Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I admit I am done. I have tried to compete to the best of my ability and I have to say I just can't do it this Olympics. This past weekend did me in. The swim meet was four days, and I had to work two sessions a day. Which means there was not time for knitting. I knew this all ahead of time but thought in my knitting dream world that I could still knit a sweater/coat in 17 days. When I got home later in the evenings I was too tired to look at my project.
I have to say that the scratchy wool yarn isn't calling to me as I had hoped it would. I love the color but the scratchiness of the yarn doesn't make it that fun to work with. When you are tired you need some beautiful silk, or smooth cotton to ease your fatigue. I also have to admit I have been having unfaithful thoughts. Not about my happy marriage but about my project. I usually have about three projects on my needles. One for my car, one for home, and well just one for what ever. I always thought that I could just knit one project at a time, and I believe I usually do but now I want to desperately start something new. It almost feels like a sickness. I think it is because I forbid myself from knitting anything else but this Noro Sweater/coat.
I have another big, big swim meet looming before me this weekend. My oldest son will be swimming with the best of the best in the State of Florida this weekend in Orlando. I just can't think about taking the Noro project with me. So, I have officially withdrawn from the knitting Olympics. I am looking forward to making another ruffle scarf. It will be very portable and smooth to the touch. Don't worry Noro Sweater you will still get finished, just not in 17 days.


brsmaryland said...

It was a valiant attempt Meredith. No sense having knitting become a chore. You should enjoy the process as much as you can. Funny, I haven't picked up one knitting needle this whole Olympics. Wonder what that's about.
Have fun at the swim meets, good luck to your boys and enjoy casting on for something smooth, wonderful and quick!

A. Warped, knitter said...

Don't feel bad. Last year I joined the knitting Olympics and hardly knit at all on my project. This year I didn't join and have all but finished a vest for myself without making any particular effort. Life is so perverse sometimes. Just enjoy what comes your way.