Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween from Harry Potter and me!  A more perfect Harry Potter I have never seen. Little Buddy is on book two of the series and is loving them so it was only appropriate that he was Harry Potter this year for Halloween.  His new school, while still having many issues and teaching him far below his ability level, at least celebrates Halloween.  The school has a parade and a party, a party I will get to attend and help with this year. Then tonight biggest brother, who turns 29 today, will take this one out trick or treating.  What a day!

I am sorry I have been out of contact.  I had some pretty major pelvic floor surgery on October 21.  It was far more brutal than I had imagined with many mistakes and missteps along the way. My surgeon was wonderful, kind and compassionate, but everything that happened afterward was a big problem including an overnight stay that was never supposed to happen, excessive bleeding, three catheters, no food for over 38 hours, and last but not least a UTI that occurred last Monday that left me crying on my bed.  When I notified the surgeon's  office they never called in an antibiotic until 22 hours later, thank God my general practitioner called one in right away. When the surgeons office finally called the medication in it was for one I am seriously allergic to that would cause respiratory distress.  It has taken me much longer to recover due to all of this but I am on my way.  Saturday I finally felt like a human being again, but did a bit too much so yesterday I was down again.  Today I am feeling better so we will see what tomorrow brings.  I have not worked yet as you can imagine, no lifting anything until I see my doctor on Thursday.  I plan to have a nice long chat with her about all that has happened, especially as most of it has been an issue with her office not with her.  Still through all of this, and I it has been very difficult, I have had my son's and their partners here taking care of me, my dear friend and babysitter stayed the night with my dogs Friday night, and was here Saturday morning and evening, and Monday evening to take care of me.  I had a wonderful friend take me to the surgery and walked the halls with me hoping I could get things moving so I could go home.  I have had so many calls from my sister and friends checking in on me sometimes two or three times a day, letting me cry, feel sorry for myself, and to see if I needed anything. It has been rough, especially with legal issues to deal with before the surgery that left me sleepless and depleted even before I headed into the procedure.  Of course those have followed after the surgery as well which has not helped my recovery.  Even with all this I am grateful for my healing, for my family and friends, and for all the blessings in my life.

Take care my friends and Happy Halloween.

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Checking in..................


Thank you to all of you who keep checking in on us, especially as Hurricane Ian headed our way.  We were lucky that he did not quite make it this far, but so sad for those who were immeasurably impacted by the storm.  He was supposed to hit us dead on, but would have hit a cold front before reaching us which would have likely made him less intense, instead he took a turn east about 2 1/2 hours south of us and boy did they feel the horrible impact.  We had this tree down and lots and lots of branches but we were fine, and although loads of people surrounding us lost power for several days we did not miss a beat.  My oldest son and his girlfriend came to stay with us and it was wonderful because just knowing they were here if things got bad made me feel much more safe and secure.

Little Buddy continues to have difficulty with the school.  They frequently call and disrupt my work day with minor offenses, things I deal with about every hour of my day.  The teacher continues to teach him far below his ability level so I still have to teach him at home to keep him even close to a typical fifth grader. If they would meet him at his intellectual level half of the problems would be gone, I keep reminding them that on a weekly basis.  I have a parent teacher conference on Monday, wish me luck.

Little Buddy got to go to his first fishing tournament on Saturday.  It was for children with special needs.  Mr. Jason, a lovely man, helped him catch two fish!  We got second place in the length category.  After Mr. Jason left it was all Mom and Little Buddy.  We did not catch a thing but we had fun on a beautiful sunny morning in October.  I must love that boy because I had fish goop all over trying to bait the hook.  We released every thing for those who are concerned.

I am not feeling well so I will leave you all.  I hope you are all happy and healthy and enjoying the beautiful weather wherever you are.

And as per my last post, to the person who left the ridiculous comment, respect is earned it is not a given.  30 years of lies in a marriage no longer warrants respect of any kind.  There can be attempts to be civil, for the sake of family, but respect, no I don't think so. And I am sorry you are so small that you have to hurt someone you don't even know.  I am thinking of you and sending you love that you can do better. 

