Saturday, August 2, 2014

On my mind this morning........

There is a lot on my mind this morning, swirling around and not letting me get much sleep.  First Mr. 20, (who would not be happy I posted his wisdom tooth picture) is doing great.  Thank you for all your well wishes for him.  He is doing so good he made it to the Rays game last night with a friend, slightly swollen cheek and all.  The Rays, gosh I am so disappointed in them trading my favorite player David Price, I just might veto baseball from now on. 

Among all the doctor appointments this week, and there have been six of them between my three boys, I made this.  I know you are feeling like you just saw this, and you did, but this is in a different yarn.  Universal yarns, Wisdom Yarns Poem.  It has been placed in a box for future teacher/therapist gifts for Little Buddy's people. 
With the extra I made this coaster.  I finished with the green and used almost every single inch.

Actually my two coaster/ trivity/I don't know what they are thingies look pretty good together on my table, even though they are made from different types of yarn. 

This guy was irritated with me about standing in front of him while he watched his favorite Disney Jr. show this mornings.  He went to the Pediatrician on Thursday, his doctor had not seen  since January and was amazed at how well he was doing. His speech, and movement and cognitive development have all improved so much.  Little Buddy actually said, "I don't like Dr. Eisenfeld's paper," as the doctor walked by the room.  The paper in question is the paper they put on the exam table.  Then he said, "I don't like the scale."  The doctor and I had a good laugh about him.  He has gained two whole pounds in six months, which does not sound like a lot but it is for a very active, crawling and walking boy with cerebral palsy.  He is finally on the weight chart!!!!!  He is not growing all that much yet, but weight comes first.  He is a tiny little peanut.

I have spent hours on the phone this week trying to figure out who dropped the ball at the state agency we adopted him from.  Someone, somewhere let his Medicaid default into another system, one that does not provide the services he needs.  I think it happened as he was in limbo for a while, not in medical foster care and not yet adopted.  He might miss out on some services for the next month and all should be fine by September.  Still I have been trying to be patient to get to the bottom of things and I just go around and around with different people for hours. Medicaid is the very best insurance for a special needs child, they pay for all his therapies and specialists.  He automatically was placed in the program as he was a ward of the state, he deserves to be taken care of medically for the rest of his life.

This Berroco sweater is nearing completion. 

Yet all I can think about is starting this new Olive Twist Shawl in pink Noro.  What is with all the pink with me lately?

This guy is about to be overwhelmed by family.  My niece and her family of five are coming to visit for a few days, arriving tomorrow.  I am cleaning today in preparation and getting ready for their arrival.  We know Max is not in love with kids, but he does tolerate his cousins a little bit better than most kids.  He will have a lot to bark about when they are in the pool.  Hope he rests up now cause he is going to be exhausted with all the activity.

I am sorry for not catching up with all of you as I like to do.  We have had a crazy week, and with my Teenager's tonsillectomy scheduled next Tuesday, while having guests visiting,  I think we are in for another one.  I miss you all when I can not keep up with all that is going on.  Hope you have a great weekend. one. 


Stins said...

What a lot of work for you to get everything right for little buddy.... He is such a sweetie :-), you can see his face changing as he get's older and wiser!
Maybe the pink is for a little softness in your life ;-)?
Take care, lots of love from Mirjam.

moonstruckcreations said...

Dear Meredith, I am so pleased to hear that your son is recovering from the wisdom tooth removal, and that LB is doing so well too (hardly surprising though with all the love and care you give to him on a daily basis!). Hope all goes well for your son with the tonsil removal too.

Love your scarf crochet, and such lovely yarn too.

Hope Max can find some quiet time while your visitors are around, and hope you can too!


Jay said...

I'm way behind with all blogging stuff, posting, reading and commenting too! You have such a lot on and then a houseful of guests on top, I hope you enjoy their stay though and that Max tolerates them. Good luck for the tonsillectomy, not a nice op but I hope it goes as well as it can.
So pleased that Little Buddy is doing so well and that you manage to sort the insurance, another job on your list!

Christina said...

I am so happy for little buddy, putting on weight is difficult for some little ones. The development of his speech is also fantastic, it is so important to be able to communicate well. Both my younger ones have delayed speech development, which they sometimes find very frustrating because the rest of us is very verbal. My Alistair is a tiny peanut, too, only just on the chart. He is growing steadily now but I am not sure if he will make up for lost time. Love your crochet work! Cx

Jo said...

That shawl is going to be amazing. I was going to make the Kiribati for my next minerva make but I ordered the wrong gauge yarn so I will have to put that on my wish list for another time. Jo x

Claudia said...

