Sunday, March 29, 2020

Keeping busy, fat quarter napkins and a wee little blanket..........

 Hello friends.  How are you?  Everyone holding up okay?  Anyone not feeling well?  Please let me know how you are.

As for me I have been working still and when I get home trying to get Little Buddy ready for online school.  It has been an effort I tell you, but we are finally at the point where I think we know the things to do to log on and get busy.  Tomorrow starts his official online schooling and it will be interesting to see how it works in real time.  I took the morning off to help him and to hopefully teach his babysitter how to do it all.  The more we do it the more it will become easy to understand.  

Friday morning I worked which is not usual for me but I had a few kids I needed to make up for various reasons.  I don't want to miss anyone in case we have to take a few weeks off of therapy.  I heard that Joann's was giving out supplies to make face masks for medical personal so I drove by to see if I could pick up a kit to make and donate but had no such luck as they are already gone.  But the store was open so I went in grabbed three bunches of fat quarters, a skein of cheap acrylic yarn and dashed out.  Keeping my 6 feet of distance from everyone I might add.  It amazed me how many people who were just meandering around shopping.  Actually, it amazed me the store was even open.  

In one of my recent purge sessions I got rid of all our cloth napkins.  Now I am not proud to admit we use paper napkins but I am cutting myself some slack here because really I am the recycling queen at this house.  We are seriously running out of paper napkins and good luck finding those out there my friends.  I decided that fat quarters cut in half and serged around the edges would be a great idea.  I picked the three packs that were not Christmas or baby themed, set up my serger and got to work.  I now have 28 light weight napkins that can easily be thrown in the wash.    I placed them in a basket on my table so they are easily accessible and there we are.  It is better for the environment, pretty cost effective as they were 40% off and easy to make when these get stained and need to be replaced.  

While I have been cleaning like a mad woman Little Buddy has spent some time practicing his educational games for school.  He really enjoys them and gets credit for doing them.  Yesterday I spent over 6 hours cleaning my house and did not even make it upstairs.  It isn't that is was that dirty, it really wasn't.  But I did have to let my cleaning people go and so now I am back to doing it all myself.  I just could not keep up my house with the hours I work so every other week they cleaned the bathrooms, kitchen, cleaned the blinds, vacuumed and dusted.  It was nice to come home to a house I did not have to clean for one day.  They really did not do a good job, I knew it, but it was a help in my very busy schedule and I trusted them.  Lord knows I cleaned and vacuumed all the time, but it was nice to think I did not have to deep clean all my bathrooms.  For now with work not expected to continue on a regular basis for some time, my husband and son working from home, not to mention this little one with online school, well it just wasn't going to work.  So I did a super deep cleaning yesterday to make things easier for me in the next few weeks.  And let me tell you when you really get down and clean you realize just how much was not getting done.  I will keep up with it as long as I can and as long as my schedule permits, but for now I am ready to go with a super clean house, well super clean bottom floor anyway!

Today I eased off cleaning the house and Little Buddy and I cleaned our cars instead.  He did not want to do this but I promised him he would have fun.  He washed all the tires and helped spray the car, mostly after I already had it dry.  It is hard to entertain him when he is used to going on adventures to ride on elevators with his dad.  Keeping him busy with fun activities at home is hard because he isn't as mobile as other kids.  Thank goodness we have a pool where he can expend energy in a wonderful way.  By the way, he can now swim down and retrieve and object off the bottom of the pool in the shallow end!  That is big stuff!

This weekend I made this little square blanket for one of my patients.  He is very physically involved and blind.  He likes to rock on his back, make sounds and play with a crochet blanket he has had for years.  The problem is the blanket has a big hole in it and it can't be fixed.  When I made my mad dash into Joann's I picked up this very inexpensive acrylic yarn and made him this blanket.  It is 18 x 18 inches so really it is just a big square, but it is a perfect size for him to play with.  He loves the acrylic blanket, not another made of cotton, so for this guy acrylic it is!  So, 230 yard of yarn used for this granny square mini blanket and a size H hook.  I carefully steam blocked it to make sure there are no germs on it and it is now in a bag in my car waiting for me to deliver it tomorrow.

So that is about it for us.  So far we are just trying to get by with the restrictions we have.  I am going to work this week if I can, but not with the kids I feel are most vulnerable or the families that have elderly parents living in the home.  We are all feeling well, hope you are too!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Why on earth have I never thought of making fabric napkins? We go through paper towels like crazy! Thanks for the idea

Best of luck to Little Buddy and the online format!

CJ said...

