Saturday, July 24, 2021



I have been busy packing up two big cabinets in my dining room and living room, getting ready for the painters to come the beginning of August.  This is where I store my family treasures.  I keep them safe and rarely open the doors, they are in shaded rooms that don't get much use or light.  I like to keep them safe so they can be passed down to future generations.  My Mother's wedding china is in one case with two bowls that were my Grandmother's.  My Mother never liked the china, I have a feeling my grandmother picked it out for her.

In one side of the big cabinet is where my grandmother's hurricane lamp lives, along with the violin my Dad learned to play on when he was a boy.  There are tools from his father, and dice his mother used to use, and the oldest ornament that used to hang on his tree when he was a boy, and that hung on mine when I was little.  There are china pieces from my husband's family belonging to his grandmother and great grandmother, and an autograph book from his great, great grandfather.  

There is a small wooden chair carved for my grandmother,  To Carrie by Marion, and a picture of her with her older sister and brother.  There is also a smiling photo of my Dad's mother, who I always think of as not feeling well because that is what I was told she was like when I was a little girl.  Although I have since learned that she was a happy woman who had my father later in life when she was not feeling her best.  There is a letter to my grandparents from my father when he was in Burma in WWII, and a letter from my grandfather back to him.  My Dad wrote he just wished this darn war would end, it broke my heart because he was a gentle man who never got over the horrors of the war he fought in.

There is a gorgeous photo of my Grandmother's sister Rhoda, she died in the pandemic of 1918, she was just 16 years old.  I have her porcelain doll Dina if you remember that post from years ago.  My grandmother left nursing school to come home and take care of her family during the pandemic, she lost two sisters within a few days of each other and her grandmother as well.  After it was over she returned to nursing school and became a nurse, not an easy task in those days long ago.

In the top photo you can see wee little hands that were cast in plaster, those are my older boys when they were young.   There is also a wonderful chocolate service that was my great grandmothers on my Mother's side, and a photo of her stern looking face right in front of it.  

There is still more in this house, my grandmothers music stand and sewing box, my dad's fathers wooden golf clubs.  These all mean the world to me but I fear having boys it won't much matter to them.  As I packed things away in containers I wondered what will happen to all of these treasures when I pack up and leave this house, will anyone want all of this history?

Still I know that the greatest treasure of all is my family and this little boy in new pajamas. His health and his progress are amazing treasures.  This week we went for his routine rapid MRI and his last visit to see his neurosurgeon who saved his life twice when he was just six weeks old.  I thanked her again for saving him, just like I always do.  She is retiring after such an amazing career, saving lives and training others to save them as well.  I wished her the best and thanked her for all she has done for all the children she has seen over her career, especially this amazing boy who was born dead, 13 weeks early, with complication after complication.  She is the reason I am able to have him in my life and hold him close like the sassy treasure he is.

And just to make you laugh I will leave you with this treasure.  This came home from camp with Little Buddy yesterday, it made me laugh out loud! Look at those wonky eyes! 

Have a wonderful weekend my friends, stay smart and safe as the pandemic is not over yet. 

Sunday, July 18, 2021

The many faces of Little B.........


Well my friends this is as good as I have got this weekend.  Pictures of Little Buddy.  It has been another working weekend for me. We are getting ready to paint the main areas of the house and it involves a lot of prep work.  I am not painting but I am prepping.  Yesterday I worked for nine hours, with the exception of dropping off and picking up my car to get a new battery.  I think I went up and down the ladder 500 times.  I have big planter shelves in my home that needed to be deep cleaned before paint can be applied.  Planter shelves are a very bad 1990's Florida home building trend. How I wish I did not have them because all they do is collect dust.  And then everything all the way down to the floor needs to be cleaned as well.  I cleaned items that were up high on the shelf, packed away some pictures and decorative things and wiped down the baseboards.  Also included in cleaning were the windows that I can only reach when I am on tiptoes on a ladder. I had to clean them inside and out and believe me even though I clean them regularly they are a mess.  Actually I recleaned the outside ones today and there are still smudges.  Gah!!!!!  I am about to lose my cleaning mind!  So there you have it, my week has been about work, paperwork and cleaning.  And I still have much to pack away before the painters get here to start the first week in August. 

This is exactly how I feel right now, totally exhausted!

Have a wonderful week my friends, stay smart and safe as that Delta variant looms all around us. 

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Saturday tidbits..............

 Hello my friends?  How are you?  Did you have a good week?  First off let me thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes, you all made my week, and made me feel very special.

This week was very strange with Hurricane Elsa popping in for a brief visit.  No one here in Florida was worried.  It was funny to be at the store the day before her arrival and no one, I mean no one was buying things to prepare for her.  No water in carts, toilet paper or batteries.  I think most people were preparing for the Stanley Cup Final, Go Lightening!!!!  I did have a Little Boy have a sleep over in my room the evening she was to arrive.  He is not fond of thunder and he sleeps all the way across the house from me so it is better to have him close if there is a chance he might get scared.  He slept soundly all night because all we had was rain and a bit of wind but nothing to get concerned about. 

