Friday, November 12, 2021

A lost tooth and a new sweater........


Just popping in for a quick hello. I hope you are all enjoying Autumn or Spring depending on where you live.  Life continues to be really busy and challenging for me right now.  I feel sometimes I am holding on by my fingernails, which are very short by the way.  So for now and for the foreseeable future I will pop in to read your blogs and post a quick post now and again. Not the way I like it but it has to be this way for a while, I hope you all understand.

Little Buddy lost a surprise tooth last weekend.  The Tooth Fairy paid a visit but I believe one of his coins was knocked behind his bed.  He is a coin man right now, sometimes its bills and other times coins.  The Tooth Fairy has to have a stash of options, just in case. He can tell you to the penny how much money he has, he is a smart one.

I had another finish.  While I am not blogging much I am knitting like a maniac.  Knitting soothes my soul, it helps when things are overwhelming to me.  

This is Harebell number 5.  Every time I make this sweater I get off count, I think there might be a problem or error with the front increases on the size small because making this one, and a new one I have gotten far off stitch count.  When I made the size medium with thinner weight yarn it all worked out perfectly.  Still I am knitting on and adapting as much as I can.  

Made with Berroco Remix in the color smoke.  Size 8 needles for the body/sleeves, 7 for the ribbing at the bottom, fronts and collar, and size 6 for the ribbing on the sleeves. I made the arms a bit too long, and actually ran out of yarn on the second sleeve ribbing and had to use a similar color for the last 4 stitches of the bind off.  I should have been paying attention and realized bigger needles makes the whole thing work out much faster, thus my lack of attention at the sleeve length.  Still no one will know and that is the closet I have ever come to running out of yarn.

Five balls were used for a total of 1080 yards of yarn.  Remix ix a super affordable and lovely yarn.  I am using it again to make number 6, in periwinkle.  Each yarn choice makes this sweater look completely different even though I am using the same pattern.  It is my favorite pattern by far.

Hope you are all well, I miss you!

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Happy Halloween Weekend


Happy Halloween Weekend to all of you from my Minecraft Creeper. This Creeper had a party this morning at his social gardening club.  Apparently he didn't have all that much fun and didn't want to participate very much. I guess that is just how Creepers are.  We came home and immediately washed that itchy green paint out of his hair and he was back in pajamas by 1:00.  Today will be a quiet day.  It is the first coolish day we have had so far this Autumn.  It isn't even 70 degrees out!  Add in a bit of cloudy skies and I feel we are full on into cooler weather but I am sure the joke is on me there, this is Florida and it always seems to be warmer than it should be.  The boys and Luna were not thrilled with the photo shoot.  Well the boys are used to this sort of thing, but Luna did not want to be a bunny for Halloween that is for sure.  Look at her grumpy bunny face!

I wish you all a good weekend whatever you do.  And I thank you for visiting even with my lack of commenting on your blogs. I am still dealing with a whole lot and my energy levels are almost as low as they can get.  Stay safe my friends and thank you for  visiting here in this space of mine. 

And a Happy Birthday to my oldest son tomorrow.  Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and his birth on this day was an extra special treat.  He will now be known as Mr. 28!

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Pumpkin Patch and park............


Just popping in quickly to show you my very own pumpkin patch.  I made the first 12 last weekend and 9 more this weekend.  The first batch were made with a 3/2 rib, so knit 3 and purl 2, the next side is knit 2 and purl 3.  I varied the stitch count, 35 being the largest, knit until it was 9 inches.  I liked the 25-30 stitch range working to 6 or 7 inches.  I even did a smaller version of 15 stitches knitting until it was 5 inches long.   After making the rectangle of your preferred size, sew up the side seams and then catch the bottom stitches every other stitch so you can pull it all together tightly. Next turn it right side out and stick that long tail through the bottom, right at the center, it will look like a little hat at this point with a tail sticking out the top.  Stuff your pumpkin, place the long tail on a needle and pop it thorough the stuffing right in the middle.  Catch the top stitches and pull tightly, use a bit of a knot to hold it all together and there you have a pumpkin shape.  Be sure you leave long tails of yarn at the beginning of the cast on and after casting off for sewing up the sides and shape making. I made 4 stitch I-cords of various lengths for the stems.  You could also use bits of sticks, crochet a stem, whatever works for you.  Sew the stem on and there you have it, a fun pumpkin.  This weekends patch consisted of 5/5 rib.  Five knit, followed by five purl, following the pattern on the alternate side.  Most of these were 25 stiches and about 6 inches long, but there were a few smaller.  I have given almost all of them away, just a few left for myself.  Pumpkin making is so much fun and a lot less messy than dealing with real pumpkins.