The Red Sox traded so many players I liked that my head is spinning!


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Glad to hear Mr. 20 is doing well and, yea, for Little Buddy's 2 lbs. I hope you get the Medicaid issues straightened out soon. Always red tape.

LOVE all the pink! And, is that last Noro a Shirakaba??? Your coasters are perfect in different yarns. =) Enjoy your time with family. blessings ~ tanna
ps peace for Max. ;)

Karen said...

It's good to hear that everyone at your house is doing well. I'm glad Mr. 20 had a fast recovery, and it's always good to hear news about LB! You have had one of the busiest summers of anyone I know. Breathe deeply in the coming week! It sounds like you could use a vacation when you get your house back to yourself. Hugs to you.

mamasmercantile said...

Glad to hear one of your sons is on the mend, hope all goes well with the other one having his tonsils out. Love the coaster and love the pink yarn Have a good week with all your visitors.

Judy S. said...

LB is really thriving under your care! Glad to hear your oldest is recovering well; wisdom teeth extraction isn't fun. Whenever kids come over to our house, our cats disappear under the beds, far out of reach. Maybe Max could try that? Love that newest scarf and the coasters! Enjoy your company!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the pink yarn, its a very pretty shade. Oh that Little Buddy makes me smile...what a sweet face. I am happy that Ashleigh is doing well but I think has some swelling today. Hope your upcoming week goes well...lots on your plate!


My Garden Diaries said...

You are such a busy mama! I am sending you a hug for all of your hard work and I am glad the boys are all doing great! I hope they get Little Buddies paper work sorted so he gets everything he needs and deserves. Have a lovely time with your family! Nicole xo

Home Meadows said...

Take care of yourself and your family. I hope your son's surgery goes well and he has a speedy recovery. Congrats on the progress your youngest is making. Try to get in some quiet time for you. Heather

CJ said...

How frustrating having to spend hours on the phone, I do hope you get it all sorted very soon. Your sweet little man is doing brilliantly, all of that care and attention and love is working. I love the new scarf, you're a knitting wonder. I hope you have a good week, and that the tonsillectomy and visit both go well.

kathy b said...

All the pink? Well you are surrounded by XY chromosome people honey~~~

Great news on Lil buddy's progress!

I'll catch you up on my blog fast:
fireman caught a big bass
Cast off another Trap
Cast on a big hat…frogged
Cast on a baby sweater..going well!
Cut my hours at work..heading toward the finish in a year.

Joy said...

It's wonderful to hear of Buddy's progress Meredith, all the tender love and care pays off - and I do hope you manage to sort out the problem with the 'red tape' so everything gets back on an even keel again. Good news that older son is doing so well and best wishes to teenager for his op..
I'm loving all your lovely crochet and knitting and those gorgeous yarns - especially that Noro pink, wow, you are so talented Meredith!
Dear Max doesn't know what he's in for in the next few days - you'll both be ready to rest afterwards but in the meantime do enjoy your family visit.
Warm hugs,
Joy xo

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

your post just makes me feel tired reading it! Loads of luck for the tonsillectomy next week. I had mine done when I was 24. It was NOT FUN. Hopefully lightly less not fun for a teenage, they do say its worse when you're older. Just keepo an eye on it, I had an infection afterwards which seemed to go unnoticed for about a week. Everyone thought "well of course you throat is sore, you've just had your tonsils out you silly girl". Hmmm. Anyway, it resolved all the tonsillitis and was definitely worth it.

Little Buddy is just so adorable. You are an amazing person Meredith, he is very lucky to have you as his Mummy :)

And by the way have you notched up the crochet speed a gear or what ? You are churning those scarves out !!

Betsy said...

Goodness! So much in your post today Meredith. I'm glad to hear Mr. 20 year old is recovering well and will be praying for son #2's tonsillectomy next week. Such a lot for you to cope with along with company, your Mom's b-day and all of the things going on with little Buddy. His progress is wonderful and I'm certain that it a direct result of he love he's getting in bucketfuls from ALL of you. I love your new scarf and how smart you are to make some Gita ahead of time. I'm heading to Portland tomorrow and having dinner with Gracie, Taci and Teresa at Tad's Chic and Dump Monday night. I sure wish you were joining us-we have so much fun and I know you would love it,
Many blessings my friend,

Lynne said...

With all that's going on at your house, I'm surprised you have time for any knitting or crocheting! Our SF Giants did nothing worth a darn in the trade and we are disappointed. I just watched them lose to the Mets. Sigh.
And that insurance stuff is so hard to unravel, especially Medicaid (I used to work in that field). You really have to fight for everything.
Hang in there!!
p.s. Little Buddy is growing up!!

