Sunday, June 15, 2014

A moment of silence for........ and a Happy Father's Day

Little did I know that a couple of weeks ago my beloved Kenmore sewing machine would stitch her last stitch.  Here is how it all went down.

The phone rings, I pick it up

Me: Hello
Owner of repair shop: We fixed your sewing machine, I had to take it down to Sarasota for the repairman to get to it, but it is all fixed now.  You can pick it up in Clearwater at 12 noon tomorrow.
Me: That is great news, I'll be there at 12.

Fade to Saturday morning, Little Buddy and I have made the three run errand route and we are both losing our patience with each other and getting in and out of the car.  We drive to the repair shop for the final errand and then we are heading home.  Entering the repair shop....

Me: Hi I am here to pick up my machines, a sewing machine and a serger.
Owner:  We have them right here, I'll get them.
Repairman and super nice guy:  Um, we fixed your serger but your sewing machine is still missing the little thing that holds the thread on it.
Owner: (Returning with serger, sewing machine and the bill) Okay that will be $80 for the sewing machine, and .........
Me: (with Little Buddy squirming on my hip) What do you mean it is still missing the little thing to hold the thread on?  If I can not use it than why am I paying you $80 to have it fixed, when it isn't fixed?
Owner:  (looking confused) Can't we put something in there?
Nice Repair guy: I am not sure we can find something to fit.
Me:  Look I am not just sticking something in there, I could have done that at home, it won't work this way, which is why I brought it in.
Owner:  (looking confused) You are right the tension won't be right without the correct spool rod. Um....... I have this great Baby Lock Anna sewing machine on sale right now, it is normally $300, but I will give it to you for $200 because we screwed up on your machine, they don't make parts for that Kenmore anymore, the machine you have is too old.
Me: Really I don't want a new machine, I just want mine fixed.
Nice repair guy: I told them they were not going to be able to find the part before they took it to Sarasota to fix it. (looking a bit smug behind the Owner's back)
Little Buddy: (squirm, squirm, squirm and starting to have a hissy fit because I left his darn bunny crackers in the car)
Owner:  Look I will give you the Anna for $180, I am sorry about your spool rod, and your serger is good to go.
Me: Deal! (Little Buddy and I were exhausted, my hip was hurting, he wanted his bunny crackers and I wanted to sew). Plus I had just looked at machines at Joann's and they were on sale for $150, so at least I felt I was in the right ballpark when it came to price.
Nice Repair Guy while taking both my machines out to the car for me:  You really got a great deal on that Anna, I am glad the Owner was here because I could never have cut you a deal like that.

Was it a deal, I may never know but that is how I came to own Ms. Anna.

She looked a bit fancy for me, but the owner told me he started his 13 year old daughter sewing on it and she did great with it,  I am not really sure if I should be offended by that statement or not. And she threads up just like the Kenmore, with really the basics and not a lot of bells and whistles.

Ms Anna is fast, she likes to move.  She has a sweet, low sound when she is sewing away and you have to be careful because she is new, fine tuned and ready to roll.  My Kenmore sort of chugged away, just like the Little Train That Could, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

Ms Anna wanted to get busy right away.  And lucky for me Little Buddy (and my hip and back) was exhausted from all the outings so he took a really LONG nap.  Hooray for me sewing time!

We made this.
And this.

These skirts were already cut out and ready to go when my Kenmore bit the dust a few weeks ago.  The sewing is the easy part, the laying out the pattern and cutting is what is so time consuming, and must be accomplished at nap time when busy and inquisitive boys are out of the way.


This linen fabric was a save from a dress I cut out last year.  Do you remember the white linen dress I made that made me look like a 7 year old in my Easter dress?  No offense to 7 year old's out there, you are meant to look cute in a dress, I am not.  Well this was cut out to make the same dress, it wasn't going to happen so I made it a skirt instead.

I believe Ms Anna will be right at home here in my studio.  I hope we have many, many happy years together and with her 10 year warranty, I am assured at least 10.  She does look a lot nicer than the yellowed, Kenmore, but I do miss the solid metal plate and the clear plastic presser foot I used to sew everything.  I feel a bit blind right now with the metal pressure foot.  Time to grow up I guess, I mean if the Owner's 13 year old can handle it, so can I.

Happy Father's Day to all of you out there celebrating today.  Not an easy day for some I am sure, and a joyful day for others.

