Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday thoughts.............

Two furry boys turned nine months old yesterday.  They are still as fun and crazy as ever.  This weeks casualties, a pen, two wooded trains, two decorative pillows and some plant leaves, which is a whole lot better than last weeks broken iPhone.  Tomorrow we are off to get our nails trimmed, wish me luck because they are pretty hard to handle in a parking lot.  My arm might be a new casualty as of tomorrow........

This boy spends a lot of time under water especially when he knows I am trying to get a picture of him.  He is really into knock knock jokes right now and laughs hysterically at his own jokes.  For example:

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Banana who?
Banana is your name!

Insert gales of seven year old laughter here........

Little Buddy was not laughing on Sunday after I pulled out his second baby tooth.  It has been poking his lip for months, the two adult teeth behind it are already in, but this little tooth was stuck.  He cried and cried and told me to put it back in.  The next day I asked him if the tooth fairy had come and this is what he said.

  "Just so you know the green tooth fairy is a boy and he leaves bills.  And the yellow tooth fairy leaves coins"
Me-" Did you see them?"
Little Buddy- "Yes I did"

(The yellow tooth fairy is a girl)

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all saw the world through such magical eyes?  By the way this visit produced coins as requested by Little B.

The day Little Buddy and I were leaving for North Carolina this rogue deer kept coming near the boys and I as I tried to get them to go to the bathroom before we left.  The deer kept following us everywhere and was getting way too close.  I had to take the boys in before they did their duty, and so the deer walked to the back of my house and rubbed itself up against to pool screen enclosure trying to get to the boys.  She was not aggressive but coming much too close to us.  I am not sure if someone had been feeding her or if she thought the boys were baby deer, it was crazy and went on for over 30 minutes till she finally walked away.

So this week I have been working and doing more paperwork as it always seems someone is in need of an update.  Today Little Buddy and I are hanging out at home because my head is hurting.  Not that that is unusual but still I think I need some rest.

The news continues to haunt me, really what have we become as a country?  I made the mistake of actually commenting on an article that popped onto my news feed the other day (my first time doing so I might add).  It was about who wore it better, Hillary Clinton or Melania Trump?  The comments were just so disgusting I could not help myself.  It is 2018, why are we comparing what people wear and judging how they look.  Melania is a former model and Hillary is 70, for Pete's sake, aren't we better than this?  Should we not be talking about what people contribute?  But not even comparing that?  Just stop already!!!!  You should have seen the disgusting things said back to me.  People are just incredibly rude and hide behind their fake user names and such.  It is really disgusting and disheartening that this is our reality.  Then I happened to go on Facebook because I had been tagged to go see some photos of one of my foster families vacation.  Just below that post was a post by someone in my past who really was a lovely woman and mother.  She had a rant about how Democrats are all hypocrites and we should all get over ourselves.  I went back to it three times but did not comment, Yay me!  I just blocked her from my account.  This is one big reason I rarely venture onto Facebook.  So no more commenting for me. 

Okay, I am off to rest.  How do you think I am going to do with that with two furry boys and one energetic seven year old?

Have a great weekend.


Nance said...

Oh my goodness, those dogs! They just look like furry clowns on alert for Trouble.

Lots of fun pictures, and I needed them. I'm coming off of a Monster Migraine. Ugh.

As you may recall, I've never been on facebook, and what you relayed is only a small part of the reason why. Their lack of identity security, overall privacy, and the way it has allowed people to forget civil boundaries in general makes it an easy call for me: NO NO NO. It's a huge junior high study hall, really.

Enjoy your boy-ful bouncy weekend.

Vera said...

Such cute photos of ALL your little boys. I love Little Buddy hiding under the water! He is a little pistol! Good luck with the nail trimming event. Hope your arm stays intact.

Becky L. said...

You've got your hands full with the 4 and 2 legged boys. But I hope you're enjoying it. I enjoy seeing all kids around in hardware store especially ones that behave...mostly all of them. Glad buddy's funny and enjoys swimming. It's hot here and that would feel good! Take care!

Lisa said...

Thank goodness for silly dogs and knock knock jokes from an adorable funny boy. The news and media are just awful. Forget Make America Great how about Make America Kind, or at least civil!

Karen said...

Those boys are quite a pair! I just giggle at their pictures, imagining what they're thinking.

Thanks for the new knock knock joke. My granddaughter loves them, and I'm running out of material.

I am in a private Facebook group, but otherwise I would be tempted to delete my account. I do like keeping in touch with family, but many of them use Instagram now. It seems the 2020 election nastiness is already heating up with the accusations and blame. Will civility ever return?