Susanne said...

Getting ready for company can be exhausting. I know, been there, done that and now my life has settled down and all is pretty quiet here. Since my husband passed it is almost too quiet, but it gives me plenty of time to do what needs to be done. I bet you are so tired from all those doctor appointments for your gang. When it rains it does pour. Your little Buddy is so cute. I hope you get all the things straightened out with his benefits for his care. That is what my daughter does, she makes sure the special needs people are getting all the things they need to live a comfortable and healthy life. She loves her job. I feel a bit sorry for Max. It will be a busy week for him to keep up with all the new faces that will be around, but I'm sure he will survive and rest up when it is all done and over. Hope you have a good week.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Teresa Kasner said...

Hey Meredith.. oh my goodness.. you are one busy girl! I'm glad your son is healing well.. and I'm glad you have a surgery set for your other son.. I know it was iffy for a while. Once that's done he can start getting better. And Little Buddy.. what good news! Funny.. when I was in Craft Warehouse getting some supplies to crochet Hayden a Angry Bird "pig" - I got two skeins of the pretties yarn to make a could Queen Anne's Lace scarves.. will photo it tomorrow and put it in my post.. hope I remember. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Chedzoychick said...

Hi, I have worked all my life with young children wand their families with SEN, (Special Educational Needs). I tell the parents that they need to be very resilient, always write down every phone call they have with their "Professionals", for future conversations, and to NEVER give up hope. Also to keep a calendar by the phone!
I have seen so many children do well, due to the care and attention from their families. Often what Paediatricians say they think might happen eg child will never walk/talk etc gets proved wrong.
Each child is an individual.
Crochet and knit your worries away, it is so therapeutic. Mandy x

Linda Powell said...

you are so busy right now and here's wishing you all the best to get things sorted and get your boys healthy and fit.
I must say pink is not your usual choice of colour, but the pink is looking great.
I look forward to your progress with all that is pink

Have a good weekend x

Anonymous said...

I'm annoyed with my favorite hockey teams for trading my favorite players. First Philadelphia traded Briere to Montreal. Then Tampa Bay traded St. Louis to the Rangers. REALLY? THE RANGERS???? Now, that I just can't get behind. (Glad I didn't buy his jersey!)

Guess I'll just have to root for Stamkos next year.

Little Buddy is SO adorable. I'm glad he's doing so well. Dealing with state agencies (really, ANY agency any more) is such a time suck. Hope you get to the bottom of it without too much trouble.

Chrissie Crafts said...

Good grief, Meredith, will I ever read one of your posts and think that you aren't the most caring, creative, amazing person on the planet? I even tear up reading that LB has gained two pounds! Congratulations on his development on all fronts, I can appreciate what huge steps these are, even if they read like minor changes. He just looks so well and content! And your pink choices of late? I put it down to mothering all these boys through all their medical visits - you need some girliness! Beautiful scarf, enjoy the visitors! Chrissie x

kathyinozarks said...

Good morning, I always enjoy seeing what you have made next-that is really a pretty scarf pattern.
what a headache on the phone with medicaid stuff-I hope it all gets sorted out and the little one doesn't lose any benefits.
Enjoy your company-always busy busy at your house, happy to reade Mr 20 year old is on the mends-hugs

Cari said...

Oh're a real life energizer bunny !! I don't know how you do it but you are doing it well !! Love you so and your sweet family. Remember…breathe and 1 day at a time. Hugs dear friend.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Loving your colors and especially your Little Buddy! He looks sincerely happy and so healthy!! Take care and take it easy!! One step at a time - you'll get there :-}}}

Jennifer said...

I hope everything is straightened out for the Medicaid coverage. I've never had to deal with Medicaid but I do know how frustrating it can be to worry about coverage for treatments and therapies. We felt very lucky when our son qualified for Early Intervention as a toddler when he needed some therapies. They would have been so expensive out-of-pocket. I'm glad to hear that your oldest is doing better now. Hope you all have a great week.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Of course LB is doing well - he's getting the very best of care from the very best of moms. :)

Good luck on the Medicaid thing ... to paraphrase Longfellow, when they're good, they're very very good, but when they're bad they're horrid. Hope it all gets wound up as quickly as possible.

Hugs to Max as he heads into his extra barking time.

Another Olive Twist?!? :D

Mrs. Micawber said...

P.S. Love the way that coaster came out - it almost looks like an ornament with the little green swoop in it! What a great way to use up all your yarn.

