Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday.  I don't have much to say today, nope not much at all.  Just little random bits of thoughts.  First, I think I need to get better taking pictures for this blog.  I look back on my blog, (like for instance my last post) and realize my pictures really stink.  I never edit them, that may be where I need to start.  I am a point and shoot gal, and whatever comes out, comes out.  The light in my house is not so great even though I live in sunny Florida.  The light comes in my house only seconds a day, the rest of the time things are dark. I like it that way to live in but for picture taking it is not the best.

I have trouble getting the right colors to show up.  Notice my last post again, that baby blanket is really colorful in a pastel baby sort of way.  The colors in previous posts are much more true to life.  

Some pictures almost take themselves though don't they?  My little buddy found Fluffy Baa-Baa and had a nice smooch with her.  He said the word Fluffy with his tongue sticking out between his lips, which might have been the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Of course I made him repeat it a million and one times so I could have a little chuckle.
Fluffy got to have some fun in the wagon.  She has been missing her little girls at Gracie's house so loved having a little playtime.  Gracie you can tell your granddaughters that Fluffy is having fun over here in Florida.  We pulled Fluffy everywhere and gave her a nice ride.  She was exhausted after all the activity.  Now Fluffy and I are a bit sad because my buddy went home yesterday, it is awfully quiet here at my house. 

It has been chilly here.  Now you can all stop laughing as I know it is probably freezing where you are.  I want you to picture me outside at 6 this morning chipping heavy frost off my son's windshield with an old credit card (we don't have ice scrapers here).  I am sure I was a sight in my white fluffy robe and slippers.  We have had several mornings hovering at freezing, which to a lot of you is a giant heat wave, but for us in damp, windy Florida it is cold.  I wonder how Mr. 20 year old is handling it in Ohio?  Nothing like getting out of swim practice with wet hair and walking home in 3 degree temps.

I am at day 26 of not buying yarn and I am going strong.  Knit Picks you can send me your new yarn catalog and I am not going to succumb to your temptations.  Speaking of Knit Picks, has anyone used their interchangeable needles?   I got a set from my lovely medical foster care mother and her brother for Christmas and I find them a bit unnerving as they come unscrewed while I am stitching.  This is my first experience with interchangeables and while I love the beautiful wood and sharp points I do not like being in a panic that they are going to come unscrewed and lose a bunch of stitches.  I have used that little screw device to get it all screwed together tighter, but so far I am not thrilled.

Is anyone reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt or is everyone reading it?  Any thoughts on this book would be appreciated.  I am next on the list to pick a book for my book club and this one is number two on the best seller list, but I have read mixed reviews.

How is your Thursday going?


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Awww that little fellow is so sweet pulling that sheep...hang in there, he's be back again. He's adorable.

I won't even address the fact that you can go out side half dressed and not freeze your butt off....mine is still frozen by the way, I don't expect it to thaw out until summer!

I have a set of those needles you are talking about and I don't use them because I always live in fear they will come apart. I do have a set of Denise needles that are interchangeable and I have never, ever had them come apart, so I love them...but when doing lace, I only use needles that are set, not interchangeable...because we all know the battle I have with picking up stitches and all that jazz.

Wishing you a lovely warm, wonderful Florida! :)

Bridget said...

Sounds like you and Fluffy had fun with your little friend. But you probably need to relax so you have energy for the next time he visits ...

I have not used interchangeable needles from any company, but I know that various people have problems with them unscrewing now and again. That would worry me, even if it never happened!

Stay warm!

Unknown said...

I have had my Knitpicks Interchangeable needles for several years now and only had them unscrew once. I just tightened it back up and was fine. I really love them. I have the metal ones, but I tried the sampler pack with the wood ones and they are sweet! I do also love my Addi Turbos regular circular needles. I decided that if I need to buy a new needle, it will be that brand. 8" of snow yesterday, white out conditions, and double digit below zero wind chill tomorrow and Saturday in beautiful West Michigan! Hoo hoo!

Betsy said...

