Friday, May 7, 2021

Saying goodbye to a dear friend.................


Our dear blogging friend Teresa Kasner has passed away.  To all of you who knew her you know how hard this is.  She spread love and light to us all.  She dedicated her life to her family, friends and to causes that were dear to her.  Teresa was the first blogging friend I had when I opened this little blog of mine many years ago.  She has been here for years cheering me on just as she has been cheering on all of you   Her passion for crochet, beading, painting, nature, justice, environmental preservation and equality have motivated me to be better, to do better.  She was such a light in my life, just one text away at anytime.  I will miss her so much just as I know you all will.  I will miss her passion for life, her beautiful photos, her life on the farm in beautiful Oregon and her love for so many.

It is hard to not justify this loss just like you would any deep friendship you have had even though you  have never met.  We are all in this crazy world together, and I think blogging friendships make us all more relatable, make us all closer even though we may be thousands of miles apart. We are all friends, trying to support each other the best we can and connecting to each other from worlds away.  

So today I am thinking of all of us as we suffer this huge loss.  A loss of an amazing woman that meant the world to me.  I am thinking of all of you as I send you love because you all mean the world to me as well.  Teresa's amazing family, including her husband Dayle, will need all the love and care we can send their way as they travel through this terrible loss. 

It will be hard to travel this road of life without dear Teresa, but having known her has made us all better people. Stay safe my friends, once again we have been shown that life is short. 

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Worries and a big laugh............

 Hello my friends.  I hope you had a wonderful week.  I did not take the week off from work to rest as I guess I implied in my last post. I took the week off of blogging so I could rest for the weekend.  Don't ever let me rest again because as you know as soon as you say that something is going to happen.

 Let us start with this guy.  Who if you know anything about Minecraft is making the face of a Creeper.  They have no facial expressions so they look like this if they are happy, sad, mad, excited, you get the drift. He had to get picked up early on Monday because his belly was upset and if you vomit at school you are automatically out for two weeks due to Covid restrictions.  I drove from very far away and picked him up and thankfully he did not get ill.  It was probably one of his abdominal migraines that makes his belly upset.  He was back at school on Tuesday but was a real pistol all week, not getting work done, not being nice, calling his assistant names......well I could go on and on.  That means we had extra work to do in the evenings which is hard on all of us. It isn't easy to get him focused when I get home late.  He has therapies and needs a bath most days so often homework does not get started until later.  We ate dinner at the computer several nights this week which is no fun at all. I am working on modifying Little B's medication once again to make his life and everyone around him easier.  We go to Neurology on Monday to make sure I have it right.

This is a photo of my beautiful Hank two weeks ago.  Monday when I got home early from picking up Little Buddy I was shocked when I saw Hank.  He had extensive hair loss on both sides of his head.  It wasn't there on Friday and Saturday because I brushed him both days and I have to pay a lot of attention to his face because he gets hair mats very easily. I didn't notice it on Sunday when he was around me all day.

I immediately called the vet and was informed I could come in sometime next week.  Ummm, no that won't work so we eventually got in the next day and he was scheduled for four biopsies on Thursday.  This is how much hair he has lost, they did not even have to shave him for the biopsies.  He may have a very rare skin condition that causes hair loss, thickened skin and sometimes other infections secondary to the thickened skin.  As I read up on it and frankly cried a bit it, it sounds like this is likely yet we do not have an official diagnosis yet.  As typical of me I felt bad for a bit and then got to work researching how we can help his immune system handle this challenge.  There are some vitamins he can take, I am switching him to a immune boosting food that is very pure, very gradually of course.  I have started a regime of essential oils that are safe for dogs to have on their skin. Made with water, coconut oil, vitamin E, rosemary, cedarwood and chamomile pure essential oils.  If nothing else it makes me feel like I am helping him.  My beautiful boy may never look the same but he is still my beautiful boy.  He is not in any pain and frankly does not know he looks different.  It has been such a drastic change is such a short time. 

If you look at last weeks photo compared to the one above you can really tell the difference in my darling boy.  Poor Hank and really poor Bear having to deal with his brother going to the vet not once but twice without him.

Crazy girl is here for the weekend while her father, Mr. 23 and Miss L celebrate the completion of his first year of law school.  He is starting an internship on Monday, I am filled with gratitude he found one because due to Covid his resume is not stellar and internships have been restricted.  

Today while at my favorite park while Little B was at social gardening club I spotted this beautiful stingray and watched it glide along.   It was so peaceful to watch.