We had had a ton of rain prior to Elsa so my garden has bloomed like crazy.  And is blooming with weeds too I might add.  Also blooming is all the mold growing around my pavers on my pool deck.  One thing I can't stand about summer is the sheer amount of time those pavers take me to keep them relatively clean.  I just finished up cleaning and bleaching them a while ago and that took me ten hours over the last three days.  Yes I have a husband and two grown boys, but my husband has circulation issues so standing for long periods of time is a no for him.  He can ride a bike for 5 hours but standing a lot causes him pain. My two older sons do not live here and they work all week long so I am not going to ask them to clean pavers on the weekend.  It is my job and frankly as much as I hate it is has to be done.  I believe Florida is the mold and mildew capitol of the world.

And more blooms, new bedding.  I love new bedding and found this at JoAnn's on massive sale.  Who knew they had bedding?  I also bought this great picture and popped it right on my antique church pew. The picture was on sale for a whopping $14.99!  The extra white pillows on the bed are from Amazon and the gold ones are from Ikea.  A super fun and inexpensive update to my bedroom.  I went there for needle point kits for two young women I work with and came home with those and this bedding!  And with all my coupons it was a steal!

The boys had a spa day yesterday and believe me they were not happy about it at all.  Hank finally got his mullet cut off.  He had so much long hair by the back of his head we actually put it up in a bun last weekend for fun.  I am so glad his hair is growing in healthy and strong.  Now he has it all evened out so it can grow out looking much nicer.  You can see both before photos and this last after photo really show a difference in how he looks. 

This morning while taking a break from paver cleaning, we went to the splash park and playground.  It has been a few weeks since we have visited so it was a lot of fun.  Now all restrictions have been lifted so there are more children there.  Still Little Buddy was able to navigate the slide independently and even gave encouragement to those coming down it, I believe I heard him say, "Good job little fellow." 

The biggest news of the day is that Little Buddy climbed these stairs, climbed over a bridge and went down the twirly slide all by himself three times today.  That is the very first time he has navigated it and frankly we have not even tried but a few times over the years because it is hard for him.  But today he said he wanted to do it and I just walked in back of him in case he needed help.  To him it isn't a big deal, but to me it is amazing!

Yesterday while just trying to bleach a small area of the pavers before taking the boys into get their haircuts I got bleach on my dress.   I know not a smart thing to do.  I have these amazing $10 Walmart dresses in every color, they are so comfortable and even have pockets.  I wear them all weekend long. This one was grey, but after splashing myself with bleach I thought I would see if I could save it so I did not have to throw it out.  This morning I tried to make it unique and that is indeed what it is.  But I like it!  And I had no idea it was exposed to this much bleach when I popped the bottom of it in the pail.  I rinsed and rinsed it off outside and then washed and dried it.  What do you think? A keeper or the charity bin?

I'm off to take a much needed shower after all that cleaning and splash park fun.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

On my birthday........


Well today is my birthday my friends.  I usually don't even mention it on this space because really it isn't a big deal to me but since my lovely blogging friend Kathy B of Compassionknit asked me to warn you all that her blog isn't cooperating right now I thought I would post.  It is bad enough that her letter L wasn't working on her keyboard but now apparently Wordpress isn't behaving.  So there you go if you don't have problems with the letter L then it is going to be something else that drives you crazy. This was the last photo of a 10 year old celebrating his birthday, with a birthday sloth named Sally on his head. 

I usually don't even think about my birthday because I am working.  But this year I am feeling a bit off it being on a Saturday and all.  Well I know my hormones are not balanced so there is that.  And usually I am so grateful to have another birthday because after having cancer 22 years ago and still being here, well that is reason to celebrate.  It might be the weather, come to find out yesterday there is a potential hurricane headed this way possibly Tuesday.  Not a big one, and not one to be really worried about still the barometric pressure might be affecting my mood.  I am prepared as you can imagine with batteries, flashlights and extra toilet paper in case there is a massive shortage for a month, I am covered in that department.

I think I am just missing things the way they used to be.  I miss my parents being here and always calling me on my birthday.  I miss friends I used to have that have drifted away for various reasons.  I miss my two older boys being young and running in and out of the house with friends.  I miss a wrinkle free face and no gray hair although I have truly earned every wrinkle and gray hair that I have.  I miss real conversations on the phone, people calling just to chat and catch up or seeing people I love not just text messages and social media posts. See I'm very melancholy today, but I will snap out of it because I have a 10 year old in a new Minecraft Creeper shirt, here making a Creeper face.  I try to be honest here in this space, not everyday is full of fun and wonderful memories or visiting incredible places.  Sometimes life is just what it is a difficult day or a difficult time for various reasons. 

When I  asked Little Buddy to give me a birthday smile this is what I got.

So my plans today are simple, rest, relax and knit on my fourth Harebell cardigan.  I plan on watching Gilmore Girls because it has been several years since I watched it start to finish and my friend Holly got me interested in it again.  I just finished Schitt's Creek and just loved it.  I am not into watching anything dramatic, scary or full of violence, there is enough of that in the world as it is.  I want to keep my brain free of all that if I can. 

