Saturday, July 11, 2020

Meet Mr. Horrible Haircut and other news................

I would like you to meet Mr. Horrible Haircut.  Yes, Little Buddy now has a new name.  After a haircut by me this morning he has now renamed himself because as you can see it is a horrible haircut.  Actually I think it isn't too bad, well except the back which needs to be blended a bit.  I told him I was doing my best and I did not go to haircut school I went to therapy school and then he said, "Well I think you should have gone to hair cut school!"  And there it is, I am a haircut failure!

Another failure on my part is this new project, In the forest of the Night.  I started it on July 1st with what I thought was the correct gauge.  As I was crocheting away it just seemed small to me and the fabric a bit too dense.  But did I listen to myself?  No way.  I kept creating these beautiful leaves until I almost got up to where the arms separate the pattern.  Then this morning I bonked myself on the head and got busy with taking it all apart. 

Even though crochet is much faster than knitting this was over a weeks worth of work, which disappeared in just a few quick minutes.  This is We Are Knitters, cotton yarn purchased last year in a weak sale moment.  It is a beautiful light khaki color so perfect for this project.

Lunatic, my grand dog arrived yesterday.  Her real name is Luna but believe me she is more of a lunatic than a Luna.  Luna strikes me as soft and mellow, she is the opposite of that.  She rules the house when she is here and my boys are just exhausted by the end of the day. Hank from playing, Bear for reprimanding and feeling sorry for himself.  The cycle continues all day long.  Mr. 23 and his girlfriend Ms. L are packing up to move here for 3 weeks before they move into an apartment in St Petersburg in early August.  Mr. 23 will be attending law school and Ms. L, who was supposed to start law school now has to defer a year because the last class she was going to take this summer got canceled and was only available in the fall.  Still she can take it online, work and take a breather before starting law school.

Mr. 26 and Ms. B helped make one little boy very happy on July 4th.  Sparklers and some popping things that popped when you threw them on the ground.  These two are just so wonderful to this little boy.  He adores them both so much. They are a big presence in his life.

In other news Florida is still rising with Covid numbers that are out of control, 13,354 new cases Thursday and 10,360 yesterday.  And these are only the people who can get tests, if you recall I couldn't get in to get a test when I was ill.  The big drive by testing areas located throughout our county had an average 4-8 hours wait in your car.   People are running out of gas in line because the wait is so long.  There is still no statewide rule to wear masks, only county and city rules.  It is amazing to me those who will not protect themselves or others by wearing a mask or those who argue it is offensive to their rights.  Such a simple thing to do to have compassion for those around you.  

This week I found out one of the people who lives in a home I work at was exposed to Covid and they did not tell any of the therapists that came into the home.  I was there one week of that time and am actually a bit speechless that someone would do this.  I was told by someone else and I do not want to get the person who told me this in trouble, so I am not sure how to handle this.  They are huge Trump supporters and believe this is all a hoax, that masks are not necessary, and it is their right not to wear them.  I am now wearing one in their home, which is difficult because two of the little ones I work with pull it off all the time.  That is how I got sick in the first place and now it has becomes a big sinus infection for me.  They also know I fought cancer 21 years ago and my immune system is not always strong. If you get your sinus area radiated for 4 1/2 weeks there is going to be trouble there for the rest of your life.  I have been in this home a long time and  I care about the kids I work with there very much, so for now it is not an option to not go to their home. It is just startling to me that this is what people really are like, this is who they are and they are proud of it.  Thanks so much but I will always be on the side of caution, compassion for others, and caring for the well being and safety of those who come into my home.

I will leave you with hopes that you are all being smart and safe.  Take care my friends


Willow said...

Dear Mr. Horrible Haircut, your hair will grow back. LOL

How sweet to see your older sons being such good role models and brothers to Mr. HH.

The only good thing about Lunatic is that she wears the other dogs out.

Have a safe week!

Teresa Kasner said...

I actually think his haircut is awesome and you can tell him his blog auntie in Oregon thinks he looks like a movie star. You are so lucky to have good sons who have similar political views as yourself. It's pretty awful when your child doesn't believe the science of keeping safe during C-19. I'm in that situation and it's heartbreaking. I wonder where I went wrong. Thank you for the chat today, I wish you were my kid! :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Dee said...

I am so sorry you have to deal with parents like that.

Numbers here are climbing too. Steve and I have been going to a quiet coffee shop where all the employees wore masks and there weren't many customers so you could space out.

Went today -----------no masks to be see except on ONE employee and NONE of the customers (young 20s & 30s) wore masks including one very heavily pregnant woman.