And a note to the lovely elderly woman I saw on my walk today.  I passed you and we uttered our good mornings.  I made it to the corner, turned around and passed by you again.  You said, "Oh you are moving so quickly!"  I told you it was because of my long legs.  We smiled and in that smile of yours I saw that you wished, just for a second, that you could move this quickly, too.  But you see I wished that when I am your age, with my short gray hair curled around my ears, with my shoulders gently sloping forward, and my walking shoes looking too big for my feet, I wish that I can walk just like you. I wish that I will have the ability to walk outside as the morning wakes up, the birds chirp and the the sun reflects off the trees.  You remind me of my MIL, with your posture, sunny outlook and your smile.  I sure wish to be like you when I am older.

Have a great Sunday.


moonstruckcreations said...

Sorry to hear of the demise of your old sewing machine, but congrats on the new one, and the lovely things you have made with her.

My son, when he was the same age as LB could actually make himself throw up if shopping took longer than he considered necessary (ie 2 minutes). Boys will be boys!

The elderly lady sounds so sweet, good for her that she is getting out and about.


Teresa said...

lol I can't believe that they expected you to pay for a "fixed" machine.Why put a new part in if they don't have the rest of the parts! Great tribute to that elderly women! I want to be my mom when I get older. Take things as they come. Even with cancer she is living her life in a positive way.

CJ said...

Sounds like a really good deal on that lovely new sewing machine. In my experience there's nothing like a tired small boy to encourage people to be helpful, and fast! What fantastic skirts you made, clever you. Hope you guys had a good day today. CJ xx

Mrs. C said...

Really!?! He was trying to charge you for NOT fixing your machine!?! Yeah, i don't think so! Good for you! Good luck with your new machine! I love the skirts! the gray one is my favorite! What the pattern for them if you don't mind me asking? I really love the style and length! Have a great week!
Tery (Mrs."C") :)

Una said...

Ooh. I sympathise about the sewing machine. It would take me ages to get used to a new one. Maybe you can sell the old one for spare parts if they are so hard to find now.

Judy S. said...

Good job with the sewing machine! Sounds like you got yourself a good replacement. What is that skirt pattern you keep making? It's very cute! Haven't met a little (or grown) boy yet who likes to shop. LOL

Jennifer said...

I think you got a pretty good deal. I'm sorry you couldn't just get your old machine back, though. It looks like you and Anna are making some beautiful things together.

RedSetter said...

What a pity for your lovely old faithful machine but glad you have a shiny new one. I really did think your old one would get going again....shows you what I know!

Your skirts are lovely and I too would give my eye teeth just to walk in comfort too.

Amy at love made my home said...

Your skirts are great and I absolutely loved to hear your story of the lady that you met when you were out walking. I hope that you are as sprightly when the time comes, it sounds as though you both made each others day! Not so good on your old machine, how sad is that for you!! I hope that you like Ms Anna and that she behaves and is a good worker for you. Is there anyway that you could see if you can track down the part online and see if someone else can fix it for you? Whatever happens, I hope that you are happy and able to do lots of sewing. xx

linda said...

Congratulations on the acquisition of Anna it sounds like you got really good deal to me Meredith she certainly looks like a good strong sturdy machine, pity about your old one but sometimes we have just got to et go. I love all your makes especially the grey skirt. That was a lovely tribute to that elderly lady Meredith and what you say is so right. :) xx

Carla from The River said...

Your skirts are beautiful. I am glad things turned out well.

I love what you shared at the end of your post. xx oo
I too hope to be able to move and as much as our dear Marv who is 86 and gardening away. :-)

Teresa Kasner said...

Wow, I'm sure glad you stood up to that guy! What a crock! But I'm glad you have a nice new machine. I bet they would have given you an even better deal the squirmier LB got.. lol! Enjoy and your skirts are so classy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh I so love Anna. I know you two will have lots of fun times together. Love the skirts. You are really on a roll.

I thought the words you said today about the older lady was so sweet. You have such a kind heart and loving spirit. :)

Blessings to you always sweet friend.

cockney blonde said...

Love the look of Ms Anna and I'm glad you got a great deal but fancy trying to charge you for something they hadn't fixed!!!

Betsy said...

I love the new machine. I've never heard of an Anna Baby Lock before but it looks really nice. My Kenmore is 36 years old and still plugging away and I hope it keeps going for awhile. What a trial trying to get all the errands done with a little one who's tired. I remember those days well. Beautiful skirts, you're really fast. Have a lovely day my friend.

Karen said...

Ms Ann looks like a sweet little machine. May you enjoy many, many happy hours together!

Your chance meeting was a blessing, for both of you.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

What lovely thoughts of the elderly lady you met. Touches my heart to know you think like that, so grateful.
Happy sewing with your new Ms. Anna!

Joy said...

