Sunday, February 17, 2013

A New Space

Oh my blogging friends it feels like so long since I have written to you.  And do you know what?  I really, really missed you.  I hope the feeling is mutual.  When I am so busy, or better yet so distracted that I can't blog, I know I am in trouble.  Things have been hectic here.  So this is a catch up post I hope you don't mind.  

My Mother as you know is in a nursing home.  She had an episode two weekends ago where we thought she might be starting her journey away from us.  After a couple days she rallied and is now back to her, "normal".  Right after that my Dad had some back pain, which is not unusual for him.  By the next morning he was calling 911 and taken to the ER.  He ended up having a pulmonary embolism, and at the age of 89 that is awfully scary.  He is now receiving rehab in the same nursing home as my Mother.  Actually he is in the room right next door to her.  I am thankful my Mother has short term memory loss because I think my Dad is probably driving her a bit batty.  My Father, while a good man is very, and I repeat very hard to deal with. This has all been weighing on me.  I am taking care of his cats, visiting, and cleaning his place, all while trying to keep up at home and work.  My sister Claudia has been trying to keep me from going insane by making me laugh at all my Dad's absurd behavior.  She is much, much better at this than I am.  And she is much, much more patient with him and all his crazy shenanigans. Thank God for Claudia, I could not do this on my own.

Okay onto more fun things to talk about.  I HAVE A NEW SPACE!  Yes I am screaming, screaming for Joy that is. This past year my husband had decided to close his chiropractic practice after 26 years.  He is tired of fighting with insurance companies about getting basic care for his patients.  It was a shock, one that put me in a very scary place for a while, but we are working through it.  Remember we have a child going to college in another state, he is a swimmer so his scholarship money is not all that hot.  My husband is now working for a non-profit organization and is happy.  But he now works from home, A LOT (yes screaming again, but not so much from Joy).  I mentioned that he might want to move his office upstairs where his exercise bike is so he can have some privacy.  Yes, that statement should be interpreted as I need my space!  He finally, after a lot of thought, figured out this might be a good idea.  This past week he got a new desk, shelves and such and moved out of our office.  I am now claiming this space as my own.  I was so busy yesterday, moving and cleaning.  It is a space in progress, but I am so excited to show you I can't wait.  Want to peek?

This is what you see when you turn into my office/space.

All my knitting and crochet books are in one place.  I went through my books and only kept the ones I really wanted and will be taking the extras to knitting group.

Next to the book shelf is my sewing/craft table. I can needle felt, sew or just sit here, hooray!  Gracie, your mug is holding my pencils and pens.

Stepping back from my table and pivoting to the right is this big antique shelving unit.  There is a two inch clearance on both sides, a tight fit but I don't care.  It houses just a tiny portion of my yarn.

It has my circular needles, and beads, my double pointed needles and lots of beautiful yarn.  The rest of my yarn is still in bins in my closet.  I will keep them there until I can use the closet in the office,  Right now I have shelves of toys and puzzles for my work in there. When I retire in a few years this will be my yarn closet, ooooh maybe I need to retire faster than I thought.

Next to my table is a fun place to hang a few things dear to me, Taci do you see your sheep?

The shelves above the table house some of my favorite sheep items and a few other things.  Those are my baby shoes located under a picture of Max my Father painted. Monica's 
beautiful heart is hanging from the shelf.

My Great Grandmother's china with a sheep peeking out.

I have always wanted to display my needles and hooks.  I will make some nice crochet cozies for these holders soon.

A space for my needle felting supplies is located behind the craft table.

As you turn further around here is the computer where I do all my blogging,  it is a bit cramped but I don't care.  My youngest came in and said, "What have you done?  It looks weird in here."  Oh Sweet boy, I made this space my own, and if you think it is weird then you will be spending a lot less time in here.  Not that I don't love him and all, but he has a laptop, a bedroom and a playroom to play his video games in, and watch TV.  This is a space of my own, and it is HEAVEN.


gaia said...

Dear Meredith,
I am sorry to hear about your parents' health conditions and am glad that they are doing better.
Your space looks fantastic!I wish o have a space of my own one day too. Congratulations... Hugs,Gaia.

shari said...

