Sunday, December 9, 2012

How are you holding up?

This is one crazy time of year.  How do you keep it all together?  Every year I think it is going to be better, but I get overwhelmed, it is as simple as that.  For some reason Christmas is not my favorite Holiday.  I love to observe it from afar, but doing most of it myself gets to be too much.  I love to see decorations, but I am a not thrilled decorating or cleaning up.  I love the look of a beautiful Christmas tree but I just can't stand decorating or once again, cleaning it all up.  Just call me Grinch, or Scrooge.  Oh and don't even get me started on shopping...I am not very good at that one either.  I miss the excitement of when my kids were younger, I miss their thrill at seeing unopened presents and how excited they were to present me with something they made at school.  I don't forget the reason for the season, believe me I don't, I just have to admit that Christmas is not my favorite.

And for some reason, year after year I am presented with a new patient or two during the busiest time of year.  That adds loads more work to my crazy schedule, lots more driving and paperwork, but I can't say no to a baby in need.  So I think I am going to call myself Grinch for the remainder of the Season.

I was able to finish my last star project.  This one took way too long to complete, (please see busy and extra work above).

This is a star shawl for my very good friend Terri.   Twenty four stars, each 6 1/2 inches wide.  Terri is a dear friend, and believe it or not she is psychic, and boy is she good.  She has a beautiful smile and I just love her to pieces.  So when I was making the star table runner I came across the same yarn in this purplish-pink, and I knew it would be perfect for her.  There are nine stars in the first row, eight in the second, and seven in the third.  Terri was one of my patients, ages ago.  She used to talk to me while I was working on her saying things totally out of the blue like, "I know you are worried about your son's swim meet but he will do fine." She used to freak me out, but I got used to her unique ways very quickly.

 Terri and I have been friends for years, I hope she likes her Christmas present.

It does look like Christmas  at my house, so even though I am a Grinch I try to make it festive for my family. I will post more photos another time, the skies are dark gray which does not help my lacking photography skills. 

Now that my last Christmas present has been completed, I intend to get busy on something new.  

This yarn is just begging me to get started, a sweater for ME!  But it will have to wait until I finish this new patients evaluation, get started on my Christmas cards, wrap and ship.  I am trying to be grateful, I have a job I love, Christmas is beautiful, I have family that will be together during the Holiday, I have a house to decorate, still the Grinch in me is flying high today.  How are you holding up?


Tammy said...

I feel the same way as you. I didn't leave my work at desk today -- when I got home, I had to make lunch, clean up, start washing clothes, run to the store for a new iron and paint for the office, then back home to get my stuff together to go to my rug class and I didn't get home until 9:30 p.m. I used to decorate like crazy for the holidays, now not so much. The kids are not so easily pleased as when they were little so I really don't buy many gifts -- I mean, heck, they really don't need a thing. With the rug making, haven't had time for all the other things I want to do -- I always think I will get it together for each and every holiday. Handmade, homemade gifts for teachers, friends ... but somehow, it just never works out. Oh well! Your friend, of course, will love the pretty purple scarf. Have a wonderful rest of the day. Tammy P.S. Bah humbug :)

Babajeza said...

I still haven't finished the star table runner ... I haven't decorated the house. I had so much work, running from appointment to the next. It's all over now and I hopefully can slow down and relax as I don't want to look exhausted on the Christmas photographs.
Today has been a sleepy Sunday. Now I'm ready to go to bed with my favourite Christmas read.

Jennifer said...

Hanging in there! Busy as a bee! Your projects look amazing!!! :)

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I decorated our mantel and that is it. I haven't put up a tree, nor do I plan to. Last year when I got stuck decorating it, and taking it down, I said that was it for me. I am just getting too old for all that.
So don't feel bad...and by all means cut back. You can't wear yourself out any more.

Oh, I adore the shawl. I am going to try to make one....what yarn is that again? Of course I am still working on my runner. :)

Blessings to you and prayers sent your way ...hugs to you and Max, too.

Teresa said...

