Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Not knitting for a few days......

Cooking can be dangerous to you health, and I think there needs to be some sort of safety alert about cooking, well especially when it comes to the cutting part.  I have never professed to be a good cook, or even an average cook, to be honest I am very pathetic.  My husband has always done the far majority of the cooking.  Yes I have my few signature dishes, (that my kids are very sick of) and that is about all I can claim as to my cooking skills.  Before you all go crazy and say you would love a husband who cooks, think again, because a husband who cooks, in my case, is a husband that makes a huge mess and does not clean up.  I usually have to clean the entire kitchen after he is done, that includes the front of the cabinets and the floor.  I think he watches too many cooking shows where the head chef just dumps things into pans and whips the containers in the sink for someone else to clean, he can't be bothered with the little details, like cleaning.  When I cook, lets just say, the mess is minimal as I clean as I go.

So last night while making my chicken fried rice, a very easy recipe, I was dicing the onions and diced my thumb instead.  Now it wasn't bad enough to make a trip to the ER, although it took about an hour to stop bleeding, and probably could have used a stitch or two. What it did was interfere with my ability to work today and to knit.  Wednesday's, for a few more weeks, are my short day at work. Today I only had one little person to work with, as the other child I work with was on vacation.  But the little one I had today has Cerebral Palsy, he is five years old, we work on the floor, on therapy balls and getting in and out of standing, and his wheelchair.  This all involves lifting and maneuvering, not something I could do with a thumb like this, so I ended up having the day off.  This also means no knitting for me until at least tomorrow.  My thumb is still pretty sensitive even with a band aid on. 

So what to do on a day off minus the use of my left thumb? 


Clean Bathrooms

Grocery shop
Drink tea

  I just finished Rosamunde Pilcher's September, a lovely book that takes a bit to get into, but then grabs you and won't let you go, even after you are finished.

Watch storm clouds quickly dissipate.

I told you the clouds in Florida are spectacular.

Enjoy the rain pitter pattering on my lanai and pool.

Take pictures of the sock puppet I made with two little girls I work with.  We had lots of fun on this activity that was very hard for them, but kept their interest.

Gaze at this beautiful yarn that was left on top of my car yesterday, in a pretty bag.  This was a surprise from my friend Maggie, she was in Seattle and went by a yarn store on Bainbridge Island and thought of me.  How lovely is that?

This is Socks That Rock yarn by Blue Moon.  The colors are so beautiful.  I think another Clapo-Ktus might be in my future.  

Look who was looking at me taking pictures of the sky.  My boy Max will be 9 tomorrow!  Happy Birthday my sweet boy, you give me a present everyday with all the love and devotion you show this family..


Denise Briese said...

oo poor you! Happy Birthday Max! He is a pretty boy! We lost power at work today, that was a bad storm. Take care of that finger girl.

Petunia Pill said...

Meredith! Ouchie! And the worst of it is that you had a sick day and couldn't get your yarn on! Phooey! I think Max was checking to see where you were so he could have his way with the rabbit if time permitted! Mwah-ha-ha! Keep that cut clean, girl! Heal with speed, ok? Hugs, Annette

Jennifer said...

I have one of those husbands too. LOVES to cook but won't clean up (at least not to my liking!), but he doesn't cook often. Just the fun stuff he likes to make and the kids LOOOOVE that because it's not the boring stuff I usually do. :P Sorry about your finger. I understand because I stepped on a drill bit (literally almost impaled my foot on it because my husband left it out where he was working and I didn't see it sticking out of a toolbox he left on the bed while we were working on something). I've been hobbling around since Saturday because it's both cut and bruised. I love your pool, is it a screened enclosure? I have some relatives who live in the Melbourne, FL area who have enclosures like that for their pools and it's so nice to sit out there.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Ow, ow, ow. Hope your hand heals quickly so you can knit again! What good is time off if you can't play with yarn?

That puppet looks very jolly, and Max looks very handsome (as usual). Give him a birthday hug from all of his bloggy fans. :)

Every time you talk about your husband I (mentally) throw my hands in the air and (again mentally) shout "YES!!!" He sounds so very much like Mr. M.... It must be a guy thing to leave a trail of disaster behind like that.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Happy Birthday to Max! So sorry you cut your thumb. That's such a bummer. Especially the no knitting part... with that beautiful yarn your friend left on your car!!! I'll be looking forward to seeing it as a FO. Sending healing thoughts to your thumb. blessings ~ tanna


Love that Max! So sweet :)

I read September and loved it. In fact, I've read all her books. She's one of my favourite authors.


Toni said...

Oh no! You poor thing--both on the kitchen clean up AND the cut finger! Our rule initially was that the one who cooks doesn't do dishes, but as I cleaned WHILE cooking and my husband doesn't, that went by the wayside very quickly--oddly, even before I took up canning. :)

Babajeza said...

