Friday, March 22, 2019

Bathroom before and after.......

I have wanted to redo our master bathroom for a long time.  The cream cabinets (with no drawers) were worn, the tile was very, very dated and well it was in need of a serious update.  I have no one to blame but myself for this bathroom, I turned it into this 19 years ago when I moved in this house.  This lovely green tile also surrounded my fireplace and at one point was on my kitchen counters.  It is funny because I am not really a green person, but this must have been the, "in" color all those years ago.

In October we went to Lowe's and found the sinks, cabinets and faucets.  But the contractor we were talking to was not working out so we went with someone new.  I found the sinks on sale at Home Depot and ordered them for a third of the price.  The faucets were bought at the store and the quartz counter tops were paid for in October.  We had picked out our new tiles for the front entry and the fireplace at the same time.  

At the end of December I went with our renovation guy, Reid, to Home Depot to pick out our cabinets.  They arrived a month later and were installed by the end of January.  Here comes the glitch, after they were in we were without sinks and counter tops until today.  The quartz counter tops we ordered and paid for were no longer available, of course we did not know this until two weeks after they came out to measure for them.  So off I went back to the store and found these which are a shade darker.  Then we had to wait for these to come in and be cut into shape, really it took forever!  Once they were in we had to schedule Reid to come back and frame out the mirrors and install the sinks and faucets.  As of today it is officially cleaned up and done.

What do you think?  I love it, I really do.  It is fresh and updated without having to change out tile, the tub, shower and the floor, which would have been crazy expensive.  Eventually we need to downsize so I am trying to get ready a little at a time.  Hooray, I can wash my hands and brush my teeth in my bathroom again!

And just for fun, even though a little boy I know did not like Dinosaur World he has been playing with his dinosaurs.  It must not have been that bad.  

Happy Weekend.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day............

I thought we could all use a bit of fun after yet another stressful week in this country and around the world.   For those of you in New Zealand and in all other areas where hate is so apparent, even right here in the good ole United States, I am thinking of you.  May this little leprechaun and his furry friends make you smile. 
 Wishing you all a wonderful day.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Dinosaur World on Spring Break...............

I feel kind of bad for Little Buddy.  This week has been his spring break and frankly he has not done a whole lot.  I have been working, my husband has also so little one has been home just hanging out.  I am not saying he did not need some down time because I think he did.  He has been playing and doing a lot of his math program for school on the computer.  Still we needed to do something different and a bit memorable, especially because his writing assignment this week is, "Describe something fun you did on Spring Break."  That put the pressure on.

I decided to take him over to Dinosaur World, which is located between Tampa and Orlando.  It was Mr. 21's favorite place to visit when he was little.  I swear I must have taken him there 10 times.  He would only wear dinosaur shirts to school for kindergarten and first grade.  Max was a puppy then and would run after Mr. 21 and grab him by the shirt.  There were little holes in all of them from his puppy teeth.  I had to keep sewing them up, frankly I thought the school was going to hand us a bag of shirts because he looked so hopeless in all his repaired ones.  Anyway.............back to today.

I surprised Little Buddy with this awesome adventure this morning.  He was a bit anxious and was not too sure about it at first.  He told me he had never wanted to go to Dinosaur World when we pulled up.  But once inside he calmed down and looked around.  

It has grown so much in the 10+ years it has been since my last visit.  There is a new entrance, gift shop, two playgrounds and a ton of seating for lunch or a snack.  There were also several new additions to the dinosaur collection in the newer areas of the park.

All dinosaurs are life size and I might add very impressive.  You can't touch them and they don't move, still you can read about them and learn what they ate, how big they were and when they lived.

There were several educational areas where you could learn about dinosaurs, guess which dinosaur was in the special space by touch, there were fossil digs,  and you could pretend you were a Paleontologist and sweep sand off of a full dinosaur skeleton.  Well a plastic one anyway.

