Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Sheep Hug From Afar

If you have read my blog for any time at all you know I love sheep.  I mean I LOVE sheep!  I am not sure what self respecting  person who plays with yarn doesn't love sheep, but I might be one of the people on the more crazy side of loving sheep.  What is not to love?  Sheep are cute, soft and they provide yarn, a perfect combination if you ask me.  

Yesterday, a very large box arrived for me all the way from Oregon from Gracie.  I could not imagine what was inside as it was a very large, very lightweight box.  When I opened it up Fluffy Baa-Baa the Sheep popped out.

I have admired Fluffy from afar for several months.  She pops in and out of Gracie's photos all the time.  I see her when Gracie shows photos of her incredibly cozy home.  And I have to say that whatever Gracie is showing us, a completed blanket, a cozy area to read and crochet, it is all about Fluffy to me.

Gracie was kind enough to think Fluffy would have a good home here with me in Florida, and believe me she will.  I will take excellent care of her, I promise.  Fluffy looks lovely in her beautiful crochet wreath necklace made by Gracie, don't you think?

Gracie's two little granddaughters Haley and Molly were interested in where Fluffy was going to live.  I promised I would write a post to show them their friend Fluffy's new home and that she arrived safe and sound.  Haley and Molly, this is Fluffy meeting Max.  He is very nice to sheep, he is giving her a welcome kiss on the nose.

Here is Fluffy meeting Sofie the Sheep.  Sofie gets into everything, I think Fluffy might be a good sheep babysitter for her when I am at work.  Sofie can get into all kinds of sheep trouble.

Fluffy also met Her Highness, she still has some beautiful flowers on her and Fluffy was very impressed with their beautiful color.

Fluffy looked at the pool.  I told her to be careful, the pool is cold even though we live in Florida.  And I don't think Fluffy has had proper swimming lessons yet.  We must watch her very carefully until she knows how to swim.  I imagine her wool can be very heavy when it is wet.  And we will have to be careful in the summer when the pool is very warm, we don't want Fluffy to felt!

Fluffy climbed the tree where the alpaca nesting ball is.  She was very intrigued by the alpaca fiber. 
I had to explain to her that sheep  produce fiber and other animals do too.

 Fluffy saw the acorn felted bird house made by people in Nepal.  I told her that Nepal is far, far away, much farther than Oregon.

Fluffy wanted to know why the grass was hiding under the leaves and where was our snow?   I told her that we live much further south that Oregon and that the weather here in Florida is very warm most of the year.  This is the time in the year that our trees lose their leaves, and that they do not turn pretty colors like they do where she is from.

Fluffy was so tired after her long trip to Florida and her walk around the house, she needed to rest up and read blogs with me.  Do you see Sofie on my computer screen?  That is where she stays most of the time (unless she leaves to get into trouble).  
So you see Haley and Molly, Fluffy has found a nice home to live where there is green grass for her to eat all year long.  Thank you for hugging her and taking care of her for me. Please tell little Joy that her Baa-Baa is happy in her new home.  If you need her to come and visit just let me know and I will send Fluffy back for a vacation.
Gracie, I do not know how to thank you for this precious sheep hug just from you.  When the box arrived at my house I was feeling very sad, I was about to take Mr. 20 year old and his friend back to the airport for their trip back to Ohio.  Gosh, it is never easy saying goodbye, and frankly I feel like I have not had enough time with him.  Other college students get three weeks off school, my boy gets one week because he has to train.  I could see how sad he was, too.  He wasn't ready, bless him he really does love his family and friends.  Mr. 20 year olds friend wasn't ready either, that is a sign that he felt comfortable in our home. So I was so sad all day long, and along came a precious gift from you Gracie.  A soft, precious sheep that I could hug and hold, just when I needed something to hug and hold.  It was like getting a hug directly from you, a hug I needed very badly.  You have blessed me once again Gracie, blessed me with your kindness, your generosity and your wonderful friendship.  You are an Angel.

Oh and not to be forgotten, Taci, your lovely bird has found a new home in my wreath.  The wreath is located right next to the computer where I blog and do work, you can see it in the photo above.  A perfect place for me to see your beautiful and thoughtful gift.

How do blogging friends know when you need a lift?  Just when you are feeling sad, or need a kind word or two, blogging friends are always there for you.  Please pop by and visit my dear friend Gracie.  You can see the gorgeous area she lives in, meet her loving family and find one of the best friends you will ever meet.