A huge welcome to Ms Anna, boy is she stylish, and doesn't she do a fantastic job with her stitches; I wish you many happy years with her, Meredith!
Your skirts are lovely, and I do love the embroidered linen of the second one - that is soooo sweet; no, I didn't say cute, haha! You did well to get straight in there and start sewing, and I'm so glad that Little Buddy went off for a long sleep after the ordeal you both went through. It sounds to me like there was a breakdown in communication between owner and serviceman but I'm happy that you finished up with a bargain, and good for you for sticking up for yourself!
I am feeling so touched and sentimental on reading your paragraph on the older lady - you are such a beautiful person Meredith!
I hope your week is fantastic,
hugs for you, Buddy, and Max,
Joy xo

Gracie Saylor said...

Sweet : new sewing machine, stylish clothes sewn, and a lovely encounter with an elderly woman beautifully described, Meredith. Thanks for posting!

Dee said...

Looks like you and Anna will make a great partnership!

Here's to long nap times and plenty of sewing.

Cari said...

Love Ms. Anna and the two skirts you made. You are so talented. Have a great week !! HUGS !!

Linda Powell said...

You will grow to love Ms Anna I'm sure, just an idea but if it is a newer model maybe you can buy a clear foot as an attachment. Those skirts are gorgeous and this is a great post I enjoyed reading it all the way through.
I have had my sewing machine for over 10 years and rarely use it, because I don't often use it, I am still unfamiliar with how it works. The last thing I made with it was a small lined curtain for the smallest room in the house.
Take care xx

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi my lovely Meredith, Such a sweet and fun storytelling post. I adore the last story with the little lady. It really makes my heart soften and smile a tear with love for the elderly! We will all be there and it is so sweet to acknowledge them and especially with Love.
Welcome Ms. Anna to many years of happy successful sewing with her new owner, the one and only "Meredith". Congrats on your persistence and hurray for bargaining!!!
Have a wonderful week, xoRobin

legato1958 said...

I have a Baby Lock, a Creative Pro, "not digital" , like your Anna, and she is a work horse! You can buy a separate clear foot , to see where you are going. I did that for mine.
I hate that they spring those "it's not done yet" details on you IN the store...

Your skirts are really cute!

Sarah Sweethearts said...

:) I'd be smiling too! Love the name of that daughters name too. Enjoy your sewing!

kathy b said...

HOOOO Ray for your new machine. SOME day I'll learn to sew. I love the brown skirt!!!!
Love the love for the older woman!!
mere you rock

Lynne said...

Meredith I think you used up that Kenmore real good making all those skirts!! Looks like your new machine passed with flying colors, and the new skirts look fantastic.
If there is one thing I hope I can still do when I get older, it's walk by myself outside in the fresh air. I loved your comments and observation.

Vera said...

Such cute skirts Meredith -- what pattern are you using? And, love, love, love the fabric. Sorry about your Kenmore, but looks like Anna is a great replacement. Just sorry you had to go thru the hassle of it all.

Jo said...

It's great to get to know a new sewing machine. I had one last year and it gave my sewing a new lease of life. I love that grey skirt, would look good with the kiribati top which I have printed out. Looking forward to that one. Jo x

Lisa N. said...

sorry to hear about your Kenmore sewing her last stitch but at least you found a good replacement in Miss Anna! the skirts look beautiful I can see she is already doing her job well :) have a good day :)

Mrs. Micawber said...

How nice that Anna came with a name! She looks like a good little machine and has already put in some fine work. I especially love that grey skirt fabric (and the embroidered brown linen is very pretty too).

I hope we will both still be walking and enjoying the sky and trees when we grow up (or old)....

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I'm thinking Miss Anna is a very lovely new addition to your family! Happy sewing x

EMMA said...

Lovely sewing - you seem to be getting on very well with Miss Anna - wish my machine was that co-operative (and that I had your sewing ability!!)

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Such a wonderful skirt pattern - especially like the brown one with the flowered colorful stitching. Have fun with your Ms Anna!!

Taciana Simmons said...

Love your skirt my dear Meredith. I haven't posted for so long and haven't had too much time to check wveryone out. We just moved and I'm so overwhelmed with so much to do.
I'm so very sorry about your friend's husband and I will pray that she gets better and recuperate from her ill health. Take care of yourself as you go visit her. I'm sure your visit will be such a blessing for her.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Meredith. I don't know what to say. This post touched me like none other you have written. And I'm crying. Can you believe that? I love every single world from beginning to end. I love your sweet, kind, loving heart. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

Asif Ali said...

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Liz said...

That is a cute story about the sewing machine and the owner of the shop. At least you have a new one that works. Maybe one day I'll have one (when I get my yarn organized and out of the way. Right now, 3 boxes of yarn are sitting where an imaginary sewing table with an imaginary sewing machine should be sitting.)

I love those skirts. You make such beautiful things. This is truly motivating me to go through my yarn and make room for sewing. I've already asked Ireland to help me.