Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thoughts, dishcloths books and my brother

How has your week been going so far?  Are you rushing around like crazy enjoying the last moments of summer, or are you relaxed and enjoying Autumn creeping in?
My week is moving on quickly, how unusual!   I am done with work for the week, well going to work that is.  I should be sitting here with knitting needles in my hands making more dishcloths, but instead need to get caught up with the blog world.  There is thunder rumbling outside my window, Little Buddy is napping and my Teenager is home doing homework, we are all where we need to be and that is a comfort to me.

Very soon you will be on dishcloth overload.  Dishcloths are all that I have been working on so this is what you get.  I finished number 8 last night and need to get busy on more.  I know it is only September, and these are for Christmas, I just feel like I need to get a jump on the seasonal knitting.  So sorry if you are bored with them but you are going to get more and more as I make progress on them.

I have posted the pattern in previous posts, so look back a few if you want to make one and want to know more about them.
Two super size Sugar n' Cream cotton yarns make 5 dishcloths.  Funny the green/blue ones are bigger than the latest pink ones.  I am not sure why as I am using the same size needles?  Maybe I am stressed and knitting tighter?

 I keep filling my basket with more yarn so I will have some incentive to knit more up and get this project done.  I have to admit my mind keeps wandering to other projects.  Why is it as soon as I have knitting needles in my hand I want to crochet, and when I have a hook in my hand I want to knit?  I think I might have to be very strict with myself for a few days to get more accomplished. 

I have listened to two great books on CD's in the last few weeks, they would be great reads, too.   

The Last Original Wife by Dorthea Benton.  
This book made me laugh out loud while driving.  I will listen to this one again as I could not wait to hear what was happening next.  You might not grow as a person reading this book, but you will laugh and that is something we all need to do.

The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.
I also listened to this book and it was a long one, I sort of figured out the end early on but I still wanted to read it and see how it all happened.  It was well written and really interesting to listen to.  It takes place during the present and during WWII, a sad and fascinating time.

 The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd.  
Fabulously written, based very loosely on some true events.  I really enjoyed this book and Sue Monk Kidd is an exceptionally good writer.  She also wrote The Secret Life of Bees, an all time favorite of mine.

So if you are interested these were great books to listen to or to read.

 Twenty-three years ago today my brother passed away from a long battle with Lymphoma. I think of him all the time and miss him.  He was a character, always making us laugh, or scream at him because he was crazy.  He has missed so much of life, missed watching his children grow up to be fine adults.  Missed meeting their spouses and becoming a grandfather seven times over.  He has missed meeting my husband, my kids and all the events in life we take for granted.  He had a wonderful sense of humor, was wicked in many ways, and very wise all at the same time.  My oldest son is so much like him it scares me sometimes.  They have very similar personalities, they even walk the same, funny how that happens.  It seems as I age I miss him more.  I am now 5 years older than he was when he passed away.  For that I feel blessed, and I know he is watching out for us all the time.  David, you are missed today and everyday.


Amy at love made my home said...

Thinking of you, sending hugs and love to you. xx

Betsy said...

Hi Meredith! Happy Thursday. :1). You're making great progress in your dishcloths and I never tire of seeing all of the beautiful colors you make them out of. I make a similar pattern but I think it's a bit larger.

I'm so not ready for fall this year, as if I have any say in the matter. I haven't been at the lake to stay in 5 weeks now and I don't see it happening anytime soon. I think next time I go out ipduring the day I'll start bringing things home for the winter. So sad.

What happy memories of your brother David. Isn't't it funny how genetics work. Our boys both walk like their uncle and grandpa on Dennis' side of the family but have mannerisms like my brothers'. Quite a mixture of both.

Have a lovely weekend sweet Meredith. :-)


Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

I like to think that the people we love are always part of us. x
Your dishcloths are beautiful, I don't know if I could bare to use one on anything dirty... far too pretty xx

Linda Gilbert said...

Gorgeous cloths Meredith.what a coincidence as it's 11 years tomorrow since my brother died and like you I miss him every day. I think as you get older and no longer gave your parents there is no-one who shares your history like your siblings. Your brother sounds as if he was a wonderful person xxxx

Linda @ A La Carte said...

It must be so hard to lose a brother at such a young age. I know he is a part of you always.

Love the washcloths!!


Acorn to Oak said...

You've been busy! They look great! How fun that you keep adding to your basket of yarn. I love those colorful cotton yarns. They're so fun! Sorry to hear you lost your brother. He must have been quite young.

Rose Horton said...

Love that dishcloth pattern! I've made three so far myself, they work up so quickly! Crazy busy with school, behind on posting and commenting, take care

Susanne Tyree said...

