Sunday, September 15, 2019

A Thankful Sunday................

I am thankful for so much this week, things that are random but when added up are so important.  Only two bad that is an improvement.  I have a wonderful acupuncturist who came in to work on me on her day off because when she saw me last week I was in such bad shape.  She has made a world of difference and I am so, so thankful for her help and her dedication.

I am thankful that the bulk of my paperwork is done for the month.  Which allowed me to work on gathering years of information on Little Buddy that was needed.  We need to get him more help and to do that I need to get as much information on him as I can.  I am blessed to have a wonderful adoption advocate helping me to know what forms and evaluations are needed.  I got all of it done on  Friday and it will be on the way for her to review tomorrow.

I am thankful that tomorrow I get to start helping a baby I have been trying to get services for for two months.  Finally she has been approved and we can start to help straighten her out and help her feel safer in her wee little body.

I am thankful my two oldest sons are enjoying their jobs.  Mr. 22 is scaring people at Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando and loving every minute of it.  You never thought you would ever receive a text like this, "Mom I love my job, I made a woman pee herself!"  And frankly be proud of your son for doing this!

I am thankful Little Buddy is still loving getting in the pool and swimming.  It is such wonderful exercise for him.

I am thankful I got to see two new blooms on my hibiscus tree.  They often bloom during the week when I am unable to get out to see them.  If you want to see something incredible please visit my friend Janice over at A Positive Outlook.  She took a photo of my hibiscus flower and turned it into a quilt.  I'm not kidding!  She is so talented you have to go over and see the amazing work she did.

I am thankful for a successful week three at horse therapy.  Some of you wondered how it helps Little Buddy.  It is an amazing way to relax the muscles in the legs, pelvis and trunk, all of which are tight on my little guy.  It helps with core strength and his anxiety.  The bond with horses is just amazing, they seem to know that a little one has special needs and they are so calm and still.  The child can bond with this gorgeous animal and feel safe.  It is incredible for all kids but especially those with delays, muscle issues and those on the autistic spectrum.  This horse is 20 years old and was abused, look at her now helping others. 

I was determined to get my latest baby blanket done this weekend.  I had the last grey stripe to go and boy did I work hard to get it complete.  It has not been my favorite project, to be honest I am over baby blankets after completing four this year.  And this is a big one, 40 inches by 40 inches.  Made with We Are Knitters The Cotton yarn in the color Pearl, which is gray/beige but looks really gray in these pictures, and natural.  I used a size J hook and almost 1,120 yards to make the blanket.  It will be mailed off to my new great nephew who is coming sometime in December.

Can I just say I am thankful for this little one and leave it at that?  Really what more needs to be said, he is my heart if that isn't too dramatic.

And of course these two, who could forget them?  They are way over due for a hair cut and are as crazy as ever even though next month they will be two.  

I am thankful for a car I have fixed up this past week with new brakes, spark plugs and a battery.  And they fixed my crazy key that kept getting stuck in the ignition.  I am thankful we have not all gone crazy with the news that bombards us daily.  I am thankful that next month the temps just might start to cool off here in Florida.  I am thankful for the latest Louise Penny book my dear friend Holly gave me to read.  She went on a trip and went to Louise Penny's home town and brought me back a lovely gift from the local book store, I will show it to you soon.  Oh, and I am thankful for raspberries, they are so delicious!

And my friends I am thankful for all of you.  Where would we be without friends to help us through life?

Have a great week.


Christina said...

So glad your headaches were less punishing this week. So many lovely things to comment on and I am not sure where to start. Animals can do wonders for our wellbeing. I remember burying my facein the neck of a horse, inhale and feel instantly happy. Ok, maybe horses don't smell magical for everybody, but I love the scent of a horse. My sister in law once peed herself on a scary rollercoaster ride. My kids still talk about that day - and it is not the ride they talk about!! Wishing you a lovely week with lots of happy moments xx

Teresa Kasner said...

Dear Meredith, thank you for sharing all these good things.. in these times of awful things on the news it is such a positive thing to learn of all the things you're thankful for. It makes me think of things to be thankful for, too. I'm so glad you're finding something to lessen your headaches.. what a great thing to hear! And wow.. what a pretty hibiscus! I'm also happy to see your little guy enjoying the pool, the horses and his cozy home. I hope the next week is even better for you.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

karen said...

glad to see you are having less headaches, I hope they go away permanently! Your list was a delight to read and makes me think of what I'm grateful for as well. I hope you have a great week!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Wonderful list of thanks!
And I love Little Buddy's t-shirt! How perfect for him!

Dee said...

As Winston Churchill said, "There is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse".

It's even truer for little boys.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Thank you Meredith for sharing thankfulness.

Anonymous said...

Dear Meredith,
What a happy post. I was feeling down with all the bad news around, but have started to count my blessings. Thank you. Glad to hear your headaches have lessened and that you have achieved so much this week. I always felt calmer when talking to my last little cat. She would miaow back at me and we would have a great conversation. I'm sure that our pulse rate goes down when we are with animals. Little Buddy will be so much more confident with the activities which he participates in every day and this will be so good for him to be more confident. I know that when my son was seen by a specialist many years ago, we were told to give him as many experiences as possible. Continue enjoying your week. Regards, Robyn

Betsy said...

