Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Off and Running

How is 2013 treating you so far?  Here at my house we are off and running.  I have worked, completed paperwork, cleaned, read, walked Max, cooked, and found a few minutes here and there to knit and crochet.  I have had my stir fry....yum!

I am a pretty healthy eater, no red meat, pork, fried food, soda, sugar or artificial sweeteners, and very, very little alcohol, just a sip of wine now and again.  Even though I  try to eat right I do love pasta, cream sauces of any kind, and I am addicted to agave sweetened anything.  I wanted to start the New Year off right, veggie and brown rice stir fry for me. 

My youngest has a friend visiting from Indiana, so we ventured to the beach on New Year's Day.  A great way to ring in the New Year.  They went one direction and I went another.  Nothing like a Mom to cramp a 15 year old boys style.

As gorgeous as this photo is, it does not tell you how chilly it was out.  High of 70 degrees, while all of you under a foot of snow must be ready to hit the delete button for this post, let me just say that my thin blooded, Floridian body, does not do well on the beach with a very brisk wind coming in off the water when it is 70 out.  I sat there in my sweat pants and a long sleeve t-shirt as all the Northerners paraded  around in their bathing suits.  I sat there warm and toasty knitting away as people walked by me giving me very strange looks.

I started this Noro drop stitch scarf.   There is a bit of a story behind this yarn, well there is always a story isn't there?  Last year I had two friends pass away from cancer within a month of each other.  One I posted about, the other I may have mentioned but I kept it more quiet.  They were both in their early 40's, such a loss for their families.  The second death was my friend Finula, she fought esophageal cancer for four years.  A horrible, painful, fight that  took her away from her family for months at a time.  She was a knitter, and a friend from my knitting group although I have known her for years.  After she passed away her yarn was split between the members of the group.  She had 6 skeins of this Noro yarn, so we each got one.  I am making this scarf for another friend of ours that moved away this past summer.  I think she would like a bit of Finula, too.  I started this on the beach, which gave me a lovely place to contemplate life, death and friendship.  This will be a go to, car project for a while, so I can savor it a bit.  I don't want to knit it up too fast, I merely want to sit with it a little at a time and think.

This strange mess above is the Chevron Lace Cardigan that my friend Eileen blogged about a few days ago, you can find the link on her blog here Crochet Attic.

I am using Cascade Echo Duo yarn, with a size K hook, who knows how it will turn out, I love the yarn so much I really don't care if the cardigan fits or not.  This is my all time favorite yarn, in my all time favorite color.  I think I would take a bath in this yarn if it would get me clean enough.

Oh and I almost forgot, I made my first trip to the yarn store of the New Year.  I do not need a thing you understand, but my friend Rosemary is selling her store, and I had a 25% off coupon burning a hole in my purse.  We have to use them before the store changes hands.  So I must admit that I went a bit wild, who knows when I will have the opportunity to get lovely, yarn for a bargain.   I have decided that I am leading a simpler life, I do not need new clothes or shoes, but yarn is a must.  I don't have to have a closet full of it, but I will not scrimp when it comes to yarn.  It is way too important to me and it keeps me sane.  That is worth all the money in the world.
Happy Thursday.


kathy b said...

Finula's scarf story is amazing. How lovely it is and the sentiment is perfect.

THe cardigan is AMAZING Mere...please make it way too big and send it this way where it is COLD for sure....until May.

Im planning my first yarny purchase of the year too! I think on a blanket for the family....

JCDiTaranto said...

Sounds like your New Year is off to a great start in all directions!

Unknown said...

What a great way to bring in the NEW YEAR!
Lots of yarn is a must in my book!
Have fun with it all!

Oh....the stir fry looks delis!

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Meredith.. goodness.. here's to a better year. What kind of yarn did you get at the sale? Wish I was close enough to go to the beach with you!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

moonstruckcreations said...

The yarn is super, what a lovely way to remember a dear friend.


Anonymous said...

Steve and I went to the beach on New Year's Day too. It was Daytona for us. I was amazed how many people were in the water (and not just their feet - they were IN the water!!!)

They must have all been visiting from Minnesota!!! LOL

After our walk we went to the cutest little coffee shop in Port Orange to "warm up".

Pammy Sue said...

Your brown rice stir-fry looks scrummy! Love the way the sweater is looking too. Nice colors. I've never heard of that yarn. I'm gonna go look at it even though my crochet mojo has left me for now. The yarn still beckons.

Pammy Sue said...

Where do you buy it online?

Kris said...

Well, where to start? The stir fry looked delicious! The beach sounded chilly. The story of your two friends passing, and so close sad. I remember you talking about the one, here on your blog. How lovely to have her yarn to be using now. I would be like you, and want to take it nice and slow. Savoring it.

gaia said...

