Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Funk-o-Mania

It is only the end of June and I am in a bit of a summer funk.  I am blaming it on hormones, because I blame everything on hormones. It is gastly hot and humid here, it feels more like August.  If this is how it is going to be all summer then expect the Funk-o-Mania to continue.  I went for a walk with a friend last week, we were at the beach at 8:45 in the morning.  By the time we got back we were so hot and dehydrated, we both felt ill.  There was no breeze and it was so hot out.  We are staying closer to home from now on, because once you are walking at the beach there is no short cut back to your car, you have to stick it out.

These are some things I have been thinking about lately, and since I am in the Funk-o-Mania they are not all pleasant.

Why does it seem you are always irritated with your husband when you have to pick out his Valentine's Day or Father's Day card?  

I love the thunderstorms that occur in the summer in Florida.  They come rolling in, big, dark, heavy clouds that burst open.  They are fierce and fast, and quite beautiful, especially if you are inside, cozy and dry.

Is it such a big deal to shave your legs?  I hear all these commercials about saving time getting laser hair treatments, because it is crucial to have that time back in your life.  I like to shower and I let the conditioner set in my hair when I shave, so no laser treatments for me.

Why does my 16 year old, who wants to soon be driving on his own, not want to practice driving?  It is like I have to pull his hair to get him behind the wheel. Yesterday I made him drive me to one of my Medical Foster homes (where I forgot my phone earlier in the day) and back again.  You would think I was asking him to take poison. Well it was 45 minutes away, and it was raining but he needs the experience in all kinds of weather.

Look at this gorgeous deer.  Max was let out in our pool area this morning and immediately started to bark, I knew there were deer somewhere near.  These sweet deer were in my next door neighbor's yard. I am sure they had just finished eating all my flowers and wandered next door.

After corralling Max inside and explaining to him how rude it is to bark at the deer, these two started to clean each other, just like cats.  It was so sweet.  These pictures are a bit blurry because I took them through the screen of my back lanai area. 

The morning sun shining into my family room, so soft and pretty. 

Do you wonder why your kids can't seem to manage to text you back when you know they have their phones glued to the palm of their hands? The excuse, I didn't have my phone near really doesn't cut it, because you know they did.

For those of you with kids or grankids this is a fun little project.   Cut up a cereal box into the shape of a snake.  The less curvy the better.  Cover it with double sided tape and use scrap yarn to wrap around it.  I did this with two of the little girls I work with and they loved it.  You can glue googly eyes on it, but we decided marker eyes were safer.  I saw something like this on Pinterest so it wasn't my idea, but it was still really fun.

The African Flower baby blanket is back in the "feel good basket", I have had about enough of this thin yarn that splits, and this pattern.  I have five rows completed and at least five more to go.  The baby isn't due til the end of July, so I have some time right?
Do all husbands think you should be thrilled when they tell you they are working at home that day, or just mine?  Then they ask you why you are so grumpy when you have just been scraping lime and calcium deposits off your sons shower floor, on your hands and knees, for the past hour.  I think to myself, if you were at work you wouldn't know I was grumpy.  Just saying.

Word verification is really starting to drive me batty.   I know why some of you have it, but if I am in a hurry, I don't want to have to type it in two or three times because I can't determine what letter is showing up in that little box.

I am reading a great book right now, Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher, it has grabbed me and sucked me in.  I want to spend all day reading, certainly not scrapping lime and calcium off of tile.

Next I am going the read The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, and Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline.  Has anyone read these?  I do have an iPad, I read from it a lot and I use it for work.  But often I just want a real book in my hands.  Real pages to turn and the feel of a book will never be replaced by a mechanical device.  I use both because the convenience of downloading a book at any time is terrific, but a real book in my hands is pretty terrific, too.

Max is not in love with my new snake friend.  

How are you doing this summer?  Are you in a Summer Funk-o-Mania, too?  Maybe it is just me.


serendipity said...

Oh dear, you do sound fed up :( Blame the weather, I hate feeling hot and sticky too! Can't imagine my two driving at 16, it's 17 over here and even then I was terrified to be in the car with them. xx

Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

I feel for you, Meredith, especially with the heat and humidity.

Don't know if this will be any consolation to you, but the humor you bring to your frustration certainly must be a bright spot to your readers! It sure is to me :)

Betsy said...

Love this post. We all have times like this although mine are few and far between now that the kids are all grown and gone. I have to admit, I do have the perfect husband and very, very, rarely find anything he does to be annoying. That in and of itself is probably annoying you right now isn't it? :-)
It's supposed to get really hot here this weekend and next week too. Ick. If I had my way it would be between 65 and 80F year round.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Ok, clearly you need to come to my house and leave all that behind! :)

I have a feeling this summer is gonna be horrible. I hate the heat. I plan on living next to the air vent for the entire season!

