Friday, September 12, 2014

Quiet Friday Mornings

Friday mornings are my favorite time of the week. And there is one real reason for that, it is quiet.  I am alone and it is quiet (oops that is two reasons).  Monday and Wednesday's mornings I am alone too, but there are errands to run, a shower to take, work to get ready for, it is all so rushed.  By the time I pick up Little Buddy from school I am in a mad dash to get home and leave for work.  Friday's there is no driving to work, and if I can help it minimal errands to run.  It is me, alone in my house savoring the almost three hours of glorious quiet. 

On my way home from dropping off Little Buddy at school I made my quick grocery run and bought these beauties for my kitchen table.  I have decided that I really need flowers for my table, it is a treat that is very cost affective and lightens my mood.  I used to think buying flowers was frivolous but not anymore, they are a necessity. 

With the extra yarn from my crochet basket I made two more dishcloths.  I am up to a whopping 12 now but I have lost my mojo this week.  I have been tired because of my new schedule and all the driving I do.   I have gotten Little Buddy fed, bathed and to bed and then I go to my bed and read.  That doesn't last all that long before I am drifting off to sleep, I will get used to this new schedule but it might take a bit of time.  By the way I am reading Lunch with Buddha by Roland Merullo.  It is a sequel to Breakfast with Buddha, a book that I really enjoyed.  I am really enjoying this book also, I just need to stay awake long enough to read it.

This is my goal this weekend, to get a lot done on this table runner for my SIL.  It has been sitting by idly waiting to be noticed.  I am about half way done so I need to get moving and finish it before even more time goes by.

 Little Buddy's bedroom looks so nice in the morning light.  The rocking chair was my Grandmother's, it used to be covered in a horrible fabric.  I had it recovered years ago, I think these jewel tones look a bit 90's.  It is a smallish chair, made for a woman I think.  It creaks appropriately when rocking just like a good rocking chair should.  Little Buddy and I read books before bedtime and naps and then sing a few songs before I put him down in his crib.  Last week he was so tired he said,"I want a bushel and a peck, Mommy"  So cute!

Little Buddy is now being quite the character at school.  Seems everyday when I pick him up I hear something about circle time, listening and such from the teacher.  I have to laugh because if it was my first born I would be so upset, but now I laugh and think, he is three!  But we do go over the rules which have now been expanded to:

1.  No hitting your friends or teachers with your walker.
2.  No touching friends with your hands at circle time.
3.  We must have a quiet mouth and listen when the teacher is talking during circle time.
4. We must sit in our own special seat at circle and not someone elses.
Seems like circle time might be an issue!  Maybe I should have a chat with the teacher about making circle time more interesting or at least shorter!  Okay I will be a good girl and keep my mouth quiet.......for now at least.   I think I might have to review rule number 3 for myself.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I am grabbing another cup of tea, my loom and getting busy with the few precious moments I have left of my Friday morning alone.  Enjoy your day.


kristieinbc said...

Time to ourselves is one of the most treasured things. Sometimes though I find when I do manage to have the house to myself for a bit I kind of wander around aimlessly and end up squandering my precious time. Hopefully you are more disciplined than I am!

As for Little Buddy and school. No three year old can sit still and be quiet for more than a few minutes, and then only if their attention has been properly engaged. The teacher has the problem, not Little Buddy.

mamasmercantile said...

Your little man has a beautiful bedroom, the school rules made me smile...
The dishcloths are delightful, they are such great gifts and can be presented in so many ways.
Have a great weekend.

Jay said...

I hope you savoured your moments of quiet, they seem to be few and far between and therefore should be enjoyed.

Little Buddy has such a cute room and I think being a little character at school is a wonderful thing!
Have a good weekend. x

kathy b said...

Glad you get some downtime for however long and some flowers. THey are stunning I love your wooden table.

Lil BUddy , is so lucky to have an experienced momma. Truly he wanted to be your third.

Happy crafting!!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I remember those few hours of quiet just really are needed to rejuvenate! Tiger has had some interesting times at his new school so far also...oh to be three!

Christy said...

Flowers are food that feed the soul and quiet time leads the quest for peacefullness.