Jo said...

The dogs actually look like they are laughing! We are on our third paddling pool in the heat but they just keep splitting UGH! Good to hear your news. (apart from facebook news obvs, that is just ridiculous!) Jo x

Teresa Kasner said...

Those dogs of your are so handsome and amazing! Good luck on your adventure with the both of them and Little B too. Speaking of whom.. I love how he is such a water baby.. I am too. You're so lucky to have a pool of your own.. a dream of mine that will never be realized. I agree with you on the pathetic behavior of people commenting on FB or other places.. if you dare to speak your mind you get lambasted by crazies. I've had to delete my comments after being verbally abused and attacked by strangers. I truly believe it's due to 45s disgusting treatment of others on his twitter account and also live on tv. Can't. Wait. Till. It's. OVER.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The pups are getting soooo big!

Betsy said...

Oh my! Those boys. I can only imagine what they’re thinking. You are so patient with them. That poor Mama deer. I’m guessing you’re right. She thinks they are her babies. Kind of sweet in a way. I also laughed out loud at your little guys evaluation of the tooth fairy. He’s pretty smart.
I joined FB as a way to keep up with family and friends that live far away. It’s been great for that, but I try not to engage in the angry rhetoric from both sides of the political arena. It’s exhausting and does no good at all. I’m tired of the anger. We’re better than this.
Blessings always my friend,

Blondie's Journal said...

I remember that feeling of absolute freedom and weightlessness as a child swimming in our pool or at the lake. Little Buddy looks like he is having the time of his life. Does he hate getting out?

What a cute story about the tooth fairy. My kids always seemed to come home with a missing tooth and there was nothing to put under the pillow. Still, the tooth fairy came and hid a quarter.

I think I saw that post on FB comparing the FLOTUS dresses--it must be making the rounds. I was appalled as it had nothing to do with the inauguration, or even the history to follow. The writer also claimed that Melania clearly had more class. A comment came in that clarified that MT had also posed nude as a classy is that? I didn't respond, but I knew I couldn't go on following this account or the writer's blog. I don't care which party you are behind, attacking people, women attacking women, sorry. That has zero class.


Mac n' Janet said...

All your "boys" are adorable. The animosity in this country scares me. Can't we be civil any more?

Anonymous said...

I totally get what you are saying. It seems like MEAN is the new sport.

Your boys ... ALL your boys and super adorable. I can't believe LB is getting adult teeth .... but, I guess that is what 7 year olds do!!! (I still see him as that little boy I met.)

Araignee said...

I gave up Facebook ages ago. It only made me realize what racist idiots most of my childhood friends grew up to be. I do tangle with trolls on Twitter, including on a daily basis, the Troll in Chief. I feel it's my patriotic duty to let him know how I am feeling. Blocking bots is a favorite pastime.

CJ said...

Oh those gorgeous doggies. I just showed my biggest boy the pictures and told him under no circumstances is he to allow me to get any more puppies - I could feel the pull of them, they're just so adorable. He loved them too. Lovely that Little Buddy is such a water baby, it's always a good thing to be water confident I think. The internet can be brutal can't it. Occasionally I look up how to do something technical on a forum and I can't believe that abuse people are hurling at each other because they disagree about something trivial. Inhibitions and manners completely disappear. And very tedious that people are still banging on about what women look like. A while back one of the main tabloid papers here had a huge photo on the front page of the Prime Minister and the First Minister of Scotland, sitting together, shot from low down, and the question printed above was something along the lines of who had won the competition for the best legs. Honestly, it was horrendous. There are no words.

I hope those puppies behave themselves for their manicure. It is not something we are fond of here. The groomer told me Bertie doesn't like have his feet touched. I am supposed to be persuading him to enjoy it, but I'm not quite sure how at the moment. Sausage will probably have to be deployed. Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend. CJ xx

Gillian Roe said...

Your dogs are adorable! But they look like they could be trouble too. Our whippet puppy just turned one and he still has moments of troublesome puppy behaviour - especially chewing.... I can't believe Little Buddy is seven already, oh my goodness. He's come such a long way. I agree with you around facebook, sadly, and have often thought of deleting my account.. And don't het me started on politics. What with Brexit it's a total circus here in the UK.

Have a lovely summer Meredith. x

Melanie said...

Be careful with the dogs in the parking lot...I remember when I was in physical therapy for my torn rotator cuff, and the physical therapist said they got a lot of people in PT with torn rotator cuffs from dogs pulling hard against the leash.