There have been so many worries this week.  So much to deal with on top of my busy schedule. I have been having trouble sleeping, one night with no sleep at all.  I haven't pulled an all nighter since I was studying in college.  It is amazing I made it through the next day but I did with lots of help from caffeinated tea.  I am thinking of you my friend Linda as I know you have been fighting insomnia. As I walked around my house in the middle of the night and finally got out of bed for good at 3:30 to get paperwork done, I thought about you far across the pond and was hoping you are able to sleep better than you have been.

It hasn't all been worries and sad stories.  This guy even when he is a pistol makes me smile.  Well most of the time anyway.  After playing in the pool and swimming to the deep end and back four times today he wanted to relax on his sloth.  He said to me, "This is the life just floating on a sloth."  Yup, it sure is. 

And this beauty was found on my screen while Little B was in the pool.  It was flying around my plants then landed here for a bit, just opening and closing its wings.  Butterflies and stingrays move much the same, gliding and floating so peacefully.

And if you made it this far I will share the biggest laugh of the week.  My husband and Little Buddy were having a very difficult time with each other on Thursday.  It isn't easy to be patient with this darling boy when he has his feathers up and all ruffled.  When I walked in from work he informed me his dad was so mean and not very nice at all.  He was the worst!  These are frequently things I hear about myself by the way.  And then he said, "Mom, I am breaking up with Dad and I am never going to fall in love with him again!"   I swear I laughed out loud.  Oh Little Boy, yes you will because you have a kind and loving heart and you have a father who adopted you at the age of 59 when he was well on his way to being done bringing up little boys.  By the way I feel they are back on track again, being nice to each other and, "being in love."

Now I am not going to say I am taking a blogging break because look where that got me, but my reading and responding will be limited as I try to regain my energy and get rid of the headache I am currently treating.  Stay safe my friends, I miss you.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Taking a week off......


Hello my friends.  Hope this quick post finds you all well.  I am taking the week off blogging to just rest.  I am so tired from a few weeks of just going full speed.  Take care and have a wonderful week.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

And yet another week slips by, but there are blessings among the mess.......

 No matter all the crazy things that are going on in the news another week has slipped by.  I am a bit overwhelmed by all the news, more mass killings, police shootings, much needed protests and a huge trial that everyday has been fraught with stress.  Mounting Covid cases, continued Covid deaths, vaccine deniers and those who still perpetuate the Big Lie that has turned our Country into an even bigger mess.  It all seems a bit much and yet I know I am lucky.  I don't have to worry about my very white sons when they drive home being pulled over for something senseless and getting shot.  I know I am privileged beyond belief, yet I am still worried.  Worried for the world we live in, the world Little Buddy will grow up in, the country I live in that think guns are much more of a right than voting is.  The country that thinks it is okay to carry assault weapons with the potential to kill so many in just a few seconds, yet they want to squash the ability of people of color or people who don't vote like them to vote.  Voting is a deep and personal right for all of us no matter how you chose to vote.  It is disheartening and sometimes it just gets the best of me.  I know turn off the news, don't listen.  But I can't put my head in the sand or my fingers in my ears and not hear or see what is happening.  That in and of itself is a privilege.  Being able to turn things off for a while because my life or the life of my son's is safe for the moment, but I might feel to overwhelmed about the state of affairs here is a privilege. I know I seem to drone on and on about all of this mess but it is especially in the forefront this week in the United States.  A mess that needs so much help.  A mess that is frankly just so screwed up.  Anyway, I will get back on blog topics that are safe for everyone even though you all know how I feel about these issues.  

 Today is support your local yarn shop day.  And while I couldn't technically make a yarn store visit today I did yesterday.  I missed out on fun raffles and seeing samples but that is just fine.  I ran errands far from my home yesterday morning so I could end up at my favorite yarn store.  I got there when they opened and I was the only one there.  I knew what I wanted, more of this wonderful Berroco Summer Sesame yarn.  This will be for Harebell number 3.  I know, I know, what am I doing planning yet another one.  Here is the thing, I don't like pullover sweaters.  I am a cardigan girl all the way.  And this has been the best cardigan pattern I have found.  It is interesting enough to make you think but easy enough to take with you for a quick row or two when you are out.  The yarn creates the drama, not the pattern.  The silhouette of the sweater is perfect, an elongated round neck and adjustable length.  I like my sweaters long because I am tall.  And this yarn is light weight and gorgeous, perfect for Florida in all seasons.  Who knows there might be a number 5 on the horizon.

Speaking of Harebell, this is number 2.  Again made with Berroco Summer Sesame yarn in the colorway mint.  I am now at the increase part of the body after decreasing to the waist.  It is a fast knit if you get a chance to knit, that is always the tricky part. 