I hope you will feel better soon. It's amazing what difference minus one thumb makes. And "September", I just love this book. But my favourite of all is "Winter Solstice". :-)

Kris said...

Oh Meredith!!! Ouch!! I have cut myself in the kitchen, more times than I can count!!!! I hope you heal quickly, and can return to your knitting!!!
Your day off, didn't sound like much of a day OFF though!!!
I loved September!!! And Shell Seekers!!!

Faith said...

Ouchie! Your poor finger, I would be so frustrated not to knit/crochet. I do hope it heals quickly. I'm reading Rosamunde Pilcher, 'The Shell Seekers' at the moment, slowly though, as I read before bed and normally find I don't manage more than a page before falling asleep! I have September to read next.

Happy Birthday Max! Does he get a cake?

Grayseasailor said...

Max has a lovely smile :) I hope he has a Happy Birthday celebration.
I am so sorry about your cut thumb :( and hope it heals rapidly!
The Shell Seekers was a book I enjoyed, but I have not explored her other books, yet. I recently finished Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl....which I thought might be gruesome, but was in fact inspiring, in spite of the horrible details about the Holocaust.
Thanks for sharing your clouds and pretty, and your cute puppets, and the lovely yarn gifted to you by your friend.
I enjoyed my visit with you :)
Gracie xx

Delia Ryder said...

So sorry to hear you have cut yourself I hope it heals up quickly for you so you can get back to doing the things you love. Happy birthday to Max he is such a lovely boy and he is lucky that he has a loving family to, dee x

Joy said...

So sorry to hear about your thumb Meredith, and hope it heals quickly and allows you to get back into your lovely knitting!
I was brought up with that old adage: if you make a mess you clean it up! Doesn't always work with the fellas though, does it!!!
Happy Birthday to beautiful Max - always gorgeous!
What a beautiful surprise from your thoughtful friend - I hope you can use it really soon for it looks like such a lovely yarn!
Happy days to you sweet Meredith!
Xo Joy

linda said...
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linda said...

Oh you poor thing Meredith! I have done the same so many times, I remember the tip if my thumb hanging off once the knife just seemed to twist in the wrong direction. Never mind I'm sure it will soon heal as long as you look after it. I haven't read that book so I may look it up, How lovely of your friend what a sweet thing to do! Give Max a cuddle from me and wish him a Happy Birthday for tomorrow. :)

ColourMeCrochet said...

Ouchie Meredith, knife cuts on fingers and thumbs are the worst, as you use your hands all the time and the wound keeps opening.. I do hope you can knit / crochet again soon.
Your Max is indeed a very handsome fellow.
"Happy Birthday Max"

Sally :) xxx

kathy b said...

Happy Birthday to MAX!!! Does he get treats??

SO SORry about your cooking injury: I"ve had the horrid avocado slip that ended in stitches. I've had the burn your hand on the oven rack injury.
My friend got her hair caught in a hand mixers beaters and lost some hair as a youngster....

Rest that finger. Play on Pinterest....

DONT LIFT A FINGER..nurse's orders

Dee said...

Sorry to hear about your thumb! Hope by today it is feeling a bit better.

Steve does a LOT of the cooking here. But, I'm lucky. He's not a very messy cook and I don't mind doing dishes.

shari said...

Ouch! Take care of that finger Meredith so you can quickly get back to playing with that new Sock yarn...I want to dive right in it!
Happy Birthday Max...Aunt Shari will send you a bone!

Karen said...

First, Happy Birthday to dear Max!

Second. . . OH, Mere! My thumb aches just thinking about your mishap. I hope it heals quickly. In the meantime, put aside the cleaning and keep reading:) I loved "September." Thanks for reminding me, I should re-read it.

Teresa said...

I hope you heal fast! I also have a husband who cooks...but he also cleans up after himself. So I am very lucky. Happy birthday Max. I bet you will be even more spoiled tomorrow then today! lol. Hugs, Teresa
( we get our new little one to spoil on saturday)

honeycat said...

Happy birthday lovely Max.

Hi Meredith, poor you cutting your thumb. Hope it doesn't take long to heal.
I'm liking the sock puppet and thinking I could make one for my little girl. She would love that and so easy to make.
Loving the yarn. I'm hoping to splash out on some new yarn this weekend.


Crafty in the Med said...

Oh! dear.....quick quick quick ....its 10:00pm here and the day will soon be gone and I haven't wished Max a happy birthday.

Happy birthday Max....say hello to your Mum for me :-)

A xx

Crafty in the Med said...

oh! dear nearly forgot.....Meredith its the veg you chop not your thumb!!!
Take care now

A xx

Bridget said...

Oh brother, I have done the same sort of things myself, not being a good cutter/slicer. Then I always get annoyed at myself, since others seem to do it with a minimum of injury.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX!!!! Hope you have a day full of cuddles and treats.