Hi Mere! What a sweet post full of happy, happy if you discount the cold. I can imagine what a shock it is for all of you Floridians! We just take it as a matter of course up here in the NW. :-)
I have the Knit Picks Harmony interchangeable and unless I'm knitting in the round like on socks and need double points, I rarely use anything else. I absolutely love them and have never had an issue with them coming unscrewed, (unless I got lazy and didn't use the little tool to tighten them when I started but we won't go there!)
I hope you find they work better for you in the future. I would hate to be without mine. I even ordered extra cables and needle tips so I could have several projects on the go.
I know Gracie will be happy to see that Fluffy had a such a good time with your little friend. I'm sure that although you're wonderful company, she probably misses the little people in her life. It was good that she got some playtime in.
Have a lovely and warm day my friend.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Love your photos always Meredith. Your talents are great!!! I'm reading Goldfinch, as of last night. Sooo I will have to let you know, it sure sounds good.

kathyinozarks said...

Hi Meredith, I think your photos are just fine-so not to worry about that. I definately could not go outside today in my bathrobe-lol we are in the single digits here today-brrrr I have been feeding the wood stove all day. I see Fluffy is getting much attention with his new little friend.
My thursday is going well-thanks

Home Meadows said...

It is cold here in Ohio; the wind chill is what makes it unbearable. Looks like Fluffy and your little friend had a wonderful time together. Have a blessed day. Heather

Sarah Sweethearts said...

Its cold here too. Love the little sheep! How sweet!

RitaAnn said...

Just getting started with the crochet thing. I single crocheted last night until my hands ached, but I LOVE it! Found your page by searching for simple patterns. Love the colors you use. Hope I can find my way back here again. Love your blog! Rita

linda said...

Your pictures are fine Meredith, we all have the same problems with lighting and sometimes no matter how much you edit them it doesn't make a whole lot of difference. I love the pictures of little buddy and Fluffy so sweet. :)

Crafty in the Med said...

Well I'm having a moan about the cold too Mere!!! I mean we've got these stupendous blue skies here and its so cold. Alicante is on sea level so it gets so damp and I swear I feel colder here than when I go back to the Uk! Do so love your happy happy snapshots of your little friend and Fluffy looks quite content if not quite smug having a tour around your house. That lad is a real cutie!

Many thanks for your visit and comments on my latest post.

keep well

Amanda x

CJ said...

Your buddy is such a sweetie Meredith, I'm not surprised you're missing him. I like your photos, I hadn't noticed anything wrong with them at all. But I don't like mine, I really need to try harder I think. Maybe it is easy to be more critical when they're your own photos. It does sound chilly where you are, I had no idea you get ice in Florida! You've shattered my illusions.

Linda Powell said...

I am a point and shoot gal too, the only editing I ever manage is red eye fix, cropping and adding text. Anything more than that is beyond me.
The first picture of yours of the flower on the table is perfect to me, the light on the glass and the shadows on the table look very artistic.
It is sad that little buddy had to go home, he will visit again and his absence can only make his visits even more special than you can imagine.
Fluffy had so much fun with little Buddy and your photo's are just enchanting.
My Thursday was a quiet day at work, which was just as well because the builders knocked out some of our equipment last night. I work in a Post Office and we have about 2 months of the builders working whilst we are working ... let's hope they watch where they drill tonight haha
Thanks for all your support on my blog, your visits are much welcomed and appreciated xx

Dee said...

I just bought a Knit Picks interchangeable and I'm having that same problem PLUS the wood came undone from the metal cap after one row of my blanket. I was able to fix that with some SuperGlue, but I shouldn't have had to. :::sigh:::

As for your pictures --- you are so, so wrong. You take beautiful, heartfelt pictures. They are lovely and fun and well, little buddie kissing Fluffy is so precious. Maybe an artsy-fartsy person would see something shady and dark. I see love!

P.S. Little buddie's monkey jammies are beyond adorable. I'm sure Fluffy misses her little friend.

Amy at love made my home said...

Gosh, if you are scraping ice in Florida, things must be mighty cold over there!! I am not sure about the sound of those interchangeable needles, they do sound very unnerving!! Not sure that I would get on with something like that. Hope that you have a good weekened. xx

Clare said...

Aww so cute, like you I'm a point and shoot girl and wouldn't have the first clue how to edit photo's but I think you're photo look great.
Clare x

Jennifer said...

I think your photos are always nice. I love to take photos and I have improved some, but I'm always learning more. It's tricky. I love your little buddy kissing the sheep! What a cutie. That's a wonderful picture.

ColourMeCrochet said...

I can't imagine Florida being cold, I always think of it as a warm place. If you have frost in the morning what will your day temperatures reach?
I always think you take lovely photos and always think I have the rubbish ones, like you I'm a point and shoot and I just hope for the best.
Sorry your little friends gone home, he looks like he had a whale of a time playing with Fluffy.
Take care
Sally xxx

Gracie Saylor said...