This morning I dropped off Little Buddy at his social gardening club and made my way to the bayou where I sit and knit in my car while I listen to my audiobook.  This is time I treasure, I will no longer allow myself to run ragged doing errands while he is there.  I need to just sit and relax for the 90 minutes I get before pick up time.  Well today was amazing my friends.  While I was knitting I saw a disturbance out in the water, usually it is manatees rolling around.  They are usually in the center of the bayou so you can't really see them.  But not today, nope this water disturbance was caused by a fin that kept popping up.  There was a dolphin swimming around.  I watched and found her here and there.  But suddenly I saw waves at the very side of the water near the wall coming right at me.  I popped out of my car just in time to see this gorgeous dolphin swim on its side right past me.  I knelt down and looked over the wall and it swam back and forth right under me.  It was gorgeous!  I was so close I could have almost touched it.  I saw its beautiful eye, its blow hole the scratches on its head, the beautiful coloring that went from darker on its back to a lighter on its  belly.  It was just incredible.  And on its final ride by me it popped out of the water and gave a big spray out of its blow hole.  A few yards down from me it caught a fish and came out of the water twice with it in its mouth, then threw the fish in the air and caught it in the water.  Poor fish, but that is the circle of life.  What an incredible moment to experience.  I did not run to my car for my phone to get a photo, I felt this experience was such a blessing I needed to be wholly present.  I have felt this way when I see big owls near me, just so blessed to have the opportunity to experience their majestic beauty.  This unexpected dolphin encounter was just what I needed to see after all that is going on in the world.  A message to be still and appreciate the beauty and wonder the world still has to offer.

More blessings this week are my gardenias just starting to bloom.  When I first moved in this house 20 years ago I had this bush transplanted and I had others planted on the side of my house.  This bush is ginormous and flowers first, then the bushes on the side of my house, so I have blooms for a few weeks. Last year a young yard person cut almost all my flowers off because it was time to trim the bushes.  I was so mad I could have just spit, those are the words my mother used to say.  I yelled at him and luckily it must have stuck because this year the blooms are intact so far.  I can't have them in the house because they cause me headaches, but I can walk outside and smell their intoxicating smell and look at their exquisite beauty. 

Luna Tuna the granddog is here for the weekend.  I would like to tell you she is calming down but she isn't.  I would like to tell you she has stopped pooping on my back patio but she hasn't.  And I would like to tell you she is not as bossy but she is.  Still she is loved and we adore her.  The boys are tired from entertaining her but they adore her, too.

The biggest blessing of all is this guy.  Oh how my heart is full when he has had a good week.  He had great behavior in the beginning and end of the week with just a few glitches mid week.  He did his work for the most part, well not with dad on Thursday and I had to fix that when I got home from work.  We got math testing results back and he ranked in the 96% for all third graders taking this standardized test.  This week they have a big standardized reading test that I am not even sure he will pass.  Oh he can read like crazy he just gets stuck on the wording of the questions and what might be the most important point by the author will certainly not be the most important point to Little Buddy.  I don't really care that much what the tests say, including that 96%, I just want him to learn to the best of his ability and FOCUS!!!!!!

After his gardening club he asked me what we were going to do.  I told him we could snuggle, smooch and I could eat all his freckles and he told me no way, that is Mom stuff and I don't want to do Mom stuff.  He does make me laugh.

Mr.27, Mr. 23 and Ms. L all got their first vaccines this week.  No one had any side affects for which I am thankful.  Ms. B, who is paired up with Mr. 27 got hers last week and did great.  We are on our way to a safer life, safer from the rages of this pandemic that has senselessly killed so many people. That is a blessing, a big one.

Stay safe my friends. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Highlights from a long week..........


It has been a long week my friends.  Lots of work, lots of homework from one little boy who decided to not do his work in school and some uncomfortable doctor appointments have left me all a bit weary.  Today I have taken it as easy as I can.  And I thought I would think about a few highlights to my week.

A new preemie to evaluate, she is soooooo tiny, born at just 25 weeks gestation, but is now in the best care at one of my wonderful medical foster homes. She has a great chance of doing well with lots of love and therapy, too!

A compliment from the family of one of my very involved little babies, they see a difference in her critically involved posture from the therapy she is receiving.  That is the best news I can hear!

A little boy who made a cake with my friend Lynda yesterday as we made a visit up to see her after school.  It is a bit of a drive but well worth it even if he was out of sorts by the time we got home.

I sat by the beautiful Spring Bayou in Tarpon Springs, Florida and knit this morning while little one was at his social gardening club.  It was bliss just to put a few rows onto my new sweater while listening to an audiobook.

Good behavior colors at school for Little Buddy this week, I guess he was nice but just wouldn't do his work..................sigh.

