Thursday, January 10, 2013

Florida is all mixed up!

January is usually the  time of nice cool weather in Florida.  We get a reprieve from the intense heat which is great if you live here, but not so great if you are visiting.  We usually have several frosts, just enough cold to kill everything and make it brown.  Not this year, Florida is all mixed up.  Yesterday we had a record high of 85 degrees.  Now I know I should not complain to all of you in the bitter cold and snow, keep in mind I know I live here where it is warm.  You see we need a change in season and temperature.   I want to put on jeans and a sweater, or even a pair of boots.  I'd like to put my flip flops away, even for a few days.  

We have leaves still changing color and falling from the trees.  This usually happens in December.  Our color is not vibrant like you see in the north, we have lots of browns and golds, with a hint of red here and there.

There are leaves still clinging to branches as new buds are appearing on the same branch.

There is a hint of red on the maple trees as the buds are making the transition into bright green leave clusters.  This usually happens in February, not the second week of January.

My petunias are still blooming, usually they are a shriveled mess by now.  I even saw one of my azaleas had a few blooms on it.  I went outside to my back porch area this morning after work and saw everything covered in green pollen, wow, it is really early for all the oak trees to be blooming.  Now I have to schedule time to clean up all the furniture, bummer.

Even Max likes it when it is cool out, after all he has his winter coat on.

Is it mixed up where you live?


Anonymous said...

Well, you know it is for me. We don't live too far apart.

I was amazed when I was driving down Hall Road and the orchid trees are in full bloom. They should not bloom until early February.

However, my orchids are behind schedule. My phals are just starting to spike.

Yep ... definitely mixed up this year.

Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

It's been sort of mild here in my part of NJ. We haven't even had any shovel-able snow this winter, and yesterday hit 50. So, yeah, a little mixed up (and I hope it stays this way). Your petunia picture really makes me long for spring, though!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Meredith, Well, it is not as cold here today(39) and we may get rain instead of snow this weekend but New England really does flip flop! Today was great for walking though and now I am sitting down to visit with you and blog world. I'm also finishing a book!

The Garden Bell - Kate said...

Same weird weather stuff up here in the Windy City. Yesterday, I almost pulled out my bike for a ride. We are setting records for no snow. We need at least some rain or we will be in big trouble this spring and summer. But, I do have to admit, I'm looking forward to my warm month coming up in Florida. Mar/April. I need to see some waves and feel the warm water of the ocean.

kathy b said...

Max cute. Your face is sooooo like Hucks was.

OKay you had me at PETUNIA...Im so jealous

WE are expecting thunderstorms this evening...too weird for me. I like My January SNOW!!! Silly me

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Awww Max is so handsome! :)

Hmmm I remember those yummy 85 days in January...Yeah, I miss them, but I am sure you are tired of them. Hang in there, you're bound to get some cold soon. :)

Hugs and blessings always

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

My sister was complaining last night how warm it is again. You know even living in Ohio, it is nice to put the jeans on and sweaters when fall comes around. I personally can not take humidity so I am very relieved. We moved to Florida years ago and only last 3 months. I like a change in seasons....I think I have already mentioned this to you before. It is going to be warm again the next couple of days and then colder again next week. But, that's alright with me. By February I will be ready for Spring. Just give it some time. 3 years ago we were at Epcot in March and I have never been so cold in my life!!! It made up for a whole winter in Ohio!! ~Hugs, Patti

by Teresa said...

Hey dear Meredith.. we're pretty on track with our weather.. although I am disappointed so far that we haven't had a real nice snow.. just a few snowy events, but no measurable stuff, nor any that lasted. I hope your weather does what you want it to. :-) And give Max a big kiss on the mouth for me. LOL!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Elizabeth said...

I agree, I do not like this hot weather in winter.

Karen said...

Yesterday was in the mid-50s and tomorrow we'll be lucky to see 20 degrees. But that's just Colorado, we're always mixed up!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Well, it's raining right now and we have a forecast high of 45 tomorrow - so yes, for us that's messed up. Temps will drop again in a few days, which means all the mud and melted snow will freeze into ice slicks. Ick!

I understand your frustration. Last winter we had several heat waves and it just felt all wrong. I think our bodies crave seasonal changes just as they crave sleep.

Here's hoping you and Max get some cooler weather! :)

TACIStudio said...

My dear friend...bcz I'm from Brazil I never, ever complain of warm weather... I do love it. But the cold, snowy weather is very pretty also. We had some snow this morning ( ill post a picture tomorrow on my blog) and they say we might again on Saturday. I enjoy it , but I cannot drive on it. :)

Betsy said...

We've had 14 inches so snow since Monday and it's still coming down out there. The high today was 31 so I guess it's winter in Washington State. I live on e the east side of the state, not rainy Seattle. We have hot dry summers and cold snowy winters here. I would be happy for one of your 85 degree days about now! :-)


Babajeza said...

Blooming plants in January look nice on a photograph. But I can see your point of view. Here everything is pretty normal, which means we are anticipating the BIG COLD. Last year it hit us end of January and lasted for more than two weeks. In the end, even the cellar was in the minus (Cesius), which was very bad.
Have a nice weekend. Regula

TACIStudio said...

Hello my dear friend Meredith ... G look at my surprise for you :)

Grayseasailor said...

Just watched the weather report on TV and the commenter mentioned your strange Florida weather. I am still not used to Portland weather so it always seems a little strange to me, but I see Teresa says that what we are experiencing is pretty normal for here :) [ I just read your last post and am so impressed that you have already finished your second major project for 2013!!! I am still plugging away on my hood cowl, but am enjoying working with the color I chose. Wishing you happy days...rain or shine :) xx from Gracie

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Weather is changing all over the place, that's for sure. We haven't had extreme cold in about 6 years -- but it still feels frigid because there's no insulation or central heat. I don't like being cold at all. I'd settle for 75 right now. :) Best wishes, Tammy

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hugs and kisses to Max! :)