Sunday, June 30, 2024

This and that...............


Lots of little things going on here in my neck of the woods.  This beautiful boy came to visit us overnight a few weeks back.  This is Oben, another Irish Doodle, he lives with one of the families I work with.  He is a darling boy, full grown but still very much of a puppy.  They had a bit of an emergency so he came to stay the night.  A good time was had by all but I am sure he was happy to see his family again, he was very concerned that he might be here forever!

There have been loads of walks on the beach.  I take Little Buddy fairly frequently to visit the beach to play in the sand and swim, last week we got run off early because a storm was heading in.  I have to be careful when he is with me as it takes us a long time to get back to the car, we can't just all make a mad dash in the rain.  I go to the beach to walk and today on my walk I saw this beautiful pelican flying and diving head first into the water. I always visit Honeymoon Island State Park, it is so beautiful and serene, and only a 20 minute drive from my house.  On the weekends I am alone I try to make it once if not twice.  Due to severe storms last year half of the upper most part of the island is now cut off from the main island so my walks are much shorter but still beautiful.  It is probably better that way with the intense heat even as early as 8 in the morning I find I am walking slower and shorter distances.

I bought a new car back in March, a Kia Sorento hybrid and I am in love with it.  My poor Subaru Outback had 186,000 miles on it and was frequently breaking down.  The day I turned it in I actually kept it running for three hours because I thought it might not start back up if I turned it off.  A week ago I got a notice my left rear tire was low, it has happened so many times before to me because I drive so much I just stayed on the main road.  When I was able to pull over I was at the barely being able to move stage.  This was a blow out that could have been very dangerous.  A big blade had shredded the tire. Roadside assistance from Kia came within an hour, checking on me all through the process and put on my spare. I had to buy a new $250 tire but it is nice to know I am not alone out there on the streets and help will soon be on the way if needed.  It was a blessing Little Buddy was not with me as well.

The lavender Crepe Myrtle in my backyard is always slow to bloom but when it does it puts on a beautiful show.  Little petals float off of it making it look like a light lavender snowfall.  My grass has little lavender petals sprinkled all over it. 

Little Buddy had a wonderful birthday that seemed to last for days.  He deserves it afterall you only turn, "thir", once in your life! Thank you for his birthday wishes.

I have been a crazy person doing so many chores this weekend, like washing all the draperies, all the sheets and floors.  The boys got haircuts yesterday, you can see they were not happy with the experience, but I was because that is when I went on the crazy cleaning spree.

Have a wonderful week. Hope you are all well and having a wonderful week/weekend.

Sunday, June 23, 2024



Tomorrow is Little Buddy's 13th birthday.  As I have been through the teen route twice before I have decided the word, "teen," is no longer allowed in my house.  So Little Buddy is now to be, "thir,"years old and believe me he is not having that and tells me I am crazy.  

It has been a weekend of fun.  Little Buddy wants to be a drag racer when he grows up so we went to visit the Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum, in Ocala, Florida yesterday.  It was actually quite interesting even for a non drag racing fan like myself.  Don Garlits was the greatest of all time in the drag racing department and he seems like he was/is a really wonderful man.  He is 92 and raced even last year. 

We went to the beach this morning but got chased away by incoming storms.  Big brothers and their partners are coming over this evening for pizza, cake and presents.  And we got to chat with Aunt Claudia and Uncle Don this afternoon, Uncle Don and Little Buddy share a birthday.

So if you are going to be, "thir," years old this is the way to do it.

Happy Birthday Little Buddy, you bring such joy into my life!

Friday, May 24, 2024

To make you smile...................


Just a quick photo to make you all smile.  Little Buddy surpassed his testing goals in language arts and math so he got to pick out these awesome glasses at school. When he put them on I laughed and laughed.  Hope they make you happy as well. We are having a long weekend full of the beach and maybe the splash pad or zoo.  It will be nice to be together. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

And then there were two.....Lawyers that is!

 This has been a lovely weekend.  My Daughter-In-Law in training graduated from Stetson Law School with Honors.  What an amazing young woman she is! I was honored to attend her awards ceremony on Friday afternoon.  The graduation ceremony was yesterday morning followed by a celebratory brunch. Not only is she brilliant, she had several articles published in the Stetson Law Review, that is a big deal.  She is just incredible in every way.  And she absolutely loves my son Mr 27.  They have been together since they were 14 and 15.  A greater match I have never seen. Little Buddy was with his Dad this weekend, but had a sitter instead of attending.  This is not an event for him, it is early, long and hot.  That is why he is not featured in the photos. Congratulations to Ms almost 26!  They are officially engaged by the way ❤❤❤!

Friday, April 26, 2024

Flowers, a Zombie and random stuff....................


Hi everyone!  Hope you are all well.  So much going on here with my family but not a lot I can talk about, suffice to say my worry meter has been at an all time high but I think it can now move it back to the regular high alert position.  A mom is always on high alert, right?