Rain, I am thankful for a beautiful rain storm this afternoon after Little Buddy got out of the pool. We have been so dry here, seems like it has been so long since we had a nice afternoon storm.  My newly planted flowers that were planted last weekend have been looking very parched. I love rain, the smell, the sound, and oh my give me some thunder and I am in Heaven. 

The boys have not had a good weekend.  Yesterday was a visit to the vet for shots and blood work and today the groomers.  They hate the car, I mean completely detest it.  They shake and drool, it really is embarrassing.  Then to be taken into the vets without Mom, and to be dropped off at the groomers.  How much can they possibly take?

After all the trauma and drama they are home and exhausted from all they have been through.  Look at those smiles, I love them to pieces.  It is so quiet at my house when they are not here.  Quiet and so sad!

And after a bit of knitting this morning I got in some more this afternoon while Little Buddy was in the pool.  I am making another Harebell sweater.  This is new yarn from Berroco called Summer Sesame.  It is gorgeous and I am loving not having to worry about silk fluff everywhere like with my last sweater.  I just got to the point where the sleeves have been placed on extra yarn and now I am working on the body.  I love this pattern so much.  This sweater will be super light weight, just perfect for Florida.

Hope you have all had a wonderful week.  Stay safe my friends. 

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Happy Easter


Happy Easter everyone.  This little bunny and his Mom have been very busy these past two days.  There has been lots of outdoor work, playing with kinetic sand, being brave enough to ride the jeep again, watching a bit too much TV, and getting lots and lots of love.  There has been loads to do and there will be tomorrow when we hope the Easter Bunny will have dropped off some Easter surprises and the biggest boys and their significant others will come over for Easter dinner.

Wishing you all a wonderful day and safe week.  

Saturday, March 27, 2021

One thing leads to another.......

 My morning started with a quick trip to buy a few plants for my backyard area, which led to getting very dirty as I planted them, which led to a bath outside for these two.  It is hours later and they are still not dry.  The bath led to me noticing how dirty my pool enclosed screen was, which led to me cleaning all the screened in areas I could reach.  This led to me hosing down all the pavers which were covered in oak tree pollen and little bits of oak tree fluff.  It was a real mess my friends.  And let me tell you this is not a job if you are afraid of spiders, there must be 27,000 of them out there just waiting to jump in my hair.  Two and a half hours after finishing planting I finally came in the house.  But with wet boys still outside I took advantage and vacuumed and mopped, dusted and then cleaned a bathroom.  See one thing leads to another until you can't stop anymore.  By the way now I have that song by the same name rolling around in my head.  In case you are too young it is by The Fixx. 

And we have a finish!!!!!  I popped these buttons on this sweater early this morning before all my chores.  I do have my priorities, knitting finishing before work.  In the year of  2021, when Joe Biden officially became president, when we reached Mars, when vaccines have become available to many, when Covid 19 might just be starting to get under some sense of control, when all these miracles happened, I knit a sweater.  Yes the name of this blog is Mereknits, which is frankly a joke most of the time because Mere rarely knits, but not this month and not this year my friends.  In 2021 I finished a sweater and once more fell back in love with the rhythm of knitting needles in my hands.

This is the Harebell sweater by Amy Chrsitoffers.  I started this on February 20 and finished sewing on those buttons early this morning.  This was a joy to make.  The pattern was easily understood.  Even though I think I got off my count on the sleeves it looks just fine.  It is long enough in the arms, fits across my neck and back, and while I could have made it longer, it will work just fine.   

Made with Lion Brand Hand Dyed Silk in the color Jasper.  I used size 8 needles for the body, size 8 double pointed for the sleeves to the wrist, and size 6 needles for all the ribbing.  About 850 yards of yarn was used for this beauty.  As I bought 10 skeins that leaves me about 500 yards of this gorgeous silk yarn to make something else.  

Now I will have to de-fluff it before I wear it.  And there will be no wearing black or white with it that's for sure.  If I have it on I might just have to take a lint roller with me to use through out my day while wearing it, but who cares?  I love it, it fits, and it makes my heart so happy.  The colors are not showing up right in these photos, but I think the last photo comes close to the beauty of this yarn. I took some in the sun which washed out the colors and some in the shade which made it way too dark.

I love the pattern so much that I already have yarn to make number 2, see one thing leads to another.

And this guy, minus a rough start to his week, did well at school.  It is always tough to go back after a time change and spring break.  Yesterday after school we made the drive to see my friend Lynda and her friend Susan, who was visiting from North Carolina.  As you can see above Susan now might have a new best friend.  Little Buddy had a wonderful visit which also included an Easter egg hunt! 

So that is it for us, clean dogs and clean lanai, a fairly clean house, a sweet boy and a brand new hand knit sweater.  How about you?