Little Buddy is just a goer, his room is a lovely, and three year olds are just three year olds.


Ingrid K. said...

Hi Meredith! Enjoy your friday quiet times!!! Little buddy's room looks cosy! Have fun with the loom!!
Thinking of you,
Ingrid xx

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Meredith! How nice for you to have that quiet "me" time. We are not going to have much of that for the next 4 days! Enjoy your quietness. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Home Meadows said...

Pretty room and I love the sun coming through. Your little buddy sounds so sweet. I hope you enjoyed your quiet time and working on a project or two. Enjoy the start of your weekend. Heather

Gracie Saylor said...

Blessings on you and yours, Meredith. In your loving family circle, I have no doubt that LB will soon learn to be a positive part of his school circle time, too.
Happy weekend!!! xx

Deb said...

such a great post ... still laughing over Rule #1 :-D

Wishing you a wonderful weekend xo

Betsy said...

Smiling up here in Washington as I read this post Meredith. :-). Little Buddy sounds like Piper and she's not quite two. Loves to talk and be the center of attention. I'm so glad he has a wise Mama that will direct him gently on his actions. Three year olds don't have a very long attention span-just how long is circle time anyway?
Alone time is so needed. I admire you Meredith. I love my Piper with all my heart, you know that I do, but with Mama gone she's been all mine for a couple of weeks and I'm just like you at night. Bath and bed for her and then shower and bed for Gramma. lol. Do it all again the next day. But I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
Blessings my dear friend,

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, You are so funny. I always get a good chuckle with your posts. It is hard to keep our mouth's quiet as we get older isn't it?! I find that too, I need to practice rule #3 too. Love LB room and all his trucks. I sure hope you have a great weekend. (and your schedule gets easier)

Linda Powell said...

Enjoy your precious Friday mornings Meredith, time alone is something to savour.
I remember the table runner from a while back (or is this another one?) it will look pretty when it's done.
What a fantastic Little Buddy room, the rocking chair is charming.
Have a great weekend ( I am looking forward to my next day off work on Sunday ) xx

Pat Mofjeld said...

What is the yarn that you are using to weave your SIL's table runner with? (and the color name?) THANKS! :-)

Clare said...

You're Circle time rules made me smile, Little Buddy's room looks lovely so warm and friendly, have a wonderful weekend.
Clare x

Judy S. said...

So glad you have a morning's worth of quiet time, Mere, and take advantage of it! You have a very busy schedule!(And I'm so glad reading to LB is part of it!)

Kaiya said...

Some time set aside to breathe and center yourself sounds like just the thing. One of the pictures in the corner of LB's room caught my eye - the maiden stooping in the middle of a circle of fairies. I think I have the same picture in my childhood bedroom. It's wonderfully evocative of the magic of childhood.

Anonymous said...

Little Buddy's room is so cute. It looks very relaxing in there . . . a perfect place to read with him.

Oh my gosh . . . I had one that didn't like to sit silent at circle time either. He just had so much to SHARE! LOL

Enjoy the rest of your Friday. :-)

My Garden Diaries said...

How sweet to have those moments of quiet! I know that when that day comes for me I might not know what to do with myself!! I love that rocker in Little Buddies room and the wall color is fantastic!! Such a warm space! And you had me rolling about circle time! HA!!! I have had my own talks with my 3 1/2 year old son about remembering to sit on his shape and what not but like you I say to myself...he is 3! I agree by the way about having flowers! Good for the soul! Wishing you a wonderful weekend...hope you get that weaving done! Nicole xo

linda said...

Enjoy your quiet time Meredith, love the rule list haha little Buddy has a lovely bedroom it's perfect for him. I hope that you find lots of time to work on the table runner this weekend it's beautiful. :) xx

CJ said...

Regular time to yourself is a life-saver isn't it. I'm glad you have these moments. What a lovely room your little man has. Good luck with circle time, my littlest boy isn't keen on sitting still for long either. I watch him in school assembly sometimes, and I can see him ready to burst with energy. In fact now I think about it I'm no good at sitting still for very long either unless I have a little sewing or knitting. Wishing you guys a good weekend. CJ xx

Nana Go-Go said...