They had a little gem mine you could mine for all sorts of fun little crystals.  Little Buddy liked to take them out and put them in a bag but was not interested in putting the screen into the water and shaking the dirt out.  He told me his hands do not like touching dirty water, so mine had to.

When you see how big dinosaurs were it is pretty amazing.  

Although this little one was tricked into smiling in this photo he was a bit of a crab on our adventure.  There were loads of families there and at least one school with many kindergartners.  It was crowded and he still is not the best driver with his walker.  He often veers right into the middle of the sidewalk, right into pedestrian traffic.  With all the little ones and strollers all on the sidewalk it was a bit difficult to navigate.  And there was a LOT of walking, and it was warm, and it was a new experience and that all adds up to a cranky boy.

So even though we left before lunchtime this is what happened on the way home.  I am so happy he fell asleep because the last five miles of the journey took us an hour and ten minutes because there was an accident right outside the entrance to my subdivision.  Once I was stuck in that traffic there was no way to go around it.  We finally got home, had lunch and now he is happily playing with the new dinosaurs and red jeep he picked out as a special treat.  Oh to be a little boy and have a big day!  At least now he has something to write about for school.

Thank you for all of your kind words about my work situation.  I really try to be a good person and do what is right.  My parents instilled that in us and it isn't always easy but it is the right thing to do.  Especially when children are concerned, their safety is more important than anything.  Still some decisions are not always easy to make, but sleeping at night with a clear conscious is. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  After writing up one more re-evaluation I am free from all work responsibilities for two whole days, weeeeeeee!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

A week in a flash...............

Well hello my friends!  How are you? Anything new?  My week has been filled full, mostly with work and work stress, that doesn't sound all that fun does it?  So as I sat at my computer today, wondering why my photos are not automatically loading from my phone to my computer I realized that actually much more good went on then I thought.  I have been consumed with one particular nasty situation at work which is pushing me to make decisions I hope I would never have to make.  It seem that it has been one my mind so much I did not even realize there was so much to be thankful for that happened last week.

There was Little Buddy using the pool for the first time this year.  He was in last weekend just before it got chilly again.  I wasn't going in, no way is this old body of mine getting into an 80 degree pool.  Still Little B had a grand time in that chilly water.

There are flowers flowering, buds budding and really incredible weather to enjoy.  There is also a ton of pollen, so much so I am wiping down everything almost daily, still I need to enjoy this humidity free weather while it lasts, summer is on the way.

There were sweet dogs sleeping near me as I watched a bit of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel in the middle of the day Wednesday.  I had a work issue to sort out and had to stay home for the morning.  Before I headed out to work with some children I watched part of the show with these boys looking so peaceful and cozy.  It is the best show ever, I'm not kidding.  If you haven't watched it do it now!  I mean right this second!  It can be found on Amazon Prime.

There was a visit by these two deer who walked right up to my lanai screen.  I took the blurry photo from inside the house, the deer in front was just getting nubs for antlers.  And to be really thankful they did not eat my recently planted flowers.

There was a first and second grade concert for Little Buddy.  Doesn't he look handsome?  He was very nervous before it, even crying a bit before we left home.  But he did it, he got on stage with all the other classes and did most of the hand motions.  Not a whole lot of singing but still he was up there.  He is obsessed with elevators and frequently pushes pretend buttons pretending the doors are closing.  He got a bit bored between songs and you guessed it he started playing pretend elevator with his walker right up on stage.  I swear I laughed out loud.  It was the first laugh I had all week and it was priceless.  When we went to pick him up I leaned down and told him how proud of him I was.  He leaned in for a hug and patted me on the back while telling me he was homesick when he had to go to the big school and sing in the Spring Concert.  We were in the lobby of the high school where the performance was, it was just so endearing to me.  He is a sweet boy and works hard to face the challenges that are so difficult for him.