We left. Won't be back. (NOT that they'll care, but at least I'm protecting myself.)

Not sure why the big change in attitude this week.

P.S. Little Buddy's haircut looks great!

Tiny Toadstool Cottage said...

I think the haircut looks great. I've seen much worse on the internet!
It is certainly a very difficut time that you are going through and your country seems to become more divided every day. I really hope that everything can be sorted out and a way forward can be found based, as you say, on caring and compassion.

kathy b said...

Oh Tell that handsome boy to get some gel and spike up that hair for a few days. It will grow out in no time. Once I picked up allison from a friends house after I got a hair cut. IT was quite short and Allison got in the car and burst into tears "IT IS SO UGLY MOM!" WHAT DID SHE DO TO YOUR HAIR?

I was in my 40s and had a good laugh. She was thoroughly confused. I said, AL, it is just hair. It grows back. Im sorry its upsetting YOU

As for the family that is not reporting their COVID exposure that creates such a conflict. . Im so sorry. By not telling others they perpetuate the exposures. They are putting children and adults at risk and we , in healthcare are all mandatory reporters of abuse. This is coming from a person who lives in a state with no rules at all for masking or social distancing. If you were to contract COVID it would be unbearable for you and your family and all of us who love you so. I hope reporting would be confidential. Do you have a protocol for addressing and mandatory reporting? I would be afraid too for my coworker who told me. THIS is territory like non other . Im going to think on this one some more.

Araignee said...

Little Buddy's haircut actually looks pretty cool. It's certainly better than the one I gave The Mister today. I just took the clippers and buzzed it all off.
I am so sorry to hear of your Covid troubles. Daughter is experiencing the same thing now that her rink is open again. She spends all day yelling at people to put their masks on. Parents aren't even supposed to be in the rink watching their kids but no one is tossing them out. She is so frustrated. She doesn't get paid if she doesn't work so she does not want to get sick. Our numbers are also going up here in MD thanks to the restaurants, gyms and bars opening two weeks ago. When I heard Disney World opened yesterday I almost fell off my chair. That's beyond insane.

Betsy said...

I think your young mans haircut is really good. He is such a handsome young man as is Mr. 23. I think it's wonderful that the older ones enjoy Little Buddy so much and strive to make him happy.
The fur boys look like they enjoy having Luna around to play with. Chloe would love to be in with the fun. She adores other dogs and loves to play.
I'm sorry your project went awry. It happens sometimes doesn't it? I'm determined to not buy yarn while we're living in the trailer. I have HUGE bins of it in storage and I got rid of 5 garbage bags full too. It's a bit embarrassing, but much of it was given to me by people at church when they moved from their homes. I do go through a massive amount of yarn with all of the blankets that I make.
I'm sorry about the family who seems to not be concerned with who they may be exposing to the virus. Frankly, it terrifies me. I was concerned before and since my brother died, I'm more than concerned. Dennis's sister is not doing well and hospice has been called. We were planning to drive back there in two weeks to see her before it's too late. It's his baby sister and he's not taking it well at all. We were going to be so careful, sleep and eat in our trailer, only stopping for gas and to sleep. I keep disposable gloves in the car for gas stations and lots of hand santizer. No contact with others until we got to family in Omaha. That worries me enough since we don't know where the family have been. With the covid numbers going up, we've decided we'll probably wait until the end of August and hope it's better then. We really don't know what to do. It would also be wonderful to see Mandy and Piper. And then, of course, there is the whole house sale thing going on. My nerves are shot.
I hope things calm down for you and that people start thinking of others. I pray that every single day.

mamasmercantile said...

I think he looks like a movie star too, very smart and as always a handsome little boy. I am saddened by the rise in numbers of covid in your beautiful state Meredith. I pray that common sense will prevail and the wearing of masks will be become mandatory. Take care.

linda said...

Dear me Meredith I'm so worried about you and I'm speechless that people can be so thoughtless
and downright stupid! I know it must be hard having to work in such a dangerous environment I feel like running out there and giving them all a good telling off. Your president was wearing a mask on the news this morning lets hope that his supporters will follow suit.
I think Little Buddy looks as cute as can be with that super haircut it's not a failure at all, you have a lovely family Meredith!
I feel your pain having to rip out all your crochet work, I try to justify it by thinking I enjoyed the process I was doing something I love and it kept me grounded and sane so it doesn't matter I will do it again and be much happier knowing that it's done right in fact the blanket I'm working on now is like two steps forward three steps back! but I will get there in the end haha. Please take care and stay safe sending hugs to you. xxx

Crafty in the Med said...