I love hearing about Little B's antics and the things he says. He is so darn cute!

Good for you for saying what you did about people comparing Melania to Hilary. You were spot on. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you got ugly and nasty feedback. People are incredibly rude behind their screens. They say things they wouldn't dare say in person. Same with your FB friend. I have a love-hate relationship with FB. I like to keep up with some of my friends and relatives from out-of-state, but yet I've gotten caught up in some nasty arguments on there, too.

Have a great weekend!

TheAwakenedSoul said...

Your son's knock knock joke made me laught hysterically, too. He sounds so cute.

mamasmercantile said...

Little Buddy and his antics never cease to bring joy, he is adorable. As are those furry boys, who are growing so quickly. I despair with modern technology. Wonderful advances made to keep in touch with family that is the perfect inlet for abuse. Everyone should be able to have their own opinion without the abuse. Sadly respect for each other seems to be a thing of the past. Good luck with the nail clipping.

Sigrid Swinnen said...

So it's almost their first birthday, I'm sure you'll be throwing a party for these furry boys?? ;-)
And look at that funny little guy. I agree with you, it would be much better to see the world through his eyes!
About the commenting... I know exactly what you mean. I try to comfort myself by thinking that normal, smart people don't write much on that kind of posts... At least I hope so, because otherwise it means that all people are at that level... And that is truely sad!
Take care,

tammy j said...

oh lordy how I love to come here.
you restore my faith in every way. well. that sounds like an extra load for you. I just mean you touch my heart. and make me laugh.
the second picture of 'the boys' looks like they just heard Little Buddy's knock knock joke. LOLOL.
love his little watery wonderful face. oh those eyelashes!
this blog will be the journal of his growing up years. a treasure for sure. I read every comment too. we have a wonderful community here. civil and loving.
I was on face book for almost a week. YUK. NOPE!
sending you huge hugs. XOXO
carry on! you're loved!

Pradeepa said...

Very cute boys, all three of them!

Delighted Hands said...

Stick to the lovely things in your life! Your boys are wonderful-hope the trim goes well! Lil Buddy looks so happy in the water!

Christina said...

Look at all your boys, growing so fast! Hank and Bear look like they have mischief in mind... I hope the nail clipping went well. We have never done that with our dog, it seems his nails are wearing down on his walks. I am rather glad about that. I do miss a good knock knock joke. We seem to have outgrown them now, which is a little sad. It is so delightful when children are able to laugh about their own jokes - with my own, their laughter and joy was usually the funniest part of it.

I am shocked daily at the vitriol people spew out on social media. I don't understand where all that nastiness has been hiding in the past, surely society doesn't change that fast? Or does it? The most worrisome aspect is that nastiness is so widespread, it does almost appear to be normal to be judgmental and intolerant. I am really quite scared actually.

I am really happy that I can visit you here, read about your colourful and happy life and feel safe, respected and loved, too. I cherish the trust and friendship we share in our small virtual places. Wishing you a relaxing weekend. xx

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Between the furry boys and a seven year old I bet you have a very busy weekend. So fun to see them growing up. Oh FB! I hate the jabs at both sides and the ugliness that is out there. I have had to take time away from it all just to survive mentally. Hugs!

Babajeza said...

As if clothes are the only thing to say about women. However, this says more about the commenters. Enjoy the boys and the boy. :-)

bittenbyknittin said...

Here's my trick when taking two dogs for nail trims (as long as the weather is not too hot): I go in and pay and make their next appointment, then I bring one in. While that one is being clipped, I get dog #2. We switch dogs in the waiting area, then dog 1 goes back in the car. When dog 2 is done, we are done. In the car, I tether each dog to a short leash so they can't jump around. They also can't jump out of the car prematurely.

Re FB, I "unfollow" almost all my friends so they don't show up in my feed but I can go out and look at their posts if I feel like it.

I write to my reps in DC so often I'm sure I have a (not very flattering) nickname of some sort.

My 7-year-old granddaughter is missing some teeth now, too. They grow up too fast!

kathy b said...

LIL B IS CORRECT. The green tooth fairy leaves bills. I m so glad my children never saw that one. Our tooth fairy went to the bank especially to get silver dollars . She was a silver tooth fairy apparently. :)

Jo said...

Awww, Hank and Bear have such smiley faces. It looks like you've got yourself a little water baby there.

Lee said...

I adore those naughty pups,you should write a book about them,"The Naughty Adventures of Hank and Bear",not that you have time to do it lol.That boy is just so hugable and those eyelashes !.That deer does look so tame,beautiful.xxxxxx