There have been talks with two very special friends and my wonderful sister about my work situation.  They are loving and do not judge, they listen and have my back no matter the decisions I have had to make and will have to make in the future.

There was a chance to take it easy Friday morning and just relax.  Spring Break has started here and it was a joy to be with my little one, just waking up on our own with a snuggle from the furry boys.  Little B and I went to a store and then out to lunch.  During our meal we practiced sign language, and chatted about this and that.  It was wonderful.  I have been learning sign language on my own the past few months to work with some of my patients and am now taking a three week course for health professionals on Wednesday nights. 

I was able to meet a good friend for dinner Friday evening and another for breakfast today.  Both are going through tough times in their lives so it was good to connect and let them know I am here for them.  

It is good to be reminded of the good that happens everyday even when you are overwhelmed by the stresses of life.  Those special moments are there if you look for them.  And sometimes it seems like they are really hiding, but they are there if you search long enough.

I am expecting a bit more work drama this week, so I won't be here much to visit.  This is really taking a bit of a toll on me.  Just remember that I think of you all and wish you the best week.  You are a big part of the goodness in my life and I appreciate you all so much.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Thank God for glue guns............

Since I have no yarn related projects to discuss I thought I would post a bit about my little guy.  He is feeling much better thank you all so much.  And I might add he has had an exceptional week at school, well knock on wood, we still have to get through today.  

On Monday after I picked him up from school we found out he has a new skill.  He can open up pistachios!  He looks pretty proud of himself and he should be because those aren't so easy to open.  He was using his right hand almost as much as his left and that is just incredible.  He even ate a few of them.  We take so much for granted with our kids and all the things they can do without even trying hard.  So for this little one, well this was a big accomplishment.

I remembered this morning it was Dr Seuss day at school.  Let me just say I have never been a fan of the books, but when one little boy wants to dress up, and you did not even have a second to create anything all week you jump in with what you have.  I found some felt and my glue gun and got busy.  I can tell you that I do not get along with glue guns and I thought I was going to get by with no injury when the last ham bone I was gluing on flipped over on my pinkie and a 1/2 inch blister is now appearing as I type this.  Anyway, I actually forgot about the ham until my son pointed that out to me.  All I had was pink construction paper, but it will do.  After the shirt was done Little Buddy informed me he would rather be a Lorax!  Oh well this was better than nothing.  I also wanted to make his hair all crazy, but he just wanted it, "regular."  He is into everything being, "basic" and informs me that all the time.  "Mom, you car is so basic." I think he upset The Aunts the other day when he told them that their walls were basic and he likes colored walls.  Frankly, it made me laugh.

I am off to do some paperwork.  Happy Friday!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Baby Blanket #2 and a mental health day.................


I am home from work today, more about that later, so I thought I would show you this baby blanket hot off the hook.  I seriously finished the last row this morning.  

The early morning sun is washing out the colors, so think of them as slightly more intense but still very soft.  Made with Berroco Modern Cotton and a size I hook.  The gray is #1608 Gadwall and the pink # 1610 Brenton Point.  About 1,000 yards of yarn were used to make this blanket, three skeins of gray and two of the pink.  Again I used a simple 14 stitch ripple which should have made this up pretty fast, but with my lack of time to make it it took almost a month to finish it.

I have already been shopping for this baby girl who should arrive in June.  I believe her name will be Reagan.

 I hope this blanket will be used with love.

After the anniversary puppy incident I have to say the weekend did not get a whole lot better.  Try giving the dogs medicine through a syringe to coat their bellies twice a day.  Speaking of bellies, Little Buddy's was upset and he had yet another throw-up-fest after dinner on Saturday.  He gets them every few months yet I am always caught off guard when they happen.  He still was not himself yesterday, and even though he ate this morning he was still a bit sensitive.  My husband and oldest boys are in Kansas to see a basketball game, and I would be an hour away from Little Buddy's school if they called and he was ill.  Frankly as I was getting my lunch ready for work, still contemplating what to do, I almost start to cry.  And if you know me at all that just isn't me.  I really think I just needed a break, alone for a few hours at home just by myself.  So for once in my life I actually took a mental health day.  Well I do have a wee cold so there is that too, and no voice, but staying home was all about my mental well being and being close to Little Buddy if he needed to come home.