Thank you Gracie.


Sarah Sweethearts said...

What a lovely gift, its precious.

Clicky Needles said...

Fluffy is lovely, I can see why you are so chuffed.

CN x

kathyinozarks said...

our blogging friends are just soooo special-many just feel like family.
Loved your post-so sweet-I love sheep too-hugs

moonstruckcreations said...

What a wonderful gift from such a thoughtful bloggy friend.

And very timely too!


Linda Gilbert said...

What an amazing present and I love your post all about her new home. Gracie is so lovely. We live so far away and yet we have been experiencing the same sadness about saying goodbyes. But,as you so kindly said to me " aren't we lucky to have such wonderful memories " I know you will treasure yours. Love Linda

Penny said...

How very sweet is Fluffy. I'm so sorry to hear that your son and his friend had to go so early, big hugs from England to you xox Penny

Betsy said...

Meredith you are so right. Gracie is indeed an angel. I count myself as being very blessed to have her for a friend. You had a perfect post showing how your new family member will fit in and I think you're right, she'll make a great babysitter!
I hope you can feel my hug to you from way up here in Oregon. (I go home to Washington tomorrow.). I know how hard it is to leave your children or have them leave you. I'm sure that tears will be flowing tomorrow when I leave Miss Piper and her parents behind.
Blessings my friend,

Crafty in the Med said...

Mere Fluffy is absolutely very good of Gracie to send Fluffy to you. I loved this interesting post about the presentation of Fluffy to her new home.
She looks so huggable!

keep well

Amanda :-)

EMMA said...

What a thoughtful gift! Fluffy is quite lovely, hope she doesn't get too warm in the florida sun with all that fleece - she must find the pool very tempting!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy holidays Meredith. Goodness, you have received so many lovely gifts from blog friends! Well-deserved, of course. Your posts always make me smile! Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

Gracie Saylor said...

Dear Meredith, thanks to you, my oldest daughter is helping gather my Grand Girls, and their little friend, Oliver for a lesson...a celebration of the geography of Love....with a post to follow so that you and Fluffy Baa Baa and Max can enjoy a "Face-Time" report :) Forever hugs to you, Meredith. xx

Jennifer said...

Oh, what a lovely gift. Fluffy looks like she's right at home. Max is being very gentle and kind to her, I see. I'm so glad Gracie's gift came just when you needed a lift.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

What a wonderful woolly hug Fluffy is :)

Try not to be too sad about your boy ... wherever Mum is is always the port our young travellers sail home to I find x

RedSetter said...

What a lovely gift for a lovely person Meredith. What a lovely orientation tour your new friend has had including meeting the residents, Max is such a sweetie. I am sure Fluffy will enjoy living with you.

Thank you too for your lovely comment on my last pause, I was very touched by it.

Gracie sounds like an earth angel friend there for you when you need her most and I'm off now to have a look at her blog.

Take care,

linda said...

Fluffy is lovely Meredith and you will get a lot of love and pleasure from him, I know this because I have Florence who could even be a distant cousin, I will be sure to post a picture of her in my next post so that you can show it too Fluffy then they can become blogging friends too. I know how sad you must be about saying goodbye to your son I hope it won't be too long before you see him again, I am lucky my son will be back from Hong Kong on Tuesday, even though he will be home for only 3 days as at least he won't going as far away this time, sending you lots of hugs. xx

CJ said...

I have a lump in my throat now Meredith, thinking about boys being so far away from their mums. I'm so sorry he couldn't stay for longer, it must be so hard. I fear I have this to come one day. Such a lovely sheep though. I like sheep too. And, joy of joys, I think I have discovered some wool I can wear (usually it irritates my skin and I have to take it straight off). I am very excited, and planning all sorts of knitting. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and that you aren't feeling quite so sad now. CJ xx

Susanne said...

I can see why you were so smitten with Fluffy. What a nice surprise gift from Gracie. I can understand how hard it is to send your son off again to school. No matter how long the visit I am sure it just didn't seem long enough. Here it is almost January and the second semester of school will be starting. It won't be long and Spring will be here. Where does time go catching it to slow it down either.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Bridget said...

Fluffy looks quite at home already! Many happy years together to all of you.

Home Meadows said...