I have to agree with Little Buddy's blog Auntie Teresa. I think his haircut is very modern and looks smashing...nice and cool too. Fabulous that your sons are so good with Little Buddy. It is unfortunate that some young people find kiddies a bother when they don't realise just how much they can teach children and at the same time they themselves learn tolerance,the importance of family unity and even early pre-parental skills. Mere....that is a difficult situation and IMO really unfair that you have to put up with it. T has a lot to answer for...a hoax indeed!! A hoax when millions are dying....I am at a lost for words!! How can one even consider and argue about ones rights when a simple thing like a mask could help to avoid so much suffering. Stay safe!! Amanda xx

CJ said...

That haircut is absolutely fine, I won't hear a word against it. The situation you are having to go into sounds very difficult. It does sometimes feel as though there are not enough people in the world who are doing the right thing and who are kind and considerate. Luna made me laugh, poor Hank and Bear, she will keep them on their toes. Bertie is being similarly tormented by having boys around all day every day. He is exhausted! I love the 4th of July photo, it's gorgeous. And how wonderful to have Mr 23 and Ms L with you for three weeks. I hope he enjoys law school, it's a really brilliant versatile subject to study and it really helps in so many areas. You must be so proud! I hope you have a lovely Sunday my friend. Look after yourself, CJ xx

Delighted Hands said...

The haircut story is hysterical! I've worn that crown in the past!
For the record-you did fine! The ripping out is painful but in the end you know you had to do it-sooner is better than later!!!
For the record, I support Trump AND wear my mask all the time, everywhere--idiocy knows no politics, race, gender, etc.
(You know what I mean?)
I hope the situation at work gets settled without your position being compromised--too bad and I'm sorry for the extra stress!

Anonymous said...

What a handsome young man with his new smart haircut!!
I have been thinking of you and your family when listening to the news here in the UK and so worried for you all. Mask wearing here is very hit and miss , although seems to creeping up slowly.Take care and wear your masks with pride!!

Toni said...

Aw, I think the horrible haircut looks pretty good--I've given Andy 2 now and DEFINITELY need hair cutting school.

Cases are spiking here as well, and there are so many people being completely horrible about wearing masks. It changes my opinion of them forever, I'm afraid. Stay safe, my friend.

Christina said...

For someone who didn't go to haircut school you did an awesome job! My boys look like wild animals, I won't go near their locks. We all look like wild animals actually but I have a haircut appointment for August 6, not long at all.

I am so sorry you have to work with families that are so blatantly careless. Putting you in a situation where you are potentially exposed to a serious disease is utterly shameful. It takes so little effort to be be careful, a mask is easily donned and a phone call to alert therapists that there has been Covid19 contact doesn't take any time at all. I get really really angry with people like that. They have vulnerable children in their care and yet they don't care. Who do they think killed all those poor people that had Covid19? Surely with those frightening numbers of people getting sick they can't still believe this is all a hoax. I am sorry, I am getting a bit wound up.

I love the photo of Mr 26, Ms B and Little Buddy with the sparklers. Take care my friend and stay safe xx

Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us. I have never understood people calling the virus a hoax. Do they think the pictures of overflowing emergency departments are a Hollywood set?

Lorrie said...

I've heard that the difference between a good haircut and a bad one is about 10 days, so Mr. Horrible Haircut can look to the future for better hair.

I cannot understand how people would not want to protect themselves and others. I'm sorry you're dealing with this.

We, over your northern border, watch what's going on with horror and disbelief. This is a health issue, not a political one.

May you have strength for the days ahead!

TheAwakenedSoul said...

I don't think that haircut is horrible at all. I think it's excellent. Your dogs are so funny. I am so sorry to hear about the people in that home where you work not being honest with you. Unfortunately, many people have the same attitude. I always wear my mask, and many people in California say, "You don't need to wear that." "Oh yes I do!" I answer.

Janice Smith said...

Please tell Mr. Horrible Haircut that I do not like it either as it makes him look too grown up. :-)

karen said...

praying for you that you stay healthy!! I think the haircut looks great but what do I know about that?? I haven't had a haircut since February... Exciting news about your sons and all the happenings.

tammy j said...

so... if I understand it... who gets to tell Hank and Bear that little Luna(tic) Puppy will soon be with them for 3 weeks?
LOL! I don't mean to laugh. I can see by the pictures (that are always wonderful) that the boys are already kinda over it! but she is a cutie.
I LOVE the failed haircut. it is cool. tell the handsome little fellow that you could have used a bowl and trimmed around that!
now THAT would have been a failed HC.

as to purposely being exposed to covid by grown up people who are acting more like TWO YEAR OLDS throwing their tantrums...
my patience is THIN.
take care of YOU dearest Mere. you shouldn't have to deal with that. politics be damned. or maybe I should say stupidity be damned?
sending you LOVE. xo

Nance said...