I think as women, mothers, working women, wives, daughters and friends we always put ourselves last.  I know I have and that is not the smartest thing to do.  So for once in this crazy life of mine I decided that it was not worth the money, the driving, the stress that would surely occur especially after last week, to go to work.  I can't do this often, probably not even again this year, but for today I did and I have to say I am kind of proud of myself.  The furry boys and I have finished Season 1 of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, I finished the blanket, I have things to make a quick dinner, I have rested my mind and have just been alone.  It has been wonderful and frankly now that I have done it I could use a few more days!

Just for fun I found some of these photos of Little Buddy when he was very young.  He wasn't even living with us in the first two.

Look at that very concerned face, and boy was he a drooler!

It wasn't so long ago his glasses were much too big for his cute little face.  He has grown up hasn't he?  He is a delight and the light of our lives, even when he has had a tough weekend.  I reminded him that even when he is sick he is loved, and even when he won't stop crying for 2 hours about not going on an adventure he is loved.  Even though I wish he was happier and I had to put him in his room for a bit or I was going to lose my mind, he is loved.

Have a wonderful week my friends. 

Saturday, February 23, 2019

My Anniversary, a puppy tale........

Yesterday was my anniversary, 27 years!  We had made plans to go out to dinner, something we never do.  My oldest son was to, "brother sit" Little Buddy as you know he is not a baby and does not need a babysitter.  Our reservations were at 6:30, which means of course we would be home by 8:30, just the way I like it.  And let me just say I really needed to go out to dinner, it has been a heck of a week.  One of the worst in my career as a therapist.  I had some very difficult decisions to make after visiting one house where I see the children twice a week.  I might not be there much longer for both of our well being, well especially mine,  but that has yet to be determined.  

So around 6:00 last night I was just about ready to jump into some other clothes and possible brush my hair, when I spotted a small little flashlight of Little Buddy's on the floor half chewed up.  I picked it up and after dislodging the back of it I realized the batteries were not in it.  A frantic search for batteries ensued with my husband, my oldest and myself.  Mind you two puppies walked around oblivious to the whole thing.  We looked everywhere and could not find them which left us to believe they were in someones belly.

Batteries can cause extreme damage and death to a dog or cat, although I have to believe a cat is smart enough not to eat them.  So off to the emergency vet we went.  They induced vomiting to see if they could bring them up, nope.  There were lots of other items in those bellies like parts of a plastic toy and bits and bobs of grass, mulch and a rubber toy, but no batteries.  Next up x-rays for both of them, yet no batteries.  After leaving with a $640 bill, emergency vets are not cheap my fiends, we were off to our house to find them.  An hour after we got home, with furniture moved, rugs picked up, sofas turned upside down my husband found all four of them outside on our lanai.  Small button batteries are very close to the color of our pavers.  

So lets just say my anniversary was not what I expected, but such is my life.  I ate eggs and gluten free toast for dinner, my house is clean after all that upheaval and I have a husband who will drop his plans to go spend a ton of money on two crazy dogs who are constantly getting into trouble.  That is saying a lot.

I wish they looked remorseful, but no they don't.

It is hard to stay mad at these two, because frankly they are pretty wonderful, they take such care with Little Buddy.  They know he is fragile and never jump on him.  They snuggle him and jump up on his bed to wake him up every morning.  They really are wonderful, expensive........but wonderful.

And here we are at the vet's office.  Me with no makeup, with an old t-shirt on and frankly I don't think I had even brushed my hair since I got out of the shower earlier in the day.  Still it is an anniversary we won't soon forget.