Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring... Are you really here?

This is what my back yard looked like most of the winter. Everything I had died in the great freeze of 2010. I just couldn't stand it any longer so I spent my weekend pulling dead plants and replanting. It is a little risky as it is still chilly here but I had to try. Hope you enjoy a little spring.
Snapdragons, don't you love them?

A beautiful Jasmine bush.

Even my potted plants needed to be replaced. I am still planting, and planting. Haven't even looked at the death and destruction in my front yard yet. I will save that for next weekend.
Usually my back yard is a haven for deer munchies. Once again I am crossing my fingers that the deer don't like my plants. I planted a lot of Society Garlic in hopes the smell will drive them away.

Look who looks spectacular in the spring sunlight, Max. He was a lot of help this weekend. Lots of smelling while Mom was planting.

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