Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Crime Scene

There has been a crime committed here at Mereknits.  After running an errand the other day I came in and saw this.

A toy bunny with his arm savagely ripped off.   The poor bunny did not stand a chance. We can only hope he wasn't in much pain, the poor sweet toy.

I got some pictures of this horrible act before the police came in and asked questions.

There was only one suspect, Max.  When asked if he had anything to do with this atrocity he said he would not talk to anyone without his lawyer present.  The dog hair surrounding the bunny might be some significant evidence.

I have learned from watching many a crime drama on TV, that the guilty one will often return to the scene of the crime, if you give them enough time.  I waited patiently and before even a few minutes passed, my guess was correct.

Look, he has been caught red handed (or pawed) and he does not seem to mind a bit!  I think he might have to be under house arrest until we can look further into this case.


Penny said...

Oh bless Max, if only he knew what a good detectives home he was living in ! xox Penny

Dee said...

I say Max was provoked. Surely he would not commit this act of his own volition. Sock monkeys are notoriously shifty and will commit much tom-foolery when left alone.

I think Max was only protecting the house from destructive monkey acts.


Poor Sweet Max. I can hardly believe this sweet doggie could do such a thing... I think there must be more to this story.. I reckon his master Meredith needs to do some more detective work...This whole scene is much to obvious. Thanks for the giggle.. Hugs Judy

kathyinozarks said...

you should write a book Meredith-you are such a good writer-hugs
Our Nikita when she was young-would do this-she had a thing for taking out all of the stuffing and tossing it every where-lol

Plain Jane said...

Noooooo - not Max! He didn't do it - I saw him at the supermarket buying some biscuit treats - come to think of it that might have been Dora Dachsund.... Max? Jane x

by Teresa said...

Oh, naughty boy! If a doggie chewed up one of my sock monkeys.. oh would I be unhappy! Did you make this one? But Max is so beautiful. I'm sure he will be forgiven. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Bridget said...

Hm. It could be argued that the evidence is circumstantial. You'd better hope he doesn't lawyer up.

moonstruckcreations said...

Oh Max...you are such a sweetie, surely you couldn't possibly be capable of such a terrible thing?

Hope bunny is making a swift recovery ;)


Joy said...

Well Meredith, you have no real proof that this atrocity was caused by the lovely Max, and he could come back at you with a court action for blackening his character like this! I would gladly provide him with an alibi - if I wasn't so far away!
Seriously Meredith, this is a very amusing well composed post - I loved it! But poor Max!
Big hugs to you both!
Joy xo

Betsy said...

Poor Max. Just look at those eyes. I refuse to believe he could have done such a thing. That sock monkey is setting poor Max up!
He is such a cutie. If I were you I could never get mad at at him.

Kris said...

Tsk, tsk....Max!!! He looks too sweet to do this though!
I am catching up. LOVE the shawl you made your MIL. She will love it so much!
I guess it is stinking hot everywhere!!! I am melting!
XO Kris

linda said...

That's so funny Meredith you have cheered me up this morning before going to work. Well I have to say although the others seems to have some doubts about Max's guilt I am with you, I think he may well be guilty too, but look at his sweet little face you would forgive him anything. Have a lovely day :)

gilly said...

Aw, poor Max - perhaps it was self-defence? Maybe the bunny attacked him first!
Innocent until proven guilty, I say ;-)

Teresa said...

Poor Max! You just know that the toy started it! He just egged Max on until poor Max couldn't stand it anymore! Maybe he was up to no good and Max had to stop him!!!! Please give Max the benifet of the doubt. He may have saved your home or life. But of course neither one is talking and we will never know!

Faeryfay said...

Max is so adorable! I believe in his innocence!

pembrokeshire lass said...

Oh what a shame! Max looks as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, too......! I think this needs further investigation...what led up to this terrible crime...was Max put up to it by another!? Personally I think he was stitched up!! Joan

The Faerie Factory said...

He he Meredith you did make me smile, and poor Max looks so innocent ~ Sarah x

Elisabeth said...

hehehe what a great story! I have to say that Max looks about as innocent as posible :) I'm sure someone else is to blame ;) Have a lovey day Meredith xoxox

Crafty in the Med said...

great post Meredith.
Poor Max he does look totally contrite. Bless him!
Perhaps it was the pressure of unforeseen circumstances that caused it. Perhaps he felt an unconscious objective to engage said rabbit during a terrifying nightmare.I do think mitigating circumstances should be taken into account!

keep well

Amanda :-)

Pradeepa said...

Meredith, I think Max had been planning this brutal assault for quite some time. On several occasions he would have seen you showering more attention on the victim and this had made him jealous. So when he got the opportunity he attacked the poor guy savagely. This is my theory but the suspect looks very innocent and incapable of such crimes.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

LOL! Poor Max! Caught red-pawed!! blessings ~ tanna

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I hereby declare Max as my client. I will represent him in any legal matter he needs.

Who is to say that the "dog hair" was not taken from Max's dog brush and planted? I see a cover up happening here.

There will be no further speaking to my client unless I am present.

And were there actual pictures of the bunny with the arm sewed on? How do we know that the arm even belonged to the bunny?

Clearly Max is being framed!

Blessings always dear friend. :)

kathy b said...

I would like to offer to Defend Max. Said Bunny was clearly violating house rules. Said Bunny was teasing the DOg!! No teasing the dog.

good boy Max. good BOY!

shari said...

Not poor sweet little old Max! He looks to innocent to have committed such a crime. I second for all charges to be dismissed and thrown out immediately!
This was a awesome post Meredith, but poor Max!
He's going to get you back!!!!
Hugs, Shari

Hanne said...

OMG you have a criminal in your house .....

Claudia said...

Oh, that scamp, that wiley old Max! He used to do that with all his stuffed animals, didn't he? Look at that expression: butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!

I miss him. I need to hug him. Tell him Aunt Claudia understands. I have my own sort of scamp right here, lying at my feet!


Petunia Pill said...

Mwah ha ha! Max! How could you! You always look so angelic! Plead the fifth, buddy!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I can see it now, should Stitchy McFloss sadly fail in her defence of Max, there'll be a mega 'Free Max' campaign ... I'm designing the posters already, just in case!

Danette said...

If we could get your Max and my Phoebe together they could have a ripping good time! My other 2 dogs don't do this bit of naughtiness but Phoebe loves to kill everything! Ahhh but we love them anyway!

Susanne said...

Oh no, Max would never do anything so drastic, looks to me like he jumped in and saved the monkey from further torture by whomever did this terrible deed. He is a good boy!
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Grayseasailor said...

Goodness gracious! Max? Really? The Scripture I read this morning stated that if we expect God to be merciful to us, we should extend mercy to others...so in keeping with that thought, it seems to me that Max appears to be sincerely contrite about any part he might have had in this not so funny bunny bashing business...hare-harm was not his intent, I am certain!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

But look at Max's sweet face...does it look guilty to you? Self defense? Maybe you will never know. ....very cute story!