Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Happenings and a fun hat

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  It is all about fun and not all about decorating, cards, presents, shopping, wrapping and shipping and all the money that goes into that.  I feel like I am always running around with my head cut off at Christmas.  Actually I am usually so tired when it comes to the actual day I don't even appreciate it.  Yes I know Christmas is about so much more than presents, but with a family that is unfortunately a big part of it.  Halloween is just about fun, plain and simple fun.  I love to decorate at this time of year.  Even though the temperature is still in the mid 80's I can pretend it is more Autumnish (is that even a word?) when I look around my decorated home.
 Want a peek?

In my living room there are spiders crawling up my railing, and a spooky black cat sitting on my antique piano stool. 

The mantle in my family room, from left to right looks like the above photos.  There are more things dispersed around my house which I will show you next week, including my very favorite holiday decoration that I put up every year.  If you have read my blog for very long I bet you will remember it. 

Do you remember the brown crochet blob I posted about a few days ago?  Little Buddy's Medical Foster Mom asked me if I could crochet her a baby turkey hat for a friend having a baby right before Thanksgiving.  She found this Crochet Turkey Hat pattern on Pinterest and I said I would give it a go.  This hat is very fun to make and can be whipped up in an evening.  I think it might be a little big but who cares?  I had the yarn in my stash from the Milk Chocolate Yarn Eating Blanket I made my teenager a few years ago.  I had the golden color in a tiny little ball waiting to be used up, and I had the filling, so it was free, fast and fun.

Of course I could not make just one Little Buddy needed one too! He has a strangely shaped head not unlike many preterm babies.  His head is small and a little flat on the sides so the hat I made him did not fit perfectly.  If he wears it for two seconds on Thanksgiving I will be happy.

Actually he was not a cooperative model at all, the rest of the photos from this photo shoot were a compete blur as he was rapidly swinging his head from side to side.   He loved the beanie part of the hat which he put on and off his head a million times while I made up the turkey legs.   He liked the hat so much I decided to make him a beanie with extra yarn I had on hand.  Just a hat to play with. 

He looks like a little boy from an exotic, foreign land.  The beanie is funny don't you think?  The beanie pattern for the turkey hat and for the one above can be found here and the pattern is free.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on Little Buddy's trip to the farm.  Today he sat in a police car at school with the police officer!  Lets hope this is the only time that happens in his life, well at least after the age of 10!


Betsy said...

What a cutie! It's hard to get Piper to pose or hold still for a picture and I imagine he is the same. Much too busy to cooperate! :-). I don't put up many Halloween decorations but do out out fall ones that will last until after Thanksgiving. More "bang for the buck" you might say.
Have a lovely afternoon dear Meredith.

Acorn to Oak said...

I totally agree with you about Halloween being so much more fun and less stressful than Christmas. I've gotten so I dread Christmas and wish we could just skip it. I was able to find ways to make it a bit more fun last year and I plan to work hard at that again this year. In the meantime, I'm having so much fun with Halloween and Fall decorations and will be a little sad to take it all down in a few weeks. Your Halloween decorations are cute! The gray, crochet that's hanging on the chair by your stairs is really pretty. Did you make it? It looks like you have a lovely home. :-)

Home Meadows said...

Your turkey hat turned out great and LB is as cute as ever. I love the antique bird cage you have on your mantel, very pretty. Christmas can get hectic. I try to get everything done early on, but I know that can't always be done. Take care, Heather

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

The turkey hat is hilarious. Love that. Little Buddy's beanie is cute too.

I'm not decorating at all this year for Halloween. But I am already getting a little bit organized for Christmas. Not very much yet, but a start.

Ingrid K. said...

Hi Meredith! Wow, good to see your decorations! What did LB think of the hairy big spiders along the stairs?
Personally I love the old birdcage and that Carousel/Merry go round horse (I know they are not typical Halloween decorations!)
Also I think the word you were looking for is Autumnal?!
The turkey hat is a hoot!!! I've never seen such a thing before (only Viking beanies)
I love the red beanie, LB looks like an eager scholar!
Sitting in a police car? He gets to have all the fun, hehehe!!! ;)
Hope you are having a good week!
Ingrid xx

elns said...

haha! Turkey head, gotta love it, even if LB is less enamored.

You fiber so fast, crochet and knit. All the best.

Cari said...

Love Little Buddy in his beanie !! He is adorable. HUGS

Linda @ A La Carte said...

That hat is so funny! Love it and it is adorable on Little Buddy! I love the beanie part also. So fun. Halloween is a fun holiday with kids so I'm glad I have Tiger to enjoy it with this year.

Judy S. said...

Nice decorations, Mere! Cute hats, too. This will be LB's first Halloween with you, right? What costume is he wearing?

kathy b said...

Oh you are a doll. You found time to knit a turkey hat for a friend? or crochet it rather. OMG. You are amazing. Lil Buddy's beanies is too dang cute. Give him a drum to bang!

I love your Halloweed decorations! Lil buddy must love them too. I already carved our pumpkin because I love it lit and flickering in the evenings as I watch TV.

I almost forgot I have to make my candy corn/peanut mix for snacking.. Tastes like a payday

Gracie Saylor said...

Well, you are really ahead of the game with Little Buddy's red and green beanie, least it looks Christmasy [and exotic] to me :-) And now you are ready for Thanksgiving with your turkey hats, too, so I hope you can relax a bit and enjoy the celebrations as they roll through the next two months. It will be fun to see the holidays through Buddy's perspective. I was busy snapping photos of our celebration of Rosie's first B'day today! xx

Lisa N. said...