I will read this post to the girls tomorrow :). I' m on the way out the door. My kp needles are fine as long as I use the little tool thing. Your robe and credit card image gives me a :). Xx

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

"I am at day 26 of not buying yarn and I am going strong." This made me laugh. We all have our own little addictions. I should see how long I can go without adding something to one of my many collections. I doubt I'd be anywhere near as strong as you.

Teresa Kasner said...

Mere.. your photos are great.. I'm a point and shoot girl too.. I got a spendy DSLR camera and was so disappointed in what I was getting with it and it was way too hard for me to figure out it made me feel stupid.. so it's in the closet and I use my Lumix with good results. We all need to be happy with what we do with what we have and don't let ourselves be deflated when we think others do more professional photos. I love yours just the way they are! Thanks for giving me a peek of that adorable little guy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Joyful said...

Enjoyed your post. Little Buddy is so cute and looks like he's had a good time with Fluffy. I applaud you for resisting temptation to buy more yarns. For an avid knitter/crocheter, that takes determination. Have a wonderful weekend. xx

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Meredith your photos are fine! Don't pick at your blog! Lol. It's suppose to be fun so don't be hard on yourself. I had my youngest granddaughter with me the past couple of days. We met up with her parents who took us to dinner. Things have really changed around here and I am very grateful. This deep freeze is getting old....ugh.
Hugs, Patti

Delia Ryder said...

Your little buddy is adorable no wonder the house seems quiet now bless him. Well done for having still not bought any wool. Its wet and damp here today but yesterday it was chilly the wind wipped into your bones. I am sat here with my new little puppy dog on my lap she has livened things up in our house but boy she is so cute I have showed her on my blog today :-) have a lovely weekend. Best wishes dee x

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I LOVE Fluffy loaded up and being pulled along! Precious! I wish I could get the color right on my photos, too, Meredith! It never seems to be just right to me. Grrrr! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, girl... and, it gets warmer for both of us!! blessings ~ tanna

kristieinbc said...

I love the sheep in the wagon - too cute!

I try not to be a negative person and say nasty things. But about those Knit Picks interchangeable needles? I threw my set away. They made me crazy.

Part of me has been tempted to read The Goldfinch, but I'm not sure I want to start book that is 800+ pages. If you end up reading it please do a review.

And the credit card ice scraper scenario? As a Canadian I have to say that leaves me speechless. :-)

Kris said...

What a cute shot of little guy with the sheep!
I don't think of Florida as ever having to chip ice off anything! But I have heard on the news that you are freezing there! Crazy. It has been like summer here all month long. Ugh!
Happy Weekend.
XO Kris

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Looks like Fluffy is getting a workout with your little friend!! Adorable pictures!! Love your flower in the glass vase. It's probably too late to get one for my kitchen sink - but I probably don't get enough sun. Have a wonderful weekend!! stay warm!

forgetmenots blue said...

Aw what a little sweety! Gorgeous flower too what a beautiful red x

Lorette said...

I've never had my KP interchangeables unscrew, though my Denise's did once.
I'm reading Goldfinch now, about half way through. I am really enjoying it, her characters are just fabulous.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Hello, your little buddy looks so happy playing with Fluffy, come to think of it, she looks happy too.

Love your Amaryillis, did you know that red is a very difficult color to shoot properly? You did a great job of taking it's photo.

Part of the reason you might find colors not turning out in your shots is that the settings on your camera might need to be adjusted.

If you are shooting indoors place the item near a bright but not too sunny window..if it's too bright and the photo is over exposed then maybe shut the sheers. With a bit of practice you will figure out which window works best in your house for your indoor shots.

Check your ISO settings, maybe change them to Cloudy, or Shade and see if the colors are true to life when you do that.

I'm going to find some easy to follow tutorials and email them to you. It's really not as hard as you might think, and it will make a big difference in how the colors come out.


kathy b said...

I love your images on the blog Mere. My amaryllis has barely sprouted ; it was given me at Christmas.

I can guarantee you Mr Ohio needs a good warm hat or two or three right now.

I cut almost all my hair off today at a new salon. I love it and I need some new warm hats for my own head!!
Its freezing cold out . seriously Mere it almost hurts to breathe outside. the cold goes deep deep into your bones and it takes a long time to warm up inside.

Brrrrr. But the snow is lovely

sweetpea family said...