Meredith, you are such a very lovely person making that gorgeous blanket for your patient and taking such care to clean it and get it ready for him. No doubt it will be loved. We are a bit more 'locked down' than you at the moment - most places are closed and we're not really allowed out much - grocery shopping and one walk a day. I am a bit up and down, no doubt like everyone else. Well done on all the cleaning. I did quite a bit yesterday, but not really a deep clean, more like a lick and a promise. I want to do some knitting or crochet, but I can't settle on anything. I did just find a jumper with no sleeves, so that might be a goer, if I can just find the pattern. I have no idea what it is, but there's lots of it. I hope you have a good week my friend. Adorable picture of your little man in the sunny window. The car washing made me smile as well. Take care, CJ xx

TheAwakenedSoul said...

You sound very busy, and your house sounds very clean. Good for you. Buddy looks so cute in that photo. The napkins are wonderful. I use cloth napkins and cloth wipes instead of tp, too.

Araignee said...

I have to ration my paper products so I have been discovering the joys of all my washcloths and dishtowels. What I need are some place mats that I can toss in the wash too.

Teresa Kasner said...

You are such a whirlwind of activity! I'm doing cleaning and organizing and baking and trying to keep busy and productive. What a neat idea for making fabric napkins. I love using those, too. Tell your little guy that I'm proud of him for swimming to the bottom of the pool! We're feeling well and staying safe. We did go out the other day to pick up 2 masks a neighbor made for us and we left her a dozen eggs in return. Then we filled up the gas tank and drove through Dairy Queen for an ice cream. Then back home. Do take care, my friend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

I have been limiting our use of paper towels and napkins. We have plenty but I don't want to run out in case we get sick and need more disposable items. We tend to use cloth napkins anyway for just the two of us. I made Dennis' Mom cloth napkins for Christmas 41 years ago. She STILL uses those napkins every day. It's amazing how long they lasted. I cut squares of cotton fabric and sewed bias tape around the edges.
I'm so sorry you have so much on your plate these days. You're busy enough as it is without having to add even more. Can some of the other adults in the house help you with the cleaning? Although I know the guys in my life don't see things that need cleaning in the same way I do.
Take care and stay well my dear Meredith.

Willow said...

That little boy is going to LOVE that blanket! How sweet to make that gift for him.
I have all my mom's hand hemmed cloth napkins. I just can't make myself use them and let them get dirty.
Stay well!

Lorrie said...

How sweet that blanket for your patient is. He's going to love it! We use cloth napkins all the time, and I've been eyeing some that are getting quite stained. You've been a whirlwind of industriousness, and I bet you're tired. But a house that's been deep-cleaned is a delight! Take care.

kathy b said...

OH once the house is scrubbed it is so nice. And we both =know that no one does it better than us. We had a maid twice a month for awhile and it was wonderful> But it took us a year to FIRE her ......that was a rather funny story. We kept eyeing each other ON THE day we agreed to tell her we were not going to use her anymore. When My husband finally told her, she was so gracious. She thanked us. She said we'd always be family. She understood. She made it so easy!

mamasmercantile said...

You put me to shame with all your cleaning. Mine has had a lick and a promise for the past few days I have been struggling to get motivated. But TODAY is the day I AM going to do a deep clean. We are safe and well and it is a joy to see that all is well with you. Stay safe.

Christina said...

I am embarrassed to admit that we do not use napkins... I have so many fat quarters, I could supply an army with cloth napkins... thanks for the idea my friend. Cleaning is quite soothing I find and if it keeps your mind and hands busy, that's a good thing, with the amazing side effect of having a clean house (which I also find soothing). Our standards are quite low at the moment, there are just too many people and animals in the house. Making the blanket for one of your little ones is such a wonderful thing to do Meredith. Lots of love xx

Bridget said...

Hi Meredith- I'm glad you are all doing OK, even if everyone is tired.

We are doing OK, though today is my husband's last day of work, as he has been laid off indefinitely. He can collect unemployment, but I will admit that it will be challenging to pay our bills. But so far we are both still healthy and that's more importan than anything.

Take care of yourself - no one is helped if you get too sick or run down!

Babajeza said...

Hello Meredith, you are showing me what I have to do: clean the house. We are off "school" for two weeks thankfully. There is time for ... well first my back is not in good shape after two weeks of distant teaching. Too much work on the computer, too much sitting, too much ...

Take care! xxx Regula

Melanie said...

Good to hear what's going on in your household lately...things sure have changed, haven't they? I've used cloth napkins for at least 15 years. I keep a basket of them in the middle of our table. If I sewed, I'd make my own!

Can you believe I've never had a cleaning lady in my entire life? Not even in the days when I was working FT. It's a lot of work to keep a house deep cleaned!

Bless you for making one of your sweet patients a new blanket. He will love it. xoxo

Nance said...

I think we're all learning a lot from these ongoing challenges, some of it good and some of it not so good.

So far, my whole extended family (including my 90-year old mother) is well. We live only a few blocks from a hospital, and it was chilling to see that they have now set up a huge tent in part of their parking lot near the main entrance.

Take care.

Delighted Hands said...