Lots of random photos here.  My beautiful furniture smells like dog, I mean my dogs don't smell like dog but my furniture does.  I have tried all sorts of  essential oils and a bit of vinegar and water and I finally resorted to dreaded Febreeze, I hate chemicals in my house but it has to be done.  Now I have two blankets on the sofa for the boys and cushions blocking the loveseat so they can't get on it.  I love my boys, they love the sofa, so it is what it is! 

Lots of flowers blooming here.  It has been an exceptionally beautiful Spring, hot temps are approaching so I am enjoying these blooms on my property while they are here. The giant Magnolia tree I have in my backyard  and I have a love/hate relationship.  It is beautiful, but it drops so many leaves and flower debris that I can't keep up with it.  I have mulch under the tree because no grass would grow there so I have to pick up the leaves, one, by one, by one.  Sometimes I get mad at it, but seriously it is a tree doing what trees do, with unfortunately leaves that don't break down because they are thick and waxy. 

Little Buddy has had some struggles at school and I have had to deal with those.  It is hard to be almost 13 in your body but not near that old emotionally and mentally.  He is a work in progress, and with all the changes in his life I think he is doing a pretty good job.  Now if we could just get that skin under control.  He loves his Zombie face mask.  I tell him if you are a Zombie it makes you have pimples, if you are a boy it helps take them away.  He was making a Zombie face in that photo, were you all scared?

It helps me to have all my beautiful boys in my life.  They are my purpose, well them and my job as a therapist.  If they are okay then I know I am going to be as well.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, thank you for visiting me here in this space.

*The Christmas tree is in Little Buddy's room, he gets to have it up as long as he wants so it is still burning brightly every evening. 

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Easter


Happy Easter everyone!  Hope you are all having a beautiful day!

Friday, March 8, 2024



Hello Everyone! Are any of you still here? 

I am checking in as of course it has been a while.  I am reading your posts as much as possible but thought I would try to take some time to check in here and give a little update.  

 I have been doing some very big girl things and I have to say I am quite proud of myself!  Not that I didn't do this type of thing before but actually taking charge of your home, your finances with no one to answer to is very empowering.  I had my beautiful Camphor tree trimmed all up.  It was a big expense but was much needed especially before hurricane season comes along.  I am a tree lover through and through and hate to see them getting a trim even if it is needed. I had three of these beautiful trees at my other home so seeing this big one in this front yard was an immediate pull for me when I was looking for a new home.  There are other home updates coming along, things that needed to be done before but had to wait until I could see what my financial situation would be before moving forward on them.

Another big girl item, new furniture for my family room. I never sat in my family room here or in my other house, I always sat at the kitchen table.  I did not like that big family room with 12 foot ceilings in my other house or the, "mandatory" furniture that had to be leather and reclining.  I am not a leather fan, too cold in the winter and hot in the summer, I know it cleans up well but still I never liked it and that is what we always had to have.  It occured to me in December that I never sat in the family room in my new house, it just never felt right to me, cold, uninviting, awkward, sort of like I had pieces of my old life that did not fit together.  So off I went to the furniture store for a sectional, but soon realized my room was long and narrow and it would not work.  So I found this beautiful sofa, loveseat and ottoman and I am in love.  It was supposed to be delivered in January but got delayed until February.  A week before the delivery I went and purchased a new mattress to be delivered on the same date.  Let me tell you everything is so lovely, comfortable and just so wonderful to look at.  The family room is warm, cozy and inviting and I just love it all. I feel like that was a big piece of the puzzle missing with my house.  I love my house so much but something still felt,"off" to me, now it feels perfect.  As you can see the boys and Luna are very happy with it as well.

I had covid in January which was a bit of a breeze and it just frustrated me that I had to take off work when I was not feeling that bad.  Now those restrictions have been lifted but I still would take time off out of respect for the families I work with.  The same family that gave me covid gave me a cold recently, which I might add was way worse and is still lingering two weeks later.  This week I got my first ear infection at the lovely age of 59 and now have a perforated eardrum!  This is a pain I would not like to experience ever again if I can help it. I can't hear at all out of my left ear and I have to say I am disoriented because my right ear is very impaired in the hearing department, but hopefully it will soon get better with lots of antibiotics and a bit of rest this weekend.  Little Buddy had a wee cold last weekend and I feel he was being a bit dramatic about it, but is all well now just in time for spring break with his dad. 

Speaking of Little Buddy, he is getting so big!  Today was jeans day at school, he never wears jeans so I had to take a photo just to remember how cute he is in them.  He has been a bit of a pistol at school and at home but I guess that is what almost 13 year olds do.  He can't be a pistol with friends, or get all that extra preteen attitude out on an athletic field or running around with friends outside so it comes out with me.  Too many changes in his life, way too close together come out as unresolved anger and frustration. Still I am not turning him in, although I have thought about renting him out, very cheaply I might add, if there are any takers interested.

The last photo is just for fun, I have no idea when he took it but there he is.

Hope you are all having a good week or weekend depending on where you are located.  I think of you all often and wish you the very best.