Dear Meredith,
I am sorry for your friends but knitting a scarf is a very nice way to remember your friend. The beach looks so inviting. Will you show us your new yarn? I am not letting myself to go yarn-shopping as I have a huge stash at home but it would be so nice to see what you got!

Unknown said...

Your stirfry looks so good! I haven't had that in a long time. It looks like you are starting the New Year off right. I would love some 70's weather! Hasn't been too bad though. Still above 0 degrees. But getting closer. Have a great year!

Nicky said...

Your stir fry looks lovely, I wish I was as disciplined as you about food! The scarf is a lovely way to remember your friend.

Red said...

The stir fry looks wonderful! That's something the DH and I would enjoy.

Love the story behind the Noro yarn. So very sorry for your losses... Makes one think about this crazy world and everything that goes into living it. I'm certain the friend will love the scarf. It's beautiful in so many ways.

A yarn sale. My, oh my. That's so wonderful. I hope you picked up some amazing yarns and can't wait to see what you create.

Happy New Year!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Having lived in Florida most of my life, I really do understand how 70 is cold. Now that I have lived in KY for a few years, it has to get past 40 something for me to really feel it's cold....and of course now if it gets 85 I am dying from heat. But I'd move back in a second if I could! I miss Florida.

Thank you for the awesome pictures of the beach and water...sniff, sniff...I really miss Florida!

I think it is so awesome that you are knitting your friends yarn to give to another friend. It's like the chain of love just keeps going in a circle. Yarn people (knitters/crocheters) are awesome...always so loving and kind.

Well, of course you had to use that coupon...and besides, yarn is a necessity. Just as food nourishers your body, yarn nourishers your soul!

Blessings and hugs to you dear friend.

Susanne Tyree said...

Here in Ohio we would consider the temps in the 70's to be a virtual heat wave, lol. I love the cardi, and downloaded the pattern, what a copy cat I am, but it would look great on my oldest daughter and just need to find some pretty DK weight yarn. So sad about your friends, they were way too young to have passed away, but cancer has no respect for age or anything else. The scarf is a thoughtful idea. Your friend did the right thing by gifting her yarns to the people who would appreciate it the most and make good use of it. It is right to pass on happiness.
Many hugs to you my friend,
Susanne :)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I love that scarf Meredith! It is very "now" I think! I am sure your friend would have loved it. Sitting on the beach crocheting sounds heavenly, as long as it is not to windy. My sister said her grandkids went swimming yesterday at the community pool in the development where they live. She said the pool was heated...that's good because I have been hearing that it is on the cool side. I started a cowl a few days ago. I think I made some mistakes on it though. I refuse to tear it out now...Oh well, I don't think it is that noticeable. Enjoy your weekend! ~Hugs, Patti

Mrs. Micawber said...

The beach looks wonderful! And I don't blame you for bundling up even if it was 70º. Those damp breezes can be pretty chilly.

I really admire your self-control where food is concerned. The stir-fry looks delicious too.

What a special scarf that will be.

Claudia said...

I love that you all divided up your dear friend's yarn - that brought a tear to my eye. Oh, I want to visit the beach so much - it's like a big old craving. That picture reminds me of our walk on that beach and of me hunting for seashells.

Love you, sister.


Clicky Needles said...

Oh I wish how I wish I could walk on beach like that right now!

Happy 2013

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

My oldest son tells me that I've been living in Kuwait too long because I would be like you if I was near the water and it was windy and 70 degrees. Feels very chilly to me.

So sad that you lost two friends at such a young age. But I do love the story of the dividing up of the yarn. And the fact that you are making that beautiful scarf, contemplating with every stitch. A very meditative and soothing thing to do.

Yes, yarn is necessary! I don't like shopping for clothes or shoes. But give me a craft store and it is full steam ahead.

Have a lovely weekend. Tammy

Gracie Saylor said...

Such a lovely way to use the yarn from your friend, Meredith. You accomplish so much, I admire your productivity and the beauty you bring into my life. Thanks for the ocean favorite place in all the world. I went to my local yarn shop on January 1st and could not resist purchasing some merino for a cowl hood (at a fantastic discount :) Happy Saturday!
xx from Gracie

Unknown said...

Your stirfry looks lovely its funny i did one for us all last week i to start the new year off by eating vegetable stirfry i think it makes me feel healthy ;-) The beach looks wonderful. Happy new year i hope its a magical one for you, dee xx

Rose Red said...

Sale yarn especially doesn't count! Even if you were counting, which you aren't! And nor should you. I agree, yarn keeps us sane.

I love your Noro scarf and the story behind it, although I am very sorry about the reason for you having it.