soon.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Microfiber acrylics feel a bit nicer - the Deborah Norville Serenity Garden line feels very cottony and soft (only in the DK weight though). I'm with you on 100% acrylic. But for messing around and trying out new stitch patterns and techniques it can come in handy.

Your vest is beautiful, and the scarf is to die for. Love the drape and the sparkliness.

Like you, it's very hard for me to be confident about things I sell to people or make for commission - not that it happens very often but I'm horridly insecure about it when it does. So perhaps I'd better repeat that the scarf is GORGEOUS! :)

kathy b said...

I LOVE That sequined shawl..... It is so worth showing again. I used Vannas for my shawl because it wont itch me, but it has its limits for sure.

Off to the workend....a very special baby should be going home next week. We've been together since May...such a joyous time for his family!

Petunia Pill said...

Act as if...that's my motto. It works for a lot of things. Lovely projects you've made! I love the shawl/scarf. That's such a gorgeous color. Autumn On, Sister! xoxo

moonstruckcreations said...

I love your vest and scarf, beautiful handiwork.

Sunny here today, but with a definite nip in the air!

At least you will feel like it is autumn indoors with your lovely decorations.


Babajeza said...

Hi Meredith

I have a few projects on the needles already but I must keep the circle vest in mind. It is gorgeous. The little beads on your woven skarf look like drops of water or tears. It's lovely too. I'm sure the person who bought it loves it already.
Happy weekend. Regula

Teresa said...

You can always come here to rake! I heard Claudia also has a lot of leaves, so I am sure between us we can keep you busy. The vests are beautiful! I am sure your customer will love the one she bought!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Love the vest and the scarf, too. Very nice.

I fall finds her way to your door step, soon. I'll take you up on the leaf raking thing, ton of that stuff in my back yard.

Blessings always :)

Claudia said...

Uh...hello? It's OUR Etsy shop - both of our names are there.

What are you thinking?!?

And you know that all you have to do is get up here and you can have a taste of fall. Any time. We'd love to have you, sister.


Grayseasailor said...

I am smiling after reading Claudia's comment :)
My reaction to Vanna'a yarn is similar to yours, it just does not feel right to me. Also, I noted that although it is marked as a 4ply acrylic like some Stylecraft I bought, it is thicker than the Stylecraft. But I really love the color and shape of the vest you made, and the shawl is a treasure in my opinion. Lovely! I like your feather fall decorations, Meredith. Maybe you can take Claudia up on her offer and get a good dose of autumn weather visiting her :) xx from Gracie

Susanne said...

I love the sequin shawl, you know I do! Your vest is pretty, and never you mind about the buyer of the shawl, she will love it. Have you ever tried I LOVE THIS YARN? It can be purchased at Hobby Lobby and it is so soft, but 100% acrylic so maybe you wouldn't like it so well, but I tried it for the first time this week and it is wonderful. It is cool and nippy, we are expecting a frost sometime this weekend. The furnace is on and leaves are turning and falling. Seems I am just dreading winter this year, and probably going to be a ba humbug when the holidays roll around.
Susanne :)

minaandme said...

I know I've said it before, but I really like that circle pattern. I like that color too! Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy it in the upcoming weather when autumn does come to you!

Kris said...

Hi Meredith. I am sorry you are still having heat! We have finally cooled off. Although it is still quite warm, there is a soft breeze, and the nights are cooling off drastically. Such a wonderful change!!
I love the vest. I have not used Vanna's yarn yet.
I am thinking cool thoughts for you!!
XO Kris

pembrokeshire lass said...

I came over from Teresa's as she was talking about journalling and here you are with all your wonderful home made things! I would just love to buy such a lovely shawl. I'm sure that the person who bought it is delighted with it! How good to meet you. I think I will become a follower so that I can keep up with you! Joan

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm with you on the feeling of Fall. Sure ain't happening over here. :/ Your vest is lovely. And the woven shawl is fantastic. Definitely worth every penny you charge. The only thing I worry about when I give something handmade is "will it hold together?" Hope your day is a good one. Tammy

Faith said...

Love your new makes, I especially love the scarf, the colour I perfect and I love sparkle, I bet the person who commissioned it is going to feel decadent in it - beautiful!

I am not a fan of commissions, I have done a few paintings and my hubby always says never again as I stress terribly, I far prefer to make things for a stall that people choose and buy.

Autumn is pretty much here weather wise, we have a fire lit again tonight which tends to only happen on weekends as week nights are too busy with boy related I type our beagle is sitting soaking up the heat!

Shari said...

Hi Meredith, so I have missed a few of your blog post....I admitt I am a little bit of a slacker these days. I love the vest!!! I think it's beautiful. Today is really the first day that it feels like Autumn. It stayed in the upper 60's all day today! I am to decorating for Fall a little late, I guess better late than never!
Hugs, Shari

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

We seem to have arrived in autumn, fall, all of a sudden here, straight from blazing heat to blazing leaf colour with a just a few very wet days between. Perhaps the same will happen for you soon. This is my favourite season so I feel your pain.

Love the woven wrap :D

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I moved to Florida years ago and only lasted 3 months. Too humid and no seasonal change. I have never regretted moving back north. I guess I am a seasonal kind of gal! I love your vest and your wrap for Claudia's and yours shop is so pretty! You both do such quality work! Hope it cools off down there soon! ~Hugs, Patti

Floortje said...

O Merdith, I sooo know what you mean! Even after a lot of Etsy sales, when I ship something out, I'm nervous until the buyer let's me know they received it and loved it...... We're only humans, I guess that's the reason why.... I love your vest and the colour of it and of course the scarf too, yes even the second time around! I have all sorts of Fall decorations on my table, but still no sign of fall here either....I'll never get completely used to that. Enjoy your week! Hugs, Floortje

Ilix said...

Love that grey scarf! I know what you mean about that feeling for sure!

Leah said...

You have nothing to worry about - your creations are stunning and anyone lucky enough to purchase one will be thrilled to own it!! But I do know what you mean - it's that bit of self doubt only because it's going to someone else. You'd be happy as anything if it was to stay in your own home!! Silly aren't we!

Have a wonderful week hon,

Jennifer said...

Wow! You've been busy making some gorgeous things! Love what you've done...hugs!

Jennifer @ Fiber Flux