Sunday, September 11, 2022

I'm out for now...........

 After opening up about the trouble Little Buddy is having in school I received a very snarky comment.  My post is down and I won't be posting for a while.  It is not worth the stress when I am already having a hard time.  Best wishes to you all.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Returning to our new normal................


Hello everyone!  How are you?

We are still recovering here from Covid.  Yes I have been back to work and Little Buddy has started school but the fatigue is very real and so is the brain fog.  This week I had difficulty writing up and evaluation on a beautiful baby girl who has a crooked skull and shortened neck musculature due to her positioning.  It was a breeze to talk to this new mom about this beauty and all her issues but boy I could not write about it.  It is a bit scary.  Little Buddy developed a cough this week when he did not have one when he was positive, but he did have a stuffed up nose and I think it is finally all letting loose in that little head of his. Still we move forward because what other choice do you have?

This will be a short post, see fatigue above.  Little Buddy did start fifth grade in his new school for children who learn uniquely.  Even starting this past Wednesday we still do not know if he will receive a scholarship and how much it will be.  It is a Department of Education issue with the state of Florida, no surprise there that our government is not working smoothly.  Still I have been a wreck calling people, online chatting and frankly there is nothing I can do.  So we have to withdrawal kids out of public school, where they can't be taught with these issues and then not know the amount we can get to help them in private school, and of course knowing early enough you could put them back in public school if the amount was not sufficient, but now I can't even put him back in the school I took him out of.  It is a big sh*t show if you ask me and I told the scholarship people that, nicely of course because it was not the fault of the poor woman I was talking to.  I asked them to record my call and give it to every supervisor on up to the top not that it will help.

We did make one more early morning beach trip last weekend even though I was told we go to the beach too much, and we have gone way to many times this summer, I think the grand total is three or four at the most.  For someone who was so crabby about going he sure had fun.

This has been a busy weekend just getting things done around here.  With Little Buddy in a school about 35 minutes away it eats into my time to accomplish things around here.  Plus I am picking up a few kids on Friday because if I am that far south I might as well make the best of it.  

Hope you are all well.  Stay safe. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Covid, the gift that keeps giving............


Well my friends my sweet, darling boy has passed on his Covid germs.  Believe me when I tell you he was coughing and snotty all of two hours Sunday morning when he tested positive.  Other than not having a great appetite, which could be my cooking, and sleeping a little longer than usually he is just about perfect. Me, well not so much. 

I started to feel a bit peaked on Monday evening, nothing bad just a thought of not feeling well, I tested myself and I was negative.  Tuesday morning was beautiful out and I felt okay, not great but okay and I tested negative again so I took a boy with wiggles to the beach very early in the morning, far, far away from others.  Those ladies in the photo look near us but they were at least 15 feet away, up a small sand hill and upwind of us.  All our germs were blowing out to sea. We spent most of the time in the water and then headed home before anyone could come close to us.  It was a success except it takes a lot of work to get Little Buddy into and out of the water, but by the time I was getting him out he was leaning on me and I had to help hold him up I was feeling weak.  After a return trip home, we now live about 15 minutes away, we had a bath and shower, lunch and some reading and then I was ready for a nap.  I never nap, like never, but it felt so good to just lie down and rest. Meanwhile one little boy was happy to get on his computer early and let me be.

I am officially positive now and the little one who brought it into the house is feeling just fine, well that is except when he gets tired of reading Harry Potter and fake coughs. 

I have loved being home.  I have said many times I work so much I would just love to be home more, wish granted I'd say.  I love spending time with my special boy.  We are writing a book this summer and are already on chapter 24. The book is all about made up rescues and adventures, he has difficulty writing anything that is not factual so I have been really impressed how he has blossomed in this area this summer.  Plus typing is a skill he will need to be proficient at so he is typing every chapter.  We had a drawing contest the last two days and I have shared with you his picture of me just in case you have forgotten what I look like.  We take turns picking something to draw, he has a hard time making decisions so this is good for him. I have been graded, 0% F on every drawing I make while a little boy I know gives himself 100% A.