What a cute little boy sounds like you have had fun and I love your crochet blanket. Hope you have a good weekend x


Hello Meredith my Friend. It was so lovely to read you post. It made me smile and giggle.. It was so neat to see your sweet buddie and BaaBaa playing together. Love it.... Well my dear let me tell you about "COLD" It was -25 degrees below zero yesterday. I have never felt it so cold here in Michigan and the blowing snow created white out conditions. Just truly disgusting. LOL I am dreaming of warmth. Hugs Judy

Shari LeBlanc said...

Hey Meredith! Your photos are always great! Don't put them down. We always say things like that about our own work or's silly really ( I'm bad about that...I'm my own worst critic) I was going to let you in on a little tip but Jen from Moody Boots said it all. Take here advice, that's what I was going to suggest but really.....they are lovely just the way they are!
Sad to hear your little friend went back home. I am sure your house is not the same when he leaves.
Good luck with the needles. I haven't bought any like that so I'm no help there. It's been a few weeks since I've pick up my wooden ones ( stuck on crochet this week) but I need to before I forget how to cast on!
Shari xx

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Meredith, glad to see your Little Buddy had fun with Fluffy. Such a sweetie! I don't edit my pictures either. Honestly, who has the time? I know I don't. What you see is what you get. :) Yusef said that Alamosa CO is okay when the sun is out but at nite when it is minus something, it is too cold to even think. I know what you mean about the cold -- it's all relative, and believe me, even here, 50 can feel awful chilly. Have a wonderful weekend, Tammy

Babajeza said...

I never thought about your pictures being bad. I like them. :-)

Little Buddy is lovely. He is about the same age as my neighbour's grandson.

And, no, I don't like interchangeable needles either. I find the points too pointy and ... I lost stitches too. So have a nice and quite weekend. Hugs, Regula

Rose Red said...

Two of my (very widely read) knitting friends have read The Goldfinch and both LOVED it.

I love my KP interchangeables. I do occasionally have the unscrewing problem but usually notice it before it comes completely apart. I just try to screw them very tight.

I think your photos are great!

moonstruckcreations said...

You had frost? Wow, the weather is being really strange at the moment isnt it?

We had heavy thunder yesterday, that never happens here in January.

Hope it wont be long before your little buddy is back with you and Fluffy, mind you, Max is probably enjoying the peace and quiet!


Hannapat said...

I love your photos, especially the first. Personally I hardly ever edit my photos as I prefer them how they are, I just watermark them thats all I do. I can't say I have ever come across interchangeable needles, sounds fascinating and tricky too. I started reading goldfinch, but I must say s good few pages in I am not completely gripped and yet I think going by the story line, I normally would be at this point, so I think it is my current mindset. I have out it on hold as I am to thirsty for information on food, so I'm divulging books at the moment about this. I will pick goldfinch up again once my mind is satisfied. Xoxo

toadrockstreet said...

I think your photos are lovely - you've captured such natural poses and that's the hard part. Learning all the stuff your camera can do and how to play around with light is just the technical stuff, it doesn't make a good photographer. Keep on photographing the stuff you love and enjoy yourself!
I've only recently found your blog and your lovely crochet - that baby blanket is just beautiful. As far as your weather, we live in a quiet corner of Kent in the UK and we've had the weirdest weather ever this winter. Storms, flooding and last night something that sounded like a tornado! I obviously know nothing about Florida because I never thought of it as being freezing.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading some of your older posts and seeing what you've been creating.

Beth P said...

First, I have a whole set of those interchangeable needles, also being a newbie to interchangeables as well as circular and I have the same problem... the are constantly coming unscrewed! YIKES. I'm thinking about giving up on them! I'll read through your readers comments to see if anyone has a solution first though.
Next, I think your photos are just fine! Mine stink all the time and I even edit them so how hopeless am I? LOL! I would like to take the time to get better with my digital camera but there are just so many hours in the day, which in my case are currently all devoted to yarny projects! LOL!
Sorry I've been MIA lately, just no energy and trying to figure out what voice I really want my blog to have... clueless at the moment! :D
Don't freeze down there... hahaha :D It was a brisk 1F this morning and windy as all get up! :D
Hugs my dear blogging sister,
Beth P

elns said...

Mere, I agree, I had problems with the unscrewing, but you need to be sure to use the key to tighten, it really does help. Alas, I am still a little wary and they haven't become the go to favorites, I hoped they would. I love watching the adventures of that sheep. Oh and that child is so cute, two together = big fat AWW.