I used Lion Brand Wool Ease for this project.  Two skeins each of Mustard, Spice and Kale.  Size 13 needles for the body and size 11 double pointed to make the stems.  I-cords are super fun to make.  So just shy of about 600 yards of yarn used over two weekends to make my pumpkin patch that is no longer in my house.  

Funny, I was watching Gilmore Girls this weekend and happened upon the episode where Stars Hollow has a Knit-a-thon, perfect episode to knit to!

Little Boy and I had a trip to the park today.  It was the first day that it wasn't horrendously hot and humid.  We went on the playground and then took a walk by the lake.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.

Have a good week my friends. I am still not really pulling it together so know I am reading about your wonderful lives, just not commenting or spending a lot of time on the computer. 

Saturday, October 9, 2021

We are still here.................


We are still here.  And I wanted to reach out and say we are okay.  There is this little boy who has kept me on my toes, fourth grade is not for the faint of heart.  He recently fell at school and required two stitches under his chin.  He was fine but the teachers, assistant and principal were all very upset. Boys fall, especially this one.  There have been baby blankets made, actually two almost exactly the same.  Fur boys have had haircuts and lots of belly rubs.  Lots and lots of new yarn has entered this house, I am a yarn hoarder when I am stressed, it makes me feel safe.

I have read your blogs, I know about new projects, family fun, new kitchens, travels, new puppies, new quilts, new dresses and shirts sewn with love, harvests, new baby blankets, all that beautiful knitting, and all the beauty of Autumn where you live.  But for now, with life sort of tipping me off my axis I need to be quiet.  I need peace, which has alluded me for a long time.  I am still here.  We are still here, and I am visiting all of you, just not posting so much.

I wish you all a wonderful day.  Enjoy Autumn as it presents its beauty to all of you. 

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Making the best of a long weekend with Little B.........


I am making the best of a long weekend with my Little Buddy.  Dad is away and we are having all sorts of fun.  It has been a tough week, lots and lots going on with my world that I don't have the energy to discuss.  So instead I am going to focus on this sweet boy of mine.  Hooray, Ms. Frances his assistant returned to work on Thursday.  I think they are both a bit in love with each other.  She missed him as much as he missed her.  His Language Arts teacher is now out with Covid but should be back mid week.  He is not that close to her in the classroom so we are good to go as far as no quarantining needed. 

Friday night we baked a cake.  A box mix and icing in a container, still Little Buddy loves vanilla cake and frosting.  Not a sprinkle can be near it, it has to be plain, plain, plain.  I don't eat cake but it looks like it was good stuff!

Friday night was a sleepover in Mom's big bed.  He is a restless one, and often murmurs when he sleeps.  I guess that brain can't turn off even at night. Why he still thinks this is special at the age of 10 I don't know, but as long as he does we will make it happen. 

Saturday was completing a book report and math work sheets.  Not fun but we had to get it done.  Also lots and lots of time in the pool measuring and paddling around.  

Today was the splash park with a friend from PT.   We met them at 9:00 and they played for 90 minutes.  She has a little brother that was fun as well.  Little Buddy does not get asked over by friends, I think parents are afraid of him.  He looks fragile, he isn't, but he is a bit different and they are not used to that. Tina receives OT while Little Buddy receives PT.  They are often working together and Little Buddy just loves her.  Her Mom asked if we could get the kids together soon to play at a park.  I sent her a text and it happened!  They were both so excited, she hugged him three times.  I was just thrilled he had a friend to play with and for once was not stuck with just me.