Don't worry about boring me with dish cloths, I think they are great. I think a person gets a lot of satisfaction from making them because they are a quick project and very portable. I do that too, crochet and want to knit and vice versa. It is kinda like having long hair and wanting short instead, having curly hair and wishing it were straight. Painting something one color then seeing another color you like too, we are just creatures who sometimes have a difficult time being satisfied. We want to do it all and so we do as much as we can even if it means half finished projects. My thing is knowing life is way too short and knowing I will never live long enough to do it all. Your brother, it is funny, is it not, how certain things bring back memories. I am sure not a day goes by that you don't think of him. The thoughts about him missing out on so many wonderful family things is what my daughters and I have talked about too on several occasions. I look at my grandson and have wished so many times that his grandpa could have lived to see him now, how sweet he is, how much a joy. There are so many times I have wished I could just have the impossible, and that is to turn back the clock and know what I know now, to bring back all the people I have loved and miss so much. I have to believe what God has promised that he will give back double for our losses. I think of Job in the Bible and all he lost, and how he remained faithful to God even though he had 3 friends who came to cheer him up but didn't do much good. Your brother lives on, you can see him in your other brother's gait. I'm sure there are so many other things you notice too, sometimes it is strange, but bittersweet. When I was younger I use to laugh at people who would say someone was crazy, talking to themselves like there was someone there. Now I understand. There is someone there, right there in their heart, always. Now I am the crazy lady, and personally, I don't even care what they say, lol
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

kathy b said...

THe Last Original Wife wounds great.

I love your dishcloths. THey are lovely.

YOu are getting so much done with so much on your plate! I love when everyone is tucked in here too. Especially when WEATHER is happening.

WE are watching lots of Tennis this week. I love hearing Monfils talk to himself. !

Grammy Braxton said...

I'm sending you hugs and comforting thoughts, Meredith. I love the dishcloths. I don't knit so I won't be doing them but I am doing a bunch of crocheted ones. I like the fact that they are quick and give me a satisfaction of a finished project. I'm working on a baby blanket now for a friend's first grandchild. Gotta get busy, the baby is due this month! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Gracie Saylor said...

I never tire of making/viewing handmade dishcloths, and enjoy using them, too, Meredith. Yours look so pretty as you displayed them.

Thinking of David's life with you in this post helps me appreciate him, your love of him and life in general. Thanks! xx

My Garden Diaries said...

Oh sweet friend..... I send you love and prayers. Your brother sounded like an amazing person with a spark for life. It is funny how that worked out with your son having some of his traits.....he is definitely still with you all! Your dishcloths should be framed! That is how pretty they are! Sending all good things your way! Love Nicole xo

Anonymous said...

It is apparent that your brother died way, WAY too young. I wonder really if it isn't harder to lose a sibling than to lose a parent. Our siblings are our contemporaries while we expect our parents to grow old and pass. I am SO sorry for your loss.

Yarn ism said...

I am sure wherever David is he will be happy to know that his Sister misses him so much...Your dishcloths are beautiful and I am not getting tired of it at all...


Stins said...

I am so sad you have to miss your brother for such a long time already... Must be so difficult.
Our boy is called David too by the way ... ;-)
What a fabulous amount of dishcloths you made!
Looks so pretty all those colours together.
Lots of love from Mirjamxxx

Teresa Kasner said...

I will never tire of looking at anything you make.. because you made them and I think you're pretty special.

I'm so sorry your brother was lost so young and before he got to see his family grow and turn out so well. I just can't help but think his spirit is watching.

We went to the doctor together today.. then out to Cajun dinner - crawfish etouffee!

Enjoy the weekend.. I hope you get some down time. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

mamasmercantile said...

Love the washcloth pattern, they are great little presents aren't they? Your brother sounded amazing, sending you a hug.

Kris said...

Love the dishcloths! I too, am turning them out like crazy!
So sorry about you having lost your dear brother. I am sure you miss him all the time!
I have a brother named David too, and he is a gem!!
XO Kris

Christina said...

Isn't it nice to see someone you miss in someone who love? It is of course painful on days when you miss your lost ones more than ever. My oldest son walks like my father and also has some of his slightly obsessive behaviours. Weird how genetics works. But watching Sam walk often triggers fond memories and that is a good thing. Thinking of you. Cx

PS. Love your knitting!

Hannapat said...

Hello lovely Meredith, I am so sorry to hear that your brother passed away, it must be such a loss even so many years down the line. I do think we become a great deal more reflective as we get older and appreciate the things we most probably didn't even notice back then and I am sure he is watching over all of you and somehow being part of it all. I couldn't agree more that it is so strange when history repeats itself with gene expression, but I suppose that is how we carry it on and carry it forward, isn't it just wonderful!!! Sending you much love and also loving these gorgeous dishcloths, oh I wish I could knit!!! xoxo

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

What a beautiful post Meredith! Always love to see your knitting and crocheting! AND it is funny how we always want to be doing something we are not doing, such is life ; ]
Thank you for sharing with us your love and brother's story. I believe he is with all of you everyday as much as you are with him everyday. My mom's one year anniversary is days away and I have found myself quiet and pondering life.
Hope you enjoy your weekend dear friend, xoRobin

kristieinbc said...

