Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rosa's Sleeveless Cardi

Usually when I am cruising Pinterest I happily pin away, but sometimes something really strikes my fancy and I delve a bit deeper.  I  go to the blog site or Ravelry and look at the pattern.  If I am still really interested I then print it off and it stays in a little pile of papers next to my computer.  I eventually shift through these patterns and I place them in my knitting group, my crochet group or they remain in the pile waiting for me to decide what to do with them.  This is exactly what happened to this pattern, Rosa's Sleeveless Cardi.  You can find it on Ravelry or on Emma Fassio Knitting. 
It can be found under her Free Patterns setting.  I kept looking at it and looking at it, and I knew I had to make it.

This yarn is Knit One Crochet Too, Ty Dy.  I used almost the entire two skeins I bought just for this sweater.  Lovely yarn to work with and fun colors, much brighter than I am used to.

I think Caroline the dress form is quite enjoying her modeling sessions.  She isn't all that happy with the poor lighting in the craft space, but I tell her that poor lighting often softens our features, and makes us look younger, she likes that.

 I Know this is a raglan type sweater and I just went all nuts about raglan's not looking good on me, well sleeveless raglans are okay because they let my broad shoulders breath a bit.

 The only problem with this pattern is that it is written for a more bulky yarn, and I believe a much shorter person.  I added 40 stitches to the cast on edge which is the neck, and added 6 rows to the strap/sleeves to get what I assume is the right width.  I added 50 rows to the body of the sweater before I started the little yarn overs that create the sides.  I then promptly ran out of yarn  so I wasn't able to complete all of those detailed rows. 

 I am assuming if it fits Caroline then it will fit me, as long as it doesn't have to fit her waist or hips I am in luck.  I can see wearing this with a white tank top and white shorts this summer.   The very blurry flower above is exactly what was left of my yarn, not much I'd say.  Right after I took this flower photo a big blur flew by my window onto my front lawn.

 Look at this gorgeous hawk.  I happened to have my camera in hand, which was very lucky because Mr. or Mrs Hawk was only visiting for a second or two.

I have started Rosa's Sleeveless Cardi number two with some Noro Silk Garden.  I have had to add oodles of stitches to this one too, we will see how it turns out.  So this is completed project number 14 for me for 2013.  I used 392 yards of yarn which brings me to a total of 6,086 yards used so far this year.  I love keeping track of all this with no goal in mind, just for fun.  

What about the blue sweater you ask?  Well one of my Medical Foster Care Mother's has a Feel Good Chair at her house.  Instead of putting her little people in time out she has them sit in the feel good chair until they feel better, or she does.  So the blue Malabrigio sweater is now in the new Feel Good Basket until it feels like it wants to cooperate.

I hope you are having a great week.


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh I love this yarn and the sweater is lovely. It's going to look really great on you.

OMGosh Noro is some lovely stuff. I've never used it, but I love seeing it. If it were crack, I'd have no teeth! It's awesome stuff, the yarn not the crack. :)

Blessings always

Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Mere,

Now I call that a compliment a Hawk coming into land on your lawn and for sufficient time for you to take a snapshot. That's so difficult to do they are just so evasive. Do you see many hawks around your place.

Lovely rose and matching pinky colours. You top is going to look just grand with your shorts.

have also read the chapter from the book on the 16 yr old author's blog. Impressive and just 16 ...incredile!!!it caught my attention as I'm very in to fantasy novels.

Many thanks for your comments on my recent posts and for visiting my blog

keep well

Amanda :-)

Betsy said...

Caroline did a beautiful job modeling your lovely sweater. I, myself, would prefer a dark room when pictures of me are being taken. :-)
It would be so nice if you were to join our happy "lunch bunch". Who knows? Maybe you'll come out to visit sometime! If you do, I promise to make a special trip to Portland to see you!

linda said...

I love your sweater, the colour and the style is gorgeous :)

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, Sooo thats what you were up to. Love the sweater top and the bright colors are great and will look beautiful on you!! What colors are #2 in? Definitely a great addition to your wardrobe.
Interesting bird, not familiar with that species.
Take care, xoRobin

JCDiTaranto said...

Wow, Meredith! You knit fast -- and your knitting is so beautifully even and consistent. That's a great tank!

Unknown said...

You are surely a fast knitter! Lovely sweater... as always....I don't see how you do it for I can not even crochet a sweater for myself!
What a sweet visitor....I have a family of gorgeous bluebirds that come to sit on the fence right outside my sewing room window, every time I want to snap a photo...they fly day....I will capture that image!
Hugs, Shari

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Oh my gosh Meredith...I can't believe you finished another sweater! It is so pretty and I do love the colors. I can see it with white too... top or bottom. It would look good with denim too. I am alittle behind in my blog reading. My internet was acting up the last few days. I will have to see if I missed any other posts you may have done. We see hawks alot around here...I have a bird feeder hanging outside my living room window and there is a red bellied woodpecker that comes several times a day. His head is bright red not his belly but for some reason that is what he is called...Almost the weekend. Hope you have a good one! ~Hugs, Patti

kathy b said...

WOW that is a beautfiul finish Meredith. You have a great talent in knitting garments you can wear. THat is something , sweater types, that i cannot master yet.

I LOve the tye dye colorway.