I think we will all keep some new and improved habits going even after this isolation thing is over--like fabric napkins! Cool.
Nice to see Buddy at work with you--he is smiling!
School will be an adjustment for every kid and their parents!

tammy j said...

you don't even know it. but you're a MARVEL at living!
and that Little Buddy face. OMG. he's learning quietly from you and DAD how to be a marvel too! :D the napkins are wonderful. and the baby's afghan!
I'm so glad you're all doing well.
frankly... I would only expend my energy on the bathrooms! let everyone help with the dusting! I used to do all my cleaning to one song.
Phil Harris singing 'The Bare Necessities!'
do you have a copy? it's from the animated Walt Disney's "The Jungle Book!"
it's FABULOUS! the whole album is. but that one particular song especially!
I think Little Buddy would love it too! XOXO

karen said...

how nice that you are still seeing most of your kids during this crazy time. We are in a statewide shutdown and I am home unless I need to go to the grocery store. I'm cool with that for now. Loved seeing your little son!

sewing green lady said...

I am glad you are all ok, well done to the little guy with his swimming and a great blanket. Take care. x

Gracie Saylor said...

Bravo for all your industry, Mere! You continue to inspire me. I clean as I clean...[dot to dot.]. If the spots I clean are close together I hope it looks like I deep clean : ) I'm glad you and yours are well and finding constructive ways to cope with the new normal. xxxxxxx

Eileen said...

Hurray for Little Buddy and his swimming accomplishments.
These are trying times to be sure. We are feeling well here, though we have been home bound for over 3 weeks and have several more weeks in front of us. We stocked and can do this!
I use clothe napkins as well but hubby prefers paper. He is down to paper towels because I won't buy anymore napkins. Ha.

Jodiebodie said...

Hi Meredith, I'm good. I'm used to social isolation so that part is easy. The anxiety is less easy, especially when my regular condition has lots of non-specific symptoms (including random fevers) which mimic the flu etc. How to tell what's going on? I got tested as covid19 negative (yay) and have not been out since.
It's a waiting game now.

I hear you re: cleaning staff. I don't have the capacity to do the heavy cleaning as I used to do and have been forced to rely on a weekly cleaner. I know what you mean about any help is better than no help but seriously, I worry about lazy cleaning services and the risks they create for vulnerable clients like those with disabilities or frail and elderly. It's a sad fact that no one does your home like you do!

Congrats LB for wonderful pool diving! I'm sending all my encouragement for getting through the schoolwork too. Without the travel time and classroom distractions, LB might just plough through it in no time. This lockdown might be a great opportunity to make lots of progress.

Glad you are all happy and healthy despite everything else.

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm so happy see your comment on my blog, Mere-- it means more than you know. I applaud you on sewing the face masks; so many of you talented ladies are helping during this harrowing time. It's terrifying to know that all of us need to wear them when its so well known that our medical people have shortage. Can our country's government's lameness get any worse?

I think you really nailed it on your cleaning person. I have a longtime girl whom we pretty much saw grow up here, We agreed to cancel 4 weeks ago. She normally comes twice a
a month as well. I knew it would be a game changer and although I'm a neat freak and do a lot of daily and weekly cleaning, nothing is like what she does. But all in all, its a small sacrifice in the realm of everything. And you especially, need that extra help with working and all the time you spend with little Buddy.

As I catch up with you, again I have to say I melt when I see his gorgeous, warm eyes and innocent face. You are so lucky to have him as a huge part of your family.

Sending love and wishes that all of you stay safe and well.

Jane 😘

handmade by amalia said...

We are in lockdown but I'm one of the lucky ones - still working, from home. Stay safe!

likeschocolate said...

Glad you are able to find ways to stay busy and sane. How sweet of you to make a client a blanket.

Sandy said...

Goodness, you've been busy. I should do a deep clean, but can't get myself motivated. Have been congested for 3 wks and taking my allergy meds and cleaning really well would probably be helpful. Hubby did the floors and carpet. He's really better at it then I am. Long long ago, when he was in school, he worked as a janitor at night, so developed some mad skills. We have been wiping things down better than we used to. The basement is really what we need to work on. We have things in boxes from when his mother died 30 ish years ago, we have stuff from my Dad's house that we sold a year ago when he needed to go to assisted living. So many things we don't need, don't use etc. Plus stuff my daughter had when she lived in MD, etc. You deserve a gold star for your work. The blanket/square is a nice color. He'll be happy with it I'm sure. Always enjoy seeing the pictures of Buddy smile. Things seem surreal right now don't they? You could make yourselves masks with your fat squares. We too use cotton napkins. Stay well

Mrs. Micawber said...

So glad you discovered the joys of cloth napkins! They're very pretty, and they really last. I made us a set about 15 years ago and they're still going strong.

I loved the story of washing cars with LB. Hope you all continue to stay healthy and safe, and that LB's school-at-home works out well.

Hugs to you!