I think the haircut looks quite good. Especially from an amateur barber.

Sounds like you will have a full house very soon. I can't begin to imagine the level of activity. It will be perpetual motion.

45* and his base are largely in denial and contrarians, it seems. If only their attitudes just hurt themselves and no one else.

Melanie said...

I actually think Little Buddy's - oops, Mr Horrible Haircut's - hair looks good! Hmm, maybe ask him if he wants you to put some gel in his hair and spike the top part. ;-)

It makes me furious to read about the family you told us about with the COVID exposure and not believing the virus is real, etc. Especially since you're in a state with an especially high risk. I just want to throttle people like this. I am about to head off to the grocery store now and yes, I wear my mask. All stores here in Illinois have signs on their doors that say you must wear a mask to enter. Last month, I saw a few people in the grocery store not wearing masks, but a couple of weeks ago when I was there, everyone was wearing masks. The only other place I go is physical therapy and they come out to your car and take your temp before you can even go in the building. And I have to wear my mask the entire time and so does my physical therapist.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I think his haircut looks pretty good. I can tell you - because I cut my bangs myself (too cheap to pay) that any unevenness grows out pretty quick in a week or so, any imperfections won't be noticeable.

Hearing about your clients makes me angry. It's part of the reason my husband is not stopping zoom lessons anytime soon (he teaches one on one music lessons). There's no way to physical distance at his school facility (rooms are too small), and you just can't trust people to be honest about their exposure.

kathy in iowa said...

hej, meredith.

my name is kathy and i come here via your sister's blog. her post today spoke about that bad experience you had (possible covid-19 exposure via an in-home therapy visit), something you wrote in your post here.

first, sorry you had to go through that. i pray you all are well, safe and stay that way.

second, i do in-home visits as a social worker serving older adults and have had experiences with people refusing to wear masks, keep a safer social distance, etc. and i have lots of feelings about that! as i read claudia's post, i couldn't help but feel those things and then just wrote a little book (ha) about what i'd do, what i hope will happen for you. not that you need my help. if you want, you can find my comment in her post today. if there's something i can offer you for sure it's prayers for your good health and safety and that of your family.

best wishes,
kathy in iowa

ps: i think you did a great job on your sweet boy's haircut!

Jo said...

I think you did a great job with the haircut, us mums have to be a jack of all trades, especially at the moment. It's so worrying about the spiralling covid cases. It's hard to see an end when precautions aren't being taken and it's so wrong to put people at risk. Thank you so much for all the kind comments you have left on recent posts, they've meant such a lot to me at this sad time.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Little Buddy should just be glad I didn't cut his hair. I trimmed my own bangs. All I can say is thank goodness for covid forcing me to stay home and/or wear a mask in public so that no one recognizes me. Besides, his hair doesn't look bad.

Judy S. said...

Well, I have to disagree with LB as I think his haircut looks fine! So sorry to hear the COVID news from your state and hope that you and yours stay safe!!!

Caffeine Girl said...

I think the haircut is quite good. Little Buddy has unreasonable standards -- and some sass!
I cannot believe that someone didn't tell you about the Covid exposure. The last thing I want to do is make someone else sick. I admire your dedication, but I hope you will but your own health first. I have decided that I will do everything I can to have a virtual job and not set foot in school this coming year. I adore my students -- but that shouldn't mean we put our lives in danger.
Covid is also a problem in Wisconsin. Now we have to quarantine for 14 days if we go to New York state. Our state supreme court ruled that our governor cannot make statewide restrictions, so it's a mess here!

Jeanie said...

I come from Claudia. I hope all is well as you wait out your time from visiting the family. That has upset me no end, but not, I know, nearly so much as you and those who love you. We're having loads of problems in Michigan, too... not so much as FL, but going up.

I think the haircut is fine and much better than I'll probably do on Rick when he lets me go at him!

Take care and good thoughts with you.

Una said...

I think the haircut is great. Buddy looks very grown up with it. I know this type of hair is difficult to style. Hubby luckily has the type of hair that can just be scalped regularly with some clippers. I won't let him touch mine though!