Love the hawk too!~ and the FEEL GOOD CHair. I used to hold my kids when they were having tantrums. Id tell them I'd hold them until they relaxed with me.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Ha-ha! Feel good basket. That's a good one. And I like the idea of a feel better chair instead of a time out or naughty chair. Positive thinking! The sleeveless cardi is great! Lovely colors for summer. I can see you in white shorts and a white cardi wearing it now. Beautiful! Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Ha-ha! Feel good basket. That's a good one. And I like the idea of a feel better chair instead of a time out or naughty chair. Positive thinking! The sleeveless cardi is great! Lovely colors for summer. I can see you in white shorts and a white cardi wearing it now. Beautiful! Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

Teresa Kasner said...

Meredith, you have magic fingers! The old hippie in me loves that tie die knit! Now, I would love to see your gorgeous slim figure modeling it for us. :-) I wish you'd fly out to Oregon to visit us.. we could show you a great time! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Pammy Sue said...

Very nice sweater! I have eyeballed that yarn before but never bought any. Cool picture of the hawk! Don't you love it when that happens and you have your camera handy?

Babajeza said...

A feel good chair, what a brilliant idea! Totally positive thinking. Your cardi looks great. Now you are ready for summer. Have a nice day. Regula

Taci simmons said...

Oh wow my dear fiend. You work soooo fast. Another incredibly beautiful sweater. Love it .

Unknown said...

So pretty! So did Caroline really want to give this beauty up? I wouldn't blame her if she didn't. I can't believe how fast you can finish your sweaters! And how wonderful they all turn out!

Knitted_Painting said...

It looks really lovely and tell Caroline she looks fabulous in it ;)
It's a great idea to keep track of your yarn usage! They should have an option for that on Ravelry! :)

We get Sparrow Hawks in our garden sometimes too. Unfortunately they are usually eating other birds, but that's the way it goes.

Have a nice day! :)

Ana Figueira said...

I love your sweater, I think it's the perfect pattern for that yarn, to show all those beautiful colors!

Red said...

This is a beautiful yarn and your work is amazing! I wish I could follow a pattern better and crochet sweaters or shrugs... Everytime I try I get so frustrated!!!

I now have a birdfeeder sitting on a stump and a birdbath right out the window where I sit and crochet. I'm not a pet bird fan (although I've never really been close to anyone that has pet birds to get a feel for them), but I love watching the wild birds! It brings great joy to my heart to see them gather for what I have put out. I'm interested in how several different types interact... Happy Friday!!!

Sentimentally Me said...

Love those colors, too!

Boy o Boy, you are a FAST knitter. I'm too easily distracted by other projects sometimes. Gotta FOCUS!! :)

xo Have a great weekend! P

Paula said...

What a lovely sweater! I have to learn to knit someday. I love the idea of a "Feel Better Chair" instead of a Time Out Chair!

Gerda said...

It's so lovely! Very pretty colors! Groetjes, Gerda

Unknown said...

It's perfect. I love that I know can actually see you in it in my mind. A-dor-a-ble.

Kris said...

I love the sweater!!!!! You inspire me to learn to knit better!!!
xo Kris

millefeuilles said...

I think Caroline has more style than I do these days! A very pretty knit indeed, Meredith! Pinterest is fabulous, isn't it? I never pin but get a regular dose of inspiration medication from others' pins, which makes me glow most of the day ;-)

Gracie Saylor said...

Feel good baskets! Brilliant! Feel good chair! Brilliant!
Beautiful new sweater modeled by beautiful Caroline!
Brilliant! Beautiful feathered friend! Brilliant!
I'm smiling at you Meredith :)

Annie Cholewa said...

I love it! Perfect for summer :D

Annie Cholewa said...

And I meant to saw Wow! So lucky that you had your camera to hand!!

Ladybird Diaries said...

I love your little sweater, it's lovely.
M x

Deb said...

Your sweater is gorgeous Meredith! Love the style & colour.
Such a great capture of your Hawk. One morning last year, I sat down with my tea and noticed Coopers Hawk preening on the fence. No time to get the camera unfortunately. I would have loved to have taken a photo .
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend xo

Mrs. Micawber said...

I think I need a very large Feel Good Basket. :)

What an absolutely gorgeous sweater! I love the lacy drop-stitch details. That yarn looks like it would be nice to work with.

Wow - great hawk photo. How fantastic to have your camera out just at that moment.

P.S. You can tell Caroline she looks just fine - the lighting is great. :)

Elisabeth said...

Lovely work! The yarn is so pretty and I love the colors. Great photo of the hawk! I've seen many, many hawks but I've never been fast enough to grab my camera before the flew away!

* said...

Great colours in that yarn....oooh, lets hope the sun comes out sufficiently for shorts...I know it's getting there with you, but we have been treated to wind and rain today, so much so that we were 2/3s through biggest boy's footy match and it was called off, th boys were freezing (some crying) and were't really playing I know that when I got home despite wearing waterproof I had to strip everything, even my underwear...and it's the spring?

Great hawk pic.x

Suzan said...

You are amazing how quickly you can knit a sweater or a piece! love the colors and the way they made the stripes! Looks like a wonderfully comfortable top! Very nice!!

cockney blonde said...

Love the sleeveless top although not sure I could wear it. The colours are so cheery, x

Rose said...

Love the bright sweater!

RURAL said...

I am always amazed first of all that anyone can figure out those abbreviations on the knitting patterns..and that secondly you can knit so fast. You must go like a whirlwind.

Such a pretty top, are you going to model it for us?


Rose Red said...

That's a great top, very versatile!

I love the idea of the Feel Good chair (and basket, for the knitting projects). I might have to implement that with my son I think!

Sue Pinner said...

Love the top.....cute flower
Hugs x

Sue Pinner said...

Oh Wow! What luck.
Hugs x