I feel like you do! If it weren't for Jeff nothing would get decorated. He did it all this year. I just can't get into it. Not saying that I don't like looking at the decorations, just don't enjoy doing the work. Call me grinch!
Your friend will love the shaw. Very pretty.

Mrs. Micawber said...

"Now that my last Christmas present is completed...." Are you serious? I'm barely started on mine. You're doing pretty darn well, I think! :)

Otherwise, it always is a stressful time of year. Can't seem to get around it. I just make do with a lot less sleep and try to play catchup in January. But I love the decorating!

That shawl is so beautiful - I will venture to predict ;) that your friend will love it.

Stay sane! :)

Melanie said...

I'm trying, but it's been a crazy fall, summer, year. :) I have 2 littles so we have a tree and some decorating in the house, but we still haven't put up the lights outside, and the strand of lights I bought this year for the windows have fallen down and are still a jumbled heap on the floor. Work has been crazy busy, plus events at the kids school and their extra curriculars...yes, it's just going by too quickly. I'm not even sure I will finish a third of the gifts I hoped to make and I hate shopping! lol But somehow I know I will make it through and keep in mind how lucky I am for the things I have. And 2013 is right around the corner, so perhaps a fresh, less manic start? :)

Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

Kindred Grinch, misery so loves company! I feel the same way you do. Love the color of the star shawl!

Grayseasailor said...

The older I get the more I realize that it takes much longer for me to do what I think I can-should-want to do, than I any time of the year... so I am increasingly amazed at what little I do get done, and truly impressed and inspired by folks like you, Meredith who are so productive even if they feel Grinchy :)
xx from Gracie

TACIStudio said...

I have to admit I also feel overly tired and busy... And sometimes it takes the joy out of some of the preparations and things we do... But I have to also admit that even with all the hassle and bustle ... I do love Christmas... I do... I love the music... The getting together, .. The making presents for my family and dear friends... The cooking... The cookies... It's all so rewarding to me... And I know that just around the corner, when we least expect our kids are going to be all grown up ... And it will all be different. But it will still be Christmas and I do love it :)

I love the star table runner... Your friend is so lucky. She is going to love it !

delia hornbook said...

Your friend will love her shawl its stunning and so delicate and pretty i love the colour. I think christmas is about pacing yourself dont allow it to stress you out. I love it, i always try to make it special for my family. But i haven't put the tree or decorations up yet i will do that next week after my wedding it will give me something else to focus on :-) But i do understand how you feel and i think we have to remember that were not superwomen and pace ourselves. Have a lovely week, dee xx

Rose Red said...

I feel a bit the same about Christmas. I wonder if it is because we are always the ones responsible for making it happen - decorating, cooking, gifts etc? Nevertheless, I am sure Terri will love her gift, it is beautiful.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi my friend, It is a busy and demanding time of year. Don't be too hard on yourself. You are doing fine and better than fine! Your shawl is gorgeous and I'm sure your friend will adore it❤
If you can try to get the frame of mind that you will do what you can and your family will enjoy having you not stressed and you can enjoy yourself more. Easy to say I know but we can try and maybe delegate a little too.
Sorry to ramble, love to you, xoRobin❤

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I did all the decorating myself. I would have just put up a small little tree but my husband wants the big tree up so if I am putting it up I put up 2 small ones too. It is overwhelming to think about doing before I actually start doing it but once I do, I am glad that I did. It also makes him happy and he works hard so I want him to enjoy it all. Also once you have grandchildren you will experience once again the fun from having small children around again and the delight they get from the holiday decorating. Well, I got invited to the cookie exchange but I doubt whether I am going. It's only 6 days away and I am not going to stress myself out trying to do all that work. Any cookies I make this year will be for whoever stops by or given to close friends. At least she asked. Rainy day here with dropping temps this afternoon. Nice day to stay inside and putter around....I might even do a little crocheting. Have a great day Meredith! ~Hugs, Patti

kathy b said...