Sending you a hug and hang in know you could join our CAL for July, a doily makes the world a better place, you know! :)

Blessings always dear friend.

Dee said...

Not really a funk . . . I think the heat got to me today. Just feeling tummy yucky after my workout.

I HATE, HATE, HATE those word verification things. I'm really thinking of not commenting on blogs that have them. But, I haven't taken that step . . . yet.

Yes, I am old and cranky. Why do you ask? LOL

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, I read Paris Wife and really loved it ! I just finished The light between the Oceans and that was really good. My favorite so far this summer. You make me chuckle, loved your post!
Take care, xoRobin

Denise Briese said...

Ha your so funny.. I truly loved this post we all feel like that somedays. Right now the heat is really getting to me and I feel cranky myself lately. Your home looks gorgeous.

Bridget said...

I'm in a summer funk as well. The weather is so awful, and we do not have a/c in our house (long story). Summer is my least favorite season, but at least there are usually some nice days before July starts. Not this year!

The pic of Max and the snake is really funny. That's the only kind of snake I can ever imagine liking ...

Joy said...

Dear Meredith - I empathise with you - the heat does strange things to us and my tolerance is very low! Thankfully our area is blessed with more temperate conditions but we do still have those awful hot and sultry days similar to our city of Perth, from where we moved a few years ago!
I also dislike having to do those stupid word things at the end of composing a message - although some are easier than others.
Your post was very entertaining, mainly because a lot of what you said rings so true for me!!!
Love the deer, they are so beautiful - poor Max must think they are oversized dogs come to claim his territory!
Lovely Meredith - I wish you cool days and some quiet peaceful space just for you!
AND Hugs, Joy xoxo


Hello Dear Meredith. I have agree that those deer do look very cute but NOT in my garden..LOL Love the wee yarn snake pretty cool indeed. I really do love the colors you are using in the baby blanke.. I am sure it will be much loved.

I have read Coming HOME and absolutely LOVED it. Like you I had a difficult time putting it down.. I like "Real" books. I also like to have the feel of the book in my hand. To me it is strange to have it on a Ipad. I am heading off to the library to get another one of R. Pilcher book..

I think MAX likes being a guard take care of things doggie.. Tell him I think he is a sweetie.. LOL

Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Judy

ColourMeCrochet said...

I do love your post.
Probably because it's so very real and I can relate to how your feeling sometimes.
I'm sure we must all feel like that at times I just think we deal with it better some days than others.
I do hope you don't feel so funky tomorrow.
Sally x

by Teresa said...

What an interesting and varied post! I'm so glad I don't have any 16 year olds to teach to drive anymore! Those are the most beautiful and healthy deer I've ever seen! That is a GORGEOUS blanket!!!

Word Verification is also my PET PEEVE!!!!!!! I wish everyone would just do the thing where you authorize your comments.. much easier on the commenter.

I'm reading "The Yonalsse Riding Camp for Girls" - and egads, it's way too full of sex! I'm almost ready to give up reading as all the ones I've been reading are way too racy!

I'm too darn busy to be in a funk.. LOL!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Babajeza said...

Come an visit me! It's very fresh and cool here. You would have lots of time to smell the roses

(in Bischofszell (without me because I'm in the store in the middle of hundreds of visitors a day. I'm not dehydated but hungry and tired (no time to eat and sleep).

Hopefully back to normal next week.

millefeuilles said...

Dear, lovely Meredith,

I am giving you a (cool) hug from afar! I sympathize enormously with some of your gripes: my favourite on your list being the one about husbands working from home :-)

It's not very hot here but I am in a bad backache funk which is almost the same thing in some ways.

I hope getting all that out helped soothe your irritation a little.



Teresa said...

I am sorry that you are in such a funk! I hate when I feel that way. We are just starting to get the hot and muggies. I hate them. Never fun to feel all wet and clammy. I hope getting that all out helped. Some times we need to vent. I love the blanket! All those bright happy colors. The deer look very well fed. Max does not look happy at all. A snake and deer. What a bad day for him! I am going to look up those books you mentioned. Always looking for some thing new to read. Again, I hope things are a little better at least after getting it out. Hugs, Teresa

The Faerie Factory said...

Oh Meredith I am so with you... hormones are to blame for everything. I'm always annoyed with my husband at the time I have to buy a card for him. My teenage son has not replied to the text I sent yesterday (he is away camping) and I know he will be glued to his phone. Best of all my husband also announced he was having the next 10 days off and I am so in a funk about it as I needed to get loads done and now his needs will probably come first because if they don't I too will be "grumpy". oooh that feels so much better ... thanks for not being the only funkster out there ~ Sarah x

Sharron said...

A lot of your post resonates with me Meredith, I really don't do well in the heat. Thankfully, the UK doesn't get the same kind of weather as you're experiencing. I've visited your part of the world and the humidity is indeed intense. Hope the funk is short lived xx

Elisabeth said...

