Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful, Sad and 45

We had a lovely Thanksgiving, quiet and yummy.  Not a lot of people, just my Dad, my sons and a friend, and my husband and myself.  It was nice to have my family together even if it was for a very short time. Remember when I said my son would be home for 52 hours?  Well it was more like 49 1/2.  But he was home with us a lot of that time and I enjoyed every minute.  I cut his hair, worked on his knee and ankle, washed his clothes and you guessed it...peeked at him while he was sleeping.  He flying back to Columbus right now as I type these words and I have to admit I am a bit sad.  I will see him next week at a big Invitational Swim Meet, but just the same watching your grown up baby get on a plane that is leaving you is hard.  And do you know what?  He was sad, too.  He said that being home made him realize how much he missed his friends and family.  I am sure glad he included the family part!  His buddies are all here for longer than he was, the whole weekend in fact.  I told him that as soon as he gets back and sees his school buddies he will feel right at home again.  He is a good boy, a typical 19 year old, so as good as a typical 19 year old boy is.

 Here are my three boys.... doesn't the look on Max's face make you laugh?  He hates the camera and looks like he is in pain.

Of course he would not even look at the camera, so I should be happy I got at least one picture of him looking in my direction, even if he looks stressed in the picture.  Do you want to hear a funny Max story?  When Mr. 19 year old arrived home I went and opened the door so Max could greet him.  He ran down the driveway to my son, looked at him, growled and walked away.  He did this three times.  My son was astonished, so he got on the ground and called Max over, three more times Max walked up to him, turned around and walked away.  But this time he would go over to my youngest and jump up on him. My oldest wondered what was wrong.  So I said that Max's feeling are hurt because you left and you have not been home.  He doesn't understand where you have been, to him he feels abandoned.  So Mr. 19 year old got down and told Max he was sorry and that he loved him, and Max walked right over and snuggled up against him.  All was well....well until we left with is brother and did not return with him this afternoon.  Max is pouting in my husbands closet right now.

The star table runner for my friend's Christmas present is complete, I apologize for yet another sorry looking photo.  This is finished project number 45 for the year for me.  Hope she likes it!


by Teresa said...

Hello Meredith! What handsome boys you have, all three of them! That is so funny about Max shunning your son like that. He is very smart, that dog of yours! Sorry he is pouting now. Amazing. Your star runner is gorgeous! What I don't understand how you did this, but how are all the centers lighter? Did you use two colors of red? It's a wonderful look! What a lucky friend! I'm glad your son got to come home, even for a bit. When our son was in Tennessee, he didn't get to come home for the holidays. That was hard. Thanks for the sweet comment. You're the best! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! And 45 -- that's about a project a year for 2012! Pretty impressive!

20 North Ora said...


Your boys are so nice looking. I know you must be very proud of them - all three!

Do you and Claudia have the same birthday? Belated birthday greetings!


Kris said...

Hi Meredith. How nice to see a photo of your handsome boys! I am glad you got to have some time with Mr. 19 yr. old. It is hard when they move away.
Love the star runner!!!! Your friend will be thrilled. And number 45, are you kidding me? You are on it!
xo Kris

Anonymous said...

Max doesn't hate the camera. He's sad his boy is leaving. :-(

My boy told us yesterday that he may have a job interview in Philadelphia! YIKES. I am SO not ready for him to move out of state, but like a good mom, I wished him a lot of luck because I know he really would like living in Phila.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Max is too smart for his own good. :)

So glad you had a good time with all your boys together again. And the star runner looks fantastic!

Petunia Pill said...

He's in the closet pouting? LOL I love the pained look in the first photo! Aren't they just so transparent? And the act he put on for your son...why that stinker! Indeed, you DO have three beautiful sons...I'm sorry you feel sad - but how lovely that you'll see him again soon. And isn't it wonderful when they start to mature a bit and speak the truths of their heart? I LOVE that runner! What a sweet friend you are. Hugs to you. Annette

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

What cute sons you have! I am so happy you had those special 49 1/2 hours with him! Are you coming up here to Columbus for his meet? We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving yesterday. Tomorrow we head back to Columbus to my sons to watch the Michigan game. Big day for the Buckeyes! 45 projects this year is a big accomplishment! Good for you! Have a great weekend Meredith! ~Hugs, Patti

Rose Red said...

I'm glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving with all your boys at home, even if only briefly. My cat does the same thing as your Max, if we go away. She totally ignores us for at least the first day/night, just to "punish" us. Heh heh. Hope he stops pouting soon.

TACIStudio said...

Great table runner Meredith. I'm so glad you got to spend time with your sons And had a good Thanksgiving!

Grayseasailor said...