After the splash park, pool time, and a visit from our old nanny Terri , it is time for the iPad.  This is his favorite iPad pose.  He has played with his hinny up in the air since he was very little.  It could be cars, trucks, reading a book, or his iPad.  This is my favorite play position.

Luna, my granddog is also here for the weekend as her parents went to Orlando for the night.  They are studying a lot this weekend as well so she will have much more fun here with us and the boys.

So that is it.  A difficult week for me and so many out there with the hurricane, fires, and the news.  Well it has added up to just getting the best of me.  I am taking a mental health break and will be reading all of your blogs as soon as I can. 

Stay safe and healthy my friends.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Another rough week.......


While there is no need to panic, and all is well, we did hear that Little Buddy was exposed to Covid at school this past Tuesday.  Well we heard on Tuesday, but he was actually exposed the Friday before.  His assistant sent us a text that she was ill on Sunday and Monday and was calling in a substitute and would be going to get tested.  She had a fever and was not feeling well so I suspected it was Covid.  When the school called on Tuesday to say he had been exposed but could not tell me by whom I was not pleased.  When I met his assistant she was wearing a mask, but all other times at car drop off and car pick up, which is outside, she wasn't.  It is not required here in this ridiculous state and of course you are not able to ask if they are wearing a mask or even vaccinated.  I make sure he wears one, but at lunch he can't and she sits with him to eat.  The school nurse told me to just watch him and he was not to quarantine.  However, one hour later I got a call back saying yes he does need to quarantine until August 30, or come back with a negative test signed by a doctor, and he had to be picked up immediately.   My husband went to pick him up, drove directly to a pharmacy giving the test, Little Buddy got tested and it was negative so he went back to school the next day with a signed form from the pharmacist.  It was a scare, and I have been keeping my eye on him just in case he was to develop something these past few days.  The sad thing is his assistant is ill, and I feel bad because of course I don't want her to be sick,  and I worry that this is a new year and they are just getting to know each other and the routine of school and that has already been screwed up.  I really, really like her, and I don't want her to be sick, but a small part of me is mad that she might not be vaccinated and has been around my fragile child.  I don't know for sure, and I can only guess if mask wearing has been done by her while indoors.  Still I am mad that this state is governed by a crazy man who puts these kids at risk, puts my fragile son at risk.  I wish we just had a mask mandate, I would feel so much better and feel he was safer, just like it was last year.  This is our first scare with him but by the way this virus is taking over Florida it will not be the last.

The rest of the week was me having to notify every child's parents I work with and tell them the situation.  Although I wear a mask at work many of them decided to wait until we had the all clear this weekend, and to just start back up with therapy this coming week.  So I had to watch Little Buddy for signs he was ill and I lost loads of work all because of this horrible situation.  People aren't safe, they aren't thinking of others, not everyone of course but enough of them that this virus continues to multiply and make people ill.  Florida is horrible with the cases rising, deaths rising, hospitals over crowded, ambulances waiting in bays for hours until they can unload a new patient. We actually got a public service announcement to not call 911 unless it was life or death, they don't have the ambulances or staff to handle all the emergency calls because there are so many calls for Covid patients.  You had better not have a heart attack, car accident, stroke or a bad fall, you are out of luck.  It is worse now than it was at the peak in the spring.  It just makes me infuriated that people can be so reckless with others. And it makes me sad that our children are used as pawns for a horrible governor to raise money, which he has, a lot of it, taking this stance to let school employees and/or parents chose to mask up or not.  If their choice only affected them then so be it, but it affects my child and the children I work with.  It is just horrible and really just unthinkable that we are here in this moment in the year 2021. 

Little Buddy had a horrible afternoon yesterday.  Having to redo math and not get his iPad due to his horrible behavior made him go completely nuts.  I have only had three or four days like this with him, ever.  He was just so out of control yelling and screaming, beating his hands on furniture, grounding me, saying mean things and following me around so I never got a break so I could calm myself down.   I put him in his room, and back in his room, I left the room and tried to come back to my office to get a break, he followed.  Really it went on for 2 1/2 hours.  My oldest was working upstairs and came down three times to try and help.  Finally, at dinner time he just started to cry and we held him until he was calm.  It was a rough afternoon, but I am glad he was able to finally do his math, and finally regain some sense of control. I am honored to have a wonderful young man as a son who tries to help in the ugliest of times.  He is stern but loving, and will be an incredible father someday.  I am drained today, really, really drained after all that has gone on this past week.