Such a great post Meredith. I enjoyed all of the photos, especially your little guys shirt in the last one! The horse photo is wonderful, it looks like a VERY patient horse.
I laughed out loud at Mr. 22's job happiness. :-) . The fur babies look like they're laughing for the camera. I'm glad that both your little guy and the new patient are getting the help that they need to grow stronger and more confident.
Your blanket is gorgeous. I understand being tired of a project. That's me and mittens right now but that's what I get for procrastinating and making other things this year.
Most of all I'm glad you're having some relief with the headaches although two is still too much.
My back spasms have returned with a vengance just in time for our drive to Nebraska this week. Very frustrating. The neurologist believes that horrible headach I had all last month was a spinal headache from the last botox injection. He wasn't happy with the primary care doctors giving me steroids for it at all. Now I'm back at square one and can't get another injection for at least a couple of weeks and I admit, now I'm a bit nervous!
Take care my dear friend.
Love and Blessings,

Jo said...

So many lovely things to be thankful for. I'm glad the headaches seem to be immproving and how lovely that Little Buddy is loving his swimming and horse riding, it's as though the horses understand the vulnerability of these kids, it's amazing how they interact with each other and the help they can give each other. What a great job Mr.22 has, that sounds like a dream job. I've just waved Eleanor off for her very first day at her very first 'proper' job, I can't wait to hear all about it tonight.

CJ said...

I'm so glad your acupuncturist is helping you, that is good news. Such a lovely shot of your Little Buddy on the pony, and a lovely story about the pony too. Hard to believe those puppies are two now! I'm guessing they're as bouncy as ever. Hope you have a good week. CJ xx

gaia said...

Dear Meredith,
I wish you the very best,

DelightedHands said...

And Meredith-you are so caring and share yourself with so many--take care of you, too. I am glad you are surrounded with so much you love.

Eileen said...

Wonderful post, how we need to remember to be thankful for all the good in our daily life in this age of 24/7 ugly news. Sometimes, I have days of being overwhelmed with anxiety regarding all the 'Ugly" in our great country, that I must turn off the news and list things that I am grateful for in my life! Thanks for the reminder, have a great week.

Nance said...

I agree that, sometimes, in the midst of Misery, the best thing we can do is to look at the things that are actually Good in our lives. They are always there, just harder to see.

It's important to still honor the Misery--we can't deny its presence--but we cannot let it dominate our days.

Araignee said...

What a wonderful post to start the week with! So much to love.....

tammy j said...

so many things in this post brought happy tears to my eyes!
and Mister 22 may have found his calling. LOL! maybe he should be an actor!
love the horse's story. how beautiful in its full circle of healing and love.
bless you Mere. and the let up in head aches for you and the time you needed for Little Buddy and the little baby. you have so much on your plate... as ALWAYS. here's to strength for you! stay strong! sending you love. xoxo

Vera said...

Little Buddy is growing up so fast! I love his Elevator shirt - lol. Glad the horse therapy is helping him. That's wonderful!

TheAwakenedSoul said...

Horses are so empathetic. Buddy looks so sweet in those photos. Glad to hear you have found some help with the migraines.

kathy b said...


I am so so happy that the headaches have lessened and abided a bit.
I am beyond over the moon for Lil B having horse therapy. The program with the way the volunteers assist the rider and lead the horse is just like ours !!!
Those baby blankets will be loved forever. The last one Al made, nearly drove her insane finishing it. It was too boring for her, but it was so beautiful.
Your pool is such a gift for LIL b.
Your big son's comment is hysterical!!


Jeannie Gray Knits said...

So glad your headaches are doing better. Your friend's quilt is Amazing! Had to laugh at the idea of horseback riding helping to 'relax' Little Buddy's legs. The few times I've ridden a horse, I got off and could barely walk! I'm sure I'm just doing it wrong though. I know horseback riding is supposed to be great for kids. Great baby blanket! I have a few of them in my future too.

mamasmercantile said...

You are indeed blessed with so many things to be thankful for. Your post reminded me to be more positive and thankful. I was thrilled to read you are getting some relief from your headaches and that your older sons are doing so well with their jobs. A great job when he gets to make someone pee their pants, that made me laugh...a lot! A great photo of Little Buddy on the pony. Have a great week.

Sandy said...

What a nice list of things to be grateful for. Thrilled to hear your headaches are getting better and that Buddy is enjoying the horse therapy. It's becoming quite popular around here with tremendous success. Have an awesome rest of the week.

Karen said...

Such a lovely post, Meredith! You are richly blessed. And those who know you are, too!! xo

Melanie said...

Lots of things to be thankful for - a beautiful post! Isn't it amazing how animals are so perceptive with humans? Breaks my heart to know that horse was abused, but thankful she has a good life now and that she is loved and is even helping people in need. And yes, our children are our hearts...I once heard a saying that having a child is like your heart walking outside your body. So true, isn't it? I told Tim that saying just a few years ago and he said, "Oh my God, now I'm terrified to have a child!"


Anita said...

Hello Meredith! So much has happened in your week and I hope those headaches recede. I cannot believe how Buddy is growing like crazy!!! Your two furbabies are precious too, I love their little faces. x Stay strong and happy dear friend. xx

Gracie Saylor said...

Your Hibiscus is beautiful and so is Janice's quilt!! Thanks for sharing, Meredith, and for sharing your many thanks. So glad LB's horse therapy is going well and I admire the handsome baby blanket gift you made. xx

Una said...

There is a stables close to me that specialises in lessons for children with extra needs. Horses are intelligent, gentle creatures. Daughter used to love her lessons, though her biggest problem was just being a bit shy. She always chose the biggest horse and they had a bond. I would have been terrified.