Friday, June 14, 2013

Window Makeover

Sometimes when you are just minding you own business, innocently trying to make an African Flower baby blanket, something jumps off your computer screen and demands attention.  I felt that way when I saw the Flower Power Valance by Robin Sanchez at Once Upon A Pink Moon.  I just about screamed with happiness when I saw this valance, could anything be cuter for a window?  I knew it was a matter of a few hours before I started it.  I jumped in my car and drove to Joann's for some yarn.  I bought a cone of Sugar'n Cream white yarn and got busy.

This is all I had left over when I finished last night.  This was a very, very fun project.   I loved every flower.  Robin did a fantastic job creating this pattern, it was well written and easy to follow.

Well what do you think?  I took these at 8:00 PM so the light was not that great, I took more this morning that looked even worse, but you get the general idea.  My craft space is looking pretty good if I do say so myself.  I love this valance, it adds so much charm and coziness to my little area.

I measured my window which is 72 inches across, I made 11 flowers for the top row and 10 flowers for the bottom row with two half flowers on the side.  Robin has directions for the whole flower and the half flower, they were very easy to make.  The yarn cost $9 with my 40% off coupon, and the rod was about $6 at Home Depot, fun and inexpensive, you have to love that.

I am loving my little bit of flower power, and with this project completed I am up to 21 completed projects for the year with 9,880 yards of yarn used so far in 2013.

Do you all know Pammy Sue of  Scotty's Place?  If you don't hop right over there and get to know her, Pammy Sue is so funny and my goodness she is fast with a hook.  She creates amazing crochet projects and will make you laugh all the while you are on her blog.  Pammy Sue sent me a link to this pattern (aren't bloggers the best?)  She said it reminded her of me, well you know what it reminds me of me.  I had seen this a while back, but of course now that I have been sent the link I have become obsessed. 

This is the Keila Top by Handy Kitty.  You can download the pattern for free on Ravelry.  

I got busy scrounging around my craft space.  I still have the bottom of number one dress, the dress I put the arms in upside down and had to throw out the top, this might be perfect.  I also have this gorgeous Malabrigo yarn that is supposed to be a Christmas gift, but who needs a cowl right now?  I mean it is summer after all.  I think this might be a very fun project to work on this weekend.  Pammy Sue I am holding you responsible for not finishing my African Flower baby blanket.

I am leaving you with this.  My buddy went back home on Tuesday, boy was I tired and in this picture he was, too.  He fell asleep in his lunch.  He was talking away to me while I was cleaning the floor, and suddenly it was silent.  I looked behind me and this is what I saw.  Priceless.  He is very happy to be home with his family, and I am very happy not to have my floors spectacularly clean.  Remember the days when your little ones were crawling and no matter how hard you tried they always had dirt on the top of their feet from crawling on your floor?  He is a cutie that is for sure.

Happy Friday to you!



HELLO Meredith. Your New Flower Powers Valance is truly very very pretty. Perfect for that window, indeed. You have certainly done very well this year in your stash busting challenge.. and all the projects you have finished.. I Still LOVE seeing the Sheep Yarn Bowl. Love it. Hugs Judy

The Faerie Factory said...

Hi Meredith .. that valance is so pretty and the dress is adorable I do wish my crocheting skills were up to all that creativity ... Sarah x

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I love the valance. WOW, it's lovely. You are super fast hooker! It would take me a year to make that. It's awesome.

Awww your little buddy is all tuckered out. Bless his sweet little heart.

I adore Pammy Sue, she always, always makes me smile. That top really does look just like something you'd wear.

Wishing you a super great day and weekend filled with many blessings dear friend.

Betsy said...

Oh my I LOVE that valance. You certainly didn't have much cotton left did you? Think I'll have to scoot over and download that pattern. :-)

Your little guy is just plain tuckered out. It's always so cute when they fall asleep in their food. (I've felt like doing the same thing at times.) *smile*

Have a wonderful weekend Meredith.


Dee said...

The flower valence is BEYOND adorable. It really softens up the look of your window. ADORABLE.

Stephen used to fall asleep like that in his swing. LOL

Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

Just marveling at the speed with which you created that terrific valance! Wow!

Preeti said...

That's a lovely valance !!:) I too have recently got sugar n cream yarn. What hook size is appropriate for this yarn? I have not used it before.
Thanks for sharing the pattern link!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

That valance is GREAT, Meredith. And, seems you and Pammy Sue are great enablers!! LOL! Oh, the yarn addictions continue! I'll look forward to seeing that cute little dress. Yes, priceless. Just priceless. blessings ~ tanna

linda said...

I love your valance Meredith and wow you got that done very quickly, you are doing great with your stash-busting! well done, I have seen that little dress too and loved it. Have a great weekend! :)

Kris said...

I LOVE it Meredith!!!!! The pic of the baby asleep on his tray brought back a memory or two!!! Rest up!!
xo Kris

Teresa said...