Oh, I love your new looks so big and roomy! I lost my space for my stepson moved back in with us so now I am now back in the living room...not a great place for privacy, but it works. I blog, all comfy in my recliner with baskets at hand on one side of my chair and computer in my lap. Thank goodness for laptops!!! I will be saying lots of prayers for you and your parents. You are such a angel to help as much as you do....hang in there!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Wow, Meredith, there's a lot going on for you right now. I'm so glad that some happy is mixed in with the hectic.

I do know what you're going through with the parents.... hang in there. Bless you for being such a help to them.

How exciting to have a space of your OWN!!!! Blog-readers everywhere are happily envious I am sure. :) What a pretty rug, by the way. And I love the handle on your great-grandma's cream pitcher. (Also all your other treasures.)

Hope your dad has a good recovery. Mr. M had a some PEs a few years back - very scary indeed.

Claudia said...

It's looking so wonderfully YOU, Mer. I'm so, so happy for you. It's been a LONG time coming and you deserve it. Go in there, shut the door and enjoy!

Have you thought about adding an easy chair with a reading lamp? That would just about complete it!


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I love your new space!

I think every woman needs a place that has a door to call her own. It's nice to shut the world away and just "be" sometimes. :)

Blessings always dear friend.

Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

So sorry for what you and your family are going through. Being able to put together your very own space probably couldn't come at a better time! It's great and I hope you find many hours of enjoyment there!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

It's not easy to deal with your parents aging, and I understand how sometimes it can be overwhelming...completely, lol.

We moved up here last winter, and a week later both of my parents were housebound for the rest of the winter with illness..not quite what we had planned on, but then again when is it?

There will be ups and downs, good days, and bad...thank goodness you have someone to talk to about it..that really helps.

I love your space, what a joy that will be...shut the door and just


cockney blonde said...

Love your new space. I've gone from my own space to sharing a space and its not working out too great at the moment. Mainly cos I've got too much stuff...
Hope your parents are on the mend soon. Look after yourself, x

Teresa said...

I love your new space! It is so open and sunny.
I am sorry about your parents health issues. It must be such a worry to you.
I don't know what I would do if my husband was home all the time! We mostly work opposite shifts and it is wierd when we are home at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I adore my husband, but I am use to quiet! Saying that though I am very glad for the time we have together.
I am so glad that your husband was able to find another job when he really needed to leave the one he had. Insurance has to be so annoying to work with. Isn't it funny hoiw they can pretty much run peoples lives. What care you can get, how long, etc.! Having known someone who passed away because of insurance decisions makes me so not a fan of insurance companies! Even though I do know the need for it of course.
Prayers sweet lady that things settle down for you soon.
I am finally getting better since Murphy has been gone. But still know that I really have to watch myself as I know that I am depressed and winter is never a good season for me.

Sue Pinner said...

Hi excited for you, love your space.
Weird??? what's weird about a craft space? LOL
Have fun in your wonderful space spread out and be happy.
Hugs x

Sue Pinner said...

Sorry forgot to say sorry about your parents...fully understand as I had an almost exact situation just a few years back, something I try hard to put out of my mind now and remember the better times
Huge Hugs xx

Nana Go-Go said...

Dearest Meredith, that is a beautiful little oasis of calm for you to escape to when the going gets tough and you've certainly had 'tough' by the shovel-ful lately. I do hope your parents' health improves and I'm so glad you have your lovely sister to care so much about you too.Lots of love.x

Babajeza said...

This is excellent news. I'm happy for you! As the only woman in a household too, I know how you must feel about your own space. And I know how it feels if a husband works at home. So good that he has his own space too. Makes life a lot easier and more agreable.
Hopefully, your parents are getting better soon that you can relax. Have a nice week. Regula

Sentimentally Me said...

Ohhhhhh yes, adult children of elderly parents, it's not easy. We're currently moving my mom to a senior housing complex (kicking and screaming no less!) and my MIL is 89 and WILL NOT, repeat WILL NOT leave her home. Needs to, but won't. . . ugh. . . hang in!

BUT, that beautiful space of yours?? Perfect! Would love to come hang out! :) xox P

Annaboo said...

What a lovely space to claim for yourself and find peace in.
It looks very serene.
Sarah xx

kathy b said...