The difference in the size of the different coloured dishcloths might be just that. The different colours. Yarn changes when it takes up dye.

I'm so sorry you are feeling the sadness of your brother's death. That old saying that time heals all wounds is only partly true. Time helps old wounds heal, but that healing is never complete when the wound has been caused by the death of someone we dearly loved. Hugs to you, Meredith...

soleillucie said...

Have a nice weekend! bonne fin de semaine

Lucie xxx

Carla from The River said...

I also read The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. Have read any of her other books?

My prayers are with you as you remember your brother.

Jo said...

Sending love and warmth. Jo x

Pammy Sue said...

I really love the dishcloths, and I do not tire of seeing them at all! The more you make, the more fun it is to see them all laid out. Hugs to you in memory of your brother. XOXO

Vikki Hooks said...

I understand the missing of someone who has moved on to a better life. It never goes away, just gets easier to live the dishcloths..I always buy some from a knitter at the craftshow that I do. I love the knitted cloths so much better than the crochet ones..softer and not so thick. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me comments..I enjoy reading them. Many blessings

Lynne said...

Great dishcloths! Keep them coming. You will be glad later that you pushed through and finished this many.
I always enjoy a good Dorothea Benton book.
Sending you a big giant hug in memory of your brother XXX

Linda Powell said...

The dishcloths are lovely, keep them coming, how disciplined you are to get ahead of yourself with Christmas gift making.
It is my long weekend off work this week and I have been working on my spare room makeover. It is hard work on your own but I am getting there.
The books sound like great reads (taking note of the titles as I like to read before sleeping)
You have fond memories of your dear brother and as we get older the stark reality of life's cycle becomes more apparent. It is sad that he missed so much and my thoughts are with you.
Have a great weekend x

Ingrid K. said...

Hi Meredith,

So sorry to hear about your brother, I can understand how much you must miss him! (I also miss my sister who tragically died at the age of 30). But life goes on and that person will always remain with us and it is good to remember them!

Your dishcloths are so pretty and no, I won't get tired of seeing them! I think it is great that you are making so many lovely gifts for people!

You are such a warm and loving person and that shines through in everything you do!

Thanks for sharing bits of your life here with us!

Big hugs!!!!
Ingrid xx

Anonymous said...

I just love this post! (and have been bitten by the "must knit a dishcloth!" bug) You have convinced me to cast on and I did finish 1, but my seam is very noticeable and not so pretty. Any tips? :) Please? Hope you are doing well and have a bunch of yarny time this weekend! :)

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

How special your thoughts of your brother!
Also, your dishcloths!! I will have to copy and paste the first part and share it with my Mom in St.Augustine. Every year about this time - she starts making her white square dishcloths for all her friends. Love the different shape and colors!!
God Bless!!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Lovely dishcloths! They're all such pretty colours, I don't think we'll get tired of them any time soon.

Sounds like your brother was an amazing guy. It's funny, isn't it, how nieces and nephews can sometimes be more like uncles and aunts than like their own parents. I have a nephew who is very like me (only tidier), AND he was born on my birthday!

Hugs to you, dear Mere.

Clare said...

The dish cloths are so pretty, I'm sure they will be greatly appreciated. Sending hugs.
Clare xx

Nana Go-Go said...

I'm exactly the same about mixing and matching my crochet/knitting. I used to be so disciplined but now I'm a bit of a workbasket butterfly! It's been 27 years since my Darling Father passed and like you, I think about him missing out on his fabulous grandchildren and now great-grandchildren who he would have absolutely loved to bits. There's a little bit of his character in all of us in the family though and that's a great comfort. It's lovely that your boy is like his uncle. Keeps him alive for you too, in a way. xxx

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Loved ones leave but are never forgotten no matter how much time has passed. Sending hugs your way, Tammy

Vicki Boster said...

Meredith- I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother- I can only imagine that is a pain that never goes away. I send you a hug---

The dishcloths are just so beautiful-- lucky friends and family on your Christmas list.

Thank you for the book reviews- I always love seeing what friends are reading. I just finished The Perfume Collector-- loved it:)

Have not finished my audio book yet-- but it's headed your way when I do--

Gillian said...

You have good memories of your brother to cherish and he'll never be forgotten. Especially as your son is so like him.

About the different colours of yarn making different sized dishcloths when everything else is the same - this is because dyes affect the yarn in different ways. So sometimes you get a slightly thicker yarn as a result of the dye so the item you make turns out a bit bigger. I probably haven't explained that very well so I hope you know what I mean.

Gillian said...

I am sorry about your brother. I can imagine that the loss of a sibling stays with your throughout life and doesn't really fade with time that much, especially when life just marches on regardless, as it must.

Your wash cloths are so pretty. You are right to crack on with your seasonal makes early, as in three months time things will be so hectic. xx