I have learned in the last few weeks I have three new babies arriving on my husbands side of the family.   I went stash busting yesterday before all hell broke loose at my house.  I know the first one to arrive is a boy, the top photo will be a ripple blanket for him.  I need to finish my crochet cardigan before I can start on it.  The cardigan that I have a feeling will be a total bust, yet I have two sleeves to go and I need to get them done, bust or not.  The other two babies are too little to know the sex yet. I have more grey and more light tealish green or pink to pop in for that one.  The bottom one is my least favorite.  It has a sand/grey color for the main part of the blanket and maybe coral for smaller stripes.  I don't have much of it, maybe 280 yards of the coral but surely that is enough for smaller stripes.  I also have a light khaki green, but I don't think it is enough contrast with the sand/grey.  I could also do a granny square blanket with a pop of coral in it here and there.  I think this is far more girlish, but you really aren't supposed to think that way anymore now are you? If it is a boy I might have to rethink the choice in the last photo.  If I could make all three from stash yarn that would be a major feat!

So that is my week.  I am tired and really not much fun right now.  However, I will regain my bearings and think of positive things in just a little bit.  Maybe some sleep will help, that has been lacking as well this week with all that has been going on here, not to mention all over the world.  

I am wishing you all a calm week ahead, stay safe my friends. 

Saturday, August 21, 2021

A rough week......

 What a rough week it has been in the news.  The devastation going on all over is so overwhelming.   When I really don't know what to do to help I look for ways to contribute.  Here are a few ideas for helping with what is taking place in Afghanistan. 

Bird and Stone

Will contribute 10% of all proceeds for the Choose Kindness bracelets to the Arab-American Family Support Center.


UNICEF has a special area to donate to assist women and children in Afghanistan, you can locate it here at

There is also areas to help children in Yemen, Syria, and Haiti, and to contribute to vaccinations for the world.

Women For Women International 

Helps women and children all over the world.  They have a especial donation site to help women and children in Afghanistan, you can locate it here

I am sure there are many places to help these are just a start. 

 I am trying to stay away for the news a bit, it is just so overwhelming right now.  I don't stick my head in the sand, I just get a brief synopsis and try to move on with my day.  Fires and hurricanes, war devastation, hunger, and Covid, well with a week like this it can be overwhelming.  Yet I know I am safe, my sons are fine, my DIL's in training are doing well, I have no place to have even the slightest complaint.  I have my home, my safety, my boys are not off fighting a war, we have food, water, electricity and a home that is in good condition, and our health.  I am grateful and am sending all the prayers I can muster to those in need.

 This guy had a pretty good first full week of school.  There were some bumps, but his new assistant seems to be able to weather the smaller storms.  In the afternoons at home he has had a very difficult time, therefore so have I.  We went to the neurologist yesterday and hopefully a medication adjustment will make all of our lives a bit easier.  Little Buddy loves numbers and measuring.  He asked if I could find him things that measure milliliters so off to the internet I went.  After homework, and a haircut by mom this morning this little one measured for 2 hours in the pool.  He had a grand time and I got to cleanup hair all over my bathroom and get some weeding done, a win win for both of us. 

These two got face haircuts from Mom as well.  Looks like I still might need to do a bit of tweaking.  Hank's hair is growing in so well,  I am so happy we are over that big scare.

As for creating I seem to be off my game.  I have gone rogue with the Kailua crochet sweater I have been making.  I knew it was too big as I started but kept going.  I made some adjustments along the way and now I am so far off the pattern  count I have completely gone crazy.  I can barely keep up with what is going on.  Still I keep going and going.  It may be a complete disaster or by some miracle may work out, time will tell. 

Stay safe my friends, take care of yourselves and stay safe.