So glad you had a good Thanksgiving with all your menfolk:) Max is amazing, and it is precious to read how your son honored Max's feelings. Thanks for sharing your photos as well as your stories, Meredith. They are stellar as is your star runner! xx from Gracie
Miss Molly age 3 just danced in to say goodnight. She saw your star runner and said "It's pretty and beautiful and gorgeous!!!" [lots of hopping and something about it being bright and shiny, too :)]
High praise, Meredith!

Knitting Nix said...

Happy thanksgiving. Your boys are lovely. Sorry you are all feeling a little sad. I am amazed at how sensitive Max is, bless his heart. xx

Babajeza said...

Happy Thankgiving again. I should add at least one red star to my grey ones. Red is my favourite colour. Your boys are very handsam. Great that you are allowed to show us their picture. I must know because I am a boy's mum too. :-)
Hugs, Regula

moonstruckcreations said...

So glad you got to spend precious time with your boys!


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Awww your son's are so handsome! Max of course is a cutie, too.

Oh I loved the Max story. I don't think people realize that dogs have feelings just like people, too. I am glad they are back to being friends again. So adorable.

Your star runner is beautiful. Now I wish I had made mine all red, too. So lovely, I know your friend will just love it. :)

I knew Mr. 19 year old would miss you all. Oh, sure he's getting older and growing up..but nothing can ever replace the feeling of love and support you get from your family and being home. :)

Blessings to you all my dear friend. :)

Magia da Inês said...

Olá, amiga!
Muitas graças e bençãos sempre na vida de vocês.
Muitas graças e paz para o planeta Terra também!

Boa semana!
Beijinhos do Brasil

✿ °•.¸♡¸.•°✿

Liz said...

You have 3 handsome boys there. Max is too cute. He growled to tell him that he was mad that he left him. That is so sweet...animals have emotions and show it in their own way.
Your table runner is so pretty...finished project 45. Wow, that's a lot of work.
I hope you have a great week:)

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, I'm so glad you had a nice thanksgiving with all your boys! Such a great picture of your sons and Max. Funny Max reacted that way, but I think you are right about how Max felt. Max is a sensitive guy! Now we are all moving on to the next holiday and my favorite. Loving your stars!!
Have a great week, xoRobin❤

delia hornbook said...

aahhhh bless Max and bless you and bless your lovely boys. I have smiled from start to finish your a lovely mother and you have a beautiful family. Your friend will love her table runner its gorgeous, dee x

The Garden Bell - Kate said...

I love this story. I remember when I left for college and my Mom called and said that Muff had gone up to my room and brought down my Raggady Anne doll and chewed it to piece right in the middle of the living room under the skylight and left it. She was quite pissed at me.

Thanks for the great weather down here. I know you think it's cold, but we are sure enjoying it. Ready to hit the trail again this morning on some bikes out of Dunedin rental. Good rental bikes. I want to hit the Clearwater bridge. But, first another cup of coffee and a walk out to waters edge here in Gulf Harbors.

Christmas will be here soon enough and then you will all be back together.

Kate xoxox

Susanne said...

It is just like a mother to count the minutes that her children are there, and cherishing each and every second of being together. Your sons are handsome young men, including the furry one. I'm not surprised that your Mr. 19 is missing home and all its comforts. Hind sight is always 20/20 is it not. Your table runner is such a vibrant red and I really like how you used a lighter red for the centers. Your friend is gonna love it!
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

serendipity said...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving weekend. It's so hard saying goodbye everytime they go back isn't it? Lottie's the same, she sits and watches out the window for ages when the girls leave with a suitcase. xx

Anonymous said...

That Max, what a funny and smart fellow! Your boys are all very handsome.

I know how hard it is to have a son away at school. Mine is living in town now, and I still miss those little boy years. I suppose all moms feel's such an odd feeling.

Your runner turned out so pretty, and is very festive looking, Meredith. I bet your friend will love it.


kathy b said...

So fun to read. I woud use the picture of Max looking away as your Holiday card this funny so true.

YOu are right he was mad at your son! I am very interested in seeing how Al's cat Helo, now Tank, approaches her this Christmas after 4 months living with US not her....

Great star table runner MERE

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Oh dear ... poor Max, poor you ... but you'll see your boy again soon and it's not long until Christmas.

Tammy said...

Glad to hear you had family time over the Thanksgiving holiday. So funny how Max reacted. Dogs really are sensitive creatures. The star runner is lovely. Have a great day. Tammy

Lap Dog Knits said...

oh so handsome men in your home!!
any bits of time are wonderful to spend with them...they come and go and will definitely come back again!

Love the table runner - I bet she'll love it!

Red said...

My son who's in the Army was just home. He's on his way to the desert in about a week. It was hard saying good bye to him so I know how you feel - sad. Max is the best dog ever. When we finally get a dog I hope we can find one with as much personality. I love the table runner!! What a fun idea that was to use stars!