P.P.S. If you feel like getting extra fussy with your QAL scarves (because you have so much extra time on your hands right now - ha ha), I have a tutorial on how to make the starting end look just like the ending end. (Ending end? There must be a better way to say that.) :)

Big hugs to you! :)

Amy at love made my home said...

I am glad to hear that Mr 20 is doing well, he is probably quite himself again by now, and that Buddy is doing so well too. Not liking the paper and saying so is great I think! I imagine that for someone so active 2pounds weight gain is a lot, so that is great too! I hope that all goes well for Mr Teenager on Tuesday and that he is home again and feeling well soon. xxxx

linda said...

Busy times for you Meredith, I'm glad Mr 20 yr old is recovering from his extraction and good luck for your sons tonsillectomy next week. I'm so pleased that little buddy is progressing so well but how could he not when he has such a lovely caring mummy. I'm sure Max will take the family visit in his stride bless him, your crochet is lovely, looking forward to seeing the finished sweater. Have a great week and enjoy your company. :)

Chris said...

Pink is the colour of healing!! I am a big fan of the pink too! You sure have a lot of bumps in the road right now. Life seems to go like that sometimes, hard to understand at times though. My mantra for those times was I can do this and this too shall pass. Your crocheting is so pretty and will be greatly appreciated by all those who are lucky to receive it. Good luck in the week ahead. Chris

Yarn ism said...

Its good to hear Mr. 20 yr old is doing great..congrats to little buddy on his improvements may God bless him, I hope the medicaid thing rolls out and little buddy gets all the benefits...I am loving the pink color..Good luck to Mr. Teenager..

Lots of love,

Heldasland said...

You are one busy mumma. Whooppee weight gain means so much when you have little ones. Glad 20yr old is on the mend. I really don't know how you manage it all,I'm sending you a virtual hug.

Ingrid Kopka said...

Hi Meredith,

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog, you are such an inspiration!

I can only echo what all the other people have written, and those photos of LB speak volumes, such a precious little fellow!

Here is hoping that you will find some quiet time to yourself, losing (and finding) yourself in some crafting activities! I love the picture of the Noro yarn, beautiful!

take care!

Carla from The River said...

I enjoy baseball too. :-) I am a Milwaukee Brewer fan...and they played the Rays last week. I won't get into who won the games. ;-)

Have a great week with family.
My prayers,

millefeuilles said...

Dear Meredith,

I'm back after a few days away and I am so glad to have read this post. Your little man is just so gorgeous and is going to soar in every aspect with such fanatastic, loving parents.

I am glad to read that your eldest son has recovered well from his wisdom teeth operation. My eldest, now eighteen, had it done in January. I knew from personal experience how uncomfortable a procedure it can be. Frozen peas were pretty useful in the first days!

And those yarns. Oh my goodness. Pink? Heavenly. But then I am heavily biased when it comes to pink!

Happy August to you all.


millefeuilles said...

Ahh, dear Blogger has erased my rather long and enthusiastic comment, dear Meredith!

In a few short words, I think your sweet little boy is going to soar in every way with such a fantastic, loving set of parents. I am glad that your eldest son is doing so well. My eldest had her wisdom teeth removed back in January and I knew from personal experience how painful it could be. Frozen peas were very useful in the first days!

And those yarns? Oh my goodness! Pink? Fabulous! But I am heavily biased when it comes to pink!

Happy August to you all.

Gracie Saylor said...

Blessings on you and yours during your oh so busy, eventful days, Meredith. I admire your latest yarn and stitches and I am sending Max some peaceful love pats :) xx

Olga said...

Hi Meredith, you surely are busy! But it's good to be busy, caring about your dearest ones, working on projects, rushing from one appointment to another, etc and keeping a positive attitude! I need to get myself busy, so that I don't think about negative things.
Thank you for stopping by! Have a great week!

Caffeine Girl said...

I'm glad the medical stuff is going well so far. Good luck on today's surgery!

I'm on vacation with my friend who is a special ed preschool teacher in California. I showed her all sorts of pics of Little Buddy and she is in love with him. She calls families like yours "angel families."

You really are an angel.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

You certainly have a lot going on. Glad you are still able to find time for yarn work to keep you sane. The insurance issue in our country is rather deplorable. I know you will keep at it til its all sorted out. Without all your efforts, Little Buddy wouldn't be doing so well. Best wishes, Tammy

Kris said...

Oh certainly do have your hands full! So glad that your oldest recovered well from his procedure! And I will be hoping the same for middle boy...with his. And Little Buddy, oh my oh my, what a cutie! He is THRIVING!!! How great is that! Enjoy your family visiting, and squeeze a little ME time in with your pretty yarn!
xo Kris