I can totally sympathize with you regarding the heat. I think everything irritates me when it's hot. Luckily it's not that humid where I am in Spain but it's getting hotter and hotter every day and I can just feel my patience for things ebbing away. I can't wait for autumn to arrive! :)
Those deer are so cute and I had no idea they groomed each other like cats <3
Have a great day Meredith and I hope the funk lifts soon xoxo

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Whew! Hormones and heat are a nasty combination! LOL! Oh, Meredith, I hope a cool, calming breeze blows your way! I'm sharing some of your frustrations. ;) blessings and hugs ~ tanna

kathyinozarks said...

I enjoy reading your blogs-cause we can all relate to days like that but you have a good way of writing it all down-lol
I do agree with one of the comments about having to go threw that word verification-very annoying-and I really dont get that much spam and when I do I just delete them
can't remember if you have on her-just a thing with me too

kathy b said...

Aww hugs to you Meredith. BIg BIg Hugs.
IM not in a funk per say, but Im having some trouble settling down. All the Mabyes....

I took in this foster kitten and she's upsetting Beatles terribly. I had to move her upstairs and get Bea a relaxing collar. I didnt mean to upset him by helping this poor blind thing out...

Aren't I silly to worry so?

Hanne said...

I loved that post....can I move in with you :) :)

Susanne said...

You darling! Call it what you want, for me it would be a "pet peeve" list of some of the irritating things that we women have to deal with, the ones that don't just roll off of our backs (as if we were ducks) but instead manage to crawl under our skin and irritate the crap out of us. I can remember being happy, even joyful that my husband was going to Washington, D.C. for a 3-4 day trip with his buddies from The American Legion...YES! I would have the house to myself and no demands on me! The kids and their phones, that has got to be my #1 gripe of all rude, they will sit and constantly look at or text friends while you are visiting them or vice versa, the phone is glued to either their hands or their ear, but let me call them and a whole day could go by before they return my's seem to rate low when it comes to the phone pecking order. What emergency has to happen before they understand mom's don't usually call them unless it is something important. You might be irritated with the yarn you are working with, but I have never seen an African Flower that I didn't like. Your friend will love it! Scrubbing soap scum, one of my favorite things NOT! I just used some Scrubbing Bubbles on my bathtub and believe me, they seem to work much better in the commercial. I did most of the scrubbing, the commercial is way over rated. The deer are beautiful, no doubt, like you said, just finished feasting on your flowers and probably discussing whether to come back for more later, lol.
Sometimes it just feels good to get it all out and vent...and yes, your son needs to practice his driving skills....
Hang in there mom. It would be much tougher to be the mom of a Nascar driver.
(((HUGS))) Susanne ♥

Julia said...

I don't know that I'm in a funk, but I do not like our hot, sticky, uncomfortable, humid weather here in the south...I am not a fan...never have been! I love summer, that is if I could get out and enjoy it.

Rose Red said...

I am sorry you are in a funk, I hope it clears soon. I has been raining here for a week and cold cold cold (well, cold for here, not compared to some places). But I have been glad to stay inside mostly, and have had pyjama days all weekend. Maybe a solid weekend of crochet and knitting will help?

I also agree about the leg shaving thing. It takes about 3 minutes! If that!

Ladybird Diaries said...

Sorry that you are feeling a bit fed up. Maybe doing some extra crafting will help? I really like your crochet squares in the pretty basket.
M x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Oh dear, you do sound discomboulated. Cool hugs from afar xxx

Grayseasailor said...

Beautiful deer and blanket and I like what I have read of Pilcher's, too! Blog WV is soooo annoying!!!!!!!!!!! I am not fond of snakes either, but in spite of Max's rejection I at least love the color of your snake. I use some sort of spray bleach stuff that breaks up scum so I do not have to scrape...much :-)

Claire said...

Hey Meredith, had to laugh at the buying cards bit.......Why are cards all so flowery and lovey dovey. Why can't someone come up with some realistic, truthful cards. Love you but you drive me nuts.....type of thing?
The deer are lovely so elegant looking but I wouldn't be too happy about them eating blooms from my garden.
Love a good thunderstorm, the best I've ever experienced were in New Orleans B4 Cyclone Katrina.
The thunder was earth shattering and the rain, torrential.......I imagine they are of the same intensity where you are.
Persevere with the driving practice. Kids need as much as they can get in all sorts of weather. You are just being a good mum, one day they'll thank you.
The blanket looks great, hope you manage to finish it in time and I hope you're feeling less out of sorts by now.

Sending cool, Wintry hugs from Oz.....

Claire x

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

The Paris Wife is really good and I happened to be in Key West shortly after I read it and went to the Hemingway House. It made the tour much more interesting to me :-)