And I plan on spending time with this Creeper guy who really lights up my life especially when I can get him to smile.   He is growing and thriving, my older sons are doing well minus an issue here and there.  We are all healthy, and 22 years ago I was not, so I have much to be thankful for on this birthday and everyday.  

Hope you all have a wonderful day, I am so grateful to have you as friends and grateful you take the time to visit this space of mine in blogland.. 

Friday, June 25, 2021

It's good to be 10!

 Well my friends the big day has finally arrived.  Little Buddy is officially 10!  We have been counting down the days forever, well at least since last birthday.  He had a wonderful day and the fun continues.  He took cupcakes to his camp and shared them with all his friends.  He got to wear this super cool shirt given to him by his Medical Foster Mother, Jeannette, who he lived with for over 2 years after he was discharged from the NICU .

He finally got to download the game Roblox on his iPad.  He got all sorts of presents and books including two $10 bills in the mail!  This boy loves to count money so now he thinks he is rich!  He also got a Roblox gift card so he feels he has his own credit card now.  Oh boy, I had better watch out!

You never know which present will really make his day.  He wanted a V-Tech watch even though he had one a few years ago.  He kept asking me how much money I had in my wallet and when I told him $15 repeatedly he was very concerned I would not have enough to buy him the watch.  Once he actually asked me what I was spending all my money on and that I needed to stop buying things for myself.  Oh, like that happens a lot!  The stuffed Creeper from Minecraft and a remote control Sonic the Hedgehog on a skateboard seemed to be his favorites, you just never know so you better have some variety.  We ate Tacos, his current favorite and had cake.  Today he opened another present from Ms. Rachel who was his assistant for years.  Sunday we will have the big boys and their significant others over for cake and maybe a few more presents.  This birthday has already lasted a week!

The fur brothers were exhausted from all the fun.  They had to relax while we read Diary of a Minecraft Zombie, book 7.

And just because this is rare I had to share with you a photo of all my boys, big and little.  This was taken on Father's Day. Yes they live close but are not often here at the same time.  It was nice to see the big boys spending time playing with the little one.  They love him but sure are busy with their lives.  It warms my Mom heart to see them together.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

#3 and almost 10.......................

 Hello my friends.  Did you have a good week?  Since my photos loaded all out of order this is going to be a weird post.  Hang with me if you can, I am working backwards on this post.

This morning the boys got face haircuts and Hankie got his minimal top hair fluff cut off.  He looks a mess but I am trying to make him look less grouchy with those bushy eyebrows and new hair growing in behind them.  It will be quite a while before he looks like himself but I am thankful for new hair growth that is healthy.  He reminds me of a child who has taken the scissors to their hair and given themselves an awful haircut.  I think we all did that, at least I know I did when I got gum stuck in my hair after my mom told me not to chew anymore.  It was on Easter and my SIL found a big clump of my hair in the trash.  Lord was my Mother mad at me.  I believe Claudia had to trim the other side to make them match. It was not a good look for me for many months.

Harebell number 3 is complete as of last night when the buttons were sewn on.   Made with Berroco Summer Sesame in the color, Ocean.  Size 7 needles to make the body and sleeves, size 6 for the ribbing.  I used about 1,100 yards to make this and I love it as you already know since this is three in a row.  I added one inch in length to the body and sleeves.  I am 5' 10 after all, or at least I used to be in my prime. I am starting #4 today because as I have said now over and over this is the perfect cardigan pattern.  It can be made any length and with any yarn, it has the perfect neckline, and is easy to make.  I made a medium size and it fits perfectly.

A special sunny yarn surprise came in the mail this week from a very, very dear blogging friend.  Little Buddy also got a book about race cars.  He immediately started to read it even though we were half way through another book.  Lots of reading is in store for the summer to keep his brain active.  Thank you my dear friend for the surprises for both of us. 

A surprise early birthday treat occurred yesterday after I picked up Little Buddy from camp.  We drove to my friend Lynda's for cupcakes, presents and time to play with Susan who was down visiting from North Carolina.  Little Boy had so much fun.  They even had a bounce house but I can't show you those photos because it was so wet inside it from all the rain Little Buddy had to go in there with just his underpants on.  He thought it was a hoot!  He rolled and rolled all over it with Susan who jumped and made him bounce.  He can't stand in it, but crawling and rolling were just perfect. 

Last weekend on Sunday Mr. 27 and Ms. B came for a surprise visit.  They had no electricity for much of the day so came here and had some fun.  They are both so wonderful to Little Buddy and ended up in the pool with him, throwing him all around.  It is getting harder to pick him up and toss him as he is gaining weight.  Very slowly gaining weight but still it is something.  

This photo just made me laugh at him in the bounce house.  Enjoy your weekend and Father's Day tomorrow if you are celebrating or remembering your Father.  It can be a difficult day for many reasons.  

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.