I love your Halloween decor! everything looks amazing together. I know what you mean about Christmas being busy there is a lot of pressure to buy gifts for everyone on your lists and it causes a lot of stress whereas Halloween is just about fun as you mentioned. I love Christmas but I think I will understand more of what comes with taking care of a household at Christmas one day. It seems like it will be a big job! buddy looks cute in those hats! love the turkey hat it's so cute!
take care!

Teresa Kasner said...

I love all your decorations.. you have so much more display space than I do! My poor table is a mishmash of too many things and my son and DIL are always mentioning that I have too much on there.. :-)

That turkey hat is hilarious! I really love the red beanie and I bet LB is going to love it when it gets colder.. or does it get cold there? LOL!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Kris said...

The turkey hat is a riot! And the beanie is darling! I agree about Christmas getting so busy that it isn't even fun. Therefore my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! Your Halloween decorations are cute. I bet Little Buddy loves them all. And the previous darling!!!!!
xo Kris

mamasmercantile said...

Loved all your decorations, I don't bother very much for Halloween just a wreath and a couple of pumpkins. This year I am so organised for Christmas due to the wedding, I don't want to be stressed out. Little Buddy looks adorable in those hats.

moonstruckcreations said...

I love your Halloween décor, although the spiders might just be a bit too scary for me and DD, we are not great fans of the eight legged creepy crawlies!

LB looks soooooo cute in his hats!


Elisabeth D said...

Little Buddy looks so cute in both of those beanies! He's so adorable :)

Your Halloween decorations are really nice. I remember reading about how you love Halloween last year and this year I decided we would decorate our house for the holiday too and I LOVE it! It's so much fun :)

Hugs to you, Elisabeth

CJ said...

A turkey hat, brilliant! And the beanie is lovely. What wonderful Hallowe'en decorations you have. Really fantastic, you've made it all look so nice. We don't have any here, but looking at yours I'm starting to wish we did. I have some squashes in the garage which I shall bring in nearer the time. CJ xx

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Boo Meredith, Your house looks bootiful! Couldn't resist ; ) Love the turkey hat and LB beanie. What a fun idea for a newborn born on the Turkey day, I'm sure the NB will get eaten up with hugs and kisses! Can't wait to see more of your decorations, but I think I know! Happy weekend and day to you, xoRobin

Mindy said...

Cute! I love how all the hats turned out!

kristieinbc said...

Cute decorations! Halloween will be extra fun this year with Little Buddy to celebrate with. The turkey hat is hilarious! :-)

Jo said...

Cute hats. Jo x

gilly said...

Aw that turkey hat is just sooo cute! And I love all your Halloween decs too, although those big spiders would totally scare me ;-)
Happy weekend to you,
hugs xx

Maureen said...

Love your decorations, especially since they don't cross into the gory side so many Halloween decors seem to. The beanie looks great on Little Buddy!

Caffeine Girl said...

That hat is a riot!
How nice to have a little one around during the holidays. I don't decorate when my kids aren't around.

Lynne said...

Oh my gosh I love the turkey hat! My nephews (5 and 3) would get a kick out of that. Come to think of it my 20 year old is silly enough to wear one on Thanksgiving.
Love your decorations! I bet the family enjoys them too.
Have a nice weekend....

Ljubinka said...

Very nice decorations!
Beautiful and cute hats <3!
Happy weekend.:*

Willow said...

He looks SO CUTE in that beanie! Wish I could crochet well---

Linda Powell said...

What a cutie little buddy is in his new hats. I don't decorate at all for Halloween here in the UK, though some British people do. Your decorations look fab and spookylicious (is that even a word?)

Have fun xx

Jennifer said...

I love all your decorations, Meredith. I'm a big believer in a cute, fun Halloween instead of a terrifying one. I love the turkey hat, it's so cute! I was born on Thanksgiving Day myself and I probably could have used one of those. :)

MJ said...

Adorable hat and kiddo!

Joyful said...

Buddy looks so cute in the beanie and the turkey hat :-)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, that turkey hat is too fun!! LOL! And, I like the beanie part of that pattern, too. Seems like Little Buddy prefers that over the turkey version. ;)

He and Missy did seem a match made in heaven. =) One of the ladies I used to work with years ago had a daughter who worked with the equine therapies here. It was amazing to hear how much the kiddos responded to the horses. Looks like Little Buddy would enjoy it for sure.

Yes, I have always appreciated the quiet... but, even more so now. =) blessings ~ tanna

Vicki Boster said...

Meredith- your Halloween decorations are awesome!! Such fun for your precious boy too:)
Love the hat-- cutest thing I ever saw--(the boy and the hat!!)

Thank you for your visit-- your comments- and support. I appreciate your honest thoughts-- bless you for the difficult journey you have had to make. So happy it is behind you now.

Joy said...

Such fun with your great decorations Meredith - what does Little Buddy think about them? I bet he's excited! And doesn't he look good in his beanies, but then LB would look cute in anything! As you know, I am way behind with blog following so have missed a lot of reports on LB as well as everything else, but did take time to see him at the farm and how exciting that must have been for him!
Thank you so much for your sweet welcome back message on mine, you are a sweetheart!
Warm hugs, Joy xo

Gillian said...

He really suits that beanie. Your house looks very autumnal with all your decorations.

ellen said...

Everything looks so festive! That turkey hat makes me giggle.

Helen said...

I love the decorations! THe mantle looks amazing :) And that turkey hat is great!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your Halloween decorations... Halloween is one of my favorite holidays... alas Sir Hubs hates Halloween... oh well, opposites attract right?! LOL!
I love that little hat but I look terrible in tight fitting hats like that... makes me look like a chipmunk with my cheek pouches stuffed with nuts, LOL!
Talk soon,
Beth p