We have been reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  He is new to this series, a gift for his birthday from me.  He started them with his speech and language pathologist so she gets a video summary of each chapter after we read it so she is up to date on what is happening.  

The beach has been great therapy-wise, swimming, running and walking upright in the water, and just some good sunshine and vitamin D.  We won't be back for a while, I am just to darn tired. Actually I am so tired knitting, reading and even watching a show seems hard but I am fortunate I know.  Yes, I have a stuffy, runny nose and a bit of a cough, a frog in my voice and a headache but I am thankful it isn't worse.  Thankful I am in this wonderful house where I feel healing is coming faster.  I am thankful for vaccines that we have both had that have greatly reduced our illness.  I am grateful for special time together unfolding at a really lovely pace.  I have completed all my continuing education for my professional license, that was before I felt really poorly of course.  I have ordered school supplies and school uniforms. I got myself  out of jury duty due to my special needs son, I made him out to sound much worse than he is, don't tell on me, and I have worked out special behavioral services for Little Buddy if he indeed goes to the special learning school.  See lots of things accomplished so now I can just rest.

Covid is everywhere, I am lucky we are going through it at the same time and before school starts. So much to be thankful for even when I feel like a helium balloon slowly losing air and sinking from the ceiling to hover just above the floor.

The flowers are from my giant crepe myrtle tree, milkweed in my garden and lovely purple flowers on three big bushes out back. 

Stay safe my friends. Mask up and stay safe.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Catching up.............


Hello!  How are all of you doing?  Here is a bit of a catch up with things around here in no particular order as my photos seem to load just the way they want, not the way I want.

Work has been mixed for me.  Lots of families out with Covid, last week I missed an entire day due to that.  It rained that whole day and Little Buddy and I enjoyed a day at home, me puttering and cleaning, him in his pajamas watching shows, playing, reading and all that.  It was really nice, I think just what I needed.  This week lots more out but I never seemed to be able to make my schedule work so I had an afternoon off. My little ones have been crazy, I have lost a bit of my patience, is it the heat?  Are we all sick of summer?  Do we need a better routine with school starting soon?  Was it a full moon?  Who knows but it has been a bit rough for all of us.

Little Buddy got exposed again at camp.  I can't tell you how many times this child has been exposed to Covid by sustained close contact. Seems two of the teachers got it and one child.  He had a stuffy nose at the beach so I tested him when we got home, no Covid maybe just too much salt water.  Camp might be canceled for the week, I am still waiting to hear.

Little Buddy and I finally made it to the beach. I work so much that time is limited and on Friday when I am off there are important errands to run or appointments to keep.  Saturdays have been rainy, he is not easy to get on or off the beach, we can't run off if it starts to storm so we can only go on brilliantly clear days.  Yesterday was just such a day.  We were there by 8:30, played in the sand and then the water for over an hour.  Little Buddy had the best time.  He swam and swam, threw big rocks at me and walked and almost ran in the water.  I miss our pool where he did so much therapy during the summer.  Two hours was just enough for him, we headed home for a bath and some relaxing time because he told me he just needed to relax all day. 

The boys had haircuts last weekend and boy did they need them.  Hank is once again losing his hair on top of his head.  We went to the vet on Friday and she doesn't seem to know what is going on.  And he is licking incessantly, I mean it is driving me crazy so she gave him a shot for that.  I have not seen much improvement yet.  His food has not changed which was the reason last time this happened.  I am now going to try a chicken/rice blend and get off the fish blend.  It just might be he can't tolerate that anymore.  They were both so stressed with the move, but we have been here almost three months so they should be settled in by now.  We also have different grass here, might be a whole combination of things.  If they could only talk and tell us what they need!

And Luna my grand dog spent the night last night with her new collar on. She is not , how can I say it without being offensive, well she is not a real feminine girl, so the collar makes me laugh.  She is a big tomboy and rules the roost when she is here, so the pink bow collar just makes me smile.

Have a wonderful week.