Aw Mere.......I LOVE your new blue yarn. A sweater for YOU Is the perfect fix for a blue Christmas..
I adore the season from moment to moment. Before I put up a tree I love all the early bird trees I can enjoy I love listening to music at work
I have LESS to do now that the kids are grown so I enjoy it even more

Dee said...

So many of my friends are saying the exact same thing.

I don't exactly feel "Grinchy" this year, but I definitely think it will be the last year of BIG decorations.

Next year I'm simplifying to the tree, some inside stuff and "maybe" a little something in the yard, but I'm not sending Steve up to put lights on the roofline. They keep tripping their fuse this year and I'm tired of dealing with it. Everything at GROUND LEVEL next year!

Hope you have a good holiday in spite of the busyness. Hugs!

Susanne said...

I feel like I am a Grinch too. No holiday spirit but then I was informed the kids plan to come here for Christmas so it will be my 2 girls, our grandson and just us. My son-in-law has become an idiot so he will not be in the picture. This evening I went into town to pick up medicine at the drug store, then as I was pulling into Speedway to fill up with gas a young man in a truck ran right smack dab into my Jeep. He wasn't even looking at the road and when I laid on the horn it was too late for him to stop. Thank God he was also insured, but now I will have to make arrangements to get my car repaired. Thank God no one was hurt. I just can't get into any Christmas spirit, and don't even want to be bothered with any of it. I understand how you feel. Ever since the kids have grown up there has been something missing.
(((BIG HUG))) Susanne :)

serendipity said...

I feel just the same. Now the girls are grown up it's not the same. I just keep reminding myself that spring isn't far off and try to keep things low key!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I'm sure your friend will love her shawl, it's gorgeous!

And you can call me Grinch too!

Lena said...

I think your project for your friend will make her very happy, and I love the shade of blue yarn you are going to make your sweater from.

Last year it was so close to my step-mom's passing that I just sort of made it through Christmas. I hate that feeling. This year, I am feeling her missing in so much of the holiday planning. I am feeling really lonely this year, and I'm finding it hard to open boxes of memories, so I've mostly just been making do with things about the house and greenery. I need to do more though. Sometimes, we think the adult children don't appreciate the things that we do, as much as they did when they were children, but really, I think there is a comfort in the the little things. The other day, my son was talking about how he hasn't cared for Christmas as much in the last couple of years as he as been out in the world more, and realizing the commercialism of it. So, that gives me reason, to try to create something that reminds him of the Christmases we had in past years, when so much of our Christmas was about happy and homemade. Last year, I only saw him on Christmas Day, as he was traveling, but I think he's going to be here more this year. I'm not a grinch, but I'm having to work a little harder to put my heart into a few things.

Deb said...

Hi Meredith,
Your shawl turned out beautiful! love the colour wool you've chosen ~ your friend will be thrilled.
The older I get, and now that I am a Grandmum, I'm really simplifying things this year's been more fun to sit and colour than rush around :-)
Happy 12*12*12

Karen said...

I do miss the days when the kids were young. I think I had as much fun as they did. It takes me longer to get things done now, and I do less, but I still love the results. I admit that I really had to work at it this year, gearing myself up to do everything.

pembrokeshire lass said...

I have a question for you.....can I be your good friend? I just love that shawl. What beautiful work! I'm afraid I am so like you. My husband was never interested in Christmas, decorating, buying presents, putting the stockings on the children's beds.....that was all Dow to me! I made paper chains with them and decked every room in the house with them. These days I just can't be bothered. I do try to put up a tree for the grand kids but I rarely send cards and don't put up the ones I receive! I love seeing the pictures of beautiful trees but even seem to have gone off the mushy Christmas films! No hope for me!? Well reading what you've written it helps me feel I'm not alone in trying to stand out of the frenzy. We Grinches must stick together!!

Liz said...


Please don't stress over being a grinch. I am too. Why do we always place so much stress on ourselves? I stress myself out for not being fast enough with my projects, or responding to questions I receive, or calling my family members, or spending time with Ireland playing. I guess we need to go easy on ourselves.
The star shawl is beautiful... I love the color. Please Do start a project for so deserve it.

I hope you have a happy and stress free week,