Your valence is asolutely gorgeous! So soft looking.
It looks like your little friend had a great time! Looks like you wore him out! Isn't it funny how they can be so busy and then crash! I bet it seems strange and quiet around there now. Is Max taking a long nap now? Hae a great day. Hugs, Teresa

Olga said...

Love your flower valence! Looks perfect on your window.

Robin Sanchez said...

Meredith I love your white valance. Im happy to hear that the pattern is easy to follow. I havent really written patterns before so thats good news!


kathyinozarks said...

Meredith your valance is lovely-perfect for your space-and that little dress is just too adorable!

Nana Go-Go said...

Oh my, but that is a sweet valance. The pic of the sleeping boy is even sweeter!Have a good weekend,Meredith. x

Joy said...

What a lovely job you've done on that very pretty valance Meredith, and I love that little top!
What a busy and successful year you're having with such a variety of topics - you're doing so well - and then looking after and loving that sweet little boy as well. Keep up the good work - I am loving your blog!
Joy x

shari said...

OH wow! just amaze me. This is so pretty, great job! That little one is the cutest ever....this picture makes my heart melt!
xx Shari!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Of course you almost screamed for joy - that valance is ADORABLE!

And so is your little friend. I love it when they fall asleep in weird places. :)

Enjoy your new project, and that pink yarn looks luscious.

Babajeza said...

Your flowers are screaming very loudly ... It's so beautiful!
and look at this lovely dress. I can see new wips for me .... Have a nice weekend.

Elisabeth said...

Such an adorable valance! Lovely yarn too, such a pretty shade of pink. Your little buddy is TOO cute :) xoxo

kathy b said...


I will go check out your funny friend's blog

Your buddy is too too cute asleep in the high chair

you are a dear for taking him

moonstruckcreations said...

I love the valance Meredith, how long did it take you to make?

Your little buddy certainly is a cutie!


Hanne said...

Love the photo og your little buddy :)

by Teresa said...

Meredith, that valance is amazingly beautiful! I also love that it's white cotton.. it's a lace curtain.. just totally impressive! Great job on that! How cute to see your little guy asleep in his dinner.. just sweet. I can't wait to see your dress with lace top and bottom. You rock. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Crafty in the Med said...

Ahhhh! yes Mere I recognise this valance having seen it on just makes me drool and now looking at your crafts room valance I'm drooling some more...a tissue someone please!!!! come on don't ask us you know it looks absolutely lovely LOL!
It enhances the window space fabulously.

Gosh!! isn't he just a sweetie.What a photo!!! bless him!

Am off to visit Pammy Sue!

keep well

Amanda :-)

Susanne said...

Hey girl, that valance is amazing. You must be a whiz like Pammy is. You two can crank out more in a few days than I can in a month. I was thinking that a valance done in snowflakes would be cute for the Thanksgiving through the winter months. I have a white yarn with a silver sparkle thread running all the way through it. It would be perfect. That lace top on the dress reminds me of a butterfly, maybe because of the shape...and your little man in his high chair, how precious is that. Wonderful that you got a picture of that sweet moment. I did find that bunny rabbit pattern (flutterby stitch Ragtaggle Rabbits) I also have Posy on my sidebar and checked out her rabbit, how cute it is, but the one I was looking for was more of a patchwork flat cloth one for small children. Posy sure has a nice blog, it has been ages since I checked in on her. I need to get busy and make some rabbits so I can share with my friends. Hope your weekend is relaxing and you're doing what you love.
Susanne ♥

Sentimentally Me said...

Gosh Darn you, Miss M, now I have TWO MORE projects to add to my MUST DO LIST!! :) haha, jk!

LOVE the valance, did it work out well with the sugar n cream? I've got a white cone of it here already???!!!!

That little man is adorable!

Happy Weekend to you!

xo P

Grayseasailor said...

Beautiful Flower Power, Meredith!!! And I would love to make some little dresses for some little girls I know... and your little friend was so precious. My youngest grand has fallen asleep a few times like that and a few times in her bouncy horse, Poky :-)
Hugs to you,

Sue Pinner said...

Great vallance..still a popular flower lol
Lurk away hehe..understand how you feel A Cancerian here too. a good lurk can work wonders
hope you are feeling a bit more yourself now?
My bad back just suddenly disappeared yesterday..untrapped nerve i guess!
hugs x

gaia said...

How did I miss this post?! The valance is gorgeous! Gaia.

Rose Red said...

Your little buddy is too cute.

Love the valance, perfect addition to your craft room.

Kristen said...

I love the valance, but I admit I love the sleeping baby more. Face down in his lunch. Oh, babies! So delicious.

TACIStudio said...

Love the valance n he is sure a cute little precious!

Willene Fagen said...

So, it actually is cute. When I read Flower Power, I cringed 'cos I thought it would be too flamboyant as a combination of pink, yellow and orange. Apparently, it is stylish without being loud. This defied my overrated impression of floral prints! :] Willene@Roofing & More, Inc.