The trick is to keep breathing, Meredith! Lucky boy to have such a beautiful bedroom. I love your Grandma's chair. We call those little chairs 'nursing' chairs. I must get round to doing a couple of those washcloths. They're delightful. Good weekend to you my friend. x

HollyM said...

It is good that you keep those quiet few hours to yourself. It makes you a happier rested person, I'm sure.
You weave too! I looked at those tabletop looms last year with interest but I have so many things on the go I held myself in check. I love the weaving tough.
I always like to keep some fresh flora in the house too. Sometimes, I pick wildflowers or pick up stray branches in winter. I will buy for myself more often now too. It does cheer me.

Karen said...

Such a lovely post, Meredith. LB's room is so cheerful and I loved hearing about the rocking chair and "bushel and a peck." I envy you some, getting to enjoy motherhood from a new perspective in life. "Three" is such a nice place to be, let him enjoy it:)

I used to buy flowers . . . I think I should start doing that again.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

moonstruckcreations said...

Having little treats is so important I find, especially when, like you, I have a very rewarding but busy/exhausting job.

LB is such a cute little lad, I am sure he will gradually get circle time organised!! I have to laugh a bit at the situation, I work with teenagers who have been expelled from school (or are on the verge of being expelled), I would love to see how LB's teacher got on with them!! ;)

Have a lovely weekend, Helenxx

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I treasure quite times with no pressing need to do work or errands. Feeds the soul.

I might need Little Buddy's lessons sometimes, too. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend, Meredith! blessings ~ tanna

Gillian said...

Your weaving looks so nice. I've ordered a peg loom and am looking forward to trying it.

Linda Gilbert said...

I would love to have some circle time with just you and Buddy x

Liz said...

Little Buddy's room does look so nice. I love the paint color by the way. You sound like me when it comes to school. When Ireland was in pre-K I would get so frustrated with all of the comments from her teacher. It seemed like almost everyday Ireland's behavior would be an issue. Sometimes teachers seem to forget their age. One time the teacher told me "we don't act like that here" when Ireland had an issue with interrupting and talking too much. I went home in tears numerous times thinking I was a terrible mother with a behaviorally challenged child. I''me slowly learning to think differently. I' looking soo forward to catching up on your posts...I've taken a long break from blogging.

Pradeepa said...

Love little buddy's room and love that rocking chair too. The flowers are beautiful. Your rules made me smile. My son is 10 and only this year I stopped receiving any complaints from his teacher.

Caffeine Girl said...

I envy your Friday mornings, but you certainly deserve a quiet time. You are always doing things for other people!

Little Buddy's room is so adorable and neat. You bring a certain calm to everything you do.
And I'm going to check out the Buddha book at my library. It sounds really good.

Helen said...

Hehe it sounds like circle time isn't Little Buddy's favourite time of the day! (I don't blame him :)) His room looks so lovely, and so tidy!! The flowers are beautiful, I've also started buying them regularly they really cheer me up :)

Lulu said...

its always nice to have a few precious moments with your self..
love little buddy's room..Love the discloths also..
have a beautiful Sunday and week ahead..
take care,

Kris said...

Hi Mere! I know how cherished AND necessary it is to steal away some time for ourselves!! Your little man is adorable and so loved! It warms my heart to know that God chose you to be his Mommy!
I too have quite a stack of washcloths going. We are at the lake and I am adding to my stack while bobbing along in the boat. It is heavenly!

Jennifer said...

Your quiet morning sounds heavenly, Meredith. I'm so glad you have that time to yourself. I enjoyed reading Little Buddy's rules, they make perfect sense. Little people don't know they shouldn't do certain things. I'm constantly surprised by the things I hear coming out of my own mouth since I had children. :)

Carla from The River said...

I also enjoyed reading Little Buddy's rules. :-)
I love his room, what a fun photo with the sun coming in.
Have a great week.

Babajeza said...

For me it's quiet Friday afternoons. :-)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That's how my Friday morning was yesterday. In fact, it was a pajama day. The best! Circle time should be short and sweet, a nice way to get the school day started. I always enjoyed it when I was teaching. Little B sounds like he is doing just fine. :) Best wishes, Tammy