Susanne said...

Cut my rt. thumb yesterday too, but not too badly. A bandaid did the job. Was cutting some lettuce and after I cut my finger I reminded myself that is why you are suppose to tear lettuce, not use a knife on it. Maybe you should have gotten stitches??? We are like Florida here, humid and rainy weather. I went out to do some trimming with the push mower and it started to sprinkle the rain and then came a nice down pour that lasted over an hour. Needless to say, no mowing today. Your Max is a doll, such a sweet dog and your best friend always. Love his smile.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Gosh, I hope your thumb is feeling better. Bless your must stop cooking, it is causing havoc on your knitting!

Awww Max is just so darn cute. Please give him a big huge from Auntie Crazy Butt for me. He's such a cutie!

Sending hugs your way and hope you get to feeling much better very soon....

Blessings always sweet friend.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Ouch! But surely you know if you can't knit you can't clean bathrooms either, that's a rule! In fact housework of any kind is forbidden when nursing an injury that stops you crafting ... ;)

Hope you heal quickly.

Happy Birthday lovely Max x

Taciana Simmons said...

Oh my dear Meredith I'm so sorry about your thumb...hope you heal very, very quickly's even worse when we get injured and cannot knit...that is just not fair...

Happy birthday to the handsome Max ( Monday was our Java's birthday she is now 10 - they share a birthday sweet))

Feel better soon sweet friend:)

Nana Go-Go said...

Ouch! re your thumb. Healing thoughts to you and Belated Birthday Greetings to Max. That yarn is totally gorgeous. Would look fab in something lacy?Have a great weekend Mer.x
ps nearly the end of my holidays and I can feel the black clouds gathering already!lol

Ladybird Diaries said...

Hope your thumb is better soon! That yarn is beautiful, such a thoughtful gift from your friend.
M d

The Faerie Factory said...

ouch I do hope your thumb is on the mend. Meredith you make me smile I'm sure our husbands are kindred spirits mine will cook but only if he uses every pan in the house and cleaning up is just not on his job list ... Sarah x

Deb said...

feel better Meredith!!
Happy Birthday to Max xo He & Archer almost shared a birthday... Archer is 4 today ♥
Have a wonderful weekend.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Loving that yarn, and the rain, wish we had some...

Sorry to hear about your thumb, that sounds painful.


pembrokeshire lass said...

Oh, how awful! It can happen so easily too. I hope that it is healing well by now and that you are being sensible and not pushing it too far too soon??!!
I loved the sock sweet and the wool is just such a lovely rainbow of colours! I think you definitely need to make something special with it.....Look forward to finding out what you decide! Thanks for your visit. I am always so encouraged by reading your comments. I'm so glad you are enjoying the tea towel! Take care of that thumb. Joan

gaia said...

ı hope you get well soon.Gaia.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I recently did that to my thumb. Like you, it thumped and throbbed and wouldn't stop bleeding. The after effects were a nuisance though. The skin healed in a way that caught everything it came in contact with. What a pain!
Happy Birthday beautiful boy Max! You have a very loving Mom and family....but I am sure you already know that.
Hugs, Patti

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I recently did that to my thumb. Like you, it thumped and throbbed and wouldn't stop bleeding. The after effects were a nuisance though. The skin healed in a way that caught everything it came in contact with. What a pain!
Happy Birthday beautiful boy Max! You have a very loving Mom and family....but I am sure you already know that.
Hugs, Patti

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Hate to hear what you did to your thumb!! but what lovely yarn your friend gave you!! Love how the colors blend so well! Sounds like you do PT?? School has kicked back in!! Max is an awesome faithful buddy!!

Fay said...

Happy Birthday Max. He is such a cutie. Sorry to hear about your thumb! How horrible! I hope it heals quickly. Those yarns look beautiful too. You'll be back to the knitting in no time I'm sure. I totally understand the cooking situation, my hubby cooks (actually he's cooking up a bolognaise right now), but does make a mess too! I'm lucky though as he cooks most nights for our family :)
take care of your thumb!x

Eileen Chrisjohn said...

Meredith, I hope you are better soon Max still looks like a puppy! It's hard to believe he's 9 years old. I love reading your posts and thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

Take care my friend,

Sue Pinner said...

Happy belted Birthday Max huge hugs for you from across the pond
hugs x

Liz said...

Oh, I love that yarn...I've been itching to get some of the good stuff. I haven't made a trip to my LYS in awhile. Wow, Max is 9. I love seeing photos of him. I was telling Michael yesterday that it is not fair that our pets only live 15 yrs, give or take. They should live at least 25 or 30 in good health. We've decided to get one just like Max when we return from the beach (in Oct). Our therapy dog at work needs a new night and weekend home, so I've put my name on the list...if we don't get him then we'll get one like Max. Ireland is so excited.
I hope you have a great holiday weekend, Liz