Update:  A cute little boy just woke up not feeling well.  He has tested positive for Covid so we are hunkering down for the week.  I have to cancel all my patients, yikes!  Hopefully he will recover quickly.  Stay safe.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

This and that in no particular order................


So much going on but nothing of any real importance.  Little Buddy continues to grow and thrive, what could be more rewarding than that?  He has his quirks, like separating M&M's by color before eating them, but don't we all have something?

He has had a very fun week.  Last weekend the Fourth of July was celebrated here in this neighborhood for several nights of close and loud fireworks, I had a buddy in bed with me as he doesn't like loud noises.  Actually I had three dogs, and a little boy in bed with me, lets just say no one got much sleep.  I found one exploded firework on my grass and one on my roof, my brand new roof.  I told you they were close. 

Last weekend was also my birthday.  We went to the Clearwater Aquarium with a friend of mine who has season passes.  It is good she did as it was very hot and one little boy I know was not very interested in the dolphins, rescued sea turtles or otters.  He was much more impressed with the elevators.  We did see a virtual short movie about humpback whales.  You can see him with his head gear on reaching out to touch the whale.  We only stayed an hour.  Clearwater Aquarium was made famous by Winter the dolphin who was caught in a crab trap and had to have his tail amputated.  He was rehabilitated with a prosthetic tail and lived many years helping children and adult amputees.  Sadly he caught a viral infection early this year and passed away.  You may have seen the movie, A Dolphin's Tail, which is a very, very loose interpretation of the real events.  At the end of the movie they have the real portion of the story, showing the rescue, rehabilitation and the people who worked so hard to get that tail right.  That is the fascinating part.

Dad was away this week so I had to scramble for childcare help.  My babysitter had Covid the week before and was not feeling great, and I also leave at 6:30 in the morning which is a deterrent for almost anyone.  So Little Buddy came to work with me on Tuesday, not my full day but to two houses that are super kid friendly.  He got to hold a baby I work with and was delighted.  He could not understand how this baby could be three, or that he can't see.  He also got to go to the house he was in straight out of the hospital.  He loves his first family and they adore him.  He got to play with the girls I work with and see the preemie twins that are now there in foster care that I work with as well.  He went swimming and had the best time.

That night he was driven up to my friend Lynda's house were he spent two nights and a very long day.  She has a ten year old neighbor who came to play which was so wonderful for Little Buddy.  He doesn't have friends that come over, only those at school or camp so this was extra special.

Little Buddy loves fish so I made salmon for the very first time last weekend.  He loved it, so it is on the menu for dinner again tonight.  I need to start upping my game in the cooking department, my old regular meals are just that, old and regular.

My son sent me flowers yesterday as a late birthday present.  He was out of town visiting a friend on my birthday and got wrapped up in things with his buddy.  I got a really late text from him wishing me a good day.  I know boys are different but this hurt my feelings a bit.  I don't expect a party, dinner or presents, just a simple birthday text is all.   Actually several other good friends and even my dear niece forgot my day. This has been a rough year as you know so understand I know I am being over sensitive.  So flowers were ordered to help lift my spirits and they did.  

The news continues to depress me.  A 10 year old pregnant after being raped by her father had to go out of state for help, thank God she could go out of state, that will not be an option for many, and a judge should never tell a ten year old that she should consider this an, "Opportunity".  Ten year old girls should be watching Disney shows and playing with LOL dolls, not preparing to have a child.  A child that frankly their body may not even be prepared to hold or give birth to without serious physical repercussions. Hasn't she already been traumatized enough by her very own father raping her? Shootings at a parade killing innocent people and children, shootings everywhere killing innocent people and children, it is all so overwhelming, but I make myself know about it all because it is a privilege to bury your head in the sand and pretend all is well, it is a privilege to go about your life because it doesn't affect you. And that is dangerous, pretending all is well and you can't do anything about it all just lets all of this keep going on and getting worse.  I know you can't sit in a deep depression about it but you still have to have an awareness of what this country has turned into. Without awareness there will be no change.

Stay safe my friends, those I know who have had Covid recently have been pretty sick. Stay safe.