What a sweet post and a thoughtful gift from Gracie all the way across the states. Wishing you a happy new year. Heather


Good Evening Meredith.. I truly enjoyed reading the story of your lovely gift from Gracie and Fluffy Baa Baa.. I reckon he is lovin his new home down there in the nice warm South.. I wish you and your family a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. Hugs Judy

Teresa Kasner said...

When I told the girls that I had a surprise from you for them (I didn't tell them what).. I suggested they send you a card and a little something.. and wow, Gracie pulled out all the stops and sent you Fluffy Baa Baa! How utterly sweet of her! But I'm not surprised, she's the cat's meow. I enjoyed the heck out of seeing how loved FBB is, so cute with Max!!


  *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

gilly said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful story and such a blessing to you and to all of us reading it. Thank you to both you and Gracie for sharing such love and joy with us. Fluffy looks quite at home already and I did have a little giggle about him & the dangers of falling in the pool! Please keep him well away from it, especially when the water is warm! ;-)
And make sure that mischievous Sophie doesn't lead him astray!
Love & hugs to you xxx

Terriea Kwong said...

Lovely Fluffy and thoughtful Gracie. Sheep are adorable and I love them so much.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

What a cute thing to send to you, she is very generous, and sweet.

Now each time I walk the big walk around the countryside here, I will think of you as I pass the fields of sheep.


Heldasland said...

Oh Im smitten with your lovely Fluffy sheep. He looks so happy.I love the cute picture

kristieinbc said...

I love your sheep! I'm like you, and love sheep in all forms, whether it's the real thing, yarn on the needles, or the stuffed variety.

Anne said...

Just popped by from Gracie's blog. A lovely gifrom a very, very lovely lady. Hugs Anne x

Dee said...

Looks like Fluffy has made herself at home and has lots of nice friends to keep her company while you work.

Happy New Year my friend. See you soon.

Jo said...

I read Gracies post first and had to hop over and see her (?) new home. Although I knit, I used to get totally frustrated with sheep on dad's farm running through gaps in hedges, getting caught up in brambles, splitting up from the flock and running off - but I am sure your's will behave itself! great post. Thanks for your kind comments on my latest knits. Jo x

♥´¯`•.¸¸.Linda Dawn´¯`•.¸¸.♥ said...

Fluffy is so adorable and fits in her new home so well even Max seems just a little smitten I think. Sofie looks bemused and is already thinking how she can run rings around this new housemate.

A very timely arrival to lift your day when the boys were due to leave, how lovely the blogging world is.

And there is Taci's bird nestled comfortably in her new home too.

Lovely post Meredith x

kathy b said...


That big sheep is adorable…and I hope Max and Sheep are good friends.
SO much fun. Just read Dee's post about your meet up!!!!


I love this post! And what a nice thing for Gracie to do.


Sue Pinner said...

Good morning Meredith....hope your CHristmas was fun, even with all the extra work. Adore the sheep and the little yellow one cute.
I hope all your hopes and dreams come true for you and yours in 2014.
Hugs xx

Preeti said...

That's so sweet of Gracie to send you a gift that you love a lot !! I enjoyed reading your story about Fluffy's journey and welcoming into your home:) I am one of the regular visitors to Gracie's blog.

Claudia said...

That sheep is adorable and I don't mind saying that I'm a wee bit jealous! Gracie's generous gift was so kind! And it arrived at the perfect time for you, sister.

Much love,
Big Sister

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

You are surrounded by such talented friends! What an adorable sheep! In the first two pictures, you couldn't tell the size of the Gracie until you showed her with Max!! Nice size!! I can see Gracie being used as a very comfortable neck pillow!!

Taciana Simmons said...

When I saw Gracie last week she told us about the adorable sheep she had sent to wonderful! We all feel so close to you it's as if we are right there near you. And how kind of you to show me where you put the little bird I sent to you. I'm so happy to have you in my life my dear friend.
Hope you have a wonderful New Year and that your son can come back soon and have more time with you.
Happy New Year to you and your family my sweet friend !

Helen Philipps said...

I have just come over from Gracie's blog and I can see why you love Fluffy so much! Your post about her is so sweet, and how lovely that Gracie sent her to you just when you needed her.
Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.
Helen xx

aimee said...

Ah! What a GREAT post! Loved the photos of Fluffy in her new home! I know she'll be very happy there (and much warmer than all of our sheep).
Happy New Year!
PS: Perhaps a life jacket would be good when Fluffy begins her swimming lessons:) LOL