Having just acquired my own CORNER of the family room with a desk Fireman built for me....I wish you what I have found....
peace in a very small space....


as for your dad, you are a better daughter than I.
Praying for you Mere

kathy b said...

Having just acquired my own CORNER of the family room with a desk Fireman built for me....I wish you what I have found....
peace in a very small space....


as for your dad, you are a better daughter than I.
Praying for you Mere

by Teresa said...

Hello my friend, I know all too well what you're going through with your parents. I think I've told you about us going through similar things with all 4 of our parents not all that long ago. (((hugs)))

I love that you claimed that wonderful space for your very own! I actually have a nice space, but unfortunately I have too much stuff in it and I'm overwhelmed with trying to get it organized. But you give me encouragement, seeing yours.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Susanne said...

Dear friend, I'm sorry you are swamped recently with the health issues concerning your parents. Like the old saying goes, "when it rains it pours". It doesn't take long to feel run down and drained, so I will repeat your words to me, "take care of yourself." You can only do so much when the load is on your shoulders. I love it that you now have your very own space. We all need that. I just hope your space doesn't look like mine does right now. In fact my whole house is in a shambles. Since my husband passed it is like I am the little hamster in the wheel, running in circles and getting nowhere.I keep waking up in the morning with good intentions and then next thing I know the day is pretty much done and I am wore out. I find I have accomplished absolutely nothing. I can only pray for better days for myself and for all the other people who need some comfort. A big {{{HUG}}} for you,
Susanne :)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

What a beautiful room Meredith! Love that palladium window(I think that is what they are called?) I agree with Claudia and think that a comfy easy chair is in order! I noticed in one of your pics of your grandmother's china that you have the exact same pink cherub on a dolphin that I have! Do you know anything about that piece? I picked mine up at an antique show a few years ago. Love the pink color. Enjoy your little hideaway Meredith!~Hugs, Patti

Betsy said...

Such a cozy room and so well organized Meredith. I would love to have my own room. Hubby would say I have the entire house, but it's not the same as having a place to go and shut the door on the world with all the things that make you happy! :-)
I'm sorry you're struggling with caring for your parents. We've gone through it with three of ours, only my dear MIL is left. I'll be in prayer for your family as you deal with all of the myriad issues.

Sharron said...

Sending you strength & perseverance to see you through the trying times you face. I will be thinking of you and your family.

Hope you find solace in your own crafty space you've created. It looks wonderful there.

My best,
Sharron x

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Sending lots of hugs your way for all you are dealing with around your parents declining health. Difficult passage. I am so happy you have Claudia to share this part of the journey.

Your Space looks like a perfect place to regenerate and get ready to face any challenges that come your way! Bravo! blessings ~ tanna

Red said...

Isn't it great to have such a wonderful sister? I have one of those, too! So thankful!

Your space looks AMAZING!!! Yay!!

Karen said...

I LOVE seeing your new space! We all need a space of our own . . . to create and dream and house all of our treasures. I love being able to see where you blog from. This is so neat, what a great post!

EMMA said...

Sending you and your parents positive thoughts and strength.
Your space looks lovely! your so organized, and how many knitting/crochet books do you have??

Elizabeth said...

What a great new space you have. Prayers for your parents and bless you for taking good care of them.

Rose Red said...

I love your new space! So neat and tidy and personal. I had to give up my space when my son was born. I don't mind too much, although I suspect as he gets older I might miss it more!

Kristen said...

A room of your very own! It's so beautiful, congratulations! I hope you will spend many happy hours in there, crafting away. :)

TACIStudio said...

Hello my der friend Meredith, idk how I missed your posts but it can only be explained by the fact that I have been sick and going to bed early ( trying to get my strength back . As a type 1 diabetic I don't always have much energy when I get sick) .
Just saw all your posts and my heart feels so happy. First to see you have your own place to "play" and then to see yr little sheep there with you... I'm so happy and have a big smile on my face ... Aren't the smallest details sometimes such big things to make our heart sing?
You are jut wonderful :)

TACIStudio said...

I forgot to say my dear friend how sorry I'm for all your parents health problems.
I hope things will get better. I know it's not easy when they start to age and its a constant worry. But I hope you find time in your "heavenly" room to relax and regroup. I'm thinking if you and sending positive energy :)